Despite the fact that gym franchises demand that the owner have prior management experience, the majority of them fail to do so. Therefore, whether or not they have formal training in fitness, any prospective business owner with a passion for health and fitness may be qualified to operate a gym franchises. 

Additionally, the future is promising for gym franchise.  The health and wellness craze over the past few years has resulted in a significant increase in the levels of gym memberships, which has continued to climb, according to a report by IBISWorld. And in 2019, the $34 billion gym, fitness, and health market received a $4 billion contribution solely from gym franchises.

What is a Fitness and Gym franchise business?

A fitness franchise may be the best option for you if you wanted to upgrade your gym without having to start from scratch. To build a strong basis for a lucrative fitness franchise, try sticking to these three simple steps

Here are tips for starting a fitness and gym franchise business

  • REFINE the systems and business model so that it runs effectively 
  • RESEARCH the target demographics and the process of franchising constantly
  • REPLICATE the systems of a business so it can be easily reproduced and taught 

Make sure your franchise model truly works before starting a fitness franchise. Conduct a tonne of tests to iron out all flaws, and run erroneous tests on purpose to discover where your systems could perhaps collapse.

How much is the cost to start a Fitness and Gym franchise?

Purchasing a gym and fitness franchises can be expensive. In addition to the franchise fee you must pay upfront, a gym needs a lot of equipment and a sizable commercial location.

Include the one-time franchise name fee (which ranges from $15,000 to $30,000), and the total upfront expenditure for a gym franchise could range anywhere between $30,000 and $300,000. Naturally, some brands are more affordable than others; the same is true for various locations.


Fitness franchises

Why Start a Fitness and Gym franchise business?

There are a few reasons why you may want to start a fitness and gym franchises business

1. You have an existing passion for fitness and are eager to share that with others.

2. You want to provide a high-quality, affordable fitness and gym experience to your customers.

3. You believe that a franchise model can help you scale your business quickly and reach a wider audience.

4. You want to be able to work and be your own boss.

Pros and Cons of Fitness and Gym franchises

There are many fitness and gym franchises that offer different types of services, including cardio, weightlifting, and Pilates. This means that there is likely a franchise that will fit your needs. Fitness and gym franchises can be a great way to get fit and stay healthy. They offer a variety of classes and programs that can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Pros of Fitness and Gym franchise opportunities

  • Creative Freedom 
  • Brand recognition
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Independence and Flexibility 
  • Lower general costs

Cons of Fitness and Gym franchises

  • Lack of resources
  • The lower scale of independent gyms makes competition harder

Which is the best Fitness and Gym franchises to own?

There are a number of franchise opportunities in the Fitness sector. Some are better than others for various reasons. 

Here are 15 of the best Fitness and Gym franchises in the United States and Canada.

  1. Anytime Fitness Franchise
  • Founded in 2002
  • Franchising since 2002
  • Initial investment $381,575-$783,897
  • Franchise fee $25,000-$42,500
  • Royalty fee 8%

Anytime Fitness has expanded to more than 4,000 facilities worldwide since its establishment in 2002. Their widespread appeal is primarily a result of their original business concept, which allows members to use any of the 4,000+ Anytime Fitness locations worldwide. 

All of these facilities are available around the clock, every day of the week. Anytime Fitness locations provide a variety of programs and services, including Zumba, yoga, cardio, spin, and personal training, in addition to the usual gym food. Additionally, Anytime Fitness takes pride in creating a welcoming environment for members and places a high priority on employee wellness.

  1. Orangetheory Franchise
  • Started in 2010
  • Franchising since 2010
  • Initial investment $613,129 – $1,644,519
  • Franchise fee $59,950
  • Royalty fee 8%

Orangetheory Fitness offers a unique (and extremely challenging) group exercise environment. During this hour-long, interval-based, workout led by a coach, participants are provided heart-rate monitors, and their findings are presented on displays throughout the room. This allows members to monitor their personal development as well as compare it to that of their classmates. 

If you enjoy a healthy dose of competition, this might be the gym chain for you. With that stated, because participants can move at their own pace, Orangetheory is made for people of all levels of fitness. According to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 60 fastest-growing private companies, Orangetheory claims to be one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises.

  1. Planet Fitness Franchise 
  • Started in 1992
  • Franchising since 2000
  • Initial investment $1,625,600-$4,921,000
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Royalty fee 7%

The fact that “judgment-free zone” is a word that Planet Fitness has trademarked should be enough to convey this gym’s primary value, inclusion for all people, irrespective of their fitness levels. With that approach to accessibility in mind, Planet Fitness strives to specifically target 80% of people in the United States and Canada without gym memberships. The Planet Fitness chain currently has 1,800 or more open sites in all 50 states, as well as Australia, Canada, and Latin America.

  1. StretchLab Franchise
  • Started in 2015
  • Franchising since 2017 
  • Stretchlab franchise cost or Initial investment $160,300-$299,260
  • Stretchlab Franchise fee $60,000
  • Royalty fee 7%

StretchLab was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2015 to realize the dream of developing a practical aided stretching idea for the boutique fitness market. StretchLab is redefining the stretching industry by providing franchise possibilities across all major markets, making the advantages of stretching accessible to everyone. StretchLab is led by a knowledgeable team with more than 25 years of expertise in fitness franchising.

  1. Crunch Fitness Franchise
  • Started in 2010
  • Franchising since 2010
  • Initial investment $668,000 and $3,488,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000-$50,000
  • Royalty fee 5%

Crunch Fitness, like Planet Fitness, takes pride in fostering a judgment-free environment (in fact, they have the phrase “No Judgments” trademarked). They also adopt a “fun, irreverent, quirky, and motivational” marketing strategy (ever see the mustache commercial? ), and this mentality permeates their entire company; they truly want people to enjoy themselves while exercising. Therefore, Crunch can be the ideal gym franchise opportunity for you if you also consider fun to be your primary motivator.

  1. Pure Barre Franchise 
  • Started in 2001
  • Franchising since 2009
  • Pure Barre Franchise cost or Initial investment $217,845 – $487,495
  • Pure Barre  Franchise fee $60,000
  • Royalty fee 7%

Even though Lotte Berk, a former ballerina, invented barre in 1959, the ballet/Pilates/yoga fusion experienced significant growth in the 2010s. Owning a Pure Barre franchise puts you right at the source of barre classes, even though it would be difficult to come across a gym franchise that does not offer at least one. The oldest and most reputable barre studio in existence, according to Pure Barre’s website. In addition to providing its hallmark programs, Pure Barre Studios makes money by training new instructors and by selling high-end athletic apparel.

  1. The Bar Method Franchise
  • Started in 2001
  • Franchising since 2008 
  • The Bar Method Franchise cost $237,559 – $499,869
  • The Bar Method Franchise fee is $56,000
  • Royalty fee 6%

One of the most well-known barre studios throughout the nation, along with Pure Barre, is The Bar Method. It was established in 2001, began franchising in 2008, and now has more than 120 facilities spread across 26 states. Although The Bar Method franchise is smaller than Pure Barre, it is expanding quickly, The Bar Method increased by 118% in 2018. Since the business requires its franchisees to be qualified barre instructors, new franchise owners may also anticipate taking part in a thorough training program.

  1. Burn Boot Camp Franchise
  • Started in 2012
  • Franchising since 2018
  • Burn Boot Camp Franchise Cost  $142,330-$349,150
  • Burn Boot Camp Franchise fee of $40,000
  • Royalty fee 6%

Devan and Morgan Kline, a husband and wife team who launched Burn Boot Camp in 2012, always intended for it to be more than merely a gym. The elements that characterize the Burn experience for franchise partners and its members are purpose, passion, and community. These are the elements that form the foundation of the company. Throughout the week, Burn Boot Camp offers 45-minute exercises that are both cardio and strength-focused, focusing on various muscle groups.

  1. UFC Gym Franchise 
  • Started in 1992
  • Franchising since 2003
  • UFC Gym Franchise Cost $1,118,634 – $4,998,412
  • UFC Gym Franchise fee $30,000-$50,000
  • Royalty fee  4-6%

UFC Gyms, a division of the (allegedly $7 billion) UFC brand, provides MMA-inspired personal and specialized training, conventional and fusion martial arts instruction, and kid’s fitness franchises and programs. A truly future-proof business venture, owning a UFC Gym entails owning a piece of the world’s fastest-growing sport. The initial expenditure needed to launch a UFC Gym franchise is quite modest given its enormous brand recognition. Candidates must also have a combined net worth of more or about $200,000 and at least $100,000 in liquid assets to be eligible for the franchise.

  1. Club Pilates Franchise 
  • Started in 2007
  • Franchising since 2012
  • Club Pilates Franchise Cost $187,400-$389,800
  • Club Pilates Franchise fee $60,000
  • Royalty fee 8%

Club Pilates is the largest Pilates studio and brand network globally, operating more than 650 studios on four different continents. Club Pilates, which has been included on the Franchise 500 List by Entrepreneur Magazine for five years running, is a pioneer in the Pilates sector for giving everyone the chance to profit from Pilates.

Club Pilates studios are created and run according to an extensive design that includes a roomy interior, a lot of exercise apparatuses, specifications, and operational guidelines, as well as quality customer service, management, financial control, training and assistance, as well as advertising and promotional campaigns.

  1. Jazzercise Franchise 
  • Started in 1979
  • Franchising since 1982
  • Jazzercise Franchise Cost $3,780-$21,775
  • Jazzercise Franchise fee $1,250
  • Royalty fee 20%

The high-intensity dance-cardio fusion class Jazzercise, which became a fitness fixture during the ’80s workout boom, is one of the most iconic gym franchises ever. Since then, the business has updated its routines and incorporated yoga, kickboxing, pilates, hip hop, and strength training as a part of its courses. They assert that this can result in an hour-long calorie burn of up to 800. 

From videos streaming on the Jazzercise Routines Database, instructors can learn a variety of dance moves. Additionally, they have a department called “Jazzercise Apparel” that sells goods like apparel, accessories, equipment, and video recordings with the “Jazzercise” name on them as well as any other names the franchisor chooses to use.

  1. Gold’s Gym Franchise
  • Started in 1965
  • Franchising since 1980
  • Initial investment $1,483,000-$3,602,000
  • Franchise fee $40,000
  • Royalty fee of 5%

Gold’s Gym has earned a legendary reputation for being “the mecca of bodybuilding” and for having prominent clients, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, both within the fitness industry and in American culture at large. The Los Angeles-based gym has expanded more than 700 gyms in around 29 states and countries each since it was founded by a former merchant marine in 1965, and it now boasts a 3 million-strong international following.

The Gold’s Gym franchise now has open markets in practically every state in the union as well as a few foreign prospects. This is one of the best fitness franchises worldwide.

  1. F45 Training Franchise
  • Started in 2010
  • Franchising since 2014
  • Initial investment $350,200-$565,100 
  • Franchise fee $50,000
  • Royalty fee 7%

A customized business model for potential franchisees helps F45 Training stand out from the competition. In the health and fitness sector, F45 is a dynamic and always-changing leader in innovation, providing a special opportunity that is fueled by quality, reputation, and convenience. 

F45 has put together a highly productive team training program by combining two of the most cutting-edge and extensively studied techniques in the health and fitness sector. It has been demonstrated that combining interval cardio with strength training is an efficient way to lose weight and gain lean muscle. You should read the complete F45 Franchise Review.

  1. BFT Franchise
  • Started in 2017
  • Franchising since 2017
  • BFT Franchise Cost $362,700 – $548,600
  • BFT Franchise fee $60,000
  • Royalty fee 7%

BFT is a community-based, 50-minute functional training and strength-based program spread throughout 13 sessions that was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, by fitness industry veteran Cameron Falloon. In a welcoming, coach-led group setting, BFT uses training methods based on science and technology to support the individual health goals of its members. 

Members gain from training diverse energy systems and muscle types each day by combining cardio and resistance programs, which helps to broaden movement patterns aiming to burn fat and build lean muscle.

  1. 30-Minute Hit Franchise 
  • Started in 2004
  • Franchising since 2006
  • 30-Minute Franchise cost $100,000-$165,000
  • 30 Minute Franchise fee of $40,000
  • Royalty fee 

The 30 Minute Hit franchise sells a women’s boxing/kickboxing circuit-based fitness program. Low startup expenses, a straightforward business concept, and a motivating and fulfilling environment are among the most impressive 30 Minute Hit fitness franchise options. 

When an entrepreneur opens a 30-minute Women’s Kickboxing Circuit franchise, she joins a successful community of franchisees and gains access to special training sections from expert instructors. View the franchise criteria and investment information, as well as cost and profit details, if you need information on how to buy the 30-minute franchise.

Top and Best Fitness and Gym franchises in the USA in 2023


Fitness franchises


Best Upcoming Fitness and Gym franchise opportunities in 2023 

  • Jazzercise
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • F45 Training
  • Snap Fitness
  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • Club Pilates
  • Pura Barre

Best Fitness and Gym franchises opportunities under 50K

  • Jazzercise Inc.                               

Best Fitness and Gym franchises opportunities in terms of Net Worth

  • UFC Gym
  • Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Anytime Fitness
  • CycleBar
  • World Gym


Which is the Most Profitable Fitness and Gym franchise?

  • Planet Fitness
  • F45 Training
  • Crunch
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Burn Boot Camp
  • Club Pilates
  • The Exercise Coach
  • Pure Barre

Best Fitness and Gym franchise opportunities in terms of the Rankings

  • Soccer Stars
  • StretchLab
  • Alloy Personal Training
  • The Exercise Coach
  • ISI Elite Training
  • Send Me a Trainer
  • BFT

Best Fitness and Gym franchise opportunities in terms of the Franchise Deck Ratings

  Fitness and Gym franchises  Franchise Deck Ratings
1. F45 Training   4.1/5.0
2. Hotworx   3.9/5.0
3. Snap Fitness   3.9/5.0
4. Anytime Fitness   3.7/5.0
5. Orangetheory Fitness    3.7/5.0

How to select the best Fitness and Gym franchises for sale in 2023?

Beginning a new business is difficult and involves a lot of planning and study in any field; Investing in a fitness franchise is similar. Purchasing a fitness franchise is not always a simple decision. 

However, you may invest in a successful fitness business and profit from it with careful planning and a thorough understanding of the requirements. Consider the following points while selecting the best fitness and gym franchise for yourself. 

  • Research potential franchise opportunities
  • Check franchise requirements
  • Find franchise opportunities
  • Review the agreement or contract
  • Arrange your financing
  • Decide on a location 
  • Training
  • Prepare for the marvelous opening

Are Fitness and Gym franchises profitable?

The revenues from fitness franchises are excellent but not as high as you may imagine. According to Investopedia, the majority of franchise owners earn around $50,000 annually, while only 7% of them make more than $250,000. You need to be mindful of certain fees and other expenses because they will significantly reduce your profit margins.

Conclusion Is a Fitness and Gym Franchise a good choice?

Doing your research is ultimately the only method to choose which gym franchise is best for you. To qualify for franchise finance or gym financing, you must first narrow down your search to only the gyms whose level of investment matches your financial situation. For assistance in deciding which franchise is now financially feasible for you, we advise scheduling a consultation with your bank or accountant. Nevertheless, all of the gym and fitness franchises on the list offer free information requests to interested parties. You will then receive extra information to assist with your selection, such as the crucial franchise agreement and the franchise disclosure paperwork (FDD). Franchise reviews or interviewing of current franchisees, however, may be the most crucial step in this process.

Franchises have benefits and drawbacks; therefore, you should carefully consider both of them. By learning as much as you can about each potential franchise, you may choose the gym that not only fits your financial needs but also your values and way of life.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the Fitness and Gym franchise categories can look at 

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