Even though purchasing a cleaning franchise might not appear to be the most dazzling business endeavor ever, the top franchise options give aspiring business owners access to a lucrative sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry of janitors and building cleaners is anticipated to grow by 7% through 2028, which is quicker than the national average.

In addition to the many other benefits of franchising, buying a cleaning franchise will allow you to avoid most of the work and risk associated with commencing a cleaning business from the beginning. Particularly compared to franchises in other industries, cleaning franchises sometimes have cheaper initial franchise fees and initial investment requirements, which lowers the entrance barrier. (In contrast, starting a McDonald’s franchise can cost somewhere between $1 million and $2.2 million.)

As per statistics, in the US in 2023, there will be 93,557 Commercial Cleaning Service Franchises employees. In addition to 2.4% Employment Growth for Commercial Cleaning Service Franchises in the US in 2023, franchises Offering Commercial Cleaning Services in the US will witness an Annualized Employment Growth of 0.5% between 2018–2023. 

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Five important tips for purchasing a cleaning franchise

What should you be aware of before joining a cleaning franchise? Here are some great tips to assist you in better comprehending the business as a whole.

  1. Find out what makes the business special.

A cleaning franchise can be considered a business that services residential customers, such as house cleaning or pool maintenance. Offices, hospitals, transit centers, and hotels might all have a business plan that revolves around commercial cleaning. 

The company could specialize in specialist markets like ovens, blinds, air conditioners, tiling, or pressure washing. Whatever the market, any firm must have a unique selling point to provide franchisees with a competitive edge.

You need to work with a company that will encourage customers to use your offerings repeatedly. That might be reasonable pricing, excellent service, exceptional hygiene standards, or an eco-friendly product line. A solid franchise will be capable of identifying its unique selling point (USP), after which you can find out if it leads to recurring and repeat business.

  1. Learn the profitability of it

Become familiar with the numbers. You will need to carefully review the financial records if you are purchasing an existing company. The data the franchisor presents to you are probably indicative of a similar operation if the business is in a new location.

It is essential to discuss these numbers with a financial advisor who is familiar with franchising. In this manner, you will be able to confirm a franchise’s profitability and get an idea of any underlying problems that might not be visible to a layperson.

Examine any restrictions that apply to other franchisees in your area when estimating the income you’ll need to turn a profit. Do you receive a marketing area or an exclusive territory? How do you plan to find leads? For example, are you able to service a national brand? What will be covered by your fee and what additional costs will you incur? There is a constraint on the number of appointments you can schedule each day since you must allow time to travel between customers since your business is mobile.

  1. Recognize the franchisee’s responsibility

Similar to how a cleaning company might serve residential, corporate, retail, or medical clients, the franchisee’s responsibilities will vary depending on the individual business model.

Some franchisee positions will be hands-on, giving the franchisee the opportunity to grow a business from the ground up. The alternate scenario is one in which the franchisee actually manages operations.

Which one will you like? Do you want to oversee a crew of cleaners and concentrate on expanding your business, or do you prefer to be out and about performing the work yourself?

  1. Check out the assistance and support offered

Understanding the technical element of the work, learning procedures, and building a reputation are some of the special problems you will face while starting a new business.

Many franchisees have little to no prior business ownership experience when they join the company. When a person joins a franchise, it’s also typical for them to launch their business in an entirely new industry. The breadth and depth of the franchisor’s support are crucial in both of these situations. Initial training and a marketing effort for an emerging company are the first steps in this process, which continues with ongoing assistance during the franchise term.

Consult with other franchisees to determine whether the franchisor keeps its commitments. Then take into account whether the assistance provided fills in any knowledge and experience gaps for you.

  1. Determine whether you can meet your financial objectives.

To determine whether a company can provide you with the degree of profit you require, project expenses and income throughout the course of the franchise term while taking into account all the essential factors that will rely on your personal objectives. Taking control of your daily life and having a flexible lifestyle may be just as important to being a franchisee as obtaining large profit margins.

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Pros and Cons of investing in a cleaning franchise


  • You’re Capable of Starting Right Away

  • You may rely on the franchise’s reputation 

  • The franchise owner can help you with your business.


  • You Need to Make a Smaller Initial Investment 

  • You Must Follow the Rules 

  • You Might Run Into Issues With the Franchisor

Top 5 cleaning franchises under $10000

The following 5 cleaning franchises under $10000 are worth considering if you’re searching for a residential, commercial, or specialty cleaning franchise opportunity because of their dependability, reliability, brand recognition, and robust franchise support system.

Cleaning and disinfecting are more crucial than ever as businesses open. Cleanings should be done frequently. On commercial cleaning, Jan-Pro, Buildingstars, and OpenWorks, tend to possess a good hand. In the meantime, College Pro provides good employment opportunities for college students and new graduates, and POOP 911 is a growing sector in the pet waste removal business.

  1. Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

Business clients of Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting include churches, auto dealers, gyms, workplaces, banks, schools, healthcare facilities, and more. You must spend $900 on the beginning kit. It offers adaptable packages that let you put in a minimum of three hours a week, which makes it possible for part-time employment with room to expand.

  • Initial franchise fee: $1,250-$50,000; starter kit from $900
  • Initial investment: $4,170-$56,020
  • Royalty fee: 10% 
  • Advertisement fee: 1% 
  1. Buildingstars

Buildingstars specializes in office buildings and provides three franchise opportunities, allowing you to start small and expand or dive in headfirst. Additionally, it helps by giving you your first clients. Because of the positive feedback from its franchisees, Buildingstars was listed among the top 200 franchises in Franchise Business Review. To ensure that it is a good fit for you, it goes through a rigorous screening process.

  • Initial franchise fee: $795-$1,995 
  • Initial investment: $2,245-$8,295
  1. OpenWorks 

OpenWorks makes it simple to get started in business by giving you the training, tools, and clients you need. This franchise also allows you to move with the business should you need to and can expand to meet your needs and objectives. It relieves you of two major burdens- handling billing and customer support. Despite the $18,500 franchise fee, you can get started with just $9,000 down. Additionally, financing options are also available.

  • Initial franchise fee: $18,500; min cash requirement: $9,000
  • Initial investment: $18,500-$72,000
  1. POOP 911

Even though it’s a disgusting job, someone has to do it, or they hire someone else to do it. For kennels, dog owners, breeders, and other facilities that deal with animal waste, POOP 911 offers poop-scooping services. Customers can place orders online, get free quotes without any commitments, and give payment information on the company’s website. Billing is handled by POOP 911 corporate, which also distributes your funds via direct deposit.

  • Initial franchise fee: $0
  • Initial investment: $3,620-$25,970
  • Royalty fee: 23% 
  1. College Pro: Window Cleaning and Painting

College Pro can be exactly what you’re searching for if you’re a recent graduate or a college student wishing to start a summertime business. It offers franchises for house painting and window cleaning that you may fit around your class schedule. It requires a royalty instead of a franchise fee. Franchisees’ financial results varied, but all claimed to have learned a lot about managing a business.

  • Initial franchise fee: $0
  • Initial investment: $2,925-$14,010
  • Royalty fee: 20%


Once you’ve determined which franchises you’re financially suitable for and those that appear most intriguing to you, get in touch with them. Understanding the overall franchise costs is very crucial because many franchises have different financial information that varies depending on your location, the size of the market, and the franchise model you’re interested in.

As you observe, there are many important factors to take into account when opening a cleaning company franchise. However, ultimately, it’s a net positive for the most part. Your ability to put in the necessary time and effort will ultimately determine how successful you are in business.

You can ask specific questions regarding the procedure for purchasing and operating a franchise as well as what kind of support your franchisor can provide—both financially and in other ways—by getting in touch with a franchisor. You’ll be able to decide which cleaning franchise business is not just reachable and possibly rewarding for you, but also one that you’ll genuinely like running.

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