A franchise system’s basic structure, which regulates performance outcomes, processes, and etiquette, is a franchise operations manual. All franchisors should have a well-written operations manual, as it is the backbone of their franchise business strategy.

Most franchisees see it as a holy book for scaling their business and ensuring seamless day-to-day operations for their franchisees. 

Do you want your company’s DNA to be flawless? Then we’ve gathered everything you’ll need in this article specially crafted for you.


Franchise operations manual


What is a franchise operations manual?

The franchise operation manual is the essential document that defines the brand. 

The operations manual is the on-the-ground playbook for running a profitable franchise system. It focuses on the nuts and bolts of a single unit operation and its coordination with the franchisor.

Also,includes best practices, brand standards and pertinent information. Ideally, the manual should be accurate, useful, legally enforceable, and protective of the brand. 

The purpose of the manual is to validate and support higher unit profitability, which is regrettably not always the case.To summarise,the franchise operations manual is franchise know-how,best business practices and step by step guide for franchisee to operate franchise business in franchisor’s brand name.

What is franchise operations?

Franchise operations are generally the same whether in a food chain or a fitness chain or any franchise business.

Franchisees need to follow strict guidelines for their operations, including putting together an operations manual.Franchise operations include all the tasks to run a franchise business. 

Moreover,the manual is in sync with the franchise agreement and the guidelines and practices is part of both documents.

These tasks range from day-to-day procedures such as running a store or office to long-term planning such as advertising and marketing. 

Running the day-to-day operations is one of the most important parts of franchise operations, because it helps establish and maintain a brand image.It is also one of the most time-consuming activities.

Why is the franchise operation manual important?

Many new people to franchising believe that the guidebook is merely a formality and an unnecessary investment. These are frequently the manuals we see.The xerox copies or cut-and-paste efforts with no rhyme or purpose. 

The Federal Trade Commission has approved these instructions, but they are largely useless to franchisees. 


After the proper implementation, the operations manual can be a significant resource for new franchisees and a validation tool for the franchise development department. 

The manual provides a shared culture and language for the system to build a community.The information included must be helpful, including designing ordinary forms, formulas, and policies.

The operations manual is must by franchise law and thumb rules of franchising. The only question left for franchisors is, “How well does it have to be?” 

The operations manual should back up the FDD and franchise agreements in legal protection. 

When franchisees litigate for various issues, poorly designed guides have cost franchisors hundreds of dollars.

Because a single word can often determine the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit, franchisors should spend the money to have their franchise attorney review the operations handbook.

Digital or binder?

How quickly can you find the information?

Is a hardbound binder lying on a shelf in a manager’s office useful if you can’t find the information you need, or would it be more valuable to use digital technology to offer franchisees rapid access to everything?

In this era, digital operation manuals are your best pick!

How to write an operations manual, and what does it include?

The Franchise Operations manual includes checklists provide franchisees and their employees with the tools to deliver products consistently. 

Franchise business owner is thrilled with useful information,because they don’t waste time hunting for it.

Your industry and company determine the contents of your operations manual. 

A number of them are

1. Notices and Confidentiality

To begin with,The operations handbook should begin with a statement that the information of the manual is confidential.The Manual is ought not to discuss, and not made public. 

The manual should explain how the operations manual relates to the Franchise Agreement and the system requirements that the franchisee must adhere to as per guidelines.

2. Company Information

This area contains information that may be useful to personnel across the organization.


Franchise operations manual


3. Development of the Franchised Business

Firstly,from the day of signing the franchise agreement to the official opening of the franchise, this section should include each event that a franchisee intend to accomplish. 

This part should cover subjects including finding a space, build-out and construction, purchasing requirements, inventory requirements, initial training, pre-opening help, and official opening marketing, depending on the type of business.

4.Training and Instructions

This component should range from simple initial training, pre-opening training, ongoing training, and day-to-day activities of the franchise, such as manufacturing the items you offer and executing the service you supply.

We strongly recommend new franchise training programs and structure a franchise training manual for the training.

5.Departmental operations 

 The sections detail the policies and procedures of every business’s operational unit or department.

Policies are guidelines to follow.While procedures are step-by-step instructions for task completion. 


Franchise operations manual


Use superior online form providers like Jotform, Typeform, or Survey Sparrow to get forms, audit reports, and survey forms online.

For your franchise business accounting, you can use FreshBooks.It assists businesses in managing their finances securely and straightforwardly. 

FreshBooks is a simple yet effective way to keep track of spending, invoices, reports, and time.

6 Proven steps to write your Franchise operations manual today

Here’s a more in-depth, step-by-step guide to creating your franchise operations manual:

STEP 1 : Explain the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee

Firstly,describe the roles of the franchisor and franchisee and how the business relationship operates. 

It would be best to lead the franchisee by establishing a new franchise and growing it over the future under this section. 

to Summarize,When they’re ready to start their business, make sure you provide them with all the necessary information.

STEP 2 : Describe the business’s operations and procedures in detail.

In this section, mention how your company works. 

It’s usually the most time-consuming component because you’ll need to be meticulous to avoid discrepancies across the entire series. Elaborate on the systems and procedures,

Secondly,How to monitor sucess, and the finest examples in each performance for the company. 

When illustrating complex processes, flowcharts may be useful so that readers can follow along effortlessly.

STEP 3 : Give details about your company’s identity and products.

To begin with.describe the company and how it should represent to provide your franchisee with a good franchise handle. 

Develop marketing rules here, indicating how and when franchisees should use your brand and other material. 

Furthermore, please provide further details regarding your line of products or services, their pricing, as well as the vendor’s list.

Provide information about any specialized software or equipment that franchisees may require.

STEP 4 : Make your company’s policies clear.

This part is crucial since it lays out the “rules and guidelines” that franchisees should follow. 

Provide any unique details about the franchise’s operation, including how you manage business chores as well as any challenges that arise. 

Lastly,also include any health and safety standards and any emergency protocols in this section.

STEP 5 : Make a section for HR concerns.

Firstly,explain the recruitment and training procedures such that franchisees may employ employees at your location. Please make a list of each person’s duties and their hierarchy. 

Then, using their job titles and contact details, you’ll need to make a list of essential people in the company, which will assist you in addressing any difficulties swiftly and efficiently. 

Your franchise manual should include audits, assessments, monitoring processes, and handling grievances.

We recommend Gusto, a payroll, HR, and benefits platform that supports over 100,000 small businesses across the US. 

In more than 38 states, Gusto offers employee benefit plan alternatives. Gusto is also a cloud-based platform with Xero and QuickBooks software integrations.

STEP 6 : Examine the document.

Initially,ensure the structure and formatting of your franchise operations manual are uniform overall before publishing it. 

In addition,this process will add a professional touch to the document, encouraging franchisees to respect and follow it.

To eliminate spelling and grammar errors, utilize Grammarly or Ginger while writing your guides.

Jasper is an excellent Artificial Intelligence writing tool for non-writers who have difficulty writing.I strongly recommend Jasper for its uniqueness and clarity in writing.



A franchise operation manual is essential for all elements of your business; it will serve as a lawful backup and aid in the smooth operation of your franchise.

We have a Franchise Operational Manual template for you to download, and you can fill it out with your brand material and produce your manual. 

Based on my previous experience, I recommend hiring a professional for Operations Manuals and Training Manuals. 

You can prepare your manual using our template and have it reviewed by us, or you can ask us to create a complete, well-crafted, customized operational manual for your business. 

To prioritize and boost productivity, we use the Eisenhower Matrix; therefore, you should assign the responsibility of creating a complete manual to an expert.

You can ask for more information on franchise operations manuals and how we can help, or leave a comment on this page to receive free services from us.

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  1. Lucas August 1, 2022 at 3:48 am - Reply

    Franchise Operations Manual is like a structural skeleton for a franchise or any other operational business. It is required for franchises and sometimes it becomes a necessity to have a Franchise Operations manual.

  2. roks March 18, 2023 at 6:42 am - Reply

    Franchise operations manuals provide guidelines and procedures to ensure franchisees comply with expectations and standards. It is important to read and understand the franchisor’s manual in order to properly manage a franchise.
    The operations manual should include information regarding the franchise’s operational policies, procedures, and regulations.
    It should also provide guidance on the responsibilities and rights of both the franchisor and franchisee.
    The manual should have detailed information on the franchise’s marketing program, product specifications, and customer service standards.

  3. Steve March 18, 2023 at 6:43 am - Reply

    It should also include information about inventory control, employee training, and financial reporting.
    Franchise operations manuals should be updated regularly to ensure that the franchise is operating according to the franchisor’s expectations.
    The manual should also include information about franchisor assistance and support services.
    The operations manual should provide instructions on how to handle customer complaints and resolve disputes.
    It should also outline the franchise’s dispute resolution process and provide information about the termination process.

  4. Drive March 18, 2023 at 6:44 am - Reply

    The manual should include guidelines for proper record keeping and for the collection of franchise fees. The operations manual should provide information about the franchisor’s product and service offerings.
    It should also include information about any additional services available to franchisees.
    Franchise operations manuals should include information about the franchisor’s required insurance policies and indemnification requirements. The manual should include information about the franchisor’s quality assurance program and the process for reporting violations.

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