Approximately 792,000 franchise businesses are predicted to exist in the US in 2022, producing an estimated 827 billion USD in economic production and employing close to 8.5 million people. Handling these franchises is a difficult task for an individual. Therefore, to make life easy franchise management software is used by franchises. A franchise management system is a piece of the process that aids in managing and streamlining the operations of franchise enterprises. It often includes tools for handling communication between the franchise headquarters and individual franchise sites, recording and analysing sales statistics, and maintaining franchisee information. Inventory management, financial reporting, marketing assistance, and employee schedules are examples of other functions. A franchise compliance software’s purpose is to assist franchisees in operating more effectively and efficiently while also giving the franchise headquarters visibility into each location’s performance.


Franchise Management Software

Why do You need franchise management software?

The franchise management system can help a franchise business in a number of ways. Some key benefits include: Streamlining operations, Improving communication, Enhancing collaboration, Boosting efficiency, and Reducing costs. 

Franchise owners and franchisees can streamline and automate a variety of business procedures with the use of franchise management softwares. Franchisors may track and manage leads as they progress through the sales funnel using franchise compliance software. This includes tools like automated email campaigns, lead-gathering forms, and bespoke pipelines.


Types of Franchise management software?

There are many types of franchise management software available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Some common types of management software include

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software

CRM software helps franchisors and franchisees manage and track customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. This includes features like lead tracking, sales forecasting, and customer segmentation.

  • Project management software

The Project management software helps franchisors and franchisees plan, organize, and track their work. This may include features like task lists, calendars, and resource allocation tools.

  • Document management software

The Document management software helps franchisors and franchisees store, organize, and access important documents and materials, such as contracts, training materials, and marketing collateral.

  • Marketing automation software

The Marketing automation software helps franchisors and franchisees automate and optimize their marketing efforts, including email marketing, social media marketing, and lead nurturing.

  • Business intelligence (BI) and analytics software 

The BI and analytics software helps franchisors and franchisees extract insights and make data-driven decisions through advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Overall, there are many types of franchise management software available to meet the specific needs and goals of a franchise system.

How do I pick the best franchise management software?

When selecting franchise management system, it is important to consider the specific needs and goals of your franchise system. Some key factors to consider include

  • Functionality

What specific features and capabilities do the software offer? Does it meet the needs of your franchise system, including lead tracking, document management, marketing automation, and reporting and analytics?

  • Ease of use

How easy is the software to use? Is it intuitive and user-friendly, or will it require extensive training and onboarding?

  • Scalability

Is the software flexible and scalable enough to support the growth of your franchise system?

  • Integration

Does the software integrate with other tools and systems you use, such as your CRM or accounting software?

  • Cost

 What is the total cost of the software, including any upfront fees, monthly or annual subscriptions, or per-user charges? Is the cost justified by the value it provides to your franchise system?


Pros and Cons of Franchise Management and Compliance Software


Franchise Management Software


  1. Improved efficiency and productivity
  2. Enhanced communication and collaboration
  3. Better data management and analytics
  4.  It can make it easier for franchisors and franchisees to store, organise, and retrieve crucial paperwork including contracts, manuals, and marketing materials. Team chat, video conferencing, and project management tools may help franchise owners and franchisees remain in touch and work together more efficiently. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Greater control and oversight


  1. Initial cost

Franchising management software can be expensive, with upfront fees, monthly or annual subscriptions, or per-user charges.

  1. Ongoing maintenance and updates

Franchising management software requires ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure it is functioning properly and is up to date with the latest features and capabilities. 

  1. Complexity

Some franchising management software can be complex and require extensive training and onboarding to use effectively

  1. Integration challenges

If the franchise compliance software does not integrate seamlessly with other tools and systems that the franchise system uses, it can create additional work and complexity.

  1. Dependency on technology

The franchise management system relies on technology, and if there are technical issues or outages, it can disrupt business operations.

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Franchise Management Software

Which is the best franchise management software to own?

There are many franchise management software options available, and the best one for your franchise system will depend on your specific needs and goals. Examples of different types of franchise management systems have been listed in this blog. 

5 best and top franchise management software according to me which best suits franchisors and franchises to streamline day-to-day operations.

  1. Franchise Marketing 360

Franchise Marketing 360 is a software solution designed for franchise companies to manage and optimize their digital marketing efforts. Franchise Marketing 360 is a cloud-based software that provides franchise companies with tools to manage digital marketing efforts across various channels, such as their website, social media, email, and online advertising.


Franchise Management Software


  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Online advertising
  • Performance tracking


  • $1060.14 for a one-time installation fee 
  • $33.13 per month for head office expenses.
  1. Accumulus 

Accumulus is a financial management software that is designed to help businesses manage their financial operations. It is a cloud-based financial management software that helps businesses automate and streamline their financial operations, including accounting, invoicing, and expense management. 


  • Accounting
  • Invoicing.
  • Expense management 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Multi-currency


  •  Starter Pack $69 / month
  1. NetSuite

Netsuite is a cloud-based franchise business management and compliance software that provides a wide range of features for managing financial, customer, and operational data.

The platform is designed to be an all-in-one solution that allows businesses to manage their entire business operations from a single system.

 It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be customized to suit the specific needs of different industries.


  • Financial management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • E-commerce
  • Supply Chain management
  • Business intelligence


  •   Costs for monthly subscriptions start at $99
  1. FranConnect

FranConnect is a cloud-based software solution designed to help franchise companies manage and optimize their operations. The software is geared towards helping the franchisors to improve and manage their franchisees, and also helps them to stay on top of the industry and regulatory compliance.


  • Franchise sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Franchise field management
  • Operations management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Compliance management
  • IT & Security




  • Starting from $200
  1. FranchiseBlast

FranchiseBlast is a franchise management ssystem that offers a low-cost and low-risk opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the franchising industry. It is focused on providing marketing and advertising services for local businesses, such as website development, search engine optimization, social media management, and online advertising.

FranConnect has bought over Franchise Blast 


  • Low-cost investment
  • Proven business model
  • Training and support
  • Turnkey business
  • Scalability


  • Starting from $20.00/month. 
  1. Keep (formerly Infusionsoft)

Infusionsoft is a franchise lead management and marketing automation system that helps small businesses automate their sales and marketing efforts.



  • Contact and lead management
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • E-commerce
  • Team collaboration
  • Reporting & analytics


  • PRO at  $129.00 per month
  • MAX at $199.0 per month 

Top and Best Franchise Management Software in the USA in 2023

It is difficult to predict with certainty which franchising management software will be the top or best in the USA in 2023, as the market is constantly evolving and new software options may emerge. Some franchise management software options that are popular in the USA currently and may continue to be so in 2023 include

  • Franchise Marketing 360
  • Keep
  • Accumulus
  • NetSuite
  • FranConnect

It is always a good idea to do your own research and compare different software options to find the one that best meets the needs and goals of your franchise system. It is also a good idea to ask for demos or free trials of the software and speak with other franchisors or franchisees who have experience with it.


Franchise Management Software

Best franchise management software in Sales

  1. Franchise Marketing 360
  2. Keep
  3. FranConnect


Franchise Management Software

Best franchise management software in Rankings and Reviews

  1. Franchise Marketing 360 (5/7)
  2. FranConnect (4/7)
  3. Keep (4/7)


Franchise Management Software


Best Franchise Management in 2023 


  Franchise Management Software Franchise Deck Ratings
1. Franchise Marketing 360   3.7/5.0
2. Keep   3.5/5.0
3. Accumulus   3.0/5.0
4. NetSuite   2.5/5.0
5. FranConnect   3.8/5.0

Can Franchise management software make you profitable?

Franchise owners and franchisees can undoubtedly benefit from using management software to streamline and optimise their business operations, which can increase productivity and lower expenses. Franchising management software may help raise customer satisfaction and boost sales and profitability by giving franchisors and franchisees the resources and tools they need to produce high-quality goods and services.

Franchise management software is simply one component of a successful franchise system, it’s crucial to remember that. In addition to these variables, the success of the entire business model, the power of the brand and marketing initiatives, and the overall demand for the offered goods and services can all have an impact on profitability.

How to manage a franchise system?

Managing a franchise system involves several key responsibilities, including

  1. Establishing and enforcing brand standards
  2. Providing ongoing training and support
  3. Facilitating communication and collaboration
  4. Managing relationships with suppliers and partners
  5. Overseeing marketing and advertising efforts
  6. Monitoring performance and providing feedback

Overall, running a franchise system necessitates a strong emphasis on empowering and assisting franchisees as well as upholding rigid brand standards and assuring the system’s overall success. 

How does franchise management software help a food business?

Franchising management software can assist food businesses in automating and improving a number of operational processes, including customer relationship management, personnel scheduling, and inventory control.

Food businesses can benefit from restaurant and franchise management software by fostering collaboration and communication between franchisors, franchisees, and other stakeholders. Offering tools and resources for customer relationship management, customer feedback, and customer loyalty programs can assist food businesses in improving the customer experience.

Best Restaurant Franchise Management Software Sytems 

There are many restaurant franchise management software solutions on the market. However, there are a few that stand out as being the best.

  1. RestoraPOS Restaurant Management Software



  • Freshly Mild $25 per month
  • Hot Spicy $35 per month 
  • Bomb Spicy $55 per month 
  • Blast Spicy $99 per month 

Franchise Management Software Open Source 

Open source franchise management software is software that is freely available to use, modify, and distribute. Open source software is typically developed by a community of volunteers and is made available under a license that allows users to access and modify the source code.


Franchise management software can be a good option for franchisors and franchisees to use if it meets the specific needs and goals of the franchise system. This management software can help streamline and automate various aspects of business operations, including lead tracking, document management, communication and collaboration, sales and marketing, and reporting and analytics. Using a franchise management system can help franchisors and franchisees save time and increase efficiency, while also providing real-time insights and data-driven decision-making. By providing franchisors and franchisees with the tools and resources they need to deliver high-quality products and services, a franchise management system can also help improve customer satisfaction and drive sales and profits. Overall, franchise management software can be a good option to improve the franchise management process if it helps to optimize and grow the business, and if the cost is justified by the value it provides. 


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