You always notice the same thing when you walk by a deli or sandwich shop franchises: the customers. Customers are these companies’ most valuable assets, and they could not have survived this long without them. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of individuals who will stand in line to obtain a sandwich since they love sandwiches so much. Does that sound familiar? Have you thought about starting a business but lacked the concept? The most popular food in America, sandwiches, can justify opening a business. But just like other enterprises, getting started in this field calls for having some fundamental information and expertise.

One only needs to look to Subway to realize the potential of a sandwich franchise. The convenience that comes from grabbing a satisfying, healthy snack while on the go is highly valued by consumers, therefore investing in this sector of the food industry might be quite rewarding.

QSR is still a significant part of the restaurant sector and has innovated successfully despite challenging economic conditions. As provided on penn-station, according to Zippia, sub and sandwich franchisees accounted for 12% of the fast food business in the United States in 2022. And IBISWorld estimates that its market is worth $23 billion. Sandwiches are the ideal food for this requirement, delicious food that can be delivered to consumers quickly and efficiently is always in great demand.

5 Advantages of building and running a Sandwich Franchises

Here are seven reasons why you should seriously consider becoming a sandwich franchise investor:

  1. High demand will be to your advantage.

You will probably never run out of things to do because sandwiches are a cornerstone of the British diet. As more consumers place a higher value on fresh products and nutritious meal options, this industry has done well over the years and is likely to keep prospering. By following market trends to satisfy changing consumer demand, sandwich shops can increase their chances of being profitable.

2.Sandwich franchises provide comfort.

One of the most practical lunch options is the simple sandwich, which you can purchase quickly and eat with your hands while still looking clean and decent. Sandwiches are a quick, easy, and healthy option whether you are touring, running errands, or rushing back to work after lunch.

3.There are countless alternatives.

To keep things fresh, sandwich franchise retailers create a growing number of unique filling combinations. There are a wide variety of sandwiches to make and sell, ranging from traditional flavors like ham and cheese to unusual tastes like curries and fashionable options like avocado. Additionally, you can make more money by selling snacks in addition to sandwiches. Any profitable business also offers snacks like chips, cookies, and soft drinks.

4.No need for a large kitchen.

Setting up a food franchise can be expensive, especially if you have to rent or renovate a restaurant with a big kitchen. You won’t have to make an investment in a store with a ton of high-tech equipment because sandwiches can be made rather easily. Operating from a small location allows you to save expenses and get to the break-even point sooner.

5.You can provide services to numerous groups.

You run the risk of failing to draw in a substantial number of customers if you open a restaurant that specializes in a particular cuisine. You may provide service to the majority of the population as a sandwich business proprietor. You can satisfy everyone by providing a wide range of items, including health-conscious customers, vegetarians, and vegans, as well as those looking for a hangover cure that’s filled with delicious extras.

Top 5 Sandwich Franchises in 2023

Because they are unsure of which strategy would be best for their needs, the majority of people struggle in this area. Additionally, this choice has a significant financial impact. But the abundance of advantages that come with the sandwich franchise model is one thing you cannot dispute. Due to the fact that you are integrating into an established, profitable sandwich franchise business model with a track record of success, you don’t need to be concerned about the future.

Because the brand is already well-known, you need not perform any promotion or advertising as well. Additionally, getting a company loan is simple. Your existing business expertise is irrelevant because you will receive complete support from the chosen brand. Additionally, due to their long-standing ties with area suppliers. The top 5 Sandwich franchises include:

  1. Subway

Despite having the most sandwich franchises overall, Subway comes in third in terms of sales, with the business still being held privately.

Fred DeLuca founded the business to pay for his medical school tuition, but he ultimately stuck with his extremely successful sub concept.

The company was established in 1965 and has been franchising since 1974. In 2016, there were a record-high 44,830 locations. Although the number of Subway outlets in the US has dropped to 21,147 by the end of 2021 from its peak of 27,169 in 2016, the chain is still the largest in the nation.


Arby’s failed to get behind the alleged national plant-based meat trend. In fact, it made fun of the concept by inventing a marrot, a meat-based vegetable that is a turkey that resembles a carrot.

In recent years, they have made a comeback under the guidance of CEO Rob Lynch and his incredibly effective campaign. Jim Taylor, the chain’s chief marketing officer, has been elevated to the post of CEO in order to maintain the chain’s recent success. The company was established in 1964 and has been franchising since 1965. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of locations decreased, but since then it has increased to 3,561.

3.Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has received a lot of media attention as the chain established its delivery zone by holding a sweepstakes event in which the winner would get a free house in five minutes at one of its restaurants.

The business, which has been there since the early 1980s, operates somewhat differently, offering just one cheese (provolone) and no hot sandwiches baked in an oven. However, JJ’s delivers—a rarity among sandwich chains—and does it incredibly quickly. The company was established in 1983 and has been franchising since 1993. It now has 2,657 locations, down from an earlier record of 2,818 in 2019.

4.Jersey Mike’s Subs

A lot of media coverage is being given to Jersey Mike’s Subs, and for all the right reasons. They are running a ton of fantastic, innovative promos after sorting through the never-ending stream of tales about new locations opening everywhere.

You can order any sub on the menu Mike’s Way, which includes onions, spices, lettuce, tomatoes, and Juice. There are 28 hot and cold subs on the menu, as well as five specialty wraps. The company was established in 1956 and has been franchising since 1987. Over the last ten years, the number of outlets has shot up from 584 in 2012 to the present total of 2,253.

5.Firehouse Subs Franchise 

Firehouse Subs, established in 1994 and has been franchising since 1995, is well known for its nationwide contributions to local fire departments as well as other first responders. Every purchase made by the business contributes a percentage to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which helps local first responders. The charity has donated more than $44 million to help local heroes with equipment, training, and support.

The chain’s restaurants have a firefighting theme on the menu with hot and cold sub-names and in-store décor featuring artwork, firefighting equipment, memorabilia, etc. The restaurants were founded by former firefighter brothers Robin and Chris Sorensen in Jacksonville, Florida.

Other Sandwich franchises options


  1. Wendy’s Franchise
  2. Charleys Philly Steaks Franchise 
  3.  Jason’s Deli Franchise
  4. McAlister’s Deli Franchise
  5. Savvy Sliders Franchise

Conclusion: Should You buy the sandwich Franchises for sale?

Demand for quick and accessible snacks will continue to rise as people lead busier lives, but one of the fastest-growing segments of the sector is nutritious food. According to experts, the market for healthy snacks is highly lucrative, and many food-to-go establishments are changing to keep up with the demand. Sandwich franchises can profit from changing consumer behavior by continuously monitoring the sandwich market and changing their product.

Due to the fact that you are integrating into an established, profitable business model with a track record of success, you don’t need to be concerned about the future of your sandwich franchise. As the brand is already well-known, you are not required to perform any promotion. Additionally, getting a company loan is simple. Your existing business expertise is irrelevant because you will receive complete support from the chosen brand. Due to their longstanding contact with local suppliers, you can also save considerable money on equipment and goods.

Comparing beginning a sandwich franchise to starting your own sandwich business, the former can prove to be quite profitable. You will not get this support from an independent company. Everything must be constructed from the ground up, which can delay the delivery of beneficial outcomes. Then, it will involve more trial and error, which means that your savings may be in jeopardy.

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