Marco’s Pizza is not just a pizza place, it is a complete package of food, ambiance, and service. It has been ranked #1 in the country for its food quality and services by many online magazines and consumer rating organizations. Marco’s Pizza has been growing at an exponential rate and is planning to expand to some foreign countries in the future. If you want to know about Marco’s pizza franchise then this article is for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about Marco’s Pizza Franchise and discover how you can get started today.


Marco's Pizza Franchise

How much does a Marco’s Pizza franchise cost


As per their official website, a Marcos Pizza franchise costs anywhere from $286,852 – $805,927. The investment required to open a Marcos Pizza franchise is high, but the potential for success is high too. The Marco Pizza initial franchise fee is $25,000.

Startup Cost of Marco’s Pizza 

  • Equipements and Fixtures range from $97,725-$175,000
  • Leasehold improvement costs range from $65,000 to $400,000 
  • Point of Sales and Computers range from $19,000 to $21,000


Other Franchise Fee discounts


  1. Veterans Discount

Marco Pizza offers discounts on franchises fees for active duty military personnel and service-connected disabled veterans.

  • Active Duty Military Personnel will get a $10,000 discount on franchise fees of $25,000.They need to pay $15,000

  1. First Responders 

         The first responders like police, firefighters, paramedics, and frontline medical workers with 5 or more years of experience will get a $5,000 discount on franchise fees.

  1. Growth Incentive

Marco Pizza provides discounts on franchise fees and royalty for multi-unit franchises with more than 5 units.


Marco’s Pizza Franchise Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
Marco’s Pizza Franchise Fee $ 25,000
Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost
Royalty Fee 5.5 %
Advertising Fee 4 %
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes,
Renewable Franchise Fees 50% of Initial Franchise fees

How much do Marco’s Pizza franchise owners make?

Marcos Pizza franchise owners can expect to make a healthy income. The franchisor reports that the average unit income for a Marcos Pizza franchise in the U.S. is $838,137 per year. The average start-up cost is $375,550, which is significantly lower than its competitors. The franchisees who are successful in running their businesses profitably may see their incomes increase even further.

The Average Net profit of Marco’s Pizza is explained below table


Marco's pizza franchise


I can estimate an average Marco’s Pizza franchise profit is 15%,as franchise stores tend to have better unit economics and multi-unit owners much better per profitability.


Marco's Pizza Franchise


What is Marco’s Pizza’s franchise profit?


From the AUV estimates, we can conclude that Marco’s Pizza estimated franchise profit for the year 2021. Let us estimate the Marco’s Pizza franchisee profit and years to recoup the investment (ROI).


AVG Estimated Annual Profit (12.5%) Estimated Annual Profit (15%) Estimated Annual Profit (17.5%)
$838,137  $ 104,768 $ 125,720 $146,674
Recoup $375,550 3.5 years 3 years 2.5 years


The estimated annual Marco’s Pizza franchise profit is in the range of $ 104,768 to $146,674 and it will take 2.5 to 3.5 years to recoup the investment. This looks too good to be true. I recommend you to meet franchise owners and find their profitability.


Marco’s Pizza Franchise Requirements


Marco’s Pizza is the fastest-growing pizza chain with locations across the United States. If you’re thinking about opening a Marco Pizza franchise, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need to have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets. Second, you’ll need to pay an initial franchise fee of $30,000. Third, you’ll need to sign a multi-year lease for a location that meets Marco’s Pizza’s criteria.

Marco’s Pizza Franchisee Requirements:

To open one store: $200,000 liquid capital and $600,000 net worth

To open two stores: $300,000 liquid capital and $900,000 net worth

To open three stores: $400,000 liquid capital and $1,200,000 net worth

A credit score of 680 or more.


Marco's Pizza Franchise


Marco’s Pizza franchise reviews

Marcos Pizza is a popular chain of pizza restaurants that was founded in 1982 in San Diego, California. The chain has since expanded to over 2,000 restaurants across the United States. 

The pizza at Marcos is typically regarded as good, though some franchisees have complained about the high price of ingredients. The chain is also known for its generous portions and fast delivery. 


Marco’s Pizza Franchise Rankings

The Marcos Pizza franchise is one of the most popular pizza delivery chains in the United States. The popularity of the Marcos Pizza franchise is due to its high-quality food and exceptional customer service.

The franchise has a unique delivery system. The restaurants do not have a drive-through facility. Instead, the customers order their pizza online, and then the restaurant delivers the pizza to their door. This delivery system is a major advantage for the Marcos Pizza franchise. It eliminates the need for the franchise to build a drive-through facility and it allows the franchise to focus on providing high

Marco’s Pizza Franchisee rankings and recognition 

#10 in 2023: Top brands for multi-unit owners

#51 in 2023: Franchise 500 ranking

#44 in 2023: Fastest-growing franchises

#63 in 2023: Top global franchises

#2 in 2022: Top food franchises


What is the Marco’s Pizza franchise?

Marco’s is an American-style pizza chain that was founded in  Ohio, in 1978 by  Pasquale also known as “Pat” Giammarco. Marco’s is now a major competitor to Pizza Hut and Domino’s. And today Marco’s Pizza has more than 1100 locations throughout the US.

Marco’s Pizza is one of the best pizzas in the United States. The pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and the dough is made fresh daily. The sauce is made from scratch and the cheese is freshly grated. The pizza is cooked in a brick oven and the crust is thin and crispy. The pizza is served hot and fresh out of the oven.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Opportunity

If you’re looking for a fabulous pizza franchise to invest in, you can’t go wrong with Marco Pizza. With over 1100 locations in 35 states, Marco’s Pizza is the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States.

If you’re looking for a delicious pizza, Marco’s Pizza is the one-stop shop for you! With a wide variety of toppings to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Marco’s. Whether you like your pizza with just a few simple toppings or are loaded with everything under the sun, Marco’s has you covered. So come on down and enjoy a delicious pizza today!

Here’s why Marco is the best pizza franchise for you.


Future of Marco’s Pizza: Franchisee on the Rise


Marco Pizza is a franchise that is on the rise. The future of Marco’s Pizza looks bright as it continues to grow and expand. With new locations popping up all over the country, Marco’s Pizza is becoming a household name. This franchise is one to watch out for in the coming years.


Marco’s Pizza Franchise Information
Industry Type Food And Beverages
Sub Category Pizza 
Year Established 1978
Company Name Marco’s Franchising, LLC
Founder/Management Head Pasquale Giammarco
Franchising Started 1979
Franchise Expansion Plan the United States, Canada
Number of Units 1166+ (as of 2023)
Number of Franchise Units 1000+
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Marco’s Franchising, LLC5252 Monroe StreetToledo, Ohio 43623


Get a Slice of the American Dream with Marco’s Pizza Offers Franchise Training


Congratulations if you have decided to own a Marco Pizza franchise. You are about to embark on a delicious and rewarding adventure. But before you start serving up a hot, fresh pizza to your customers, you’ll need to undergo franchise training. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or an experienced restaurateur. Marco Pizza franchise training is the best way to ensure your pizza business is a success.

There’s no denying the allure of the American Dream. For many, it’s the promise of owning your own business and being your boss. And what better business to own than a pizza franchise? Marco Pizza is now offering franchise training to help you make your dream a reality. With over 1100 locations in 35 states, Marco’s is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the country.


Marco’s Pizza Franchise Operations and Support


Marcos Pizza is a popular pizza chain with locations all across the country. If you’re thinking about opening Marco’s franchise, there are a few things you should know about their operations and support. Their franchise support team is available to help with everything from marketing to store operations, and they offer a variety of resources to franchisees. Here’s what you need to know about Marco’s Pizza franchise operations and support.

Marco’s has huge growth potential — now more than ever. We’ve invested in support, technology, and marketing to help franchisees operate their units efficiently using our state-of-the-art systems and open multiple locations.

In addition to our executive leadership team, Marco’s has over 150 team members dedicated to helping franchisees with

  • Finding and evaluating great locations
  • Project management of build-outs to guide franchisees through the process
  • Financing options through preferred lenders for new development and expansion
  • Training systems for both Team Members and Management (Marco’s University Online)
  • IT support to help you navigate the ever-changing business technology landscape
  • Operations Support to help you execute our proven operating systems 


Marketing Support 

A national advertising fund will be used to generate demand in both existing and new markets before the launch of the brand. A brand development fund will be used to create professional marketing materials and support franchisees in local marketing efforts. Local store marketing systems will be put in place to enable franchisees to focus on their communities and give back to those whom they serve.


Technology Support 

A point-of-sale system with built-in loyalty programs and enterprise-level email capabilities that provide extensive analytics and reporting in real-time. Marco’s University e-learning platform. Driver IQ GPS delivery promise time technology integrated curbside pickup pilot.

You should see this interview with Steve Seyferth, CEO at Marco’s Pizza on How Marco’s Pizza is preparing itself for growth with technology and innovation


How is Marco’s Pizza Franchise Territory Granted

The Pizza business is all about location, location, and location. And that’s why Marco’s Pizza is very careful about the grant franchise territories.

Marcos Pizza is a popular pizza chain that has been expanding rapidly in recent years. One of the keys to their success has been their franchising model, which has allowed them to open new stores quickly and easily. But how does Marco’s Pizza decide who gets to open a new franchise store? 


Marco's Pizza Franchise


What is the Marcos Pizza Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

It’s critical to know the terms of the franchise agreement and how to renewal process works. The Marco’s Pizza Franchise agreement is for 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years.


How to Renew Your Marcos Pizza Franchise Agreement

If you’re a Marcos Pizza franchisee and your agreement is up for renewal, there are a few things you need to do to make sure the process goes smoothly. First, you’ll need to submit a renewal application to the franchisor. This should be done well in advance of your agreement’s expiration date. Next, you’ll need to pay the franchisor a renewal fee, which is typically a percentage of your initial investment.


Marco’s Pizza: Franchise Financial Assistance


When it comes to starting a pizza franchise, Marco’s Pizza offers financial assistance to help get your business up and running. Whether it helps with initial start-up costs or ongoing support, Marco’s Pizza is there to help make your pizza business a success. With over 600 locations across the United States, Marco’s Pizza is a proven leader in the pizza industry, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible support for your new franchise.

Yes, Marco’s Pizza Franchise Does Provide Financial Assistance!

If you’re considering opening a Marco’s Pizza franchise, you may be wondering if the company provides financial assistance. The answer is yes! Marco’s offers several financing options to help you get your business up and running. Whether you need help with equipment, inventory, or start-up costs, Marco’s is committed to helping you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise financing options.


Pros & Cons of Marcos Pizza Franchise

Opening a Marcos Pizza franchise can be an excellent way to get into the food industry with a proven brand. However, there are some things to consider before investing in a franchise, such as the initial investment cost and ongoing fees. We will take a look at the pros and cons of investing in a Marco’s Pizza franchise.


Pros of owning a Marcos Pizza franchise 

There are many pros to owning a Marcos Pizza franchise. 

  1. Pizza is one of the most popular food items in the world, so owning a franchise that specializes in this cuisine is a fabulous opportunity. 
  2. Pizza is a very affordable food item, which means that a Marcos Pizza franchise could be a great investment. 
  3. The pizza franchises are known for their high-quality food, so owning one is a sure way to ensure that your customers are happy.
  4. Marco’s Pizza’s franchising cost is not elevated compared to other Pizza franchises.


Cons of owning a Marcos Pizza franchise 

There are many potential cons to owning a Marcos Pizza franchise.

1. It can be very time consuming and challenging to run a successful Marcos Pizza business. 

2. The margins are typically very low, which means that it can be difficult to make a profit. 

3. The company is typically very aggressive in terms of its franchising requirements, which can make it difficult to expand your business.

4. Marco’s Pizza has few litigations against its franchises, this seems a drawback of Marco’s.


Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Franchise Deck Analysis is a process to review a franchisor and its franchise and determine its strengths and weaknesses. When conducting a Franchise Deck Analysis, the prospective franchise owner should ask themselves the following questions

1. What are the franchise’s key strengths?

2. What are the franchise’s key weaknesses?

3. What can be done to address the franchise’s key weaknesses?

4. How much does the franchise cost to operate?

5. What is the franchisor’s estimate of the franchise’s profitability?

6. What are the franchises competitive

When considering a Marcos Pizza franchise, it is essential to review the Franchise Deck Analysis to get a complete overview and make your decision-making faster. A Franchise Deck Analysis is 

  • Marcos Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the United States.

  • Marcos Pizza has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Marco’s Pizza was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in a national study.

  • The investment amount required to purchase the Marco’s franchise is low-cost and affordable.

  • The estimated total cost of operating the franchise is within standard limits.

  • The estimated revenue that can be generated by the franchise is at par with its peers.

  • A break-even analysis shows an investment break-even within 4 years.

  • A sensitivity analysis shows this opportunity is moderately sensitive.


Is the Marcos Pizza Franchise Profit Worth the Investment?

If you’re thinking about investing in Marco’s Pizza, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth your money. Is Marco’s Pizza a good investment? Marco’s Pizza has a strong track record of success and is a well-established brand. 

As we have seen, this franchise can make you more than $100K a year on a medium investment of $350K, you are likely you recoup your investment within 4 years, considering the first year as the gestation period for you.

Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for in an investment. If you’re simply looking to make a quick buck, then Marco’s Pizza is probably not the best investment for you.

Also, let us look at the Marcos Pizza franchise resale opportunities available. The below image shows a running Marco’s Pizza franchisee for sale in the Indianapolis Suburb. The asking price is $ 250K for $700K yearly revenue and earnings of $100K.This is Drive-thru Marco’s franchise model.

The resale-to-purchase ratio is less than 1.0, like most franchising opportunities, the resale cost is less than the start-up franchise cost. I recommend not spending more than $400,000 on the Marcos Pizza franchise.


Marco's pizza franchise


You can refer to the below Competition Analysis Of Marco’s Pizza Franchisee.


The Franchise Deck rating for the Marcos Pizza franchise is 4.0/5.0.


Marco's Pizza Franchise



Marco’s Pizza offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to open their pizza restaurant. The company provides training and support to franchisees, including access to its proprietary recipes and ingredients. Marcos Pizza has a strong brand presence in the United States and is expanding into new markets across the country. As a Marcos Pizza franchisee, you will be responsible for running your restaurant. This includes all aspects of the business, from marketing and advertising to food preparation and customer service. The company provides training and support to help you succeed, but it is ultimately up to you to make your restaurant a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Is the Marco’s Pizza franchise profitable?

Yes, it is profitable.

  1. Can you make money owning a Marco’s Pizza?

Yes, you can easily make money owning a Marco’s Pizza. 

  1. Is Marco’s Pizza a franchise?

Yes, it is a franchise. 

  1. How do Marco’s Pizza franchises make money?

They make money by:

1. Pizza and menu item sales
2. Dine-in, takeout, and delivery services
3. Catering services
4. Online and mobile app orders
5. Specials and promotions
6. Royalties and fees to the franchisor
7. Licensing and merchandising
8. Partnerships and collaborations

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    The variety of pizzas available at Marco’s Pizza is impressive.

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    The delivery time of Marco’s Pizza is always fast and reliable. The atmosphere at Marco’s Pizza is always warm and inviting.The atmosphere and decor of Marco’s Pizza make it a great place to eat.
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    Marco’s Pizza is a great franchise and is sure to please everyone in your family

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