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Venture X Franchise Requirements Cost, Fee, and Profit

Venture X franchise
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Freelancers are predicted to make up at least 50% of the workforce by 2027, and the number of people using coworking spaces is increasing at a rate of 24% annually. For employees who are interested in participating in a vibrant work community, the Venture X franchise offers a compelling prospect in the same sector. Venture X has a more premium design level. There are private offices for individuals who require them as well as a large open area for those who prefer continuing cooperation. 

Venture X franchise

What is Venture X?

A wider range of participants, including professionals in the workforce, independent contractors, remote employees, and groups from major corporations, are drawn to Venture X. The room itself combines elements of a boutique hotel with a contemporary office design. In contrast to most settings, which lean less toward a professional style and more toward a youthful, whimsical one, 

Is Venture X a Franchise Opportunity?

Venture X franchises offers world-class training and support to their franchisees. They provide

  • Initial Training
  • Start-Up support
  • Marketing Support
  • On-Going Support during the work life there. 

Facts That Nobody Told You About Venture X  

  • Venture X provides a cutting-edge workspace for people who purchase private memberships to have access to open spaces or private offices as they see fit.
  • Increased income opportunities are made possible by Venture X’s distinctive mix of open space and private offices with higher revenue.
  • They organize and host events to bring in more money, boosting each location’s bottom line even more.

Venture X  Franchise Information
Industry Type
Services Franchises
Sub Category
Coworking Spaces Franchise
Year Established2012
Company NameVenture X
Founder/Management HeadMichael White, Brand President
Franchising Started2016
Employees at Company H.O192
Franchise Expansion PlanThey do plan to expand their business in other locations and open more franchises. 
Number of Units
Social Media HandlesFacebook
Company Office location 2121 Vista Pkwy.West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Venture X  Franchise Requirements

To operate a Venture X franchises, you would highly need to have a financial backup as the cost of operating it is high. 

Venture X  Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
Venture X  Franchise Fee$60,000
Venture X  Franchise Cost$388,090 – $3,636,710
Royalty Fee6%
Advertising Fee2%
Term of Agreement35 years
Is franchise term renewable?Yes

Venture X Training To Franchises

The extensive Venture X training program makes sure you have access to the resources that are necessary for success in your area. They provide a full week of intensive training that will precede your launch as a Venture X franchisee: three days at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and three days at our flagship Venture X facility in Naples, Florida.

Venture X Operations and Support to Franchises

You will have access to an online training portal with helpful tools and collaboration systems to keep you on track even after you finish their extensive training program. They continue to offer a comprehensive franchise operations manual that is based on time-tested procedures. To keep you up to date on business developments, you will receive invitations to a variety of regional gatherings and national conventions.

Venture X franchise

What is Venture X Term of Agreement and Renewal?

Venture X franchises term of Agreement is for the term of 35 years. The franchise term is renewable as well. 

Does Venture X provide Financial Assistance to franchises?

Venture X offers third-party financing as they have connections with outside sources that can provide funding for the following things: launch expenditures, equipment, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Pros & Cons of Venture X Franchise


  1. As the demand for co-working space is rising, there is high profits in the upcoming years. 
  2. It’s possible to view a variety of revenue sources, including community membership fees, mailbox rental costs, event space and conference room rentals, as well as payments for extra services and technological solutions.
  3. You get to expand your franchise later. 

How much do Venture X  franchise owners make?

The amount of money a franchises owner at Venture X Franchises can earn will depend on various aspects, like location, size, etc. The business service has not yet published the precise or approximate sum.

Venture X franchise

Is Venture X worth the investment?

Yes, the Venture X franchises is definitely worth the investment as there is more need for such co-working spaces. As mentioned this industry of moving to coworking spaces will take a high growth in the business services, and it will be more worth the investment in this field. 

What are Venture X  Franchise Reviews?

Premium is always associated with Venture X. They make investments in high-end furnishings and equipment, such as electric sit/stand desks for every private office employee. 

Their team undergoes hospitality training at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and they place a strong emphasis on community, which is why they provide a significant amount of their space for people to interact in and generous space per person inside the offices. They try to deliver the best for their client. 

Venture X  Franchise Rankings

In Entrepreneur’s 2022 Franchise 500, Venture X was placed 261st.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Venture X franchises are a very profitable and highly in-demand business service. As stated in the blog post that it is going to be in more demand in the future. 

People are now shifting to flexible work and have their own time preferences Venture X here comes with all the services provided by the business, and this investment will be highly worth it. I would recommend you to think of investing in this business looking at the high-profit generation of the same. 

Is the Venture X  Franchise Profit Worth the Cost?

Yes, Venture X franchises profit is worth the franchises cost as it is going to be a highly in-trend workspace for the upcoming employees. There is high scope of rise in the revenue generation of this franchise. 

Competition Analysis of Venture X 
Franchise BrandCost to FranchiseFranchisee FeesRoyalty + Ad feesExpected ProfitRecoup of CapitalFD Rating
Venture X  ₹360,000 – ₹3,600,000₹60,000Royalty Fee6%Advertising Fee2%Not Disclosed in FDDNot Disclosed in FDD3.5/5.0
Minuteman Press Franchise$75,900 – $187,10$32,500 – $47,500Royalty Fee=  to 6%Not Disclosed in FDDNot Disclosed in FDD4.0/5.0
Success space Franchise$446K – $758K$30,000 – $45,000The royalty fee is 6% and the Ad fee is 1%Not disclosed in FDDNot disclosed in FDD2.5/5 
Office Evolution
$389,650 – $1,269,800$39,500 – $49,500The royalty fee is 7.5% and Ad Fee is 3%Not disclosed in FDDNot disclosed in FDD3.3/5 
$549K – $998K$50,000The royalty fee is 6% and Ad fee is 2% Not disclosed in FDDNot disclosed in FDD3.0/5.0

The rating for the Venture X  franchises is 3.5/5.0.

Venture X franchise


Operating expenses for coworking spaces are minimal after the first investment: rent, utilities, maintenance, and a small staff of three to four people. The revenue potential with Venture X is infinite, with different revenue streams including rent, event hosting, and business add-ons like mailbox services or 24/7 building access, thanks to the growing demand for coworking spaces. Leave your comments on this post on the Venture X coworking franchises.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Venture X  franchise profitable?

The Venture X franchise is profitable, but it requires a lot of work. As a franchise owner, you are responsible for marketing, hiring, and training your employees. You must also keep your store clean and organized, and make sure your inventory is fresh and merchandise is in good condition.

Despite the challenges, the Venture X franchises is a profitable business. You can make a good living as a franchise owner, and you can also earn residual income from your business. If you are interested in becoming a Venture X franchises, be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. But the rewards are worth it, and you can be proud of the success your

  1. Can you make money owning a Venture X?

Yes, you can make money owning a Venture X. 

  1. Is Venture X  a franchises?

Yes, it is a franchise of real estate and shared office space business in the United States.

  1. How do Venture X  franchises make money?

Members can access open workspaces and/or private offices by purchasing a private membership. They keep hosting events, renting conference rooms, using virtual offices, and upselling their services are all potential sources of additional income.

3 thoughts on “Venture X Franchise Requirements Cost, Fee, and Profit”

  1. Venture X is a revolutionary franchise concept that offers flexible workspaces and a community-oriented atmosphere.The franchise provides a unique blend of services and amenities that makes it a great choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Venture X offers an array of flexible workspace solutions, including shared offices, desks, private offices, and more. The franchise is committed to creating a welcoming environment and fostering a sense of community among members.
    Venture X provides a variety of onsite amenities, such as high-speed internet, coffee and tea, printing services, and more.

  2. . The franchise offers members access to a range of events and educational resources, including workshops, webinars, and seminars. Venture X also offers a variety of additional services, such as online bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing support. The franchise provides members with resources to help them grow their businesses, such as business advice and mentorship. Venture X’s innovative business model makes it a great choice for entrepreneurs looking for a supportive workspace.
    The franchise offers competitive rates and flexible packages that make it an attractive option for business owners.

  3. The franchise provides a supportive and collaborative atmosphere that encourages productivity and innovation.
    Venture X has a network of locations throughout the US, giving members access to a wide range of resources.
    The franchise offers franchisees the opportunity to own and operate their own workspace and create a successful business.
    With its commitment to providing quality workspace solutions and a supportive atmosphere, Venture X is an excellent franchise option for entrepreneurs.

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