Every business owner’s first inclination is to look for methods to get the most profit possible out of every situation. When business owners limit themselves from employing a reputable junk removal company because they believe it will be an unnecessary investment, this idea goes gone too far. Americans produce 4.51 pounds of trash per person each day, according to EPA.gov. You can understand the possibility of business owners considering junk removal franchises given all this waste. The waste management sector has a global market worth $1 trillion each year, according to research from Global Markets Insights. By 2023, ResearchandMarkets.com forecasts a market worth $80.7 billion in the United States alone. Know more about Junk Removal Franchise

Benefits of investing in a franchise for Junk Removal disposal

Because of the numerous ways it helps you, hiring office junk removal services can end up being pretty cost-effective. Here is an overview of factors that ought to persuade you to think about choosing an expert rubbish removal company for your business’s needs.

  1. Time-Saving

The convenience you might get from using a professional junk removal company is the most compelling reason you should do so as a business owner. If you’ve been assigning chores to your staff members for rubbish removal and office furniture disposal, you’re essentially exchanging productive hours for something that can be done for a lot less money. The entire process of junk removal will be handled by a professional junk removal company, so neither you nor your staff will need to bother about clearing out, loading, or disposing of the rubbish.

2.Safety and Health

The injuries associated with handling your own trash are the worst part. It won’t be unusual for you to consider a claim that one of your employees has suffered from back discomfort, cuts, or abrasions as a result of handling waste materials. By making investments in commercial rubbish removal franchises, you can trust experts to properly remove your junk. To prevent any injuries, they are properly equipped and trained. This guarantees the lowest possible risk of injuries in your workplace and a better, safer working environment for your staff.

3.Saves money in a long term

The main reason why most business owners hesitate to use a reputable junk removal company is because they worry about incurring more costs. There is no question that hiring a professional junk removal business will cost you a bit, but compared to the other expenses that are hindering your productivity, it is a far more affordable option.

4.Reliable and effective

When you manage to gather and remove all the junk outdoors to put into the truck, the process of junk removal doesn’t just finish there. Your business is greatly influenced by where you dispose of your trash and how you do it. There are numerous things that must be appropriately disposed of at a specified location in accordance with the laws; not all types of junk can be disposed of at a neighborhood dump site.

Top 10 Junk Removal Franchise opportunities available for franchises

  1. 1-800-Got-Junk Franchise

  • Started in- 1989
  • Franchising since- 1998
  • Initial investment- $209,800
  • Franchise fee- $128,000

Everyone has junk, but they struggle to get rid of it. Just take a quick glance at the classified advertisements for “man with truck” in your neighborhood paper. This demonstrates how the garbage removal market is a fragmented one in need of a reliable national brand, which is where 1-800-GOT-garbage? comes in.

2.Smash My Trash 

  • Started in- 2017
  • Franchising since- 2018
  • Initial investment- $200,250
  • Franchise fee- $30,000

By breaking down the waste with a powerful machine, the aim is to minimize the amount of trash hauls by 80% on average.  In order to meet the changing needs of its customers, Smash My Trash has expanded both its staff and fleet of vehicles throughout the years.

3.Hippo Junk Removal 

  • Hippo Junk Franchise Cost – $40,000
  • Franchise fee- $35,000

Residential and business customers can rid of their trash and junk in an easy, cost-effective way with the help of Hippo Junk Hauling Equipment Rental and Removal Service.

4.Junk King 

  • Started in- 2005
  • Franchising since- 2009
  • Initial investment- $79,700

With firm operations demonstrating six years of sustained growth, Junk King is considered to be a white-collar business management franchise opportunity in the rubbish collection & recycling sector. The waste removal and recycling sector is still developing and has at least ten years of growth ahead of it.

5.JDog Junk Removal

  • Started in- 2011
  • Franchising since- 2012
  • Jdog Junk Removal Franchise Cost- $49,600
  • Franchise fee- $35,000

Are you a veteran or someone who is a member looking for a chance to start your own business? Are you looking for a tested business model that can help you launch your venture fast, affordably, profitably, and with great consumer demand? Then you might be a good fit for operating a JDog Junk Removal franchise. Being a member of the JDog family of war veterans has many benefits, therefore we strongly encourage you to look into this opportunity.

5.VR Junkies

  • Initial investment- $72,360
  • Franchise fee- $20,000
  • Started in- 2016
  • Year Franchising since- 2016

Joshua Hintze and McKay Christensen have devoted many hours to monitoring and fine-tuning the VR Junkies operating paradigm. VR Junkies is pleased to present a brand-new concept in entertainment. In June 2016, the business established its first location in Orem, Utah. Since then, it has added five more locations via initial license agreements. These locations have grown to be the starting point for industry recognition and will serve as initial proof for a program that will expand to franchisees all over the world.

6.Jiffy Junk 

  • Jiffy Junk franchise cost- $65,200
  • Started in- 2014
  • Franchising since- 2017

Long Island, New York’s Suffolk County and Nassau County were the first two counties this junk removal and collection company initially served. Along with furniture, appliances, and building waste, they also remove carpeting and other materials from your property. Then, they carry it away, recycle it, or give the recyclables to charity. They provide you with a spot that has been dusted with a broom.


  • Started in- 2012
  • Franchising since- 2014
  • Initial investment- $102,100
  • Franchise fee- $35,000

A full-service, environmentally friendly waste disposal company, BumbleJunk serves both residential and commercial customers. They are a well-known company with a unique name, a good track record, and service methods that have won awards. Apart from this, they also have a presence in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.

8.The Junkluggers 

  • Started in- 2006
  • Franchising since- 2012
  • Initial investment- $19,905

Are you sick of working all day at a desk while being bound to someone else? Do you wish you could manage your own career? Want to work in a field where you can positively impact your neighborhood and give your family and you a work-life balance? See how investing in a Junkluggers franchise enables franchisees to realize all of these ambitions and more.


  • Initial investment- $75,000

Any customer, business owner, manager of a foreclosed property, and more can use the full-service, comprehensive junk removal company, Junk-It. They remove waste in a responsible manner and take all suitable trash to recycling facilities. When recycling is not an option, Junk-It disposes of the goods in a sustainable manner.

Conclusion: Should You buy Junk franchise for sale?

You may rest easy knowing that your company’s waste is disposed of correctly and frequently. Enjoy the time you spent organizing yourself and the fact that you have one less concern to consider. Buying a junk removal and disposal franchise for sale is best franchises options available currently in United States. By becoming a junk removal service, you can forget about worrying about how to properly dispose of your waste. Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in other categories can look at

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