In 2006, three friends with a love of Mediterranean cuisine founded Cava. The first Cava restaurant was established in the Washington, D.C., area, and since then, the company has expanded to over 90 locations in several US states. Cava franchise is considered to be one of the fastest-growing food franchises in the country, thanks to its distinctive cuisine, dedication to using only the best products, and exceptional customer service.

In 2022, the market for fast-casual restaurants was estimated to be worth roughly USD 189.7 billion. The market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2023 to 2028, reaching an estimated value of USD 364.52 billion.

Cava Franchise

How much does a Cava franchise cost?

Although not offering franchises, the Cava franchise might require an estimated initial cost ranging somewhere between $450,000 and $650,000 to operate a restaurant, depending on the location and size.

How much do Cava franchise owners make? 

As they do not provide franchises providing relevant data concerning the profit of franchise owners is not possible. However, you can buy their stocks when they IPO later in the future or you can consider investing in other franchise opportunities. 

What is Cava Grill restaurant franchise profit?

Throughout the Cava chain, you tend to have a revenue of about $541 million with more than 8,000 employees. Although they do not provide franchises, according to industry standards, getting a return on the franchise investment might take a very long time.

Cava Franchise Record and Information

Industry Type Food Franchise Opportunities
Sub Category Fast Casual Restaurants
Year Established 2011
Company Name Cava Grill Restaurant
Management Head Brett Schulman (CEO)
Franchising Started Does not franchise
Employees at Company H.O 8000 (as of 2021)
Franchise Expansion Plan No plans yet
Number of Units         391 (as of 2022)
Number of Franchise Units Does not franchise
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Washington, D.C., U.S

Cava Grill Restaurant Franchise Requirements and Opportunities

Cava does not provide franchises, so there are to be any requirements put forward by the brand. However, considering its competitors, with experience in the restaurant/food industry and a minimum net worth of $1 million coupled with an initial investment of $450,000-$650,000, you might be able to become a franchisee of Cava if they plan to provide franchises in the future. 

What is the Cava? 

Cava, sometimes known as Cava Grill, is known to be a private chain of fast-casual Mediterranean restaurants with outlets all across the country. The Cava Group, which also owns Zo’s Kitchen, is Cava’s owner. The combined business is the largest restaurant operator in the U.S. restaurant market for Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, Cava creates a range of Mediterranean spreads, dips, and dressings that are offered in supermarkets throughout the Country.


To broaden its technological platform, Cava has also made investments in new technologies. It also offers digital and off-site kitchens where food is prepared just for online orders. Cava expanded its locations’ curbside pickup options, adding delivery via its website and mobile app, as well as delivery via DoorDash and Uber Eats.



Can You Buy Cava Training for Franchises

They do not provide training as they do not provide franchises at the moment.

Do Cava Operations to Franchises

They do not provide franchises to potential franchise owners at the moment. So there are no operations required to be worked upon by the franchises as such. 

How is Cava Territory Granted to Franchises

This information is not provided in their FDD as they do not provide franchises. 

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

This information is not provided in their FDD as they do not provide franchises. 

Does Cava provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

This information is not provided in their FDD as they do not franchise their operations at the moment. 

Cava Franchise

Pros & Cons of Owning a Cava Grill Restaurant

Cava does not provide franchising opportunities to potential candidates. However, several pros and cons that the brand might be associated with in the future if it decides to provide franchises are:

Pros of owning a Cava Grill

  1. Brand recognition
  2. Business model
  3. High profits
  4. Network

Cons of Owning a Cava Grill

  1. High investments
  2. Fixed business model
  3. Contractual problems

What are Cava franchise reviews?

Unfortunately, they do not have plans to franchise and they are not currently seeking additional investments at this time. The company wants to control the quality of the Cava brand and the ingredients it serves its guests. Cava isn’t just a single fast-casual restaurant. They are a culinary platform. The brand wants to distribute its food in many ways and channels but only through its customized assembly line.

Cava Franchising Rankings

Cava Group was named one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by Fast Company in 2018. Fishbowl Analytics named Cava Grill its top emerging restaurant brand in 2019.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

If you’re thinking about franchising, Cava appears to be a profitable business to run. We don’t know yet if the company will ever accept a franchisee. Cava is a large single fast-casual restaurant chain and requires a huge investment so, you must start saving for any future shift in their corporate policy.

Competition Analysis of Cava Franchises

Cava Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Cava  3.2/5.0
Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Franchise $476,050-$798,520 $35,550-$39,500 6%+1% $13.4 million 3.7/5.0
Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Franchise $386,286-$786,162 $39,050 – $39,863 6%+3% $50.5 million 4/5.0
APÓLA Greek Grill Franchise  $98,000-$549,000 $37,500 6%+1-2%       – 3.5/5.0
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque Franchise  $495,000 $45,000 6%+1% $ 7 million 3.3/5.0
Red Hot And Blue Franchise  $267,000 $35,000 5% $18.6 million 3.8/5.0


The rating for the Cava franchising is 3.2/5.0.

Cava Franchise

Conclusion: Does Cava franchise?

Although CAVA is a big chain that is growing quickly, it has not yet reached the stage where it will begin franchising restaurants. As a result, we advise you to take a look at the Cava Grill franchise alternatives I have provided.

Do you desire ownership of a profitable and expanding company in the food sector? If so, franchises with Cava might be the best option for you. An extensive variety of fresh and nutritious meal options is available at this fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant business. Keep hoping that a Cava franchising opens up soon for you!

Make sure to speak with three to five franchise owners before opening a franchise with any brand to better understand the industry.

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Facts That Nobody Told You About Cava

  1. In 2006, first-generation Greek Americans Ted Xenohristos, Ike Grigoropoulos, and Dimitri Moshovitis launched the full-service Cava Mezze restaurant in Rockville, Maryland, with Moshovitis as executive chef.
  2. Cava is owned by Cava Group, which also owns Zoës Kitchen.
  3. Cava also produces a line of Mediterranean dips, spreads, and dressings that are sold in grocery stores across the US.
  4.  Since 2018, Cava has been offering its employees paid time off to vote
  5. Cava launched a program called Feeding Families where, for every family meal sold, they donate another to the family of a first responder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Cava Mediterranean franchise profitable?

Unfortunately, the company does not have plans to franchise and they are not currently seeking additional investments at this time. However if Cava offers you a franchising opportunity someday, you are going to make huge profits judging from the number of locations they have started operating and considering their unofficial billions of revenue, you can consider it to be more profitable compared to another restaurant chain.

  1. Can you make money owning a Cava?

Currently, there is no possible way with which you can own and make money through Cava.

  1. Is a Cava a franchise? Does Cava franchise?

No, Cava is a privately owned company that controls all its operations and does not offer anyone a franchising opportunity.

  1. How much is a Cava franchise?

As Cava doesn’t provide you with franchising opportunities, there is no specific information available regarding the cost of its franchises.

  1. How do Cava franchises make money?

Cava doesn’t offer any franchising opportunities with which you can make money.

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