With Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise, get ready to indulge in a frozen flurry of flavors where every scoop transports you to Italy without ever leaving your neighborhood! Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is the ideal spot to cool off on a hot day or indulge in a sweet treat at any time of year thanks to a dedication to high-quality ingredients and welcoming service. Everyone can find something they like at Jeremiah’s, from traditional favorites like Cherry and Lemon to more daring selections like Mango and Cotton Candy.

What is the Jeremiah’s Italian Ice?

Entrepreneurs can create and run their own frozen dessert stores under Jeremiah’s brand name by purchasing Jeremiah’s icecream franchise. As a franchisee, people or organizations can profit from Jeremiah’s well-known brand and tested business strategy while also getting training, support, and continuous assistance from the franchisor. 

Is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice A Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, there is a franchise possibility for Jeremiah’s icecream franchise.

This includes help with choosing a location, negotiating a lease, designing and building stores, managing the supply chain, marketing, and other things. Franchisees often pay an initial franchise fee and annual royalties depending on their sales revenue in exchange for these services. Jeremiah icecream franchise is a potential prospect for anyone interested in the frozen dessert sector and owning their own with more than 30 sites in the United States and plans for ongoing expansion.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

  • In 1996, founder Jeremy Litwack founded the first Jeremiah’s icecream franchise in Winter Park, Florida.
  • The business has grown quickly in recent years, and QSR Magazine named it one of the top 10 franchises to watch in 2021.
  • The business has a significant social media following, with over 50,000 Instagram followers and a well-liked TikTok account that posts entertaining and original material.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Review and Information

Industry Type
Food Franchise Opportunities
Sub Category Frozen Desserts Franchises
Year Established 1996
Company Name Jeremiah’s Italian Ice
Founder/Management Head Jeremy Litwack, Founder & CEO
Franchising Started 2019
Employees at Company H.O 30
Franchise Expansion Plan The following worldwide regions are available to prospective franchisees of this business: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas
Number of Units 119 (as of 2023)
Number of Franchise Units 66
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  1011 E. Colonial Dr., #201Orlando, FL 32803

Jeremiah’s Icecream Franchise Requirements

Potential franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $250,000, according to the company. Franchisees must have at least $100,000 in readily available liquid capital, which might be in the form of cash or other assets. 

Although prior work in the restaurant or food service sector is not necessary, the company seeks franchisees who are passionate about the brand and dedicated to offering top-notch customer service.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise

How much does a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise cost?

You must have a minimum net worth of $300,000 and $150,000 in liquid capital to purchase a traditional as well as non-traditional Jeremiah’s ice cream franchise. The franchise cost fir a traditional opportunity is $324,567 – $696,000 whereas for a non-traditional franchise is $102,800 – $253,783. A franchise fee is charged by Jeremiah’s Italian Ice as part of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise cost. Additionally, they provide financing through a third party and give veterans a discount.

Jeremiah’s Italian  Startup and On-going Franchise Cost
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Fee $30,000
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Cost $102,800-$696,000
Royalty Fee 6%
Advertising Fee 4.5%
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is the franchise term renewable? Yes

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Training to Franchises

All franchisees and their staff members have access to a robust training program from Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. A variety of topics, such as operations, marketing, customer service, and product preparation are covered in the training program. 

The training program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job instruction, with a focus on giving franchisees and their staff practical experience to ensure that they are completely prepared to run a successful Jeremiah’s Ice franchise. The training program covers topics including marketing, customer service, product preparation, and store operations.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Operations to Franchises

Franchisees of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice have access to a thorough system of operations support, including help with site selection and lease negotiations, store design and layout, equipment acquisition, and continuous operational support. For franchisees and their staff, the company also offers a thorough training program that covers subjects including product preparation, customer service, and marketing. 

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice also offers a variety of marketing and advertising assistance to franchisees to aid in promoting their stores and drawing in clients. The business has a committed group of support staff members who collaborate closely with franchisees to assist them in running a profitable Jeremiah’s Ice franchise and offering customers a high level of service.

How is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Territory Granted to Franchises

A franchisee who signs a contract with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is permitted to run a single facility within a predetermined geographic area. The population density, the number of prospective customers in the area, and the degree of competition will all have an impact on the territory’s size. 

Predominantly, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice undertakes a thorough investigation of the locale to establish the ideal territory size. The precise boundaries of the region and the franchisee’s exclusivity inside it will be described in the franchise agreement. Yet, the business retains the right to run company-owned or additional franchised outlets in the territory or nearby regions. Under certain circumstances and with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice’s consent, the franchisee may have the first option to open new shops within their region.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

Jeremiah Ice Cream’s franchise term of the agreement is 10 years, during which time the franchisee is initially permitted to run a location under Jeremiah’s name. The franchisee can extend the contract after the first 10-year term if certain requirements are met, such as adhering to the terms of the original agreement, paying any applicable renewal costs, and fulfilling the company’s current requirements for franchisees.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise

Does Jeremiah’s Italian Ice provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Franchisees are not given any direct financial support from Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Nonetheless, the business might offer some aid by assisting franchisees in locating prospective sources of funding and by offering advice on the financing application procedure. Furthermore, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has connections with a few independent lenders who focus on financing franchisees. For approved franchisees, these lenders could provide customized financing conditions and packages.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Jeremiah Icecream Franchise

Pros of owning a Jeremiah Icecream

  1. Established Brand

It may be simpler to get people to your establishment if you are Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, which is a well-known brand with a solid reputation and a devoted following.

  1. Extensive Support

To assist franchisees in running a successful location, the organization offers thorough training and support, including help with site selection, shop design, equipment purchase, and continuous operations support.

  1. Various Income Streams

The company sells soft-serve ice cream and gelati in addition to Italian ice, which can give franchisees access to different sources of income.

  1. Low Cost of Goods

Because Jeremiah’s Italian Ice products have a cheap cost of goods, franchisees may be able to turn a healthy profit.

Cons of Owning Jeremiah’s Ice Cream Franchise

  1. High Initial Investment

Some potential franchisees may find it challenging to finance the high initial investment required to open Jeremiah’s Ice franchise.

  1. Restricted Territory

Franchisees are only given a small area to work in, which may restrict their potential consumer base and room for expansion.

  1. Ongoing Royalty and Marketing Fees

Franchisees are obliged to pay recurring royalties and marketing costs to the business, which may affect their profitability and bottom line.

  1. Seasonal Business

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is a seasonal company, with summer being its busiest season for sales. Due to this, club owners might need to have a sizeable cash reserve to get them through the offseason.


Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise

How much do Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise owners make?

The earnings of Jeremiah’s ice franchises are not publicly available, and real outcomes can differ greatly between locations. While some franchisees may be able to create significant amounts of income and profitability, others may find it difficult to break even or turn a profit.

What is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise profit?

The average gross profit margin for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchisee was roughly 20 to 30%, of gross profit as per the company’s franchise disclosure document.

I will analyze Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise profit and years to recoup the investment (ROI).

AUV Estimated Annual Profit (15%) Estimated Annual Profit (20%) Estimated Annual Profit (25%)
$ 671,201 $ 106,680 $ 134,244 $ 167,700
Recoup mid-point$485,000 4.5 years   3.6 years 3 years

The estimated Brand franchise profit is in the range of $ 106,680 to $ 167,700 and it will take 3 to 5 years to recoup the investment. Conservatively, you can anticipate your break-even cost within 5 years considering 12 to 18 months of initial gestation or establishment period.

What are Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Reviews

Customers and staff alike have typically had favorable things to say about Jeremiah’s franchise. Employees have commended the company for its supportive corporate culture, extensive training program, and possibilities for growth and development on job review websites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Clients generally give the staff’s friendliness and efficiency, as well as the quality of the Italian ice, gelati, and soft-serve ice cream, high marks. 

Several clients have also applauded the business for its charitable work and attempt to help neighborhood schools and organizations. The lengthy lines and wait times during busy periods, as well as the restricted menu options for clients with dietary concerns, have drawn some criticism, nevertheless. Generally, consumers and staff have given the business favorable ratings, and it appears to have a solid reputation.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Rankings

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

For many reasons, purchasing a Jeremiah’s Ice franchise can be a lucrative business venture. A wide range of customers is drawn to the company’s distinctive and well-liked product lineup, which includes Italian ice, gelati, and soft-serve ice cream in a variety of flavors. Besides offering thorough training and support, the franchise program also provides help with site selection and building, marketing, and promotion, and continuous operational and managerial training. Also, the business has a powerful and expanding brand that has received recognition and awards from associations and magazines in the sector.

Last but not least, Jeremiah Icecream has a solid network of franchises that have achieved profitability and success, as well as an established track record of success with an expanding number of franchise locations around the United States. These elements imply that buying a Jeremiah’s Ice Cream franchise can be a feasible and financially rewarding opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Potential risks to consider before investing in Jeremiah’s Ice franchise

  • Competition

The frozen dessert market can be very competitive, so franchisees may need to put in a lot of effort to stand out from the competition and draw in and keep customers.

  • Seasonal business

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is largely a warm-weather business, thus franchisees could encounter seasonal variations in sales volume and revenue.

  • Site selection

Locating the ideal location for a Jeremiah ice cream franchise and navigating the building and development process can be difficult and time-consuming, and they may call for knowledge and resources that not all franchisees have.

  • Franchise restrictions and regulations

Franchise regulations and restrictions: Franchise agreements may saddle franchisees with several limitations and specifications, including minimum supply and ingredient purchases, operational requirements, and marketing and advertising standards.

Is the Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

The average gross sales for a single Jeremiah’s Ice franchise location in 2020 were $536,126, with the top-performing location producing $1,247,032 in gross sales, according to the company’s latest FDD. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these numbers pertain to the calendar year 2020, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that individual outcomes may differ. Hence, we might conclude that this company is successful.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise Success and Failure Rate

Jeremiah’s Icecream has grown quickly and seems to be a profitable franchise company. Several honors and distinctions have been bestowed upon the business, including recognition as one of the “Best Emerging Franchises” by Franchise Gator and a “Top 500 Franchise” by Entrepreneur magazine in 2024. The company’s emphasis on premium goods and a distinctive customer experience has enabled it to garner a devoted following and broaden its reach throughout the United States. 

Also, the business offers its franchisees thorough training and assistance, which can help guarantee that new locations are prepared for success. Although specific franchisee outcomes may differ depending on many variables, Jeremiah’s Ice Cream seems to be a successful and expanding franchise brand.

The below table will highlight Jeremiah’s franchise’s success and failure rate for the last 3 years. This will supplement your decision-making process.

Year Format Start End Change
2019 Franchise Owned 0 0 0
Company Owned 22 23 -1 
2020 Franchise Owned 0 5 +5
Company Owned 23 22 -1
2021 Franchise Owned 5 28 +23
Company Owned 22 20 -2

Competition Analysis of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchises

Franchise Brand Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice  $102,800-$696,000 $30,000 6% + 4.5% 40%   4.5/5.0
Baskin Robbins franchise $93,550 $25,000 5.9% + 5% 15-18% 2-3 years 4.8/5.0
Dairy Queen franchise
$1,511,200 – 2,533,400
$45,000 4% + 5-6% 10% 16 years 3.5/5.0
Cold Stone Creamery franchise $53,200- $580,650 $8,000- $27,000 6% + 3% 15% 7.75 years 4.3 / 5.0 
Yogen Fruz franchise ₹123,179 – ₹459,679 ₹25,000 6% + 2%     2.0/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for Jeremiah’s Ice franchise is 4.1/5.0.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise


For entrepreneurs who want to get into the dessert business, purchasing a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise might be a lucrative prospect. The business is well-known for its distinctive customer experiences and high-quality products, and it has a successful business strategy. The popularity of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has increased significantly in recent years, and it has won multiple awards. To further ensure that new locations are prepared for success, the firm offers its franchisees substantial training and support. Jeremiah’s  Ice can be a tempting alternative for entrepreneurs looking for a potentially lucrative business endeavor because of its comparably inexpensive initial investment cost compared to some other franchise opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise profitable?

Yes, Jeremiah’s Ice is a profitable franchise. 

  1. Can you make money owning Jeremiah’s Italian Ice?

Yes, you can make money owning Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. 

  1. Is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice a franchise?

Yes, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is a franchise. 

  1. How much is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise?

You must have a minimum net worth of $250,000 and $100,000 in liquid capital to purchase a Jeremiah’s Ice franchise.

  1. How do Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchises make money?

Franchises of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice generate revenue by offering consumers their famous Italian ice, soft serve ice cream, gelato, and other frozen treats. The franchisee makes money from the sale of these goods, with the amount of money made varying depending on the franchise’s location, the number of people it serves, and the cost of the goods.


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