Nowadays, savvy businesspeople have far easier access to franchising than they did 15 or 20 years ago. This is largely because potential franchisees may find more information online about franchise opportunities. The capacity to conduct research online, however, has advantages and disadvantages. You can learn about different franchise businesses and their start-up costs using a marketing tool called the franchise portal. 

It’s important for you, the franchisor, to understand the crucial role franchise portals play as their popularity soars and to decide whether investing your budget in one is the best course of action for your brand. 

What is a Franchise Portal? 

Dedicated to giving franchisors leads for potential franchisees, franchise portals are perfect when it comes to for-profit businesses. Web portals are another name for franchise portals, which are notable for their non-exclusive business models.

A franchising portal may initially appear to be a quick and simple way to spread the word about your business and gather leads from potential investors. Franchise portals have a proven track record of generating lots of leads. Particularly when you compare the price of franchise portals with the cost of other lead generation sources, they produce this contact data for a rather reasonable cost. 

However, you must keep in mind that you must spend time and money to assess whether the leads you obtain from franchise portals are qualified before acting on them. The lead needs to be nurtured via the funnel until prepared to move forward with a purchase. Franchise portals can produce large volumes of leads, but you can discover that these tend to be of low quality and are more top-of-funnel than conversion-oriented. In reality, most of the leads you get from franchise portals cast a wide net and are directed to several other brands as well, possibly even your rivals. 

Franchise portals are a powerful tool, but a person must be aware of a few serious drawbacks before spending their hard-earned money on promoting these businesses.

What can you expect from a Franchise Lead Generation Portals? 

There are a few things you should be aware of before you jump in and start purchasing leads from the franchise portal

  • Depending on the source, each lead can cost anywhere from $28 to $100.(franchise deck leads cost is $5 to $50) Contact us 
  • Leads are often resold anywhere between 5 and 15 times because franchise websites frequently feature checkboxes promoting other franchisors along with your business.
  • To sell a franchise, between 50 and 200 leads are required.
  • Google Ads, Mobile Apps, Facebook Ads, and SEO,  are some of the sources of traffic for franchise portals.

The price of a single franchise lead is quite affordable. Additionally, franchise portals sell hundreds of franchises each year. So they, without a shadow of any doubt, do function effectively. 

How to find the right Franchise Lead Generation Portals? 

Once you’ve arrdecided use a franchise marketing portal, you must determine which is the best one for your company’s requirements. 

In your quest for the ideal franchise portal, ensure that you consider those that provide the following: 

  • Fully customizable capabilities 
  • A simple-to-utilize platform 
  • Tools and capabilities that increase efficiency 
  • A system that makes monitoring assets and user access simple 
  • A single, simple-to-use Internet platform 
  • Scaling for your expanding franchise 
  • Many different products and solutions can be combined with quick turnarounds and choices for inventory storage at affordable costs 
  • A customer service group with experience using the franchise portal for your particular brand

Benefits of a Franchise Portal

  • Better support for franchises 

Sending contact details to franchise guidelines for the brand and the corporate marketing teams to a new franchisee is insufficient. It is redundant to send them marketing material templates and graphic files. Franchises run the risk of uneven branding and a franchisee who is overburdened when they help their franchisees in this manner.

When a franchisee uses a marketing portal, all they have to do is log in, and they get access to all the branded materials you

  • Protected brand through brand consistency 

Only those who have been granted access to franchise marketing portals can cancel orders. The only materials that franchisees can order are design templates and materials that have been pre-approved by corporate and are in line with brand guidelines. As a result, whether in California or New York, all franchise owners have access to the same materials, resulting in uniform branding and a protected brand across your whole franchise.

Franchise locations may customize location-specific details regarding design templates making use of a specially created online design tool, but the overall logo and appearance will not change.

  • Increased efficiency 

Franchises that use a marketing portal witnessed increased productivity. This is due because formerly took them a long time, only takes them a few seconds. Franchisees can easily receive brand-compliant marketing materials by logging onto the Franchise Marketing Portal, selecting a product, making any necessary adjustments such as changing the names on business cards or the addresses on postcards, and then placing the order. They only need to browse their employment history to quickly place a reorder for orders they place frequently.

  • A reduction in waste

Print-on-demand experiences are available on several franchise marketing portals. Because large orders may not be used, causing franchisees to waste money, they can now place lesser quantity orders as needed.

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere 

The ability to access marketing portals and place orders around the clock means that franchise owners can place orders whenever it is most convenient for them, regardless of where they are located or how they allocate their time.

Additionally, franchisees can place orders wherever they are using Marketing Portals’ single online interface, and corporations can effortlessly maintain track of orders and billing to better assist their franchisees without getting in touch with them.

Franchise Portal

Drawbacks of a Franchise Portal

Franchise portal leads have an incredibly poor rate of conversion. The majority of visitors on a franchise portal are not yet prepared to invest in a certain brand, which explains the poor conversion rate. Franchise portals also specialize in producing a large volume of leads, but they might not be concerned with the quality of those leads.

The majority of potential franchisees who use franchise portals are still in the research and discovery stage of their investment process. In many situations, visitors to franchise portals are only beginning to think about the possibility of owning a franchise. They might click on other brands from different industries, and they might even ask ten or fifteen different brands for further information. Since many other franchisors will also receive their information, your chances of obtaining and converting this lead are greatly reduced.

Many of these leads include information for potential franchisees who have not yet decided on an industry for their upcoming business. Users of franchise portals are frequently not prepared to talk further with brand representatives since they have just started to comprehend what they need to invest in a franchise.

Franchise Deck will give you decided leads that approached your brand for $5 to $50.

Top and Best Franchise Lead Generation Portals 

A relationship with a franchise portal could at first glance appear like a reasonable exchange. You can pay a reasonable charge and have access to hundreds of leads of potential franchisees in return. You should be cognizant of certain key limitations though, as they may cause you to reconsider including franchise portals in your franchise marketing plan. 

The top franchise portals you can consider investing in are

A franchise portal called the Entrepreneur which you might not even consider to be a gateway is possibly the most well-known franchise portal available.  Probably the most well-known aspect of Entrepreneur is its magazine.  

To franchisors, however, they also sell leads.  On a CPL basis, they often cost roughly 2-3 times as much as other franchise portals.  However, the website listing that they make for you alone has such a strong tendency to rank that it can act both as a reliable source of high-quality leads and as a sort of social proof that provides franchise authority in the market.

2. Franchise Gator

Franchise Gator continues to be the industry standard for franchise lead portals, whether you love them or hate them, especially if you are a franchise broker.  Franchise Gator will supply you with the most leads overall while will provide you with the top-quality leads in the industry.


Excellent feedback is received from franchisors via BizBuySell. BizBuySell is not what some consider to be a normal franchise gateway since it most definitely is not.  It is a location where those looking to buy, sell, or find any kind of business may do so.

4. Franchise Direct 

Franchise Gator’s main rival among franchise portals is Franchise Direct.  The leads are most likely of somewhat higher quality than those from Franchise Gator, and the franchisors tend to make use of them frequently for an extended peperiodith less attrition than they do with Franchise Gator.

5. Franchise Business Review

The fact that Franchise Business Review truly takes the time to put themselves in the position of the website user and assess the companies listed on their site is what impresses potential franchisees the most about them. 

6. Franchise Deck

Franchise Deck has a lean lead-generation model based on leads, charging $5 to $50.Marketing model

Cost per lead from $5 to $20 dedicated inquiry on your review page.

Banner Ads and leads go directly to your landing page.

It costs $20 Per 1000 page views, which is 20 cents per page view. You can expect 1 to 5 leads per 1000 views, making it 150 to 250 leads every month.

This will cost you $600 to $1000 for 150 to 250 leads decided for your franchise opportunity.

Your lead cost is $4 to $20 approximately.

Franchise Digital Marketing Solutions by Franchise Deck includes

1. Content Marketing and SEO 

2. Performace Advertising 

3. Franchise Social Media marketing and management


Conclusion: How do rate Franchise Deck as an info portal or blog?

Franchises can swiftly and easily receive the brand-compliant materials and resources they require to successfully reflect the overall franchise’s brand and convey their message by centralizing all branded assets and expediting orders.

Franchisees can even quickly alter certain design elements within Marketing Portals, such as contact information on business cards, website addresses on postcards, graphics on brochures, or addresses on signage, all without ever jeopardizing brand compliance.

To learn more about franchise reviews, you can consider visiting Franchise Deck; we have a considerable amount of experience as a franchisee, franchisor, and franchise consultant, and will make sure not to leave any stone unturned in our quest to provide our customers with efficient results. 

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