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Is Dollar General Store A Franchise?Cost and Profit Analysis

Dollar general franchise
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All the necessities for daily life are accessible at Dollar General, a store with many different products. It is similar to a general store but on a bigger scale. Every day, Dollar General operates stores to offer low-cost products to its clients. You must have question in your mind- Can you buy a Dollar General Store Franchise?

They send low-cost goods from the most reputable companies in America, including food, health and beauty aids, snacks, paper goods, seasonal goods, and a lot more.

Brands including Energizer, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and others are available with them. Additionally, they give buyers more possibilities to purchase high-quality goods at prices that are significantly lower than those offered by national brands. They strive to make purchasing hassle-free.

What is the Dollar General?

Cal Turner and his father J.L. Turner founded Dollar in Scottsville, Kentucky, in 1939. A dollar would be the maximum price for any item in the store, as per their initial thinking.

The concept was a huge hit, and J.L Turner now owns additional outlets. Cal Turner co-founded the business Dollar General Corporation after J.L. Turner passed away. Cal Turner oversaw the expansion of Dollar General, which reached more than 6,000 locations in 2002. With over 17,000 locations across the United States, the company is a top discount retailer.

Are Dollar General Stores Franchised?

All of the Dollar General locations are independently run by privately held firms. This means that it is a corporation and cannot be franchised to potential franchisees. 

Facts That Nobody Told You About Dollar General Store

  • Their story heads back to the Great Depression. 
  • Not everything is necessarily discounted in a Dollar General store. 
  • The brands they fill their shelves with are not considered to be very renowned; this helps them maintain low prices. 
Dollar General Franchise Review and Information
Industry TypeRetail AND Grocery
Sub CategoryConvience Stores Franchises 
Year Established1939
Company NameDollar general Corp.
Founder/Management HeadJ.L. TurnerCal Turner
Number of Units17,426 (as of 2021)
Social Media HandlesTwitter
Company Office location Scottsville, Kentucky

Dollar general franchise

How much is Dollar General Franchise Cost?

Dollar General is considered to be a privately-owned company.  Since they fail to permit franchising, their financial criteria for opening a franchise and running one of their businesses are unknown. However, based on ideas similar to Dollar General, here is a rough estimate of the franchising fees a potential franchisee would be required to pay: 

  • The estimated Dollar General Franchise fee is $20,000-$50,000
  • The estimated Dollar General Store Franchise Price is $100,000-$600,000
  • Liquid Capital is $20,000 or more 

Dollar General Training to Employees

To guarantee that each new owner is competent to manage the various facets of the shop, Dollar General offers both classroom instruction and ongoing training for novices.

Prior to and following the opening of the location, the trainer will communicate with you. A thorough study of complete operations and other information designed to assist you in running your store on a daily basis will also be included in this session.

Dollar General Operations 

At the moment, Dollar General doesn’t provide franchising options. However, it is allowing some people the option of running franchise stores, which is generally only available to those who are already in charge of a store.

In addition to that, the store does not provide services for opening online franchises as well. However, they provide affiliate marketing, allowing for the promotion and online sale of Dollar General products. A 5% commission on each item sold is available to affiliate program members of Dollar General.

Pros & Cons of Dollar general franchise


  • Affordable Items
  • No-Frills shopping expenses
  • Viewed as an essential business
  • A huge reputation in the market  


  • Expired Products
  • Messy Stores
  • Minimal Staffing

Dollar general franchise

What is Dollar general franchise profit?

Dollar General reported $33.7 billion as its net sales for the year 2020. The business experienced a nearly 22% growth in sales when compared with the previous year. As it turns out, selling inexpensive goods in a retail business can still be incredibly lucrative.

What are Dollar general franchise reviews?

Big-name brands such as Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Hanes, Clorox, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever, Energizer, etc are known to be carried at Dollar General.

A food store that is bigger than a typical Dollar General is owned by Dollar General as well. Compared to their smaller stores, which tend to sell more general stuff, the market division manages to sell more vegetables, meat, and several other grocery items.

If a person is highly passionate about managing a store, this can prove to be the right kind of retail business for him. However, a specific date for when Dollar General will be available for franchising is not yet known, so he might wish to search for other dollar store concepts that can be started by him right away.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Dollar General is a discount store that offers a variety of products at low prices. Dollar General is a great option for budget-minded shoppers who are looking for a wide selection of products at low prices.

One of the great things about Dollar General is the wide variety of products that is available. You can find everything from food to household supplies. In addition, Dollar General offers a great selection and prices on apparel and toys.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option for groceries, clothing, and other supplies, Dollar General is a great choice. People are more likely to buy more if you can attract them to the store for just one item. In the market for low-cost consumer goods, Dollar General proves to be a reliable and successful company. During the early phases of the pandemic, they witnessed unprecedented growth, and despite the fact that it has largely been tapered down, Dollar General is still a successful company.

Competition Analysis of Dollar general
Cost to FranchiseFranchisee FeesRoyalty + Ad feesExpected ProfitRecoup of CapitalFD Rating
7-Eleven Franchise$50,000-$1,00,000$1,00,00050% of the total gross profit+1% $78.748 billion
Just-A-Buck$100,000-$300,000$50,0004%+ 4.5  years
Liberty Dollar Store5.5 years
Dollar Discount Store of America$99,000-$195,000$18,0003%

The FD rating for Dollar general is 3.7/5.0.

Dollar general franchise


You must objectively assess the danger of the idea before to launching any kind of retail store. You can feel more secure in your decision to open a dollar store that sells food items by knowing that the health authorities or local government is most likely not to temporarily close the business. Although Dollar General is just a little business and does not franchise, it has developed into a huge corporation. More than 17,000 locations make up the firm footprint, which is continually expanding.

People come in to look at what you’re selling because the business only sells things for under $10. Additionally, a lot of times clients who entered looking for a particular item leave with other goods in their hands.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the convenience store franchises categories can look at 

  1. 7-Eleven franchise 
  2. Wawa franchise 
  3. Trader’s Joe franchise 
  4. Just-a-buck 
  5. Liberty Dollar Store 
  6. Dollar Discount Store of America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Dollar general franchise profitable?

The company Dollar General reported a gross profit of $10.719 billion for 2021; their profit increased by 26.27% when compared to 2020. Given that the majority of businesses suffered during the epidemic, this was regarded to be fairly good.

2. Can you make money owning a Dollar general franchise?

If the Dollar General franchises ever become an actual possibility, it may be a lucrative business opportunity to make money.

3. Is a Dollar general franchise a franchise?

It is not a franchise, but a privately-held corporation. 

4. How do Dollar general franchises make money?

In addition to selling toys, medicines, and office supplies, Dollar General also sells electronics, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, personal care products, food, and beverages to make money.

5 thoughts on “Is Dollar General Store A Franchise?Cost and Profit Analysis”

  1. Dollar General is a great franchise opportunity for those looking to get into the retail business.
    It offers a low investment cost and strong potential for growth.
    Dollar General stores are conveniently located and offer a wide variety of products at low prices.
    Dollar General is an established brand with an excellent reputation for customer service.
    The franchise opportunity is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss and own a retail business.

  2. Dollar General provides extensive training and support to franchisees to ensure success. The franchise model is simple and easy to follow, making it a great choice for those new to the franchise industry. Dollar General is a great way to enter the retail industry without the risk of starting a business from scratch. The franchise model provides franchisees with the opportunity to own and operate their own business with minimal effort. The franchise provides a great opportunity to make a good income and help local communities.

  3. Dollar General stores offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices. The franchise is a great way to enter the retail sector without having to worry about the hassle of setting up a business from scratch. Dollar General stores are easy to manage and offer great customer service. The franchise opportunity offers a relatively low investment cost with potential for strong returns. Dollar General is a great franchise opportunity that offers an easy way to enter the retail sector.

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