Long popular among foodies, this fast-casual restaurant that serves pizza is currently making headlines as a rapidly expanding franchise opportunity. Join us as we examine Rascal House’s past, its delectable menu selections, and the advantages of owning a Rascal House Pizza franchise. Therefore, get a pizza slice. Sit back and let’s get started on this delicious journey together. 

Sure, let’s dive into some interesting industry statistics about the Rascal House franchises! Rascal House franchises have high average unit volumes (AUV) of $1,707,605 in sales, which demonstrates the potential success of making an investment in this opportunity.

What does Rascal House Pizza mean as a franchise?

A fast-casual eating and pizza restaurant chain with headquarters in the US is called The Racal House. The first rascal house location was established in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio and it quickly gained popularity due to its high-quality pizza and diverse menu offerings. Their menu includes a wide variety of items such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers catering to a broad customer base with various tastes. The franchise is known for its unique urban design concept that creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for its guests. 

Rascal House has successfully positioned itself in the fast-casual dining sector combining the convenience of quick-service restaurants with the quality of casual dining establishments over the years. The rascal house has expanded its footprint and now offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs who are passionate about the brand and the food industry. By becoming a rascal house franchisee you can benefit from their established brand recognition extensive training and support and a proven business model that has led to the success of many rascal house locations.

Is Rascal House a franchise opportunity?

Yes, Rascal House is a franchising opportunity! They have been in business for over 37 years and have started franchising more aggressively since 2018. If you’re interested in starting your own pizza restaurant, Rascal House offers the chance to enter the food industry with an established brand.

Facts That Nobody Told You About the Rascal House

Here are a few Rascal House unknowns that you might find fascinating

  1. Rascal House offers a broad menu that includes sandwiches, salads, appetizers, wings, pasta, and desserts in addition to pizza. This is one of their unique menu options. They can provide a wider range of customers because of this variety.
  2. Involvement in the community: Rascal House is dedicated to supporting the communities it serves. They frequently take part in community activities, sponsor sports teams, and give to philanthropic organisations.
  3. Commitment to quality: Rascal House prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients in its dishes. They make their dough and sauces in-house daily and use 100% real cheese.
  4. Award-winning history: Rascal House has won several awards for their pizza, including being named Cleveland’s Best Pizza multiple times by various publications and contests.
  5. Eco-friendly practices: Rascal House is committed to reducing its environmental impact. They use energy-efficient equipment in their kitchens and work on minimising food waste.
  6. Convenient online ordering: Rascal House has a user-friendly online ordering system that makes it easy for customers to place orders for pickup or delivery.
  7.  Rascal House has changed over the years in response to consumer tastes and market trends. They have redesigned them to keep their shop and brand looking fresh and modern.
  8.  Rascal House lays a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service and creating a welcoming environment for all of its visitors. They take great care to make each visit a pleasant and memorable one.

Rascal House Pizza Franchise Requirements and Application Process

There are various prerequisites that you must fulfill in order to open a Rascal House franchises. These are a few of the important prerequisites:

  1. Financial requirements: prospective franchisees should have a minimum net worth of $500,000. The total investment for a Rascal House franchise cost ranges from $480,000 to $695,000, and the initial franchise fee is $30,000.
  2. Business experience: While prior restaurant or food service experience is not mandatory, it can be helpful. Rascal House looks for franchisees with a strong business background and a passion for the food industry.
  3. commitment to brand values: franchisees should be committed to maintaining the high-quality standards and core values of the Rascal House brand. This includes providing excellent customer service, using quality ingredients, and adhering to established operating procedures.
  4. Willingness to learn and follow the system: As a franchisee, you must be willing to follow the Rascal House system, attend training sessions, and implement the brand’s proven methods for success.
  5. Active involvement: Rascal House prefers franchisees who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their restaurant, ensuring that it runs smoothly and meets the brand’s standards.

Overall, Rascal House is looking for franchisees who are passionate, dedicated, and committed to growing with the brand. If you meet these requirements and are interested in joining the Rascal House family, you can begin the application process on their website.

How much does a Rascal House cost?

A Rascal House franchise requires an overall cost of between $480,000 and $695,000. The initial franchise fee, equipment, leasehold improvements, signs, initial inventory, and working capital are all covered by this investment.

Keep in mind that these figures are estimates, and the actual cost may vary depending on factors like the specific location, size of the restaurant, and local market conditions.

How much do Rascal House owners make?

Rascal House franchise owners’ earnings might vary depending on a number of variables, including location, sales, operational expenses, and the owner’s aptitude for managing the company well.

Unfortunately, detailed earnings information for Rascal House franchise owners is not available to the general public. You can speak with the business directly and ask for more details about their financial performance to obtain a more precise idea of the possible revenue earnings for a Rascal House franchise.

Keep in mind that running a successful franchise requires dedication, hard work, and effective management, and there is no guarantee of a specific income level.

Rascal House Training for Franchises

To ensure that its franchisees are equipped to manage a profitable restaurant, Rascal House offers thorough training and support. Typically, their training regimen consists of the following elements:

  1. Initial training: At Rascal House corporate headquarters or another certified training facility, franchisees undergo in-depth initial instruction. This course covers a variety of restaurant management topics, including operations, marketing, client relations, food preparation, and quality control.
  2. On-site training: To assist with the launch of the restaurant, Rascal House offers on-site training in addition to initial training at the franchisee’s location. The franchisee and their staff will be thoroughly trained in the Rascal House method and able to uphold the brand’s high standards thanks to this practical instruction.
  3. continuing support: Rascal House provides its franchisees with ongoing support, which includes recurrent field visits by staff to provide operational advice, address any difficulties, and guarantee brand adherence. To help franchisees stay competitive in the market, the organisation provides assistance in areas including marketing, purchasing, and menu development.
  4. Franchisees get access to materials like the Rascal House operations manual, which gives comprehensive details on the policies, procedures, and systems of the business. Franchisees can also get knowledge about other Rascal House operators’ experiences by utilising the company’s network and knowledge resources. Rascal House ensures that its franchisees have the skills and resources necessary for success in the cutthroat restaurant industry by offering thorough training and continuing assistance.

Rascal House Operations to Franchises

Rascal House offers its franchisees a well-organized operating system that ensures uniformity across all locations and upholds the brand’s high standards. The following are some essential facets of Rascal House’s franchise operations:

  1. Standardised procedures Rascal House has established standard procedures for the preparation of cuisine, providing customer service, and managing the entire restaurant. These procedures aid in ensuring that each site upholds the brand’s standards of excellence and consistency, boosting client happiness and loyalty.
  2. 2. Supply chain management: To guarantee that franchisees have access to premium ingredients and goods at reasonable rates, the organisation forges strong partnerships with suppliers. This efficient supply chain management system aids in cost management and preserving menu consistency.
  3. Marketing support: Rascal House provides marketing support and guidance to its franchisees. This includes assistance in local store marketing, promotional materials, and access to digital marketing resources, helping franchisees effectively promote their restaurant and attract more customers.
  4. Ongoing operational support: Rascal House offers ongoing support to its franchisees, including regular visits from field representatives to provide guidance on operations, address any issues, and ensure brand compliance. Franchisees may maintain operational effectiveness and keep up with the most recent market trends and best practices with the help of this continuing support.
  5. Access to technology and systems: The corporation gives franchisees access to tools and programs that simplify restaurant operations and improve the entire clientele experience. Point-of-sale systems, online ordering systems, and other tools that aid in efficient business management are included.

Rascal House ensures that its franchisees are well-prepared for success in the fiercely competitive restaurant market by offering a thorough operational structure. By receiving this support, they are able to provide a dependable, excellent dining experience that draws repeat business. 

How is Rascal House territory granted to franchises?

Rascal House grants franchising territories based on a well-defined process to ensure that each franchisee has an optimal location with a strong potential for success. Here’s an overview of how Rascal House grants territories to its franchisees:

  1. Market analysis: The company conducts thorough market research and analysis to identify potential territories with a suitable target audience, strong demand for the Rascal House concept, and favorable demographics. This research helps Rascal House evaluate the growth prospects for each location and determine suitable territories for new franchisees.
  2. Territory exclusivity: Rascal House typically grants an exclusive territory to each franchisee, ensuring that no other Rascal House restaurant will be established within a defined area around the franchisee’s location. This exclusivity helps minimise competition among franchisees and allows them to focus on building a strong customer base in their designated area.
  3. Site selection: After determining the territory, Rascal House works closely with the franchisee to find an ideal site for the restaurant. The company considers various factors, such as visibility, accessibility, traffic patterns, and the presence of complementary businesses when selecting a site.
  4. Franchise agreement: Once a suitable site has been identified, the franchisee and Rascal House enter into a franchising agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the relationship, including the territory granted, franchisee fees, and ongoing support.
  5. Development and opening: With the territory granted and the site selected, the franchisee proceeds with the development and opening of the restaurant, adhering to the Rascal House guidelines and systems to ensure consistency across all locations.

What is the term of the franchise agreement and renewal?

The franchise term of the agreement and renewal periods may differ depending on the particular franchise system and the parameters of the particular agreement between the franchisor and franchisee. A franchise term of agreement typically lasts between 5 and 20 years, with 10 years being the most typical term length.

If certain requirements are completed, you might be given the choice to renew the agreement after the initial period has ended. The franchise agreement will clearly state the renewal terms and conditions, which may take into account things like satisfying performance standards, abiding by the franchise system, and paying a renewal fee.

For Rascal House specifically, I do not have the exact information on their franchises agreement terms and renewal terms. It’s important to carefully review the franchise agreement and consult with a legal expert if you’re considering entering into a franchise relationship with any company to fully understand the terms and your obligations as a franchisee.

Does Rascal House provide financial assistance to franchises?

I am not certain about Rascal House’s current policies regarding financial assistance for their franchises. To get accurate information, it is best to directly contact Rascal House or visit their website to inquire about their financial assistance options and any partnerships they might have with lenders or banks. Franchise companies often provide guidance on financing options and resources to help prospective franchisees secure the necessary funding for their new business venture.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Rascal House

Owning a Rascal House franchise has its pros and cons, just like any other business opportunity. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when evaluating this franchise:


  1. Established brand: Rascal House is an established brand with a loyal customer base, which can provide a strong foundation for your new business venture.
  2. Proven systems and processes: Franchisees can benefit from the company’s established systems, processes, and operational best practices. This can help streamline operations and reduce the learning curve for new business owners.
  3. Training and assistance: Rascal House offers initial training, continuing support, and resources to help franchisees manage their companies, which can be especially helpful for people who are new to the restaurant business.
  4. Franchisees receive marketing support, including local and regional advertising campaigns, social media tactics, and promotional materials to draw people to their stores.
  5. Exclusive territory: Rascal House generally offers franchisees an exclusive territory, reducing competition between franchises locations and allowing you to focus on building a strong customer base in your area.


  1. Initial investment: Opening a Rascal House franchises requires a significant initial investment, which may include franchising fees, real estate costs, construction costs, equipment and inventory costs, and working capital.
  2. Ongoing fees: franchisees are required to pay ongoing royalties and marketing fees, which may reduce their overall profits.
  3. Limited control: As a franchisee, you must adhere to the Rascal House guidelines, systems, and processes, which may limit your creativity and control over certain aspects of the business.
  4. Competition: While Rascal House has a unique concept, there may still be competition from other pizza and fast-casual restaurants in your market.
  5. Time commitment: operating a Rascal House can be time-consuming and may require long hours, especially during the initial stages of opening your location.

Ultimately, it’s essential to weigh these pros and cons and conduct thorough research before deciding whether owning a Rascal House franchise is the right business opportunity for you.

What are Rascal House reviews?

Based on the search results, Rascal House has received mixed reviews. Some customers seem to be satisfied with their pizza, praising the delicious cheese and fast delivery. They also have a decent ranking of #431 out of 1394 restaurants on Tripadvisor. On the other hand, there are complaints about order issues and long wait times. The employees have shared positive experiences working at Rascal House, mentioning a great atmosphere and management. Overall, Rascal House has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 based on 21 reviews.

Rascal House Rankings

Based on the available information, Rascal House has a mix of rankings across different platforms. On Yelp, they have a 3.0-star rating from 97 reviews. On Tripadvisor, Rascal House is ranked #431 out of 1,394 restaurants in Cleveland with 34 unbiased reviews. In Maple Heights, the Rascal House location is ranked #6 out of all Maple Heights restaurants. Their University Heights location has a 4.2 rating from 6,500+ reviews on DoorDash.

These rankings give you an idea of what customers think about Rascal House, but it’s important to remember that individual experiences can vary. To get a more accurate understanding of their quality and service, it’s best to visit their locations or read more detailed reviews.

Potential Risks to Consider Before Investing in a Rascal House

  1. Initial investment: Just as with any franchise, starting a Rascal House location requires a sizable initial outlay. This can include franchise fees, property taxes, building expenses, equipment expenditures, inventory charges, and working capital.
  2. Franchisees are required to pay recurring royalties and marketing costs to Rascal House, which may have an effect on overall revenues.
  3. Pizza and fast-casual restaurant areas might be saturated, so prospective franchisees should evaluate the level of competition in their chosen zone before making an investment.
  4. Business performance: Success is not guaranteed, as it is in every industry. The location, managerial abilities, and market circumstances of a Rascal House franchise could all have an impact on how well it performs.
  5. Brand standards observance: Franchisees must abide by Rascal House’s rules, practices, and systems, which may limit their flexibility and capacity to manage specific aspects of the business.

Is the Rascal House Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

To determine whether the prospective return justifies the franchises investment, interested parties should do a thorough analysis and evaluate the financial performance of existing Rascal House locations. This can be done by reading the FDD, which provides comprehensive information on the franchising system’s financial success, and by speaking with current and former Rascal House franchisees about the company.

In addition, prospective investors should consider their financial goals, risk tolerance, and the kind of help they will receive from Rascal House in terms of marketing, training, and ongoing assistance. Only after carefully considering each of these factors can one determine whether the prospective revenue from a Rascal House franchise is worthwhile the investment.

Conclusion: Is the Rascal House franchise worth it?

Based on the information I found, Rascal House is a franchise that offers opportunities in the fast-casual pizza sector. They require a significant financial investment, with liquid capital of at least $100,000 and a minimum net worth of $700,000 to $1,000,000. While there are many franchise opportunities available, it’s essential to evaluate if Rascal House’s aligns with your financial and business goals.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find explicit reviews or opinions on whether investing in a Rascal Houses franchise is worth it. I recommend connecting directly with the company and current franchisees to get more insights into the franchise’s value and success.

With almost 37 years in operation, Rascal House’s is a fast-casual pizza franchise with a successful track record. Depending on your financial and personal objectives, as well as your interest in the culinary sector, you can decide if Rascal House is a good fit for you. Considering the financial investment required, it’s essential to conduct further research and connect directly with the company and current franchisees to gather more information and insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the Rascal House profitable?

I couldn’t find specific profit figures or financial data for Rascal House, but the company has been in business for over 37 years. This longevity suggests that they have a sustainable business model. 

  • Can owners of Rascal Houses make money?

Like any business, Rascal House’s profitability is influenced by a variety of factors, including its location, management, marketing strategies, and other factors. The company’s lengthy tenure in the sector suggests that financial success is feasible, but it is crucial to carry out comprehensive research and consult with the organization and existing franchisees to learn more.

  • Is Rascal House a franchise?

The fast-casual pizza industry does indeed provide franchising opportunities through Rascal House. 

  • How much is a Rascal House?

To own a Rascal House franchise, you must have a minimum net worth of $700,000 to $1,000,000 and liquid funds of at least $100,000. Additional expenses including build-out fees, franchise fees, and royalties will be incurred. The business can provide more specific information on the whole investment.

  • How does Rascal Houses turn a profit?

Rascal Houses make money by selling a selection of fast-casual dishes like pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other items to customers. They make money by selling these things, but they may also have extra income sources like catering or online orders.

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