Buff City Soap is a handmade, all-natural soap and bath product company that was established in 2013. The business is renowned for its distinctive method of creating soap, which includes employing plant-based components and staying away from harsh chemicals and artificial perfumes. I will guide you on the Buff City soap franchise business including the cost, requirements, reviews, and profit.

Bath and personal items from Buff City Soap include soap bars, bath bombs, shower oils, body butter, and more.

According to industry figures, the personal care and cosmetics sector is worth several billion dollars and comprises a variety of goods, including skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances, and more. The market for cosmetics worldwide was estimated to be worth $511 billion, and it is anticipated to rise further in the years to come.

What is Buff City Soap?

A company called Buff City Soap specializes in hand-crafted, all-natural soap and bathroom accessories. Since being established in Bartlett, Tennessee, in 2013, the business has grown to include more than 100 locations all around the country. Products from Buff City Soap are handcrafted with premium ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil and are devoid of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates.

Is Buff City Soap Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, Buff City Soap does provide a franchising opportunity for those looking to launch their own company. Buff Soap will have more than 120 franchise stores nationwide by the beginning of 2023.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Buff City Soap

  • Brad and Jennifer Kellum, a husband and wife duo who started the business, were motivated to start creating soap to treat their personal skin problems.
  • Cold processing is a distinctive method for creating soap that Buff City Soap employs to produce soap that is devoid of harsh chemicals and preservatives.
  • Customers can select from many aromas, colors, and textures to create their distinctive soap products thanks to the company’s fully customized soap-making process.
  • Products from Buff City Soap are handcrafted using sustainably derived ingredients and are vegan- and cruelty-free.
Buff City Soap Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Health and Wellness Franchise Opportunities
Sub Category Soap and Body Products Franchise Opportunities
Year Established 2013
Company Name Buff City Soap
Founder/Management Head Craig Kessler
Franchising Started 2018
Number of Units 37
Number of Franchise Units 37
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office Location  Dallas, Texas, United States

Buff City Soap Franchise Requirements 

  1. Financial requirements

Franchisees of Buff City Soap must meet certain financial standards, including having a minimum net worth of $500,000 and a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets.

  1. Business experience

Business expertise is preferred, especially in the areas of operations, marketing, and customer service. Prior experience in the personal care or cosmetics industry is not a requirement for Buff City Soap franchisees.

  1. Brand loyalty

Buff City Soap is searching for franchisees who are dedicated to supporting the brand’s principles and mission.

  1. Location

Buff City Soap is seeking franchisees interested in setting up stores in a busy commercial area, such as a mall or the downtown district.



How much does a Buff City Soap franchise cost?

The Buff City Soap franchise cost is in the range of $307,200 – $1,082,000. 

How much does it cost to franchise a Buff City Soap in the United States?

Depending on the location and size of the store, the total cost of operating a Buff City Soap franchise might be anywhere from $307,200 – $1,082,000. 

  • The $55,000 initial franchise charge that Buff City Soap franchisees must pay to use the Buff City Soap name and business model.
  • Franchisees are in charge of finding a suitable location for their business and paying for the building’s construction and furnishing.
  • Franchisees must buy these items from sources that Buff City Soap has approved. Depending on the size and reach of the franchise, the cost of the equipment and inventory may change.
  • Franchisees of Buff City Soap are expected to pay 2% of their gross sales towards the company’s marketing and advertising budget.
Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
Franchise Fee $50,000
Franchise Cost $307,200 – $1,082,000
Royalty Fee 6%
Advertising Fee 2%
Term of Agreement Term and conditions
Is the franchise term renewable? Yes,
Renewable Franchise Fees 50% of Initial Franchise fees

Buff City Soap Training to Franchises

  1. First training

At the business’s headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, Buff City Soap franchisees get in-depth initial training.

  1. Training on-site

Franchisees of Buff City Soap receive training on-site at their franchise location after finishing the initial training class.

  1. Support on-going

Buff City Soap offers its franchisees support in a range of areas, such as marketing, operations, and product development.

  1. Support with marketing

To assist franchisees in promoting their locations and drawing clients, Buff City Soap provides a variety of marketing tools and support services.

Buff City Soap Operations to Franchises

  1. Store design and layout

Detailed rules for store design and layout are included in the guidebook, along with suggestions for signage, displays, and product placement.

  1. Product sourcing and inventory management

Product sourcing and inventory management advice is provided in the guidebook, along with suggestions for suppliers and best practices for controlling inventory levels and placing orders for goods.

  1. Hiring and training

The booklet offers advice for employing and instructing Soap Makery Experts and other staff members, among other suggestions.

  1. Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing advice are provided in the booklet, along with suggestions for advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and other marketing initiatives.

How is Buff City Soap Territory Granted to Franchises

  1. Market research

To find prospective locations for new franchise stores, Buff City Soap studies the local market.

  1. Territory mapping

Market analysis is used by Buff City Soap to develop a territory map that shows the limits of each exclusive territory.

  1. Territory agreement

The franchise agreement from Buff City Soap has a territory agreement that specifies the boundaries of the franchisee’s exclusive area.

  1. Support on-going

Buff City Soap continues to support its franchisees so they can expand and be successful in their particular market.

What is the Buff City Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The length of the Buff Soap franchise agreement is 10 years from the signing date. Franchisees may have the option to extend their contract after the initial term for further ten-year terms if certain criteria are met.

Franchisees must fulfill many conditions and requirements to renew their franchise agreement, such as abiding by the terms of the agreement, paying all fees and debts, and managing their franchise location following Buff City Soap’s standards and policies.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Buff City Soap Franchise


  1. High brand recognition

Buff City Soap is a rapidly expanding company with a devoted following and a distinctive value offer.

  1. Comprehensive training and support

Detailed operations handbook, continuing training programs, access to marketing and operational support services, and extensive training and support are all things that Buff City Soap offers its franchisees.

  1. Exclusive territories

Buff City Soap gives its franchisees unique territories, allowing them to protect their market share and expand their businesses over time.

  1. Multiple revenue streams

Buff City Soap generates income from a variety of sources, including soap, bath bombs, skincare items, and workshops.


  1. High startup costs

Depending on numerous aspects including location, size, and other variables, the initial investment to launch a Buff Soap franchise can be relatively significant, with estimated expenditures ranging from $307,200 – $1,082,000. 

  1. Ongoing fees

Franchisees must also make continuing payments, such as royalty fees (6% of total sales) and marketing costs (2% of gross sales), in addition to the original investment.

  1. Limited product offerings

Restricted product selection: Buff City Soap is focused on handcrafted soap and related items, which may appeal to some potential buyers despite the limited product selection.

  1. Competition

Franchisees may encounter competition from other soap manufacturers and sellers in the competitive handmade soap business.



How much do Buff City Soap franchise owners make?

For Buff City Soap shops that have been operational for at least a year, the average gross sales are $710,023. Buff City Soap also provides financial performance data for top-performing franchise locations. Gross sales at the best-performing Buff City Soap location reached $1,851,731.

What is Buff City Soap franchise profit?

Many variables, including the franchisee’s location, sales volume, costs, and other particular considerations, will affect the profit that a Buff City Soap franchise can make.

Yes, For Buff City Soap shops that have been operational for at least a year, the average gross sales are $710,023. Franchisees who provided information for the FDD reported an average net income of $114,695

What are Buff City Soap franchise reviews?

Franchise owners generally have favorable things to say about Buff City Soap, and many of them express satisfaction with the company’s business plan, goods, and assistance.

According to Franchise Business Review, 95% of franchise owners surveyed said they enjoy owning their franchise and 90% said they would suggest the brand to others. Buff City Soap has a high franchisee satisfaction rate.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Franchise company Buff City Soap is known for its handcrafted, all-natural soaps and personal care items. For business owners interested in starting their own retail business, the Buff City franchise concept provides a turnkey solution. Franchisees get help choosing a location, negotiating a lease, building out their businesses, promoting them, and other ongoing assistance.

Is the Buff City Soap Franchise Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

Yes, The success of a Buff City Soap franchise will depend on many variables, including its location, the state of the local economy, operating expenses, and the franchisee’s managerial skills. Although no business can guarantee prosperity Buff City Soap has a successful business plan that has been tested.

Franchise Success and Failure Rate

The below table will highlight the franchise’s success and failure rate for the last 3 years. This will supplement your decision-making process.

Year Format Start End Change
2019 Franchise Owned       13           31       +3
Company Owned       6         6       +5
2020 Franchise Owned     31           –       +2
Company Owned     6         –         0
2021 Franchise Owned         –         –         +6
Company Owned       –     –         2
Competition Analysis of Franchise
Brand Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Buff City Soap Franchise $307,200-$1,082,000 $50,000 6% $960,000 7-8 years 3.9/5.0
Lush Franchise $70,000 $35,000 9 years 3.0/5.0
The Body Soap Franchise $775,000 $20,000-30,000 5% £50,000 10 years 3.0/5.0
Bath And Body Works Franchise  $250,000 to $2 million $50,000 Approx$80,000/unit  7-8 years 3.7/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the franchise is 3.9/5.0.




Yes, you should consider owning a Franchise of Buff City Soap, A distinctive and cutting-edge franchise opportunity in the personal care sector is Buff City Soap. The business stands out from other soap retailers thanks to its emphasis on natural, environmentally friendly ingredients, customization, and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are the Buff City Soap franchises profitable?

Buff City has a proven business model and a track record of financial success, implying that the franchise opportunity has the potential to be profitable.

  1. Can you make money owning a Buff City Soap?

Owning a Buff City franchise can be profitable. The amount of money a franchisee can make is determined by a variety of factors, including the store’s location, the size of the market, competition, operational efficiency, and the franchisee’s ability to effectively manage the business.

  1. Is Buff City Soap a franchise?

Yes, Buff City Soap is a business. The business was established in 2013 and began franchising in 2018. Individuals interested in owning and operating their own all-natural, handmade soap and bath product store can apply for a franchise with Buff City Soap.

  1. How much is a Buff City Soap Franchise?

The initial investment for a Buff City Soaps franchise can range between $307,200 – $1,082,000, depending on location, store size, and inventory requirements. The initial franchise fee of $50,000 is included in this investment, as well as expenses such as leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, and marketing.

  1. How do Buff City Soap franchises make money?

It earns money by selling customers all-natural, handmade bath and body products. Franchisees buy inventory from the central manufacturing facility of Buff City Soap and sell it at retail prices in their stores. Franchisees may also sell products via the company’s website or other e-commerce platforms.It offers additional services like workshops or custom orders.

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  1. Henry March 14, 2023 at 6:38 am - Reply

    Buff City Soap Franchise has a great selection of all-natural body care products. The products are made with plant-based ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals.
    The soaps and other products are great for people with sensitive skin. The fragrances are unique and provide a refreshing scent. They offer a variety of products for different skin types.

    • franchise September 27, 2023 at 4:05 pm - Reply

      Buff City Soap’s franchise network is spreading like wildfire for a reason. The quality of their products is outstanding, and the in-store experience is enjoyable. I appreciate the effort they put into making soap buying an immersive and fun activity.

  2. Calcutt March 14, 2023 at 6:45 am - Reply

    The packaging is attractive and the products are high quality. The franchise offers excellent customer service and support. They have a wide range of products including body washes, lotions, and scrubs. They are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients. The pricing is affordable and they have an easy-to-use website.

    • franchise September 27, 2023 at 4:06 pm - Reply

      I’m absolutely in love with Buff City Soap! Their franchise stores offer an amazing range of handcrafted, all-natural soaps that leave your skin feeling fantastic. Plus, their commitment to eco-friendly packaging is a big bonus

  3. Ava March 14, 2023 at 6:47 am - Reply

    They offer a variety of promotions and discounts. They are an excellent choice for those looking for natural and cruelty-free products. They offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. They have a loyalty program for returning customers. Buff City Soap Franchise is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality natural body care products.

    • franchise September 27, 2023 at 4:04 pm - Reply

      Buff City Soap franchise locations are like heaven for skincare enthusiasts. The ability to customize your soap with your favorite scents and ingredients is a unique and delightful experience. I can’t get enough of their products

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