For students aged 6 to 17,Algorithmics is one of the largest math and programming franchise schools in the world. The number of graduates from their school currently exceeds 1,100,000. In addition to 450 cities, they have a presence in over 90 countries.No matter what career path they eventually take, the Algorithmics franchises wants children to gain skills that will benefit them in the future. The school offers classes that teach kids how to think critically and logically, collaborate in groups, and much more in a fun and engaging way.

As per Ibisworld, the children’s education market size is $3.8 billion in the United States with a growth rate of 2.7% in 2013. Cumulative Market growth for 2018 to 2023 is anticipated at 1.6%.

Algorithmics Franchise

How much does an Algorithmics franchise cost?

An Algorithmics school franchise can cost you $7000 as an initial franchise fee which is coupled with a royalty fee of 12%. 


Algorithmics Franchise

Algorithmics Franchise Price and Cost

Algorithmics Franchise Fee     No franchise fee
Algorithmics Franchise Cost   $7000
Royalty Fee 12%
Advertising Fee     –
Term of Agreement Not provided in FDD
Is franchise term renewable? Not provided in FDD

How much do Algorithmics franchise owners make?

The Algorithmics school franchise owners make $118,343 as a net gain in the 24th month and $40,160 as a net gain in the 12th month of starting a franchise.

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Algorithmics Franchise Requirements

Financial requirements of a franchise include $5000 as an initial franchise fee and a 12% royalty fee. Further, the general requirements for a franchisee to buy an Algorithmic franchise include

  • Passionate about technology and education

In order to fulfill the aim of preparing kids for the 21st century, they are looking for potentially effective partners. You do not, however, need to have a background in programming or teaching. 

  • Entrepreneurial

You want to run your own business, manage a staff of workers, and understand the duties that go along with it. You adopt a growth attitude and keep an eye out for fresh business chances. 

  • Aspires to join a global team

Their franchise package has been created, tested, and improved to ensure success as long as all guidelines are followed. Algorithmics does not require you to reinvent the wheel; all you need to do is collaborate with your business mentor to succeed.

What are Algorithmics franchise reviews

Working with the Algorithmics team, company, and methodology, Algorithmics has so far earned a favorable response. Despite the distance, its members believe that Algorithmics Headquarters has a clear commitment to aiding and assisting franchisees in expanding their regional businesses. The success of Algorithmics ultimately depends on how each franchisee succeeds and turns a profit.

  • Stalin Lopez, Algorithmics, Ecuador

“Algorithmics has been very professional and business oriented. The company has always provided us with timely and expert support. Our clients genuinely like the project; they consider it crucial that there is this kind of initiative that teaches children programming. The products we have (two courses) are outstanding; our customers enjoy them a lot. The methodology and the educational platform are of excellent quality. We have also had excellent support from Algorithmics. The methodology is perfect for teaching children to code. The only drawback we have is forming groups of a certain age, day, and time to have classes. We will surely be able to overcome this when we prepare better and explain to customers why their children should learn to code for their kids.”

  • Mike Kulikov, Algorithmics, Australia

“The future is coming, and it’s going to be digital. All people on the planet will be users of many devices, but for those who want to be successful, we will need to understand the logic behind computer programs. This logic is called algorithmic logic, and that’s what it’s all about. Algorithmics is a state-of-the-art, world-class educational product. It’s great for children as it understands their needs, desires, and interests. The level of difficulty can be adjusted for different levels of experience. It’s excellent for teachers, as each lesson is described in detail, all the learning materials are ready-to-use, and the platform is really well-conceived. Finally, it’s excellent for Algorithmics partners, as the management team is supportive, friendly, and very professional. It’s a pleasure to work with.”

Algorithmics Franchise Rankings

Reimagine Education 2021’s Silver Award for ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning, and Support went to Algorithmics. Also, it was a Reimagine Education 2021 Best Educational App Finalist. The International EdTech Breakthrough Award for LRM Solution of the Year went to Algorithmics. In April 2019, the business won a prize at the Bett MEA for its effort in digital skills. Also, it was a finalist for three 2021 Tech Edvocate Awards nominations.


What are the Algorithmics?

The world’s largest programming school for kids, Algorithmics, has more than 450 franchisees. They blend offline and online instruction to make learning programming for kids easy, fascinating, and enjoyable.

They assist kids in taking their initial steps in STEM at Algorithmics. Video games, animations, and IT projects are produced by the pupils while they learn teamwork, presentation, and project planning abilities, as well as critical thinking and logical reasoning. Children will benefit from what they experience with them regardless of who they become.

Their top priority extends beyond starting your business. They are eager to see you develop.

Is Algorithmics a Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, Algorithmics is a franchising opportunity. As a franchise of Algorithmic, you will get a lump-sum package made up of:

  • A methodical launch algorithm 
  • A series of pre-made courses and continuous development of fresh courses
  • Help from a personal business mentor
  • A modern online learning environment
  • LMS (Learning Management System) 
  • Techniques for retaining clients and generating sales
  • Promotion

Each franchisee has access to their knowledge database, which contains ready-to-use guides and resources to launch your business:

  • Products details
  • Guidelines for methodology
  • Worksheets, media, and comprehensive lesson plans
  • Promotional materials
  • Criteria for advertising and marketing
  • Customer service requirements
  • Rules and scripts for sales
  • Criteria for selecting teachers

Algorithmics Franchise Review and Information

Industry Type Education Franchises
Sub Category Children’s Education
Year Established 2016
Company Name Algoritmika LLC
Founder/Management Head Andrey Lobanov
Franchising Started
Employees at Company H.O 201-500
Franchise Expansion Plan Asia, North America, Europe, Australia
Number of Units
Number of Franchise Units 500+
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Baku, Baki, Azerbaijan

Algorithmics Training to Franchises

Algorithmics training for teachers includes assisting in the selection of future educators, a 2-week training period, evaluation and certification after graduation, ongoing support for educators, helping them to become more qualified, methodological materials for teaching each lesson for each course, and a set of rules for teaching each lesson.

Algorithmics Operations to Franchises

The following set of guidelines must be followed from the beginning to the end of the franchise’s operation for it to run smoothly:

  • Make a contract.
  • Take the Algorithmics franchisee training course
  • Locate a location
  • Hire and prepare your teachers
  • Get together your operating team.
  • Launch your marketing campaign to generate leads.
  • Offer complimentary initial classes to draw students.
  • Enroll pupils and begin the semester.

No further operational help is provided, but the franchisee can ask for any help anytime. 

How is Algorithmics Territory Granted to Franchises

The Algorithmics franchise’s FDD has no information about the territory offered to prospective franchisees.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

Algorithmics franchisees are frequently asked to initially sign a 5-year contract. Renewal is permitted every five years. Of course, you are allowed to depart early; just be aware that there will be no refund or return.

Does Algorithmics Provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Algorithmic offers 3rd party financing offers to help make the initial investment more manageable.

Algorithmics Franchise

Pros & Cons of Buying an Algorithmic Franchise

Pros of Owning an Algorithmics 

  1. The high earning potential with modest investments 
  2. Low barriers to entry 
  3. Operational profitability and fast payback 
  4. A strong team of methodologists and programmers
  5. Unique methods and educational materials for teaching
  6. Personal LMS
  7. Tutor support with teacher training and selection 

Cons of Owning an Algorithmics

  1. Lack of management and planning
  2. Lower pay when compared to other jobs with the same job description 
  3. Lack of opportunities 

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

The education of programming must start in early life because it is the new English. The main objective of Algorithmics is to impart crucial skills to as many children as they can. In 2016, they had three locations and 50 students. In just two years, they have expanded into a business with more than 300 locations spread over 11 countries.

Algorithms are aware that each student picks up knowledge at a different rate. Algorithmics created an online learning platform that enables teachers and parents to keep a close watch on children’s progress and design unique study plans for each child that take their talents into consideration.

They keep track of students’ progress and, if necessary, increase the difficulty of the tasks or, for those who struggle with the content, provide more, similar assignments.

Potential Risks to Consider Before Investing in an Algorithmics Franchises

Similar to any other franchise investment, you must take into account the following potential risks and variables before investing in an Algorithmic franchises.

  • Probability of a successful return
  • Strong justifications to consider investing
  • The existence of a capable and knowledgeable management team
  • A comprehensive business plan
  • A financially viable business entity
  • A program of withdrawal
  • A special chance to participate

Competition Analysis of Algorithmic franchise

Algorithmics  Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Algorithmics     $7000 12% $40,160 (12 months)$118,343 (24 months) 2 years 3.7/5.0
Winfree academy franchise $227,300 – $392,000 $80,000 – $200,000 10%+3% $563,727 3.0/5.0
Sylvan Learning Center Franchise $68,680 – $159,085 $24,000 16%+8% $30 million 3.7/5.0
School of Rock Franchise $170,000 – $400,000 $49,900 8%+3% $15 million 3.5/5.0
Tutor Doctor Franchise  $84,295 – $200,695 $44,700 – $104,400 8%+2% $1million/ location 3.5/5.0
LearningRX Franchise  $91,500 – $198,000 $23,000-$35,000 8%+3% $600,601 3.0/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the Algorithmic franchise is 3.7/5.0.

Algorithmics Franchise

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Algorithmics franchise for Sale?

Algorithmics has a strong focus on professionalism and business. The business has always offered prompt and knowledgeable service to its customers and members. Their clients are truly pleased with the project and feel that it is essential that there is such an effort to teach children programming. Its two courses are excellent products that the customers adore. The instructional platform and approach are of very top quality. Also, Algorithmics provides outstanding service for its clients. These are a few reasons to buy the Algorithmics franchise for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Algorithmics franchise profitable?

Yes, Algorithmics educational franchises are highly profitable.

  1. Can you make money owning an Algorithmics franchise?

Yes, you can easily make money by owning an Algorithmics franchise as this educational brand has a huge demand in its respective sector.

  1. Is Algorithmics a franchise?

Yes, Algorithmics offers franchising opportunities.

  1. How much is an Algorithmics franchise?

The initial franchise fee is about $7000 and charges a royalty fee of 7% from revenue generated.

  1. How do Algorithmics franchise make money?

Subscriptions are a reliable source of income. Summer camps are quite popular and generate a substantial amount of revenue.

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