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Let your educational interest indulge in the School of Rock franchise!

School of Rock franchise
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Looking for a method to support your family and keep active in music? You have a business background and a passion for music. Are you looking for Career 2.0? The largest music school franchise in the United States, School of Rock has grown internationally over the past twenty years, opening locations in 15 other nations. With our proprietary, performance-based curriculum, we assist aspiring musicians in mastering skills, unleashing creativity, and developing the tools they need to excel in life. With the help of Rock n’ Roll, the School of Rock franchise opportunity enables you to explore your musical passion while enhancing the lives of others.

About School of Rock Franchise

The franchisor is School of Rock Franchising LLC. The franchisor provides a unique framework for the management of School of Rock businesses, which provide a rock music program that includes, among other things, private music lessons, group rehearsals, performance opportunities, exclusive, constrained access to the school and its facilities during operating hours, and branded merchandise. The franchisor’s system will be used to run the school.

Franchise Opportunity Offered by School of Rock

You can discover music school businesses for sale in the US or in one of the other nations where School of Rock operates, but none of them compare to School of Rock. Few brands are as popular everywhere, from Minneapolis to Madrid, but the School of Rock concept has widespread appeal.

Interesting Facts About School of Rock Franchise

  1. This start-up served as the model for “that movie,” which also found a novel way to encourage young people to learn music. 
  2. For the second year in a row, the School of Rock has recently voted the Best Children’s Service and Education Franchise winner of the 2022 Global Franchise Award. 
  3. More than 35,000 students are currently being taught music by School of Rock, which has 300+ locations across 15 different countries.

School of Rock  Franchise Information
Industry TypeMusic Education Franchise
Sub Category
Children Education Franchises
Year Established1998
Company NameSchool of Rock LLC
Founder/Management Head
Rob Price, CEO
Franchising Started2005
Franchise Expansion PlanThe franchisee continues to develop and open new schools across the world. 
Number of Units300 
Number of Franchise Units203 franchise units in the United States 60 franchise units internationally
Social Media HandlesFacebook
Company Office location     Canton, Massachusetts

What are School of Rock Franchise Requirements?

These pioneering franchise owners and master franchisees must be capable of undertaking important tasks and obligations while attempting to build a corporate footprint in several nations.

 If you acquire any of their franchises, you will be needed to establish and run a rock-based music academy for children and teenagers.

School of Rock franchise

What is the Minimum School of Rock Franchise Cost?

You must have a minimum net worth of $350,000 and at least $125,000 in liquid capital to purchase a School of Rock franchises. 

How much does it cost to franchise a School of Rock in the United States?

The average franchise cost of the school of rock in the US is nearly $395,800 – $537,400. 

School of Rock  Franchise Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
School of Rock  Franchise Fee$49,900
School of Rock  Franchise Cost$321,000 – $521,000
Royalty Fee8%
Advertising Fee3.0%
Term of Agreement10 years
Veteran Discount$5,000 on franchise fees
Renewable Franchise Fees50% of Initial Franchise fees

Is School of Rock Franchise Training worth it?

Franchisees are required to participate in and successfully complete the franchise initial training program, as outlined in their manuals, to the franchisor’s satisfaction. The current program includes four days of training roughly, in addition to additional self-paced training.

School of Rock Franchise Operations 

The franchisor provides a unique framework for the management of School of Rock businesses, which provide a rock music program that includes, among other things, private music lessons, group rehearsals, performance opportunities, exclusive, constrained access to the school and its facilities during operating hours, and branded merchandise. The franchisor’s system will be used to run the school.

How is School of Rock Franchise Territory Granted

In any location within the territory, the franchisor will not start up or run a School of Rock business while the franchises agreement is in effect, nor will they grant any other person a license to do so. This applies to both the system and the trademarks. Depending on the population density of the region surrounding the approved location, the territory’s size may change.

The School of Rock franchises locations has to be 

Term of Agreement and Renewal of School of Rock Franchise

The initial term of the franchise is 10 years. Franchisees may purchase a total of three successor franchises for consecutive terms of five years each if they meet all the conditions of the Franchise Agreement. 

School of Rock franchise

Does the School of Rock  Franchise provide Financial Assistance?

Direct or indirect finance is not provided by the franchisor. The note, lease, or obligation of a franchisee is not guaranteed by the franchisor. 

Pros & Cons of owning a School of Rock  Franchise


  • Flexible schedules for musicians who are actively employed
  • ideal for those with experience in management and customer service who work with musicians


  • Low pay and only paid for teaching time, not for all of the time spent in school. 
  • Poor management and ownership
  • While my school is an incredible jewel, other sites may be mid-level in terms of administration, culture, and vibes.

How much does School of Rock franchise owners make?

If you are the owner of a school of rock franchises then there is a chance that you may earn $100 K more a month at the franchises enterprise. 

What is the School of Rock franchise profit?

The average annual profit margin of the school of rock franchises is nearly 70% of its gross sales. The initial investment size will determine how much profit you can expect.

Is the School of Rock franchise worth the investment?

It is predicted that the School of Rock franchises would create a comparable amount of revenue as other franchisees in the Professional Services sector, which is estimated to be $404,006 annually. 

The franchises profit of School of Rock can be estimated at 25% of AUV, which is $ 101,002.

Since they may increase both their network and revenue, it is profitable for the franchisors as well. Therefore it can be said that the School of Rock is worth the investment. 

What are School of Rock franchise reviews

A franchisee of School of Rock mentioned, she decided to follow her aspirations in 2008 and combine business experience with her love of working with children and teaching music. She had been seriously considering starting her own business when she found out about the School of Rock. She was completely astounded by the school’s concept, beliefs, and programs as well as by its business model and leadership group. Two years later, she currently owns and runs four schools in two separate markets (Dallas and Detroit), and every day gets to work with incredible children, families, and some of the best musicians in the regional music scenes, she was living her dream. She was happy to be a member of the School of Rock family and she has plans to keep building new campuses in the coming years.

School of Rock Franchise Rankings

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

School of Rock has been instructing both children and adults on how to release their inner rock stars for more than 20 years. They set the bar high for educators with their performance-based approach to music training. A collection of seasoned franchise executives who are either musicians themselves or have a strong passion for music and music education make up the leadership team. 

Kids can learn in a safe environment at the School of Rock, make friends with other young musicians, and find a home for themselves in a world where they may have never felt like they belonged before. They have a fantastic support network, whether you’re a musician trying to launch your first business or a CEO looking to buy a franchise. 

School of rock,17 franchised schools had been operating for less than a year, 8 franchised schools were only open five days a week, One company-owned school closed in 2020, one company-owned school was sold to a franchisee in 2020, and seven Schools of Rock franchised businesses were reacquired by School Rock or its affiliates in 2020. They managed to earn enough to still expand their franchise offer to people who are willing to buy it. 

Is the School of Rock  Franchise Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

Yes, it is totally worth the franchise cost as the business keeps on expanding more and more each year. The more students the more the franchise owner’s profit is and the more revenue and sales ratio is seen likewise. 

Competition Analysis of School of Rock  Franchises

BrandCost to FranchiseFranchisee FeesRoyalty + Ad feesExpected ProfitRecoup of CapitalFD Rating
School of Rock  FranchiseUSD $322,500 – $521,100 USD $49,000Royalty fee is 8% of gross sales and Ad fee is Up to 3% of gross sales. $305,815 (66.9%) Not disclosed in FDD            4.1/5.0
Goddard School Franchise$135,000$135,000Ongoing Royalty Fee: 7%Ad Royalty Fee 2%$373,000 a year$954k            3.3/5.0
Mathnasium Franchise$149,155    $49,000Royalty fee is 10% Ad fee is 2%15-25% of the average franchise sales3.23 years to 4.30 years is the time for recoup  of the capital 3.3/5.0
S.A.M Singapore Math franchise    $80,000 – $120,000$25,000N/ANot Disclosed in the FDD document Not disclosed in the document 3.3/5.0
Drama Kids Franchise
$33,800 – $73,500
$27,500Royalty fee- 8% Ad fee- 1% Not disclosed Not Disclosed in FDD3.3/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the School of Rock  franchises is 4.1/5.0.

School of Rock franchise


The best part is that you’ll get the opportunity to work with a music-centered company that improves local communities and changes the lives of kids. You’ll be able to hire about 20 talented musicians to work as your instructors, advancing their musical careers. There are still many opportunities and territories available to invest in this fantastic School of Rock franchises.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the School of Rock franchise profitable?

Yes, the school of Rock franchises is profitable 

  1. Can you make money owning a School of Rock?

Yes, once you expand the franchise sthen you can make money owning a School of Rock. 

  1. Is a School of Rock a franchises?

Yes, it is a franchise.

  1. How do School of Rock franchises make money?

School of Rock franchises makes money by teaching students about music education and has plans of expanding its business overseas to generate more revenue and reach out to kids and parents for more fun in educational learning. 

  1. Is business experience a requirement to own a School of Rock?

While having business knowledge is advantageous, becoming a franchisee is not a requirement. All that is necessary is a desire to learn. Our staff will walk you through running a School of Rock and assist you as necessary with daily business operations.

3 thoughts on “Let your educational interest indulge in the School of Rock franchise!”

  1. The School of Rock franchise is an amazing series that follows the adventures of a struggling rock musician who starts a band of elementary school age students.
    The first film in the franchise, School of Rock, was released in 2003 and was a huge box office success.
    The School of Rock franchise has spawned several sequels and spin-off movies, as well as a stage musical and a popular TV series.
    The School of Rock franchise is beloved by fans for its comedic story lines, its positive messages about perseverance and hard work, and its awesome music.
    The School of Rock franchise features an incredible cast of talented actors, including Jack Black, Joan Cusack, and Miranda Cosgrove.

  2. The School of Rock series is known for its upbeat soundtrack, which includes many classic rock songs, as well as original songs composed specifically for the movies. The School of Rock franchise has been praised for its positive messages about creativity and self-expression.
    The School of Rock movies are also praised for their realistic and humorous portrayals of kids and their relationships with their parents.

  3. The School of Rock franchise is a great way for parents to introduce their children to rock music, as well as the idea of creating and performing music. The School of Rock franchise has also been praised for its accurate depictions of the music industry and its struggles.
    The School of Rock franchise has been successful in sparking interest in music among kids and adults alike.
    The School of Rock franchise has been a great influence on the music industry, inspiring a new generation of rock stars.
    The School of Rock franchise is a unique and inspiring series that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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