What is the Steak N Shake?

This is a special franchise opportunity for someone who wants to contribute to the company’s success.

How much does a Steak N Shake franchise cost?

A traditional steak-and-shake free-standing quick service restaurant is expected to cost between $1,208,000 and $1,687,000 to open new locations.

What is Steak N Shake Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The stake n shake franchisee’s initial term is 20 years. Franchisees are eligible for renewal if they are performing as expected.

Does Steak N Shake Franchise provide Financial Assistance?

There is no direct franchise financing provided by Steak N Shake

What is Steak N Shake franchise profit?

The expected average franchise profit of Steak N Shake is 15-18% of net sales.

Steak N Shake Franchise Rankings

In terms of rankings, Steak and Shake ranked #27 in the top 50 sorted franchises list by QSR magazine.