Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs was founded in 2019 by Claire Zhong, as a result of their passion for corn dogs and ambition to produce a more delicious, wholesome version of the popular food. A variety of doughs and ingredients were tried out by the pair, who tried to use only organic and locally produced foods whenever feasible. In Southern California, they started off with a food truck where they immediately developed a reputation for their mouthwatering and distinctive corn dogs. Before creating their distinctive corn dog batter, the brothers spent months experimenting with various recipes and cooking methods. A popular food that consists of a hot dogs stick coated in corn batter and deep-fried till crispy is called a corn dog. Two Hands Fresh Corn Dog is a franchise that specializes in corn dogs.

The tasty and inventive corn dogs from Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs, which come in flavors including Mexican Cheddar, Korean Spicy, and Sweet Potato, are already well-known. According to Statista, the food market will generate US$996.40 billion in revenue in 2023. The market is anticipated to expand by 3.40% yearly (CAGR 2023-2027).

Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise

How much does a Two Hands Corn Dog franchise cost

A Two Hands franchise can be opened for as little as $89,000 and as much as $137,000 in initial cost. Remember that you should set aside extra money so you have enough to live off of as the Two Hands business grows. Additionally, a $35,000 franchise fee is charged.

Two Hands Corn DogFranchise


How much does it cost to franchise a Two Hands Corn Dog in the United States?

To set up a franchise in the United States, you will require $89,000 to $137,000 for initial expenditure along with $35,000 as a franchise fee.

Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise Price and Costs

Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise Fee    $89,000 to $137,000
Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise Cost $35,000
Royalty Fee Varies
Advertising Fee 1%
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes

Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise

How much do Two Hands Corn Dog franchise owners make?

 The income of a Two Hands Corn Dog franchise owner can depend on a variety of factors such as location, competition, marketing strategy, management skills, and other economic factors. However, there is no such information on the owner’s income mentioned in the company’s FDD.

What is the Two Hands Corn Dog?

 Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs, which use superior ingredients and offer a choice of flavors and toppings, are renowned for their inventive spin on the traditional corn dog. The business was founded in 2019 and has numerous sites across the United States right now. They sell freshly made on-site, hand-dipped corn dogs.  Premium ingredients, such as 100% beef hot dogs and handcrafted dough, are something Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs take great satisfaction in using. They also have a selection of sides and dips on their menu.

Is Two Hands Corn Dog a Franchise Opportunity?

Two hands corn dogs do offer franchising opportunities. It has altered the rules of how food is presented, both internally and externally. You can choose other types of breading and cheese in place of just a sausage.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Two Hands Corn Dog 

  • It is a cuisine business that specializes in freshly made corn dogs by hand. 
  • For their corn dogs, the brand employs high-quality ingredients including organic cornmeal and locally sourced meat.
  • In order to guarantee a crispy outside and a boiling hot, juicy interior, corn dogs are cooked fresh to order and are never frozen.
  • Among the corn dogs available from Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs are traditional beef and pork, spicy sausage, and vegetarian versions.
  • Food trucks used by the business can be seen at many different sites and events throughout Sydney, Australia.
  • Due to its incredibly distinctive corn dogs, the restaurant has developed a devoted following and received favorable reviews.


Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise Review and Information

Industry Type Food Franchise Opportunity
Sub Category Fast Casual Restaurant
Year Established 2019
Company Name Two Hands America Inc.
Founder/Management Head               Claire Zhong
Franchising Started 2019
Employees at Company H.O 11-50
Franchise Expansion Plan In the US, this company is recruiting new franchisees.

This company is recruiting new franchisees all across the world.

Number of Units                     20
Number of Franchise Units 15
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  3483 Satellite Blvd 302S, Duluth, GA 30096


Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise Requirements

  1. Financial needs: A Two Hands franchise can be opened for as little as $89,000 and as much as $137,000 in initial expenditure. 
  2. Business Experience: Franchisees having past business experience, ideally in the fast food or restaurant sectors.
  3. Franchisee Training: All Two hands franchisees are required to take part in a rigorous training curriculum within the organization.
  4. Franchise Contract: Franchisees must sign a franchise agreement that details every aspect of the business, including the franchise price and royalties.

Two Hands Corn Dog Training to Franchises

Before launching or running any restaurant, all managers of the Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs franchise must fly to the company’s office for a two-week training period. 

The brand maintains the right to pre-approve any individual who requests to enroll in its training program, and this training is only necessary once per person.

Two Hands Corn Dog Operations to Franchises

Operations Guide: Two Hands offers a thorough operations guide that goes through every aspect of running a Two Hands business. The best practices and changes in the industry are frequently reflected in this manual’s updates. Franchisees receive marketing assistance from the brand in the form of various promotional activities and advertising materials.

How is Two Hands Corn Dog Territory Granted to Franchises

Franchisees of Two Hands are given an exclusive area to run their restaurants in. Population density, rivalry, and market demand are only a few of the variables that affect the territory’s size and location. The franchise agreement specifies the particulars of the territory.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The initial term of the agreement for Two Hands Corn Dogs is 10 years, with the option to renew for an additional 10-year term. The renewal terms are subject to negotiation between the franchisor and franchisee and are based on various factors, including the franchisee’s performance and compliance with the terms of the franchise agreement.

Does Two Hands Corn Dog Provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs has connections with outside sources that provide funding for the following things: startup expenditures, inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise

Pros & Cons of Owning a Two-Hands Corn Dog Franchise

Pros of owning a Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise 

  • A well-known company with a successful track record is Two Hands Corn Dog. This increases sales and cultivates a base of devoted clients.

  • The franchisor provides continuous operational, marketing, and other support in addition to training and assistance with getting the firm off the ground.

  • The franchisor can profit from the franchisor’s marketing initiatives, such as national ad campaigns and promotional products, which assist draw clients and raise brand recognition.

  • Because the franchisor has previously created a successful business model and offers help to assure success, owning a franchise can be less risky than establishing a business from scratch.

Cons of Owning a Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise

  • You are required to adhere to the operating guidelines and standards established by the franchisor as a franchisee. This may restrict your ability to take initiative and change the business to your liking.

  • Since there is intense competition in the fast food sector, you might have to compete with rival Two Hands Corn Dog franchisees as well as other fast food franchises in your neighborhood.

  • Even while the Two Hands Corn Dog is a well-liked dish, not everyone may enjoy it, and the menu’s restricted selection might not provide sufficient variety to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers.

  •  You depend on the franchisor for assistance, instruction, and marketing. Your firm may suffer from inadequate franchisor assistance or a ruined brand reputation.

What are Two Hands Corn Dog franchise reviews?

Most of the reviews for Two Hands Corn Dogs have been favorable. Customers praise the excellent food, warm service, and interesting menu choices. Some critics also point out the reasonable costs and clean, pleasant atmosphere of the franchise outlets.

However, there have been some negative reviews, just as with every franchise. While a few customers reported a limited choice, several complained about long waits during busy periods. Some franchisors also mentioned having trouble getting support from and communicating with franchisors.

Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise Rankings

Two Hands were given a 5-star rating by TripAdvisor and have been ranked 16 out of 21 in top street Foods of New York City along with 5693 positions out of 7010 in most liked restaurants in New York City.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Two Hands Corn Dogs sounds like a successful business to run if you’re thinking about franchising, especially with their brand-new menu. Its franchise price is reasonable when compared to those of other US-based franchises. 

Potential Risks to consider before investing in a Two-Hands Corn Dogs

  • The success of the Two Hands Corn Dog franchise depends on its reputation. Any unfavorable press coverage or consumer complaints can hurt the brand and reduce sales. To maintain a high level of customer service and promptly address any problems, the reputation of the franchisee must be preserved.
  •  Running a fast-food restaurant may be difficult and complex. Numerous things need to be taken into account, including inventory management, personnel hiring and training, and equipment maintenance. It is crucial to possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully run a fast-food enterprise.
  •  Numerous restrictions and standards, such as zoning codes, labor laws, and health and safety legislation, apply to fast-food franchises. 

Is the Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise Profit Worth the Cost?

The original franchise fees, recurring royalties, and other franchise running expenses should all be taken into account when evaluating a franchise’s profitability. Additionally, you should do some research on the local competition and the market demand for the franchise product or service. You definitely get what you pay for, though, given the lasting popularity of Two Hands Corn Dogs among young people.

Two Hands Corn Dogs Franchise Success and Failure Rate

The below table will highlight the Two Hands Corn Dog franchise’s success and failure rate for the last 3 years. This will supplement your decision-making process.

Year Format Start End Change
2019 Franchise Owned 0 0 0
Company Owned 20 20 0
2020 Franchise Owned 0 5 +5
Company Owned 20 20 0
2021 Franchise Owned 4 15 +11
Company Owned 20 20 0

Competition Analysis of Two Hands Corn Dog 

Two Hands Corn Dog Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Two Hands Corn Dog $89,000 to $137,000 $35,000 varies 3.3/5.0
Subway Franchise $222,050 – $506,900 $15,000 8% $454,877 7.3 years 4.5/5.0
Jimmy John’s Franchise $355,900 – $671,400 $30,000-$35,000 6% $280,000 6-7 years 4.0/5.0
Jersey Mike’s Franchise $194,035 – $954,611 $ 18,500 6.5% $1,049,047 7-8 years 3.6/5.0
Jason’s Deli Franchise $1,020,759 – $1,554,891 $17,500 6% $2,080,645  5-6 years 3.9/5.0
McAlister’s Deli Franchise  $175,000 to $1,360,000 $15,000 5% $1,865,861 4-6 years 3.5/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the Two Hand Corn Dog Franchise is 3.3/5.0.

Two Hands Corn Dog Franchise

Conclusion: Is the Two Hands Corn Dog franchise worth it?

It’s crucial to perform the necessary research and carefully examine a company’s finances, business plan, and reputation before investing in a franchise like Two Hands Corn Dog. This could involve interacting with current and previous franchisees, going over financial records and franchise agreements, and assessing rivalry in the market.

The choice to buy a franchise ultimately comes down to your financial situation, risk tolerance, and personal aspirations. To weigh the potential advantages and hazards of purchasing a specific franchise, it may be useful to speak with a franchise lawyer or financial counselor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are the Two Hands Corn Dog Franchises profitable?

The profitability of a Two Hands Corn Dogs franchise will depend on a variety of variables, including the management style of the specific franchisee, marketing plans, cost management, and local market conditions.

  • Can you make money owning a Two Hands Corn Dog Franchises?

Yes, owning a Two hands franchise has the potential to be financially rewarding, but profitability is not guaranteed and will depend on a variety of conditions.

  • Is Two Hands Corn Dog a franchise?

Yes, Two hands corn dogs offer franchising opportunities that started franchising in 2019.

  • How much is a Two Hands Corn Dog franchise?

To set up a franchise, you will require $89,000 to $137,000 for initial expenditure along with $35,000 as a franchise fee.

  • How do Two Hands Corn Dog franchises make money?

Two hands corn dogs franchises make money by selling customers freshly cooked hand-made corn dogs. 

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