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Kumon Franchise: Know Reasons Now of this Sucess Story

Kumon Franchise
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Are you interested in children’s education? You’d also like to turn your dream into a profitable business. Kumon franchise is one of your best options for realizing your dream. Kumon, the world’s most extensive after-school enrichment program, teaches children to think critically on their own.

According to my research, Kumon is one of the most popular franchising industries that will dominate the children’s enrichment sector. Grand View Research‘s data shows a substantial demand for childcare in the United States and that the market is expanding quickly. 

The children’s education industry is estimated at $50 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase by 3.9 % annually through 2027.

It is anticipated that Kumon’s distinctive approach will offer a bright possibility in the future. Students remain for a long time when they notice that they are improving. This distinctiveness possesses a reliable source of funding and significant client loyalty.

If you are passionate about the education industry and are looking for a low-cost, well-established franchise focusing on child education. Then, the Kumon Maths & Reading Center is ideal for you.

Kumon franchise
Kumon franchise

What is the Kumon?

Kumon Maths and Reading center as the name suggests is a maths and reading tutoring service business. Kumon is after school learning center with more than 26,000 centers globally. They tutor maths and reading students of age groups from 3 to 16 years old. A kid can learn to count and read to learn calculus and English literature.

Kumon has had a solid reputation in tutoring for the past seven decades. They provide revised learning materials to instructors, as well as frequent training and support for operational management and marketing, making the work of their franchisor easier.

Kumon has unique worksheets and homework for students, this makes them stand apart from the rest of their competition.

Kumon Maths Center USP

Kumon franchise opportunity

If you’re considering open a Kumon maths franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams while also developing as a teacher. As a Kumon franchisee, you are obligated to use Kumon’s unique teaching methodology under the direction of your area manager.

Understanding the Kumon learning center curriculum is essential for franchises since it fosters kids’ capacity for independent learning and works under the direction of their teacher. For their in-depth understanding of their subject matter and to aid pupils in enhancing their learning capacities, the master instructor or franchisee will undergo extensive training.

Kumon franchise Information

Kumon franchise Information

Kumon is well-established in over 61 countries with over 4 million students. They allow you to manage all aspects of your business without invading your space and provide extensive training and initial support.

The Kumon is a low-cost franchise opportunity that will give you a fast return on your investment. At the same time, The learning center has few strict franchise requirements. These requirements must be met, as it concerns the future of children enrolled with the Kumon maths and reading centers.

Industry TypeEducation
SubcategoryMaths Learning
Year Established1958
Company NameKumon Educational Japan Co Ltd
FounderToru Kumon
Franchising Started1958
Employees at Company H.O.4,091 (as of March 2021)
Franchise Expansion PlanInternational
Number of Units26,365
Number of Franchise Units25854
Social Media HandlesFacebook
Company Office location55 Challenger Rd., Ridgefield Park, NJ, U.S.A

Kumon Franchise Requirements

As a children’s learning facility, Kumon anticipated that its instructors would regularly be involved in the students’ learning and aid them in understanding their learning capacity.

 As a result, Kumon demands that its franchisee and center manager, and instructors have a solid commitment to student learning. 

The prerequisites for obtaining a Kumon franchise are as follows

  1. The franchisee is required to complete their postsecondary education.
  2. Full driving license
  3. The rights to work in the nation.
  4. Financial security of at least $70,000.

Kumon Franchise approval process

What is the Kumon Franchise approval process?

The approval procedure for a Kumon is straightforward. Reviewing the franchise disclosure paperwork to comprehend the franchise’s support, pricing structure, and policy should be your first and foremost consideration before making a purchase. 

Here are some official procedures for becoming a Kumon franchises

1. Sign up at the Kumon website.

2. You will be required to complete an application form and take a competence exam that includes basic math and reading comprehension.

3. Kumon will offer to participate in their orientation session when you pass the test, where they will discuss their objectives and methods.

4. You must now schedule an interview with the Kumon.

5. The franchise will receive training in the Kumon operating method following the interview.

6. The prospective Kumon franchisee signs a franchise agreement. The training will start soon.

How much does a Kumon franchise cost?

This is a small and low-cost franchise business that is perfect for people who want to work in the community, are interested in the childcare industry, and have strong math and reading skills. Cost of Kumon franchise range from $64,428 to $145,640. 

You must pay for Kumon franchise fee, the upkeep of the property, the furniture, the permits, etc. You also need to recruit help and pay the rent on the space.

It would help if you had a net worth of about $150,000 to launch a Kumon franchisee, with a liquid cash requirement of $70,000. Up to $34,000 in subsidies are available, plus an additional $10,000 for veterans.

Kumon Franchise Cost in United States
Initial Franchise Fee$ 2,000
Initial Investment              $64,428 to $145,640.
Royalty Fee$ 15 for new students$ 34 for fully paying students$ 19.13 for partially paying students
Advertising FeeNO
Term of Agreement5 years
Is franchise term renewable?Yes

Kumon Training & Support Offered

Following the orientation program, you will be allowed to meet the manager during the Kumon franchise approval procedure. You will receive 11 days of training for the learning process at their center before the start of your center. Instruction, learning materials, Kumon’s teaching methodology, student assessments, and the enrolling procedure are all covered in the course. 

Additionally, they will offer training in study program implementation, parent and student communication, center management procedures, and center management tactics.

Following the initial training, a flow-up training session will be held to assist the franchisee in ensuring the pertinent content is provided for operational needs.

Kumon Franchise

Kumon Operations and support

Kumon offers thorough training in addition to regular seminars for growing the business. As a Kumon franchisee, you will receive information and guidance on marketing your company from the area franchise manager and the brand marketing team. 

Additionally, Kumon offers the chance to speak with its other franchise owner.

Kumon offers expert assistance to help you launch your business using a tried-and-true business model, care assistance for day-to-day operations, and modern material assistance. 

Kumon’s national franchise marketing plan, website, and care assistance for any inquiries will be helpful to a franchisor.

How is Kumon Franchise Territory Granted

Similar to other franchise rules, Kumon’s franchise will not be granted any exclusive region inside their company for the center’s operation. Franchises could have to contend with rival brands, franchisee- and franchisor-owned locations, or both. 

Only the center authorized by Kumon and detailed in their franchise agreement may be operated by the franchisee.

What is Kumon Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The initial period of the franchise agreement is five years. The franchise may extend the contracts for a second five-year term if they operate successfully and comply with all renewal requirements.

Does Kumon provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Kumon franchises’ owners don’t offer direct or indirect financing options.

The franchisor does not provide guarantees concerning promissory notes, leases, or other franchisee obligations.

Kumon Franchise

Reasons Why you should buy Kumon Franchise?

One of the most successful franchises in the United States and the childcare sector, which is now growing and has a bright future, is Kumon. By joining Kumon as a franchisee, you are joining a 60-year-old multinational corporation with more than 4 million students and operations in more than 50 countries.

Kumon provides a tried-and-true business strategy where you may use their distinctive study method and take advantage of their copious support and specialized training. Having a large student base and an easy return on your investment are both made possible by Kumon’s brand recognition.

How much do Kumon franchise owners make?

The income is based on the number of pupils and the franchise’s operating expenses. Your monthly payment may be $3500 if you start with 50 students and charge $30 for registration and $75 for tuition. Numerous Kumon franchises reportedly reported monthly incomes exceeding $12,000.

Kumon franchise owners’ profit estimates are as per Kumon websites and sources. You need to back-check yourself with Kumon franchises near you.

Kumon franchise profit

What is Kumon franchise profit?

Profits from Kumon study centers mainly depend on your ability to expand your business and the location’s capacity. 

As a Kumon franchisee, you have the freedom to determine your rates, typically $78.18 per topic per month, and are given directly by the parents. 

After running expenses and royalties, a well-established study center with 100–300 students may profit from $36,000–$120,000. The royalties would pay for the learning materials, continuous training, and support.

Kumon Franchise

Kumon franchise reviews

An essential part before you open a Kumon is franchise reviews. Additionally, in validating this opportunity, you should talk to the franchises of Kumon. Articulate as many franchisees as you can.

Approach both successful and stumbling franchisees. Each franchisee will have a different overview of the Kumon math and reading center.

The questions you can ask franchises of Kumon are

How much can you make owning a Kumon franchise?

How much does it cost to buy a Kumon franchise?

Is Kumon a franchise?

How much does the Kumon franchise make?

What does Kumon Franchise cost in the USA?

How to start a Kumon franchise?

What is Kumon franchise sucess rate ?

How is the Kumon franchise support?

How to get a Kumon franchise?

Is the Kumon franchise worth it?

How to open a Kumon franchise ?

Kumon Franchise Rankings

According to franchise 500 rankings, “Kumon is the World’s Largest Education Franchise and is Also Ranked No. 1 in the Tutoring Category for the 21 consecutive years.

For the first time, ranked in the top ten of the overall Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 list. Kumon’s overall Franchise 500 ranking of No. 6 is the highest it’s ever received, up an additional six spots from its spot-on last year’s list. 

Kumon Franchise

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Kumon can help you start a small business at a low cost. Kumon has a bright future because it has a unique learning method for children that encourages critical thinking and has over 60 years of business experience. 

However, Kumon franchises may face challenges such as digitizing all businesses, which may cause the Kumon business to slow for a while. While Kumon begins offline and online classes, some competitors offer full online classes with a flexible shift. 

It would be best to keep in mind that you must be flexible after classes to run your business as a franchisee. Also, remember that as your business grows, you will need to devote more time to your classes and other business activities.

The Kumon franchise disclosure document says they have more than 1500 centers in North America and does not disclose the Kumon franchise revenue or earnings from these locations. They have shared the number of students enrolled. The Kumon franchise income (company income) is very impressive as they have huge collections from royalty payments.

This indicates the franchises of Kumon are not doing some kind of business. I cannot see stability across 1500 centers of North America. You can ask about this in your interview with senior management and Kumon franchises in your franchise reviews about success rate too.

To summarise, Kumon is a good business opportunity for teachers looking for alternate career options. For others, if you have a passion for teaching and maths, then you can consider Kumon Franchising.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise can consider other service franchises like Pillar to post franchise, Roof Maxx Franchise, UPS Store Franchise, or Home health care franchise opportunities like Home instead franchise or Nurse next door franchise.

Kumon Franchise


Passion is everything in business. Kumon franchise fosters people’s enthusiasm for the education industry, particularly child education. The Kumon is a well-established business with a low-cost budget that assists people in starting their small businesses and building good community relationships. 

In addition, Kumon offers initial comprehensive teacher training, marketing, and operational support to franchisees. Not only that, but they frequently provide such services after the start of a unit.

You can also consider the competition of Kumon like Legacy Academy Franchise, Tutor Doctor, Mathnasium, Huntington Learning Center, and Sylvan Learning.

I would love to revert to your questions, and feedback and keep loving us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Kumon franchise profitable?

Yes, it is profitable if you can grow and assemble enough students.

2. Can you make money owning a Kumon?

Yes, you can make money owning a Kumon.

3. Is a Kumon franchise good business?

Yes, it’s a good business with a good scope in the future.

4. How do Kumon franchises make money?

As a Kumon franchisee, you are free to decide on student rates and can generate money if you have an effective marketing plan.

5. Why are you interested in owning the Kumon center?

Since Kumon is a well-known brand with substantial training and support for the subject matter, methodology, business strategies, and marketing, you may start a small business with only a minimal investment and Kumon’s assistance with a promising future.

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