The UPS Store, the world’s largest packaging delivery company, began in 1980 as Mail Boxes Etc. UPS purchased Mail Boxes in 2001, and the UPS store brand was introduced in 2003 by two companies. Local owners now provide services such as shipping, freight, postal, digital online printing, and document and business services at the UPS store. The UPS store has been in the franchise business for over 30 years and has demonstrated consistency, quality, and innovation.

UPS Stores, Inc. is the world’s largest package delivery company and the largest franchisor of package stores. As of 2023,  more than 2,000 UPS Stores are operating in 49 countries.

According to Ibis World, the packing and shipping service franchises in the United States are growing at a 3% YOY basis with a humongous market size of $ 2.1Bn.The UPS Store is the No.1 player in this packaging and shipping franchise industry in the United States.



What is the UPS Store franchise?

With 40 years of expertise, the UPS Store is one of the leading retail service franchising sectors that provides shipping, printing, postal, and associated business services to the local small business community. 

In addition, the success of the franchise owner depends on providing first-rate customer service, a seamless shopping experience, and consistency in service quality, The UPS Store offers its franchises significant support from the first day to continuous day-to-day support. 

The UPS stores gain immediate trust from the community because it is a well-known franchise brand. The best aspect of a franchise is its reputation, support network, and sophisticated technology, which together enable franchises to expand quickly and provide the best possible service to the community.


ups store franchise


Facts About The UPS Store Franchise

UPS Store franchises are a great business opportunity. They have a proven formula for success, and there are a lot of opportunities to make money with a UPS Store.

Here are some facts about the UPS Store 

1. UPS Store franchises are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. They are easy to start up and run, and they have a proven formula for success.

2. UPS Store franchises are a great business opportunity for people who are passionate about delivering packages. They are a great way to make a living, and there are a lot of opportunities to make money with a UPS Store.

3. The UPS Store is a retail business that sells shipping and delivery services to businesses and consumers. It was started in 1969 by two brothers, Ron and Don UPS. The company has more than 2,000 stores in the United States and Canada.


UPS Store Franchising Facts
Industry Type Retail Stores
Sub Category Postal, Packaging, Shipping & Business Centres
Year Established 1980
Company Name The UPS Store
Management Head Sarah Casalan Bittle, President
Franchising Started 1980 (42 years)
Employees at Company H.O 395
Franchise Expansion Plan United States & Canada
Number of Units 5,570 (as of 2023)
Number of Franchise Units 5000+
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location 6060 Cornerstone Ct. W.San Diego, CA 92121


UPS Store Opportunity

For anyone seeking employment in the shipping sector, who also wants to give back to their community and support small business owners, the UPS Store offers a fantastic work environment. 

Customers’ mindsets can be satisfied by people with strong networking and relationship-building skills, but a new business owner or someone who is having trouble setting up an operation could give the UPS shop a shot. 

The franchise owners of the UPS store are from a range of backgrounds, including women, minorities, and veterans. They have local business owners who are dedicated to giving the neighborhood’s small businesses and customers first-rate customer service. UPS serves several locations and small company owners that support the market’s ongoing growth.

The UPS Store offers a variety of solutions for regular stores, rural stores, and unusual stores including hotels, military sites, colleges, and other establishments.


ups store franchise


UPS Store Franchise Requirements

English proficiency is a requirement for UPS store franchise owners, and prospective franchisees must pass an English language test to be considered for ownership. 

To obtain the franchise, you must also be a citizen of the US or have a green card.


What is the UPS Franchise approval process?

After selecting the ideal market and deciding to open a UPS store, you must go through a quick approval process. Before receiving your acceptance letter, you must first complete the application procedure with the aid of a webinar provided by the UPS store. 

After that, you must attend the interview process and complete your franchise disclosure paperwork. Finally, you will receive financial support and the contract signing process will be completed.

During the approval process, the franchisor will give site selection, site approval, and franchising help.


UPS Store Franchise


How much does a UPS Store franchise cost?

As per the latest FDD 2023, the starting franchise fee for a UPS Store is $29,950, payable upfront upon opening. However, this fee drops to $19,950 for subsequent locations and further decreases to $14,950 for “Underserved Groups.” The overall estimated investment required to initiate a UPS Store Franchise varies between $240,959 and $508,472.

 A veteran of the US will be eligible for a veteran bonus that will save them $29,950 on the franchise cost and 50% on the application price. Minorities also receive discounts at The UPS store locations.

However, this pricing will include the recurring expense.  The estimated amount of liquid capital needed is $75,000 The royalty payment will be 5% and the advertising Royalty fee will be 3.5%.


How much does a UPS store cost in the United States?


UPS Store Franchise Cost
UPS Store Franchise Fee $ 29,950
Initial Investment $240,959-$508,472
UPS Store Franchise Royalty Fee 5 %
Advertising Fee 3.5 %
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is the franchise term renewable? Yes
Renewable Franchise Fees 50% of Franchise Fees


ups store franchise


UPS Store Training & Support Offered.

The UPS Store offers its franchise owners a multi-phased training program. The majority of the training was devoted to developing the franchise owner’s management, technical, conceptual, and diagnostic skills. 

The instruction consists of the following four steps:

1. Phase 1 includes 40 to 45 hours of online training to give the new owners a fundamental understanding of how to run a store and develop their business savvy.

2. Phase 2, a 5-day training course lasting 45 hours that will be held in a nearby training facility, offers practical experience with in-store operations, technical systems, and an introduction to business acumen.

3. University business courses and print service training are provided as part of Phase 3,90 hours of training in a 10-day training program in San Diego, California.

4. The second in-store experience will be provided in Phase 4, a 40- to 45-hour training program as per the UPS franchise training manual that will take place in a nearby certified training facility.

In addition, they will help you with finance for your location, site construction, and network building with other franchisees.


UPS Store operations & support

After the franchise center opens, The UPS Store offers tools and cutting-edge technology to help you run and expand your business. 

Additionally, offers franchise owners a chance for national advertising and marketing support, a corporate retail solution, and continuous assistance with things like purchasing cooperatives, security and safety procedures, field operations, etc.


How is UPS Store Franchise Territory Granted

Franchisees will be permitted to run their centers at any particular location that the franchisor approves. The minimum size of the center is unrestricted; the size of the territory is solely influenced by local market conditions. 

The franchise agreement form will include a map and a textual description of the center’s general location. No franchisee will be given an exclusive region.


What is the UPS Store Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The UPS store’s first franchise term is 10 years. The agreement may be renewed with the most recent version of a franchise agreement for successive terms of ten years each if a franchise is performing well and expanding as anticipated.


UPS Store Franchise


Does the UPS Store provide Franchises with Financial Assistance?

According to the UPS franchise disclosure document 2023, the franchisor of UPS stores periodically offers in-house funding to eligible potential franchisees or prospective UPS franchise store owners.

The UPS Store gives its franchisees a choice between two different types of franchise funding.

1. Internal funding, which covers beginning costs, inventory expenditures, and equipment cost

2. The UPS store’s third-party partners provide funding for the franchise fee, launch charges, inventory, and equipment costs.

Additionally, numerous franchise owners may be eligible for loans up to 100% of the expenditures to build out conventional centers or to purchase additional existing centers.


ups store franchise


Why you should buy a UPS Store Franchise?

For more than 40 years, he UPS Store has providted goods and services to nearby small business owners and consumers. 

Additionally, The UPS Store provides its franchises with a range of opportunities. 

Here are various justifications for choosing the UPS franchise.

1. The UPS Store has been regarded as a premier retail service for more than 30 years, demonstrating the strength and constancy of the brand throughout time.

2. The UPS location aids their franchise’s marketing and expansion in the national market.

3. They give their franchise thorough leadership and guidance training and support to make management and operation easier.

4. The UPS Store also offers its franchises highly advanced and innovative information technologies.

5. Approximately 50% of franchisees have more than one unit, demonstrating the success of the brand in the market.

6. The UPS Store offers its franchisee financial assistance.




How much do UPS Store franchise owners make?

As per the latest FDD 2023, a typical franchise of a UPS store makes $36,548 per year, according to a Glassdoor assessment. The compensation may be in the range of $19,613 to $156,414 annually.

Estimating the earnings of a UPS Store proves challenging, contingent upon factors such as location and demographics. Parcel profits can vary significantly, with some stores earning under a dollar per parcel, while others may generate between $2 to $3 per parcel. Engaging with local UPS Store owners is strongly advised to assess potential profit margins.

However, the UPS Store business is experiencing notable expansion. AGS has displayed consistent growth, increasing by approximately 27% from 2019 to 2021.


UPS Store Franchise


What is the UPS Store franchise profit?

The adjusted gross average sale for a unit in 2020, per the franchise disclosure document paperwork for the UPS was $607,750. (FDD 2023). and an approximate $365,00 in gross sales per year.

Here, the UPS retail franchise’s profitability is in doubt. Profitability is not guaranteed by owning a franchise for a well-known brand; it depends on some factors, including 

  • location, 
  • franchise performance, 
  • franchise owner business development abilities, etc.



UPS Store franchise reviews

There are several UPS Store franchises out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key factors to consider when choosing a UPS Store franchise.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the franchise is reputable and has a good track record. 

Second, you’ll want to think about the location. Do you want a franchise in a busy area or a quieter one? 

And finally, are you prepared to put in the hard work and effort required to run a successful UPS Store?

You should get in touch with existing ups store franchises and ask for franchise reviews. Almost half of the franchises of UPS are multi-unit franchises of UPS stores. This is the best UPS store franchise review, still, approach franchises near you and validate your decision to own a UPS store.



UPS Store Franchise Rankings

UPS Store franchise rankings are important for anyone considering a franchise opportunity. The rankings are based on some factors, including financial stability, customer satisfaction, and growth potential.


ups store franchise


Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

You will succeed if you have a well-known brand and strong backing. The owner’s critical management approach is crucial to the company’s success. If we look closely at the UPS store franchise, it could be a very good option for people who are good with people and want to serve their community business. 

The established brand name, consistency in maintaining top rank in the franchise, proven business model, over 30 years of franchising experience, extensive training for franchise owners, financial assistance, store-in-store, and nationwide 

Advertising and marketing campaigns are all significant benefits for a franchise owner. 

Aside from that, the UPS store offers its franchise a good market opportunity, strong business value, and the freedom to operate its center. 

More than 48% of UPS franchisees own multiple locations, demonstrating the company’s strong franchise system. I recommend the UPS Store franchise to entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the postal and shipping industry.

If you are not keen on postal and shipping franchises, you can consider other services franchise opportunities like

  1. Pillar To Post Franchise
  2. Roof Maxx Franchise
  3. Legacy Academy Franchise
  4. Kumon Franchise
  5. Kiddie Academy Franchise
  6. Dream Vacations Franchise
UPS Store Franchise



The UPS store franchise has both budget and innovation, and their consistency in productivity ranking demonstrates this. The UPS store’s rational management policy has resulted in positive growth. As a result, UPS stores have emerged as successful business startups.

UPS Store franchises are small businesses that offer a wide range of packages and shipping services, including same-day and next-day delivery. They are also popular for their comprehensive inventory of items, including electronics, home hardware, and pet supplies.

This milestone is achieved not only by providing quality services, but also by providing regular training, operational, ad and market support, and innovative technology support to their franchise owners. The UPS Store is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to work in the community but lack management support and are interested in the shipping business.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the UPS Store franchise profitable?

Yes, it is profitable.

2. Can you make money owning a UPS Store?

Yes, you can make money owning a UPS store

3. Is a UPS franchise good business?

Yes, ups store is a good and stable business.

4. How do UPS Store franchises make money?

Ups store provides shipping, printing, and other business services for local small business owners and serves their best to their local community customers.

5. Why you are interested in owning a UPS Store center?

ups store is one of the top franchising businesses in the category. It also provides comprehensive training and support to its franchise owners.

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