Franchises for dog grooming provide people with a convenient option to save time and treat their pets. Additionally, they give franchise (Dog Wash Franchise) owners a chance to combine their passion for animals with a lucrative business opportunity. Franchises for dog washing are a part of the pet grooming and boarding sector.  IBISWorld, a market research company, estimated that the pet grooming and boarding market is worth $11.8 billion and will grow 7.5% by 2022.  

About Dog Wash Franchise 

Dog wash franchises do more than just clean dogs; they are not just for the sole purpose of the cleanliness of your furry little ones. Along with their pet’s doctor, pet groomers can assist pet owners in spotting potential health issues that can be lying beneath a pet’s fur or in their ears. The ASPCA warns that “Dogs who are improperly or infrequently groomed can eventually experience severe health problems including skin infections, strangulating hair mats, and restricted and painful movement (caused by dense hair mats and overgrown claws).”

But nowadays, cleaning a dog involves much more than just making sure it’s clean and healthy. As was already mentioned, pet owners today make sure their dogs receive the same level of pampering as themselves. As a result, dog wash and pet grooming franchises that provide a variety of pet pampering services can resemble dog spas. Several of these services possibly consist of the following:  

  • Acupuncture 
  • Deep conditioning 
  • Massage 
  • Non-heat drying cabanas
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Facials 
  • Mud baths 
  • Pawdicures 

Factors to consider while looking for a dog wash franchise

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, there are now 70% more homes in the US with pets than there were five years ago. In 2020, pet owners can expect to spend more than $100 billion on their pets. Of that sum, $8 billion went toward costs for things like dog wash and grooming services offered by dog wash franchises. 

A dog’s quality of life can be greatly impacted by grooming, and a happy dog is one that is properly taken care of. But without the proper equipment, providing that care might be challenging.

A rewarding profession can be started by opening a dog grooming franchise. This sector is not only expanding, but it is also unquestionably here to stay. Pet grooming will always be necessary as long as people have pets. Additionally, you will work with dogs. What can be better than that? Be sure to take into account these five factors when searching for the ideal dog wash franchise: 

  1. Franchise and royalty fees
  2. AUV (Average unit volume)
  3. Financial requirements
  4. Available territories
  5. Infrastructure 

Dog wash franchise

Things to do before starting a dog grooming business

Do you want to launch a dog-grooming company but are uncertain about where to begin? There are many things to think about, yet it is possible. You will need to consider the pet services you want to provide, the setting for your company, hone your management skills, and consider the location; that is only the beginning!

Here are ten things you might need to get done before establishing your own dog wash and grooming franchise. We believe you will definitely agree that such differences make the dog care franchise fee worthwhile.

  1. Discover the certifications you require.
  2. Develop a portfolio to increase trust
  3. Create a strong business plan.
  4. Make sure the atmosphere is secure for dogs
  5. See what breeds of dogs you are capable of handling
  6. Watch out for the competition
  7. Extend the services you provide
  8. Build a website
  9. Install back-office features
  10. Marketing, etc

Best Dog Wash Franchises 

  1. Earthwise Pet 

It was founded in 1977 and started franchising later in 2008. With around 67 franchise units, the company requires an initial investment of $347,000-$530,000 coupled with a franchise fee of $39,500 and royalty fees of 5%. 

Through the best-in-class pet nutrition training, grooming services, and self-wash, they as the top retailer and service provider of pets foster emotional relationships with their clients and their dogs. The company encourages entrepreneurs with expertise, but do not let that deter you from looking into this possibility. All of their franchisees receive thorough training from EarthWise as well as continuous assistance. Customers count on them as efficient authorities. 

With the help of their pet nutrition certification program, their franchise owners assist in educating and directing clients. Customers don’t get this kind of one-on-one assistance while making online purchases or perusing dozens of aisles at a massive big-box pet store.

  1. Pet Evolution 

It was founded in 2012 and started franchising later in 2018. With around 2 franchise units, the company requires an initial investment of $424,500-$598,550 coupled with a franchise fee of $49,000 and royalty fees of 7.5%. 

At Pet Evolution, they take great satisfaction in offering the top nutritional products and cutting-edge services to help all pets live happy, healthy lives. As a pet store franchise owner, you’ll support their objective by extending a warm welcome to pets and their owners and encouraging frequent visits to your store(s). People and their pets stop by Pet Evolution stores to say hello, get their pet’s picture made with Santa, participate in charity events, or might even acquire a new furry family member. 

In order to reassure the owners of the neighborhood dogs that they are providing great care for their pets, your staff will call the dogs by name and offer reliable advice regarding food, products, and services, and you’ll have a great influence in your neighborhood.

  1. Wag n’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming 

It was founded in 1999 and started franchising later in 2006. With around 16 franchise units, the company requires an initial investment of $226,050-$673,850 coupled with a franchise fee of $49,500 and royalty fees of 3-5%. 

A full-line specialty retail location for cats and dogs, Wag N’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming has the purpose to acknowledge, promote, and cultivate the beneficial impact that companion animals and their owners have on one another. Wag N’ Wash offers self-washing facilities, toys, nutritious food, supplements, and freshly baked dog treats. Wag N’ Wash offers clients an easier, messier method to clean their pets, whether they choose a full-service spa day in grooming salons or choose a self-service dog washing facility.

  1. petNmind

It was founded in 2014 and started franchising later in 2020. The company requires an initial investment of $61,200-$294,000 coupled with a franchise fee of $20,000-$35,000 and royalty fees of 3.5-5.5%. 

petNmind is considered to be one of Florida’s largest organic pet supply retailers. PetNmind, founded by Adrian Archie, provides unparalleled advice to pet owners on all matters relating to grooming, pet health, hygiene, nutrition, and pet lifestyle goods for your pet on the go. You have a chance to transform your life. 

You have the opportunity to profit from a market that is rapidly expanding for a small investment. With a modest, manageable format and a fair investment, petNmind’s curated concept enables franchisees to provide customers with a comprehensive line of the best holistic goods and the most practical membership-based pet hygiene services.

  1. K9000 Self-Serve Dog Wash

It was founded in 2005 and started franchising later in 2006. With more than 2000 franchise units, the company requires an initial investment of $30,000. 

In Australia, K9000 Dog Wash launched its design and production business in 2005. Originally designed as a little dog carwash, the K9000 has evolved into a technology-forward vending solution. The K9000 is currently a common option at most carwash locations and is a major contributor to increased traffic for consumers to the location and use of all related services. The K9000 worldwide family is constantly expanding as new business partners and equipment are deployed in a variety of industries. A worldwide representative or staff member for K9000 might be a suitable fit for you if you have high standards and a desire for excellence. 

  1. All Paws Pet Wash

It was founded in 2018 and started franchising later that year. The company requires an initial investment of an amount ranging between $52,900-$96,650. 

The global pet market is growing so quickly that there are more and more opportunities to offer goods and services to consumers, especially those that are practical and present services in a clear, straightforward manner. All Paws Pet Wash has achieved this with a straightforward, practical model that provides pet washes alongside vehicle washes and other amenities that customers are currently using. The 2019–2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey estimates that 63.4 million American households have at least one dog. 

All Paws Pet Wash, a mobile self-serve dog wash, is aware of the value dog owners attach to their canine companions and strives to provide for them in the best way possible. In fact, dog owners spent about 72.56 billion dollars on their pets in 2018.


Many dog-loving business owners see the appeal in investing in dog care franchise opportunities. Franchises are not created equal, though. Different franchises excel at helping with particular facets of business ownership. 

Finding a franchise that will help you accomplish the tasks you don’t want to spend your time on is more important than everything else when deciding what you would like to do as a business owner. This is the point at which it is crucial that you go through a thorough assessment process that enables you to match yourself with the best franchise opportunities. And it’s common knowledge that success and fulfillment depend on choosing the proper dog wash franchise to invest in.

alternate franchises to look for

  1. Unishippers Franchise
  2. Self-Serve Dog Wash
  3. QuikTrip Franchise
  4. Maytag Commercial
  5. Noble Locksmith Franchise
  6. Camp Bow Wow Franchise
  7. Mr Jeff Franchise
  8. LaundroLab franchise
  9. Woofie’s Franchise


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