Franchise CRM is the best way to run your business better. If you are running a franchise business, you must be looking for the perfect franchise sales CRM software that helps your business grow by providing a full-fledged solution to improve your business operations. 

With the help of this franchise CRM tool, you can improve your customer support, sales, marketing, finance, and accounting functions quickly.

The Franchise Business Review reports a 15% growth rate for franchise businesses from 2004 to 2013, which translates into many new potential clients for you.

I shall make a list of the best franchise software services for franchises. This list will help you get an edge in managing your sales pipeline, leads, and existing customers.


What is Franchise CRM software?

A franchise crm is a computer system that helps franchisors manage and track their franchisees. The system typically includes:


  • An online management tool.
  • A database of franchisees.
  • A reporting system allows franchisors to monitor franchisee performance and track key performance indicators.

It is one of the essential aspects of franchise management and sales, especially for multi-unit franchisors who have to monitor their franchisees regularly. 

How Can Franchise CRM Help In Franchise Management 

The Franchise CRM system can help owners make decisions based on data analysis rather than instinct. 



A Franchise CRM (customer relations management) can help franchisors manage a variety of tasks, including:

  • Tracking franchisee activity, including sales data, customer feedback, and financial data
  • Managing franchisee training and development programs
  • Tracking franchisee compliance with franchise agreements and franchise manual policies
  • Generating reports on franchisee performance
  • Managing franchisor-master franchisee-franchisee relationships
  • Sales commission tracking
  • Preparing and sending monthly invoices
  • Reminders to the franchisee for marketing-related commitments
  • Reminders for upcoming royalties and fees due
  • Audit preparation can take many forms.



Types of Franchise Software

One of the most popular franchise software options is the franchisor management system. This type of software allows businesses to keep track of their franchisor and franchisees and track business performance.

Another popular option is the franchise CRM. This software allows businesses to manage their franchisors, franchisees, and customers and track business performance.

There are many types of franchise software, but the most common software helps owners manage their franchises. These franchise tools and software allow franchisees to operate their businesses and software to enable franchisors to monitor their franchises.


Types of Franchising Software

1. Franchise Management Software

2. Franchise POS

3. Franchise Accounting Software

4. Franchise CRM Software

5. Franchising Sales Software

6. Franchise Marketing Software and Platform

7. Franchise Support Software

8. HR CRM Software Systems



Best Franchise Software

There are many benefits to franchising, including scaling a business quickly, reducing risk, and attracting new customers.

This rapid growth can help a franchised business overcome some initial startup costs and establish a solid foundation to grow. The franchise software is the backbone of the franchise system and a communication medium between the franchisor and franchisee.

Various franchise software options are available, including 

  1. Franchise marketing software that helps businesses find franchisees, 

2. Franchise management software that helps companies manage their franchising process, and 

3. Franchise management system that allows companies to track their franchising expenses.

It’s important to consider what type of franchise softwares will be best for your business needs.


List of Franchise Sales CRM Software companies

There are several franchise sales crm software companies available on the market today. Choosing the right software company to help your business grow and succeed can be difficult. 

Ten most effective and popular franchise sales crm software companies


Salesforce is the most popular franchise sales CRM software company in the world. Clients are several large businesses, including Boeing, Mcdonald’s, and Coca-Cola. 

Salesforce offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation.


Salesforce CRM Types Pricing
Essential $ 25 per user per month
Professional $ 75 per user per month
Enterprise $ 150 per user per month
Unlimited $ 300 per user per month


2. Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite is a cloud-based franchise sales crm software company. 

Its clients include some large businesses like Starbucks and Ford.


Netsuite offers a wide range of features, including CRM, marketing automation, and accounting software across the industries.

Netsuite has a franchisor add-on module, which facilitates franchisors to view franchise sales in a click by creating franchise subsidiaries.


3. Hubspot:

Hubspot Franchise sales crm software is a powerful tool to help your business grow and succeed.

Looking for a tool to help you grow your business, Hubspot Franchise sales crm software is the perfect solution. It is easy to use and easy to learn, so you will be able to manage your sales and marketing efforts quickly and easily.

Hubspot Features and Pricing



4. FranchiseSoft Customer Management Software

FranchiseSoft Software is a powerful tool that helps franchisees manage their customer relationships and interactions. It includes customer tracking, contact management, and communication tools. 

This franchise management software can help franchisees track customer engagement and identify areas where they need to improve their customer service. It can also help franchisees identify and address customer complaints quickly and effectively. 

FranchiseSoft CRM Software can help franchisees build a solid customer base and improve their business overall.



FranchiseSoft ranked first in the last three years(2019,2020, and 2020) by Entrepreneur magazine. I would recommend Franchisesoft, as they are a few franchise-specific solutions in the list of franchise crm services.

Pricing customized as per the client’s needs.

5. FranConnect Franchise software solutions

FranConnect is a cloud franchise management system, having 360 solutions for all needs of franchisors and franchisees.

Suitable for all sizes of the franchise business.FranConnect is one of few franchise-specific crm solutions available in the market.



1. Franchise Onboarding and training

2. Financial data management

3. Invoicing, Sales, and franchisee operations

4. Franchisee Performance Tracking

5, Marketing management

6. CRM functionality 

7. Franchise insights

Pricing customized as per the client’s size and requirements.


6. Zoho Franchise CRM Software 

Zoho CRM offers 360 solutions for franchisors to manage and increase their business and expand their franchise brand.

Zoho Franchise CRM is a cloud-based software that helps franchise owners manage their businesses from a single platform. 



The software offers a wide range of features to help franchise owners manage their business, including:

– Salesforce-integrated customer management

– Automated tracking of sales leads and sales progress

– System for assigning and tracking tasks and responsibilities

– Online reporting and analytics

Zoho Franchise CRM is one of the most user-friendly franchise management.


ZOHO CRM Types Pricing
Standard $ 10-18 per user per month
Professional $ 20-30 per user per month
Enterprise $ 25- 40 per user per month
Ultimate $ 30-45 per user per month


7. CollaborateCloud

CollaborateCloud is another popular franchise CRM solution for multi-unit franchisors and their suppliers.


  1. Track assets, issues, inventory, and performance across all your locations.
  2. Ensure compliance through online training, knowledge sharing, and audits.
  3. Stay on top with rapid communication.
  4. Manage franchise stores with the Single Collaborate Cloud tool.

The pricing of Collaborate Cloud starts at $ 25 per month, and they have free trials.

8. Franchise 360 – Greyridge Solutions 

Franchise 360 by Greyridge solutions is web-based franchise management software that can manage franchise lead generation, invoicing/pos, CRM, and others.


Broad Features:

  • Document management
  • Invoicing
  • Various Job Processing
  • Can handle any number of franchisees
  • Free email and phone support to paid users
  • Relevant data shown to the franchisor and franchisee
  • Franchise prospect source and stage tracking till signup

Pricing of Franchise 360 franchise CRM starts from $ 30 per user per month.


9. SeoToaster Ultimate Franchise CRM 

If you are looking for effective CRM software for your business, you should check out SeoToaster Ultimate CRM. 

This software designed to help you manage your marketing campaigns, customer relationships, and sales processes. Plus, it is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs.

SeoToaster also has a Franchise Management and Operating System(FMOS). Used by franchisors to access franchise leads, digital marketing campaigns, and landing pages.



  • Franchise Sales Funnel
  • Email Calender with Microsoft and Gmail
  • Marketing Automation
  • Call Tracking and Monitoring
  • Social Media Scheduling 
  • Integrated Content Management System
  • Mobile and Desktop CRM Application
  • SeoSamba Social Marketing 

Pricing starts at $ 49 per month for SeoToaster Ultimate Franchise CRM. Available in cloud and on-location edition. The cloud edition has enhanced features like landing pages to website hosting on Amazon servers.


10. Brandwide Franchise CRM

Brandwise Franchise CRM is one of your franchise expansion’s best business solution services.



  • Capture Leads from Social Media
  • Cloud Computing
  • CRM
  • CRM & Sales Dashboards
  • CRM & Sales Reports
  • CRM Analytics
  • Email Integration
  • Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Email Templates
  • Invoicing
  • Franchise Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation

The CRM software services include white-labelled CRM, a Marketing platform, and fully managed marketing solutions for franchisees. This franchise management software service can rebrand and delivered with the franchisor’s brand name to franchisees.

Pricing varies from $ 30- $ 40 per month.


What is franchise management software open source?

Open-source software made available to the public so that anyone can inspect the source code and make changes to it. This open-source enables the software to be improved over time by a community of developers.

There are many benefits to using franchise management open-source software. 

1. It is more affordable than proprietary software. 

2. The open source is more secure because it is available to scrutiny by a community of developers. 

3. It is more interoperable because developers can collaboratively work on projects. 

4. This is more sustainable because it can be improved and maintained over time by a community of developers.

Franchise management software open source is used to help manage and monitor a franchise. It can include everything from tracking franchise sales data to managing franchise operations. This type of software can be helpful for both small and large franchises.


Examples of franchise management open source software

1. Zoho creator

2. Cognex




Franchise CRM solutions and tools are essential for any company that selects franchise models for expansion.

These CRM softwares can help franchise management by providing a centralized system for tracking franchise data. This franchise system can help franchisors keep track of important information such as sales, profits, and customer feedback. 


Benefits of Franchise CRM Software

  • Improved sales performance – With crm software, franchisees can track their sales data and make better business decisions. This franchise crm can help them increase sales and profits.
  • Improved customer relationships – With franchise crm software, franchisees can keep track of their customers’ data and relationships. This crm can help them even better.
  • Improved franchisor-franchisee relationships – With crm software, franchisors can quickly provide franchise support and ensure SOPs follow franchise manuals.


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    Franchise CRM is a great tool for managing customer relationships and increasing engagement. Franchise CRM makes it easier to track customer interactions, identify areas of improvement, and create targeted campaigns.
    Franchise CRM allows franchisees to create surveys and gather customer feedback to better understand their needs. Franchise CRM helps franchisees manage customer data, communicate with customers, and increase customer loyalty. Franchise CRM is an effective way to promote loyalty programs and reward customers for their loyalty.

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    Franchise CRM can help franchisees to identify and segment customers based on their behavior and preferences. Franchise CRM makes it easier to send automated emails, text messages, and other forms of communication to customers.
    Franchise CRM makes it easy to track customer data and analyze performance metrics to improve customer service.
    Franchise CRM helps franchisees to keep in touch with customers through social media and other digital channels. Franchise CRM helps to create personalized, targeted campaigns that can reach more customers and increase sales.

  7. Steve March 20, 2023 at 6:12 am - Reply

    Franchise CRM provides insights into customer behavior, allowing franchisees to better understand their customers.
    Franchise CRM helps franchisees to respond quickly to customer inquiries and complaints, improving customer service and satisfaction. Franchise CRM helps to create loyalty programs that reward customers for their loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Franchise CRM helps franchisees to track customer data and analyze customer trends to improve marketing efforts. Franchise CRM is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

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