A franchise might experience bad publicity, labor infractions, FDD detailed review, and other problems if one task is finished incorrectly. Franchisors often include particular insurance criteria in their franchise contracts to reduce huge risks. We shall outlay the franchise insurance options in this article, and select the options which suit your needs.

Franchises can be highly profitable, but they are not beyond risk. A standard franchise business model involves the franchisee owning and operating a separate business.

Over five years, overall franchisee survival is comparable to standalone start-ups. Even with the fanfare, 50 percent of franchise networks collapse within ten years.

What type of franchise insurance suits you?

Various sorts of franchise insurance should be considered depending if you’re a franchisor or a franchisee. The type of franchise insurance you require is also determined franchise contract’s specifications.


Franchise Insurance


What does franchise insurance mean?

When a franchisee decides to manage a business, they take on several duties. All company operations have the potential to have a beneficial or lousy impact on employees, customers, and stakeholders. 

They had business insurance shield franchisees from many risks of running a business. The idea of purchasing business insurance shields franchisees from the many dangers of running a company.

The essential franchise insurance plans include the majority of business activities. However, there are a few key policies that are missing. 

Franchisees should review their policies to determine what is protected and where additional coverage is required. Following that, you’ll need to put together a franchise insurance strategy. 

This strategy will ensure that you have all the insurance coverage specified in the Franchise Disclosure Document.


7 Types of Franchise Insurance For Franchises

Operating a franchise is identical to managing any other business, but several essential distinctions exist. The foundation is often built, enabling franchisees to concentrate on their primary business. 

To safeguard your business and its employees, all franchise owners should have the following types of insurance policies:


Franchise Insurance


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is often known as loss of business revenue insurance. It protects the owner from occurrences beyond their control. 

Property damage can be caused by natural catastrophes, structure fires, odd accidents, and government shutdowns. Business interruption insurance generally covers fixed costs while the building is being rebuilt.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Many franchisees use vehicles to pick up supplies, conduct errands, distribute items, and conduct critical jobs. 

It can be disruptive to typical daily operations when a company vehicle is damaged or totaled on the occasion of an insured vehicle crash commercial auto liability insurance. 

They will assist in covering the expense of auto replacement or repair.

Property Insurance

You will require a place if you are developing a business franchise. It is not only prudent but also crucial to secure that property. Although forecasting damages is difficult, proper planning can save you money.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability coverage, often referred to as commercial general liability insurance, is among the most popular commercial plans for entrepreneurs across all sectors. 

If a client/customer is hurt on the property, whether in a slip-and-fall accident, general liability coverage provides both the proprietor and the holding company against claims of injuries sustained.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

An equipment breakdown insurance coverage can assist covers any damages resulting from the failure of commercial equipment like computers or refrigerators caused by electrical or mechanical failure. 

Insurance coverage for equipment breakdowns may pay the expenses of repairing or replacing any property destroyed due to equipment failure.

Excess Liability Coverage

Several franchises purchase excess liability coverage to boost their existing liability insurance policy. 

Excess Liability might provide additional protection limitations, effectively safeguarding their firm.

Workers Comp Insurance

Accidents can result in anyone, regardless of the team. There is still a danger for any employee, notwithstanding organizational safety precautions. 

Workers’ compensation insurance pays for on-the-job injuries and any diseases or long-term medical issues created by work practices.


7 Best Franchise Insurance Options




Nationwide is your best general liability provider since it is a business insurance provider that concentrates on actual, precise insurance products, making it appropriate for organizations with high-risk public liability requirements. 

AM Best gave Nationwide an A++ Superior score for financial soundness.




Travelers are the best commercial property insurer since it has a lot of expertise. They have been voted the top commercial property insurance company in the United States by premiums for several seasons and barely avoiding out on first place in 2020. 

3.Liberty Mutual



Liberty Mutual is the most acceptable BOP insurer since it offers a quick and straightforward approach and a simplified business owner’s policy that combines insurance inside one expense policy for various sectors.




Progressive is the superb option for commercial auto insurance since it is the industry’s most extensive expertise and understands how to manage auto insurance claims best.

5.State Farm franchise insurance

Since it offers many coverages through a worldwide number of networks, State Farm is the most acceptable comprehensive franchise business insurance carrier. Furthermore, because State Farm representatives are also entrepreneurs, they are aware of the needs of other start-ups.

6.Hiscox franchise insurance



Professional Liability, business owners’ policies (BOPs), Commercial General Liability, workers’ compensation, commercial vehicle, cyber Liability, and employment practices liability insurance. These are just a few of the business insurance products offered by Hiscox (EPLI). 

All of GEICO’s commercial insurance coverage is written by this company.

7.The Hartford franchise insurance


Besides the unique benefits it provides employers, like remuneration options, Hartford is your top workers’ compensation provider. As expenses are related to real wages rather than estimates, these plans dramatically reduce the likelihood of overpaying or underpaying premiums.


Franchise Insurance Company Comparison Table

Insurance Company Pros Cons
Nationwide There are 14 distinct industrial specialties. Additionally, it provides investing services.AM Best gives it an A++. Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from coverage.
Travelers     AM Best gives it an A++.
It is the second-largest commercial property insurer in the United States regarding premiums written.
There are more than 20 different industrial specialties available.
The industry and operations have a significant impact on pricing and features.
Liberty Mutual     Claim submission is simple and can be done online or using an app.
Assistance with claims is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Independent agents are in charge of servicing the policies.
Progressive You get a discount when you bundle commercial auto with general Liability or a company owner’s insurance.
The nation’s leading commercial auto insurance
Insurance for trucks is offered in all 50 states.
In some states, discounts aren’t accessible.
State Farm Agents all around the country
General liability plans in $1 million levels are accessible.
Other coverage options, as well as endorsements and add-ons including in-home business endorsements, are available.
Every agent will not provide consistent customer service.
Several agents are unable to communicate beyond state borders.
Hiscox A Large multinational insurance company
Coverage for small businesses in 49 states and Washington, D.C.
Policies tailored to the needs of small businesses
There are only ten offices in the United States.
The parent corporation is not based in the United States.
In Alaska, small company coverage is not offered.
The Hartford Workers’ compensation insurance is provided by the second-largest company in the United States.
Guides to insurance requirements by state and city
Workers’ compensation on a pay-as-you-go basis, which decreases the risk of premium disparities.
To assist wounded employees, a network of over a million healthcare practitioners has been established.
The software does not allow you to file business claims.
arduous application procedure

Top 3 Franchise Insurance Challenges Faced by Organizations

When analyzing franchise agreement insurance requirements, the following are the top three difficulties that you come across.

  1. A “Certificate” confirming a Franchisor’s Additional Insured Status is required per the franchise agreement. 

No rights are granted to the holder of an insurance certificate. Across the top of the Certificate, it says this. For this reason, it’s pointless. Your franchise agreement should demand that you acquire an insurance endorsement that clearly shows the franchisor as an extra insured. 

A franchisor could drop coverage underneath its franchisees’ policy if this happens.

2.The franchise agreement doesn’t allow for sufficient leeway in changing coverage criteria. 

Therefore, franchise agreements must state that coverage criteria can be expanded or reduced with adequate notice from the franchisor, as specified in the Operations Manual or other written documents. 

Most franchise agreements include comprehensive requirements and insurance limits. 

Still, they will not expressly state that the franchisor has the right to adjust such criteria as it sees fit during the franchise period.

3.The franchisee is only required to have insurance for the duration of the franchise agreement. Professional liability insurance and several other types of insurance are often “claims made” rather than “occurrence” oriented. 

The franchise agreement must necessitate the franchise to sustain insurance throughout the life of the lease for as long as is requisite after that to offer coverage for events that take place during the phase of the franchise agreement.

This situation is valid when a franchisor has a preferred agent or partner who specifically develops an insurance plan for franchisees to buy. 


Franchise Insurance



The final part is to double-check that all of your policies are up to date. Maintaining track of different approaches is the most challenging step.

Franchisees can use Franchise Deck to track and obtain the most outstanding insurance coverage for themselves. 

We also guide individuals looking for franchise business opportunities with the best fit for them.

We are glad to assist you as you begin your franchise journey.


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