Bowling, an age-old game cherished by millions worldwide, has stood the test of time, becoming an enduring form of entertainment. The allure of the bowling alley has never waned, appealing to people of all ages, from casual gatherings to competitive leagues. However, beyond its popularity as a favorite pastime, owning a bowling alley franchise presents a unique and exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to invest in an industry that caters to a diverse audience.

Bowling alleys have developed into multifaceted entertainment facilities, offering an array of points of interest that expands to audience far past the lanes. Modern bowling alley franchises have embraced innovation, incorporating functions like arcade video games, laser tag, and even trampoline parks, remodeling their venues into immersive leisure hubs. These dynamic spaces have turned out to be magnets for social gatherings, family outings, and corporate occasions, charming buyers with an exciting combination of video games, scrumptious dining options, and an electric atmosphere.

The average bowling alley franchise generates between $1 million and $5 million in annual sales. The bowling industry is anticipated to grow by 2% annually over the subsequent 5 years. The most popular bowling alley franchises are AMF Bowling Worldwide, Bowlmor Lanes, and Bowlero.


More about the Bowling Industry

The bowling enterprise within the United States boasts an amazing financial impact, presently worth an outstanding $10 billion. With over 60,000 bowling facilities unfolding throughout the state, this activity has firmly hooked up itself as a favorite entertainment pastime for people of all ages. Annually, these bowling facilities appeal to over 1 billion visits, a testimony to the long-lasting recognition and appeal of the sport.

The persisted boom and success of the bowling industry can be attributed to numerous key elements. Above all, the universal charm of bowling spans across generations and demographics, rendering it an inclusive and accessible form of entertainment for families, friends, and colleagues. The sport’s adaptability to cater to different skill levels, from casual bowlers to devoted enthusiasts, guarantees its broad appeal among various segments of the population.

10 Best Bowling Alley Franchises

Bowling is a tremendous pastime for people of every age, and it could be a lot more amusing to own a bowling alley franchise. If you are considering starting a bowling franchise, here are 10 of the exceptional bowling alley franchises to keep in mind:

1. AMF Bowling Worldwide

AMF Bowling Worldwide is one of the most well-known bowling alley franchises within the globe. They have over 600 locations inside the United States and Canada, and they offer a number of services, including arcade games, laser tag, and food and beverage providers.

2. Bowlmor Lanes

Bowlmor Lanes is a more modern bowling alley franchise that is recognised for its excessive-cease centers and unique atmosphere. Their locations feature modern-day bowling lanes, a whole lot of eating options, and a bar.

3. Bowlero

Bowlero is a popular bowling alley franchise that offers a whole lot of amenities, including arcade video games, laser tag, and a complete bar. They also have a number of locations that function VIP bowling studies.

4. Main Event Entertainment

Main Event Entertainment also offers lots of different amusement alternatives, together with arcade video games, laser tag, and ropes guides. They have over 30 locations in the United States, and they’re known for their family-pleasing environment.

5. Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park is a bowling alley franchise that also features a trampoline park. This makes it a notable alternative for households with children who’re seeking out an amusing and energetic location to spend an afternoon.

6. GlowZone

GlowZone is a bowling alley franchise that functions as blacklight bowling. This makes for a completely unique and thrilling bowling experience, and it’s far in particular famous with more youthful bowlers.

7. Spare Time Entertainment

Spare Time Entertainment is a bowling alley franchise that also gives quite a few different leisure alternatives, which include arcade games, laser tag, and a full-provider bar. They have over 60 locations in the United States, and they are known for low fees.

8. Bowlero Star Lanes

Bowlero Star Lanes is a bowling alley franchise that functions bowling lanes and a whole lot of dining options. They additionally have a number of places that function VIP bowling reviews.

9. Bowlmor Lanes Luxe

Bowler Lanes Luxe functions with high-stop facilities and a costly environment. Their locations feature current bowling lanes, numerous dining options, and a complete-carrier bar.

10. Bowlmor Lanes Social

Bowler Lanes Social is a bowling alley franchise that functions in an informal and comfortable atmosphere. Their places function modern-day bowling lanes, numerous eating alternatives, and a complete-provider bar.

Factors to consider while investing in a Bowling Alley franchise

  • The Size of Your Investment

The length of your funding will depend upon the scale of the franchise you select. Smaller franchises would require a smaller funding, whilst large franchises would require a bigger investment.

  • The Type of Amenities You Want to Offer

As the industry developed, bowling franchises wanted to provide a large range of facilities, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable experience for his or her buyers. These facilities not only appeal to a larger and greater numerous target audience, but also enhance customer satisfaction and foster repeat visits. The desire of facilities to provide is prompted through the marketplace of the bowling alley and the budget for expansion and upgrades.

Let’s explore a number of the popular facilities that bowling alleys can incorporate


  1. Arcade Games: Arcade games have turned out to be a staple in current bowling centers. From conventional pinball machines to current virtual truth games, arcades offer a fun and interactive diversion for both kids and adults alike. Investing in a diverse choice of arcade video games can cater to an extensive range of gaming choices, from casual players to avid gamers.
  2. Laser Tag: Laser tag is an adrenaline-pumping, crew-based hobby that appeals to young adults and teens. Incorporating an interesting laser tag arena inside the bowling alley premises can entice a more adventurous and competitive crowd.
  3. Food and Beverage Service: A nicely-prepared kitchen and a diverse menu of scrumptious services are essential for providing shoppers with a complete enjoyment. From mouthwatering snacks and finger foods to full-provider eating, a nicely-curated menu can hold clients satisfied, making sure they live longer and return tomorrow.
  4. Trampoline Parks: For bowling centers seeking to increase their services similarly, incorporating a trampoline park can be a game-changer. Trampoline parks provide an active and tasty experience, making the venue even extra appealing to households with kids and thrill-seekers.
  5. VIP Bowling Experiences: To cater to a greater discerning target audience, supplying VIP bowling experiences can be a rewarding choice. VIP lanes with upscale furnishings, private celebration rooms, and dedicated concierge service can increase the overall enjoyment for purchasers in search of exclusivity.
  6. Billiards and Ping-Pong: Supplementing the bowling revel in with billiards and ping-pong tables can add a social and competitive detail to the venue. These classic table video games enchant an extensive range of players and may foster pleasant interactions amongst customers.
  7. Party and Event Spaces: To tap into the lucrative market of personal events and celebrations, providing properly-equipped birthday party and occasions is critical. These regions may be reserved for birthdays, corporate gatherings, and unique occasions, imparting customizable applications to match the precise wishes of each group.
  8. Virtual Reality Experiences: As generation advances, incorporating virtual fact (VR) experiences can offer an interesting and immersive measurement to the entertainment services. VR gaming booths and stories can appeal to tech-savvy consumers in search of cutting-edge enjoyment.


  • The Target Market You’re Trying to Reach

Bowling alleys can target a number of demographics, which include families, adults, and teenagers. The target marketplace you pick out will have an effect on the kind of amenities you offer and the region of your franchise.

  • The Location of the Franchise

The location of your franchise is essential. You’ll want to select a region that is in an excessive-visitors vicinity with loads of capability customers.

  • The Support Offered by means of the Franchisor

The franchisor will provide you with guidance, including training, advertising substances, and ongoing assistance. The stage of help offered through the franchisor will vary depending on the franchise.

Here are some additional factors to recollect while selecting a bowling alley franchise:

  • The place of the franchise: You’ll want to pick an area that is in an excessive-site visitors vicinity with numerous potential customers.
  • The length of the franchise: The length of the franchise will decide the quantity of funding you will need to make.
  • The amenities presented by the franchise: You’ll want to choose a franchise that offers the services that your target market is seeking out.
  • The support offered by using the franchisor: You’ll need to pick a franchisor that gives strong assistance and training to help you be successful.

Tips for Choosing a Bowling Alley Franchise

  • Do your studies: Learn as a great deal as you could about the bowling enterprise and the exceptional bowling alley franchises.
  • Talk to other franchisees: Get their remarks on the franchise they personally own.
  • Visit extraordinary franchises: See firsthand what each franchise has to provide.
  • Make certain the franchise is a superb fit for you: Consider your target marketplace, your price range, and your location.

Conclusion: Will You Buy Bowling Alley franchise for sale ?

When choosing a bowling alley franchise, there are a few factors you’ll want to not forget, along with the dimensions of your investment, the kind of amenities you need to offer, and the target marketplace you’re trying to attain.

If you are looking for a franchise with a verified status in the market, AMF Bowling Worldwide or Bowlmor Lanes are true options. If you are searching out a franchise with an extra informal setting, Spare Time Entertainment or Bowlmor Lanes Social might be better.

Regardless of the franchise you choose, owning a bowling alley can be a lucrative and enjoyable venture. If you’re seeking a franchise opportunity in the entertainment industry, consider one of these top 10 bowling alley franchises. Bowling alley franchises offer an excellent combination of profitability and enjoyment. If you’re contemplating owning one, make sure to conduct thorough research and select the right franchise that suits your needs.

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