What is the Regus franchise? Are you planning to invest in a workplace company associated with international workplace groups? You are stuck at the right place then! Regus is part of the International Workplace Groups(IWG). With a network of 7 million customers that includes some of the most successful business owners, individuals, and multimillion-dollar businesses, including Google, Amazon, and IBM, it is the largest flexible workspace supplier and turnkey franchise solution in the world.

What is the Regus franchise?

Are you planning to invest in a workplace company associated with international workplace groups? You are stuck at the right place then! Regus franchise is part of the International Workplace Groups(IWG). With a network of 7 million customers that includes some of the most successful business owners, individuals, and multimillion-dollar businesses, including Google, Amazon, and IBM, it is the largest flexible workspace supplier and turnkey franchise solution in the world.


What are Regus Co-Working Spaces

International business Regus lends out commercial office space to other businesses. Regus provides a tidy, polished location for enterprises of all kinds to be conducted to organize a conference or some room to work from for a week away from home. Regus is presently the largest provider of workspace in the world, with over 1,100 sites. Regus offers virtual offices and videoconferencing facilities in addition to conventional office and meeting rooms for businesses that require them.


Is Regus a Franchise Opportunity?

If you’re seeking a flexible, downtown work environment with ample opportunity for growth, Regus may be a good fit for you. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, Regus is one of the largest franchise opportunities in the business services industry.

From meeting rooms to conference rooms, Regus offers a variety of options to suit your needs. No matter what you need space for, Regus has you covered. You can also take advantage of Regus’ wide range of amenities, including dining and beverage options, fitness centers, and business services like faxing, copying, and scanning.


Rare facts of Regus CoWorking business

  • Low payroll costs and ease of staffing—on average. 
  • Their operating procedures and systems are based on experience with
  • comprehensive franchisee support and training initiatives.
  • They offer brand recognition, marketing cost savings, customer growth, supplier initiatives, and other advantages.
  • They are associated with National and international business accounts.
  • Regus is a Service-oriented, tidy, and professional work atmosphere with little inventory.
  • They also offer opportunities for multi-unit development for franchisees interested in growth.


Regus Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Services Franchises
Sub Category Coworking Space Franchise
Year Established 1989
Company Name Regus Franchise
Founder/Management Head Wayne Berger, CEO, The Americas
Franchising Started 2012 (10 years)
Franchise Expansion Plan Regus aims to reach areas of the United States and the rest of the world that it does not already serve.
Number of Units 3,259 (as of 2023)
Number of Franchise Units 205 Franchise units
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  3000 Kellway Dr., #140Carrollton, TX 75006


Regus Franchise Requirements

To establish and expand Regus as the market leader in their local and international markets, they are now looking for franchise partners with the necessary vision, business savvy, leadership abilities, and financial resources.

Ideal franchisee candidates must be thinking about multi-unit development whether they start with a multi-unit exclusive area or a single center with aspirations of growing. Experience in the field is preferable but not necessary.


Regus franchise


Why Should You Invest in Regus Ownership?

  • Regus provides an established business model with numerous revenue streams.
  • They are enabling people and businesses to work where, when, and how they choose through their assortment of office styles, virtual offices, and workplace recovery enterprises. 
  • They provide the chance to get the Regus name in the US. 
  • They are constantly looking for partners with the necessary resources to join the company and open new sites across the country.
  • You get a business out of your vacant real estate premises and you will earn more than rental on your real estate premises.


Regus Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
Regus Franchise Fee $50,000
Regus Franchise Cost $549,000 – $998,000
Royalty Fee 6%
Advertising Fee 2 %
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is the franchise term renewable? Yes


Is the Regus worth the investment?

No, it’s not worth the investment as according to the reports by Business Review it says that the franchise owner earns 51% less than the franchise fee which is mentioned as $50, 000.

 There is a high chance that only 7 % of franchise owners of Regus franchises can make an income of $250,000 annually. This data tells us it is not worth the investment as it is not profitable as well. 


RegusTraining To Franchises


A complete initial and ongoing training program covering every aspect of starting, developing, and expanding a flexible workspace business is offered. Training for new employees lasts for three weeks. Through the Regus online academy, further training is also accessible.


Regus Operations and Support to Franchises 

It is a multi-unit franchise opportunity, and franchisees are required to build at least five centers in freestanding or multi-let locations within three years of signing a franchise agreement. 

According to Regus, its franchises are a “proven operating model” that grants franchisees the right to use its brand and trademarks and enjoy the advantages of its business expertise, a clientele that is already established, and its sales, marketing, customer relationship management, invoicing booking, and training systems. They promise to give full assistance throughout the life of a franchisee in the agreement. 


How is Regus Territory Granted to Franchises

Regus does grant territory but with terms and conditions that have not been disclosed in the FDD. 


Regus franchise


What is Regus Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

Regus term of the agreement is for 10 years. They also have a franchise renewable term. 


Does Regus provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Regus does provide financial assistance with the help of third-party financing. Regus has connections with outside companies that provide finance for the following expenses: startup charges, franchise fees, equipment, and inventory.


Pros & Cons of Regus Franchise Ownership


  1. 3500 business centers in 120 countries are accessible.
  2. A network six times larger than our nearest competitor with the best facilities and services
  3. Additionally, franchisees will gain profit from a pre-existing network of 2.5 million clients, some of the most prosperous businesspeople and multibillion-dollar corporations, that become immediately accessible to franchisees.


  1. Numerous multi-unit franchisees worry increasingly about how long it will take to recoup their investment, which leads to rash decisions. Franchisees must realize that while money will eventually flow, it won’t do so as rapidly as it did with the first site.
  2. Determine the necessity for business expansion in the area before launching your business. Even if expansion is the primary objective of the majority of franchising organizations, be confident in your ability to succeed.


How much do Regus franchise owners make?

A Regus franchise owner nearly makes less than 50% of the franchising fee. Hence the franchise is not as profitable as it should be compared to the initial investment cost and its fees. 


What is Regus franchise profit?

Their operational model is tried-and-true, indisputably effective, and will offer their partners a very appealing return on their investment after 30 years in business. 


What are Regus franchise reviews?

The satisfaction of knowing you contributed to a company’s success when it comes to owning a franchise in the Flexi and coworking space sector.

One of the operators of Regus mentioned that they found it to be a straightforward transition from the senior housing sector to becoming a Regus franchising partner. After COVID-19, there will be a need for alternative workspace, and they are eager to contribute to the shift in workplace culture. 

If you require a virtual office, a former worker advises looking for another provider. Pay attention to the owners and their locations. This company, which is from Belgium, seems to just have electronic communications and staff members.


Regus Franchise Rankings

Regus has not been given a rank last year out of 500 total franchises though it is one of the top coworking business models. 


Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Regus Franchises is a great opportunity to invest your money. If you can expand it on a larger scale, you will tend to gain more profit as you take over more properties to rent for businesses and huge organizations. 

The only disadvantage here is the turnover. Only if the turnover of the company is high, then the owner and the team be able to earn the expected profit. Though the recoup of capital information has not been disclosed yet, it can still be concluded that the profitable side of this firm is not so great. Therefore, only if you think you can take this franchise to bigger heights, you can choose to invest in this area. If you think this is what you have been waiting for for a long time, then this is the best opportunity for you to grab and start over your career aspect. 


Competition Analysis of Regus
Franchise Brand  Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Regus $549,000 – $998,000 $50,000 Royalty fee 6%+Ad fee 2% 51% less than the franchise fee N/A 2.5/5.0 
WeWork Franchise N/A N/A N/A The company posted revenue of $815 million N/A 4.0/5.0
Office Evolution Franchise $400k-$1.3M $39,500 – $49,500 Royalty fee is 7.5% and Ad Fee is 3% Not disclosed in FDD Not disclosed in FDD 3.3/5 
Venture X
$1.1 million-$3.4 million $79,500 Royalty fee is 6% and Ad fee is 2%  Not disclosed in FDD Not disclosed in FDD 3.0/5.0 


The rating for Regus franchising is 2.5/5.0.


Regus franchise



Flexible office and workspace solutions had been in high demand in the years before 2020. Regus is growing quickly. In the US, demand for coworking spaces and flexible workplaces surged by more than 40% this year. There are higher chances of it expanding in the upcoming years due to its opportunity to work flexibly. Hence, if you have shown interest in something like this, you must think of investing in them. 

You can explore other coworking or real estate franchising opportunities,

  1. Red Barn Franchise 
  2. Success Space franchise
  3. Intelligent Office Franchise
  4. WeWork Franchise
  5. Office Evolution Franchise
  6. Venture X Franchise
  7. Best Coworking Space Franchise


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Is the Regus franchise profitable?

No, Regus Franchises is not that profitable. The Regus brand has been around since 1990, and it now operates in over 1000 cities across 38 countries. The company is profitable and has a good reputation for providing high-quality accommodations and meeting spaces. The Regus brand is currently expanding into new markets, and it is expected to be profitable and grow in the future.

  1. Can you make money owning a Regus?

Yes, you can but less. There are many ways for someone to make money owning a Regus office. One way is to offer flexible office space for businesses of all sizes. Another way is to offer conference rooms that can be rented out for various events. Finally, some people offer consulting services for businesses that want to improve their operations.

  1. Is Regus a franchise?

Yes, Regus is a franchise business. A franchise is a company that owns and operates a chain of stores. These stores offer a variety of services, such as meeting rooms, business services, and even temporary office space. These services are available to the public, and the franchise can be found in many different markets around the world.

  1. How do Regus franchises make money?

Regus Franchises makes money by renting business office spaces to companies in need.  Regus franchises make money by charging rental fees for office space and providing a variety of services, such as meeting rooms, broadband, printing, phone services, and more. They also generate revenue from sales of furniture and equipment, and advertising.


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  1. Tobey March 2, 2023 at 4:52 am - Reply

    Regus is a great franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to get into the coworking business.
    With the Regus franchise, you have the opportunity to offer a range of flexible workspace solutions to customers. Regus franchisees have access to a network of more than 3,000 locations worldwide.
    The company provides a comprehensive support package to franchisees to help them get started and grow their business.

  2. Maguir March 2, 2023 at 4:54 am - Reply

    Regus franchisees benefit from a strong and reliable brand name that is well-known in the commercial real estate industry. The company offers a range of franchise options, including licenses, franchise leases, and joint ventures.
    The franchise model is a great way to break into the coworking industry without having to invest a large amount of capital.
    Regus provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to start their own business.
    The company has a dedicated team of experts who can provide advice and guidance to help franchisees succeed.

  3. Kirstem March 2, 2023 at 4:55 am - Reply

    Regus also offers comprehensive training to help franchisees understand the company’s operations and business model. The franchise provides ongoing support and assistance to franchisees to ensure they are successful in their business.
    With the Regus franchise, entrepreneurs can benefit from the company’s established infrastructure and resources.
    Regus franchisees have access to a wide range of marketing and advertising tools to help them promote their business.
    The franchise is a great way to enter the coworking industry and to grow a business with the support of a recognized brand.

  4. liam March 30, 2023 at 8:21 am - Reply

    Regus Franchise is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business in a well-established franchise. Regus Franchises offer a wide range of services and products to their customers, including office space, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. With Regus Franchise, entrepreneurs can benefit from the company’s global presence, allowing them to establish their business in any market. Regus Franchise provides entrepreneurs with an easy way to quickly get their business up and running, without the hassle of starting from scratch. The company provides comprehensive training, resources and support to help franchisees successfully run their business.

  5. Noah March 30, 2023 at 8:25 am - Reply

    Regus Franchise offers a unique and cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. Regus Franchise provides a great platform for entrepreneurs to network and connect with other industry professionals. The franchise provides a range of services, including office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices, to help entrepreneurs maximize their productivity. Regus Franchise provides a great opportunity to build relationships with customers, suppliers and other industry professionals. The franchise offers an excellent customer service and support to ensure that all clients are satisfied with their services.

  6. Oliver March 30, 2023 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Regus Franchise allows entrepreneurs to work from any location, providing them with the flexibility of running their business from home or on the go. The company’s innovative technology and services help entrepreneurs reduce their operating costs and increase their profitability. Regus Franchise offers a great way for entrepreneurs to establish their business and gain a competitive edge in their market. The company’s team of experienced professionals provides entrepreneurs with the support and advice they need to succeed. Regus Franchise is a great way for entrepreneurs to start their own business and make a successful living.

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