You are not only helping to protect yourself against any discrepancies in your liabilities or FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) in the process by hiring an expert franchise attorney; you are also assisting in the mitigation of any potential troubles along the route. An experienced franchise lawyer can make immensely helpful recommendations about how to set up your new or current franchise business. Choosing the best franchise attorney also means having the best team on your side in case things go wrong for any number of reasons.

Benefits of hiring a franchise attorney 

  • They specialize in franchising. 
  • They write and read franchise contracts all the time. 
  • They are very well aware of FDDs. 

Factors to consider while choosing the best franchise attorney in Las Vegas

Ask pertinent inquiries to the attorneys you’ve chosen based on your priorities as a potential franchisor after having narrowed down your list of prospects. Here are some things to think about

  • Accessibility: Our experience is that all lawyers promote their accessibility. It isn’t always the case. Accessibility may not be as crucial as communication style. While some franchise lawyers prefer phone contact, others prefer email. Ask if there is a preference you have.
  • Location: Since transactional attorneys can practice anywhere, this is not much of a problem. Occasionally, some lawyers host educational events in their offices that give attendees the chance to network and learn. Although closer is nicer, it won’t really affect your choice.
  • Personality: You will often work with your franchise lawyer for many years. So don’t hire them if you don’t like them.

Other factors can include the following

  • Experiences of franchisees and franchisors
  • litigation vs. transactional focus
  • Hourly vs. flat-rate
  • What is contained?
  • Expertise in a particular industry
  • Size of the firm

10 Best franchise attorneys in Las Vegas

Analyze and rank the legal professionals and businesses that focus on serving franchises and big businesses as their main customers. It is crucial for franchisees to work with a legal attorney who is familiar with both the legal repercussions of operating a franchise and the laws and regulations that franchises must adhere to when conducting business.

The top 10 best franchise attorneys in Las Vegas are

  1. Steven Stark

Steven Stark has over thirty-five years of expertise in business and commercial law, and he has represented both established businesses and those just starting out in a range of different industries. In the areas of business entity formation and organization, key business contract drafting, registration of copyright and trademarks and copyrights, relationships of independent contractors, and website compliance, including privacy policies and terms. Steven has offered successful strategies, insightful counsel, and highly effective representation on legal issues.

2. Jake Siciliano

Jake SICILIANO received his legal degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law where he concentrated on business and international trademark law. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2022 with an L.L.M. in Financial Compliance and Risk Management. He currently practices alone and coaches businesses while pursuing trademark applications with the WIPO, USPTO, and CIPO, and overseeing a portfolio of more than 750 IP items.

Additionally, he has helped more than 100 people start and run their own small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Jake has particular expertise in developing and managing contracts for manufacturing, distribution, and other kinds of agreements.

3.Robert Gora

Robert Gora advised the investor group to participate in the $40 billion Series E preferred stock financing of Uber. He defended the former chief financial officer of Lehman Brothers in a multibillion-dollar securities fraud lawsuit against countless start-ups and international corporations. In addition to this, he also provided guidance on private equity, financing of debt and equity, and compliance matters of hedge funds in relation to SEC, FINRA, CFTC, DOJ, and investigations, as well as federal and state securities laws.

4.Grant Maynard 

He has built a career representing young businesses and entrepreneurs since getting his JD and MBA. Therefore, venture capital finance and acquisitions and mergers are known to be his main practice areas. Since he acts as general outside counsel for the majority of his clients, he frequently deals with a range of issues, including business formation and structure, commercial contract review (particularly contracts concerning technological advances like SaaS agreements, terms of uses, and MSAs), and trademark work. He furthermore helps a lot of foreign clients who are trying to establish a legal framework for their US activities or to access the US capital markets.

5.Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein is a famous bankruptcy consultant who has experience with both consulting and representation for businesses and individuals seeking Chapter 7, 11, or 13 filings. A small business specialist with experience in lease agreements, commercial contracts, employment contracts, product authorization, intellectual property, corporate registration, governing documents, and commercial contracts, he has acquired Transactions and Finance Attorneys to handle all matters relating to the management, restructuring, modification, and alteration of commercial and personal loans.

He has additionally worked as a fraud examiner for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veteran-Owned Small Business initiative. Additionally, he has advocated for a number of pension funds in interactions with small businesses and dispute resolution.

6.Dmitriy Ishimbayev

In order to aid small enterprises and start-ups in New York and New Jersey, Dmitriy Ishimbayev founded his company in 2015. Prior to beginning his legal career, he ran a retail business and saw the inefficiencies of the traditional legal industry firsthand. As a result, he made the decision to start a different kind of law firm, one that cares about the success and growth of its clients and offers affordable solutions based on those needs. 

Dmitriy has experience working for Fortune 50 corporations as well as small firms, therefore he is familiar with the requirements for a company at every level of development. New York and New Jersey have granted Dmitriy a license to practice law there.

7.Andrew Kussmaul

After earning his law degree from Suffolk University, he decided to focus on corporate law. Andrew, who comes from a family of business owners, launched his own firm in 2015, where he discovered what it takes to be a company founder. He can offer specific and pertinent counsel to your startup, thanks to the lessons he gained through that experience. 

In the course of his practice, Andrew primarily assists start-up businesses in a range of industries and stages of development. He has advised various businesses and excels at explaining complicated legal concepts in a way that is simple to comprehend. He views himself as a teacher and takes the time to explain things thoroughly, which is a skill that many lawyers lack.

8.Eric Broad

Eric Broad is the founder and CEO of Bowery Legal, a group of entrepreneurs and startup lawyers who previously worked at prestigious law firms but left to pursue their passion for building a business and working with founders, investors, startups, and high-growth companies. Private businesses and investors that come in all shapes, sizes, stages, and sectors can depend on them for “value for money” legal services. 

9.Stephan Holmquist

From start-ups to government agencies to publicly listed Fortune 50 businesses, Stephan Holmquist provided transactional and litigation guidance to clients. He also worked as outside general counsel for businesses across a variety of industries. 

His main areas of concentration are debt and equity raises, manufacturing, company formation, financial restructuring, licensing, owner disputes, commercial litigation, licensing, and employment issues. His target clients are entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized businesses that he can help with start-up, exit strategies, and scaling.

10.Jamie Hernan

Jamie Hernan worked on the Banking and Finance team at the international law firm King & Spalding following his graduation from Duke University School of Law. Later, he established a law firm, and over the course of more than ten years, he represented businesses through his own firm. Before joining Crabapple Legal, Adam Haigh worked as general counsel for Honey Baked Ham, Inform, Inc., and Edible Arrangements. 

He also held a top legal role at Home Depot. Adam, a New England Law School alum, is quite knowledgeable about the requirements of in-house counsel. With their combined 40+ years of experience, Jamie and Adam offer clients senior partner-level legal assistance at competitive prices.

Conclusion: Best Franchise Attorney in Las Vegas

It is important to understand that you will have access to your franchise attorney as frequently as you can before selecting a legal expert or legal service. For legal services to respond to their client’s issues as rapidly as possible, it is crucial to make sure they are completely available to them. It is compared amongst vendors how long franchises must wait for communication and for a problem to be resolved. 

It is crucial to look at the comprehensive understanding of legal services of best practices and the capacity to produce comprehensive and straightforward contracts encompassing a wide range of activities related to franchise businesses. In order to draft contracts that best safeguard franchises’ interests, it is important for legal attorneys and legal services to comprehend what franchises hope to achieve with their agreements.

Determine the legal services that each firm can offer to franchises as well as the general caliber of the services when it comes to how they help franchisors and franchisees to determine the worth of franchise attorneys. By choosing lawyers who are skilled in a broad range of legal challenges related to their client’s operations, franchises can make the most of the legal services they employ.

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