Are you seeking a successful business opportunity that suits your way of life? The Patch Boys series may be the ideal fit for you if this is the case. The Patch Boys are skilled at finding and fixing problems fast because of their more than ten years of expertise in the home renovation and repair industry. The Patch Boys business offers a range of reasonably priced services for both commercial and residential customers, from minor fixes to extensive restorations. Now is the perfect time to join this established brand, as you can benefit from its world-class support system, marketing resources, and specialised tools. With a minimal financial investment of around $47,568, the Patch Boys franchise provides an excellent opportunity to join a successful home repair franchise with low overhead costs. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive training in all aspects of the business—including customer service, sales, and marketing—so you can get started quickly.

Are you ready to join the Patch Boys family? Keep reading this comprehensive guide to discover if this franchise is right for you.

While specific industry statistics for The Patch Boys Franchises are not readily available, a lot of multi-unit franchises operate, with around 34 owners for 79 territories. This makes 2.3 territories per owner. Additionally, the average revenue per owner is $293,781. The franchise has also seen existing location sales revenue grow by 50%.

What is the Patch Boys?

The Patch Boys started as a small business in 2003 and has since become a reliable source of repair and maintenance services for homeowners and businesses.

The Patch Boys provide a variety of services, such as deck staining, carpentry, handyman services, plasterboard restoration, interior painting, and more. Patch Boys can meet the needs of almost any customer and offer a great value thanks to their wide range of skills.

Moreover, the company is affordable to start up. The initial investment can range anywhere from $54,943 – $81,415—much lower than most franchises—which makes it accessible to both experienced entrepreneurs and those just getting started. One of the many benefits provided by the Patch Boys concept is the degree of cheap entry costs.

Is The Patch Boys a franchise opportunity?

The Patch Boys franchise may be something you’re considering. Absolutely, is the response. You can tell it has staying power because it has been around for more than 20 years. It can also be a fantastic option for new and aspiring business owners searching for a stable opportunity because of its incredibly low entrance cost and tremendous potential for profits.

  • Low cost of entry

While other franchises have large up-front costs to consider, The Patch Boys’ entry fee is just $29,500—a great bang for your buck. Plus, no additional royalties or ongoing fees are required. This makes it incredibly affordable and accessible to entrepreneurs who have limited resources.

  • High potential profit

The Patch Boys have the potential to bring in a sizable income—some business owners reportedly earn over $100,000 annually! While outcomes will differ depending on each person’s efforts and skills, it can be difficult to discover a business opportunity with such a high potential return.

In addition to these two benefits, the support and guidance offered by the Patch Boys organisation are unparalleled. Their proven turn-key system ensures that you have access to everything you need from day one, from school training and ongoing support to marketing materials and supplies. All this makes this franchise opportunity even more attractive—and gives you the best chance at success!

Facts That Nobody Told You About The Patch Boys

Ever wonder just how much it costs to become a Patch Boys franchisee? Or what kind of profit potential you can expect? Well, here are some hard facts that nobody ever told you about the Patch Boys.

  • Initial Investment

The total initial investment to open a Patch Boys ranges from $54,943 – $81,415. That’s not a lot compared to the costs other franchises require—but the amount you’ll pay will depend on your location, the size of your team, and even the services you decide to offer. This extremely competitive investment cost is one of the reasons why becoming a Patch Boy franchisee is so attractive—you get more bang for your buck!

  • Profit Potential

If you’re an experienced business owner or entrepreneur who loves working with customers and solving their problems, then you’ll be pleased to know that the patch boys have had success with yearly profits ranging from $17,500 to $38,500. And with over 500 locations nationwide popping up over the next 5 years, this could be your chance to hit the ground running and make a huge impact in your local area.

  • Franchise Support

When you join The Patch Boys family as a franchisee, you don’t just get access to their services—you also get access to their network of support. In addition to having marketing materials and advertising campaigns at hand (all ready-made for you), they also provide ongoing support and training programs so that franchising stays easy for everyone involved. So there’s never any need for guesswork when it comes to running your business!

The Patch Boys’ Franchise Requirements

Are you contemplating making the leap and affiliating with the Patch Boys with a great decision?

Let’s look at what you need to know before establishing your business before you go in.

Checking sure your financial qualifications satisfy the requirements is the first thing you need to accomplish. Applicants must have a minimum of $50,000 in liquid assets to be considered for The Patch Boys.  This is done to demonstrate that you have the financial means to stock up on goods and supplies and to guarantee that you can find trustworthy, experienced professionals.

The other qualifications are pretty straightforward—all you need is general business acumen, interpersonal skills, and a few employees committed to delivering quality repairs quickly—and you’re good to go!

The Patch Boys Franchise

How much does The Patch Boys franchise cost?

Have you ever asked yourself how much it costs to invest in a Patch Boys franchise? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as the cost varies depending on your location and other factors. But we can give you a general idea of what you’d be looking at if you decided to franchise with The Patch Boys in the United States.

  • Initial Franchise Fee

When you purchase a Patch Boys franchise, there’s an initial fee to get started. This fee covers things like operations manuals, business analysis, marketing materials, training materials, and more. This fee typically ranges around $29,500, depending on the size of the market and other factors.

  • Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and supplies for franchisees usually cost about $10,000–$15,000, but this number can range significantly based on what type of equipment is needed for your particular area.

  • Royalty Fees

Royalty fees are paid out monthly by franchisees as part of their agreement with The Patch Boys. These fees cover ongoing support from corporate headquarters as well as access to their branding, marketing materials, corporate discounts, and more. These fees typically range from 5% to 8% of your gross sales each month.

How much do The Patch Boys’ owners make?

The average revenue per owner for The Patch Boys Franchise is $293,781, as mentioned in the latest FDD. However, it’s important to note that revenue is not the same as profit. Actual profits for each franchise owner may vary depending on factors such as operating expenses, local market conditions, and the owner’s ability to manage and grow their business effectively.

It’s also worth mentioning that individual earnings can vary significantly, so it’s best to do research and reach out to the franchise for more detailed information on profit expectations and financial performance.

The Patch Boys Training to Franchises

Are you thinking of becoming a Patch Boys franchisee? Great idea!  Not only is it a great way to become your own boss, but The Patch Boys also provide in-depth training and support.

It starts with an initial two days of live, hands-on training on the fundamental aspects of drywall repair and texturing. During this time, you’ll learn the concept of the Patch Boys Process and have the opportunity to practice what you’ll be doing day in and day out as part of your business.

The fundamentals that you’ll get trained on during the two days include

  • Drywall repair: patching, taping, mudding, or skim coating
  • Texturing: all hand-textured finishes, including skip trowel, knockdown, orange peel, and popcorn texture.
  • Wall preparation—repair as required for existing wallpaper removal or ugly wall repairs.
  • Installation: Install new drywall at various locations for customers, along with painting if necessary.

You will be able to hit the ground running after this training is complete so that you can start giving your customers “the best service possible.” The Patch Boys also offer ongoing support through newsletters and webinars that give new tips and tricks around drywall repair to increase efficiency.

The Patch Boys Operations of Franchises

When you become a Patch Boys franchisee, you’re joining a network of experienced operators and gaining access to everything you need to get your business running. From the iconic green Patch Boys truck to the training and guidance, we work with you every step of the way.

The initial cost to get started as a Patch Boys franchisee is typically around $54,943 – $81,415. This includes the start-up costs required for beginning operations, including the cost of materials, insurance, and marketing. After setup is complete, most franchisees find that their ROI occurs in three years or less.

As part of an agreement with Patch Boys, you’ll be part of an extensive support system that includes:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • On-call guidance from expert managers
  • customised marketing plans
  • Advanced training programs
  • Proprietary software systems tailored to meet your business needs

Franchisees also benefit from vendor relationships designed to help them get their business off the ground quickly and easily.

With all this available to our committed partners, it’s no wonder Patch Boys has earned such a strong reputation for quality products and services!

How is The Patch Boys’ territory granted to franchises?

When it comes to deciding on a territory for Patch Boys, you might be wondering what your options are. After all, you need to know if the territory is workable for you!

The Patch Boys uses a policy of minimum market exclusivity in deciding territories. They focus on awarding a single franchisee the exclusive right to run their business within a certain geographic area. They also require that any new franchisee agree not to directly compete against existing franchises. This system has worked well so far; the brand currently has over 50 franchises located across North America.

  • Existing Territories

If there’s an established Patch Boys franchises in your area, it’s likely that you won’t be awarded a new territory in that same area. That said, prospective franchisees can choose to purchase existing territories and businesses from past owners who are looking to sell their franchises, as well as make outright purchases of existing businesses.

  • Know Your Territory

You can request a detailed breakdown of what The Patch Boys define as their ideal area when looking for business growth opportunities in your territory; this should give you an idea of how much room is available on the market. Prospective franchisees should also be sure to double-check with the Patch Boys team about any restrictions or limitations related to territorial area development plans or agreements.

What is the term of the franchise agreement and renewal?

When you invest in a Patch Boys franchises, the “term of agreement” is how long the original contract lasts. It’s usually five years—but it could be more or less depending on the agreement.

On top of that, you have the option to renew your term after it ends. So if you and the franchisor are happy with the partnership, then it’s possible to extend your promotion and business recognition for up to another 5 years. This makes it a great investment for small business owners looking for sustainable, long-term growth prospects.

What’s more, part of that agreement includes promotional opportunities such as localised marketing campaigns through radio and TV ads, branded company vehicles and uniforms, plus signage and fixed advertising spaces (e.g., billboards) that can help get the word out about your services to potential customers in your local area.

Does The Patch Boys provide financial assistance to franchises?

You may be wondering if The Patch Boys provide financial assistance to franchises. The answer is yes! They have a variety of financing options for qualified franchisees. From providing SBA-guaranteed loans to helping franchisors access credit from banks and other lending institutions, The Patch Boys strive to make the ownership process as painless as possible.

Plus, The Patch Boys offer an internal financing program that helps franchisees with their initial investment and ongoing costs. This program helps franchisees get set up faster, so they can start providing quality service and generating income sooner.

One of the main advantages of being a part of the Patch Boys franchising system is that there are no royalty fees or long-term contracts required. For those who wish to operate their own business without having to worry about hefty overhead costs or long-term commitments, this makes the franchising process much more appealing.

The Patch Boys Franchise

The Pros and Cons of Owning The Patch Boys Franchise

Before making the decision, you just need to balance the pros and cons.


  • Low start-up costs: The Patch Boys provide franchises with affordable initial fees, facilitating entry into the market for new business owners.
  • Low operating costs: franchises require little to no retail space, no inventory, and little equipment.
  • In-demand services: The Patch Boys offer a crucial service in today’s market, which makes it simple for owners to enter the market and respond to client needs right away.
  • Extensive training and support: The Patch Boys provide extensive training and resources to new franchises owners so they can be ready to go from day one!


  • Time-consuming: Running your own business means more of your time must be dedicated to growing the company. Setting up appointments, training employees, and more will take up more of your day than you may have realised.
  • Location-dependent: Depending on where you set up shop, you may find yourself either in competition with other repair companies or with none at all. Knowing your local area can help you make decisions that will give you an advantage over your competitors, or lack thereof.

What are The Patch Boys Franchise owners reviews?

When researching any franchise opportunity, it’s important to assess if the customer reviews and feedback are positive. The Patch Boys’ reviews have, without a doubt, been overwhelmingly positive over the years. The franchise has even been awarded various awards, such as being ranked No. 1 in franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review for four consecutive years and being included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises three times.

Here are some actual customer reviews that franchise owners have earned over the years:

  • “We called Patch Boys, and they came out very quickly and fixed our problem without any issues at all.”
  • “Five stars!  “I’d definitely recommend them to anyone in need of drywall repair.”
  • “Patch Boys went above and beyond expectations. I was so impressed with their service. Highly recommend!”
  • “Patch Boys came in, got the job done quickly and efficiently—a great experience all around!”
  • “The repair was great, and Patch Boys got it done in no time!”

So there you have it! With rave customer reviews from coast to coast, there’s no denying that The Patch Boys is exactly what it claims to be: an exceptional franchises opportunity that brings quality drywall repair services directly to customers’ homes while helping you build a very profitable business.

The Patch Boys Franchise Rankings

In 2023, The Patch Boys ranked number one in the Drywall Repair category for its outstanding performance, unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power [1]. The brand was also named a “Top 200 Franchise” by Franchise Business Review for its high franchisee satisfaction rates systemwide. While specific rankings on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list are not mentioned in the search results, The Patch Boys has been listed on the rankings in the past.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

If you’re considering investing in the Patch Boys franchise, you’ll want to review their franchise deck to get an overview of the company. This document contains information about their products and services, their cost-to-profit ratio, the kinds of opportunities now available, and potential risks to consider before investing.

  • Cost-to-Profit Ratio

It’s important to evaluate the cost-to-profit ratio of The Patch Boys before you invest. This ratio compares the upfront costs, such as franchise fees, training costs, and equipment purchases, against the expected profit over a certain period of time. A higher cost-to-profit ratio means that it may take longer for your investment to pay off.

  • Opportunities Now Available

the overview of any new business opportunities like The Patch Boys. These can include new markets, technological advances, or even new marketing strategies that provide an opportunity for increased profits or reduced startup costs.

  • Potential Risks

Finally, it’s important to think about any potential risks associated with the Patch Boys franchises before you invest. Risks can include sudden changes in the industry or in customer preferences, or unexpected legal or financial hurdles that could complicate running the business. Being aware of these risks ahead of time can help you make a more informed decision about whether investing in a Patch Boys franchises is right for you.

Conclusion: Are The Patch Boys franchise worth it?

If you’re considering whether The Patch Boys is the right franchise for you, there are a few factors to consider. Investing in a franchise can be expensive, and it’s important to understand the costs, potential profits, and opportunities before investing.

Based on our review of The Patch Boys, here are a few factors that might help you make your decision:

  • Affordable initial investment

The Patch Boys require a minimal initial investment cost compared to other franchises, which allows for lower risk and a quicker return on your investment.

  • Proven Reputation

The Patch Boys sell on their services throughout the nation to customers who need help with minor repairs or maintenance issues in their homes or businesses. What’s more, The Patch Boys have an established reputation for providing high-quality services that customers return for again and again.

  • Scalability

The Patch Boys embrace technology that makes it easier than ever to scale up operations quickly without sacrificing customer service or quality of work. This makes The Patch Boys an ideal choice if you’re interested in investing in growing your business faster by scaling up operations with the right technology tools.

Overall, it appears that The Patch Boys is worth the investment if you understand the costs and potential profits involved and have what it takes to make your franchise successful by using technologies such as scalability tools available through The Patch Boys system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You could be curious about The Patch Boys and what it’s like to run a brand. To assist you in understanding how it operates, the most typical queries are listed below:

  • Are The Patch Boys profitable?

As long as you have the necessary skills and personnel in place, The Patch Boys is a business strategy that can give you a high return on investment. It is entirely possible to earn a lot of money from running The Patch Boys franchise with the correct marketing, effective procedures, and committed technicians.

  • Can you make money owning a Patch Boy?

Absolutely, yes!  A fantastic option for someone who wants to take charge of their financial future is owning a The Patch Boys franchise. There is no reason why you cannot be successful operating your own The Patch Boys franchise with perseverance, devotion, and astute management abilities.

  • Is “The Patch Boys” a franchise?

Yes!  The Patch Boys is a franchise opportunity offered by Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), one of the largest franchisors in North America. In addition to providing support with marketing and training materials as well as assistance with the day-to-day operations of the business, HFC also offers its franchisees financing options through its partner banks.

  • How much is an The Patch Boys?

The initial investment required to start a Patch Boys franchise ranges from $54,943 – $81,415. This amount includes the initial franchise fee of $25,000, along with other start-up costs such as equipment, marketing, and working capital. Keep in mind that additional ongoing fees, such as royalties and advertising fees, will also apply once the business is up and running.

  • How does The Patch Boys franchise make money?

The Patch Boys franchise primarily makes money by providing specialised drywall repair services. Franchisees invest in the business and pay an initial franchise fee, along with other startup costs. They then offer their services within a specific territory, generating revenue from customers that require drywall repair, patching, and related maintenance services. The franchise model allows entrepreneurs to start their own business and be their own boss in the maintenance industry. Visit Us

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