All Dry is highly rated by customers for its fast response times and reliable services. The company also provides ongoing training through its Franchise Academy to ensure franchisees stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Additionally, it has been referenced in news outlets such as CNN Money, Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal—a testament to their success in the industry.

The All Dry franchises is definitely worth considering.

Is All Dry a Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, All Dry is a franchise opportunity, and there are plenty of reviews and testimonials to back this up. The company has received accolades from Entrepreneur Magazine as one of “America’s Best Franchises” and has an impressive 96% success rate amongst its franchisees.

Moreover, All Dry is an affordable option with turnkey solutions that provide everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently. All Dry provides all the support you need to succeed, including training programs, marketing assistance, operational tools and resources, and more. Plus, with 122 locations already operational, this gives you a great platform to leverage when it comes to industry knowledge and experience.

With all that said, it’s no secret why so many people have decided to open a franchise of All Dry over the years—it’s proven itself as a great investment with high potential for profit. Hopefully this review has given you a better insight into what’s involved with becoming an All Dry franchisee, from cost and profit analysis to opportunities available now!

Facts That Nobody Told You About All Dry

You’re probably wondering what it’ll cost you to open an All Dry franchise. Well, nobody has to tell you that there are several costs associated with any new business venture.

But not to worry—there are plenty of resources available to help you understand how much a franchise of All Dry costs and what kind of profits can be expected.  Here are a few facts you should know:

  1. Initial Investment: According to All Dry’s Franchise Disclosure Document, initial franchise fees can range from $86,949 – $212,000, plus an additional $2,500 for training expenses. You’ll also need a minimum net worth of $250,000 and liquid assets totaling at least $75,000.
  2. Return on Investment: In the past five years alone, franchise owners of All Dry fhave reported earning an average of over $154K per year in profits.
  3. References: One of the biggest advantages of becoming an All Dry franchisee is that you receive references from previous customers who can speak positively about the quality of service they received from your company. This helps boost customer confidence when making a hiring decision, giving you an edge over competitors who don’t have references readily available.
All Dry Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Services Franchises
Sub Category Home Cleaning Services
Year Established 2014
Company Name All Dry
Founder/Management Head Matthew Kuntz
Franchising Started 2020
Employees at Company H.O 20
Franchise Expansion Plan US
Number of Units 116 (as of 2022)
Number of Franchise Units
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Tequesta, FL

All Dry Franchise Requirements

If you’re looking to join the All Dry Franchise family, then you’ll want to know what’s required of you. A typical franchise of All Dry will require a minimum initial investment of $86,949 – $212,000. This includes all the necessary equipment, licenses, and permits you’ll need to get started.

The good news is that the All Dry team has done extensive research and cost analysis reports to show that your business will more than likely make a profit!  In fact, according to their internal study, they estimate that a typical franchisee could make up to $250,000 in profit annually.

Plus, it offers great reference benefits too, such as access to marketing materials, exclusive promotions and discounts from suppliers and partners, promotional materials, and training programs for both owners and employees alike—all designed and managed by the All Dry Home Solutions Corporation.

So if you’re ready for a good return on your investment with plenty of support from an experienced team behind you, Then check out what All Dry has to offer today!

All Dry Franchise

How much does an All Dry franchise cost?

You might be wondering how much it costs to franchise an All Dry in the United States. According to the company website, the total initial investment is between $86,949 – $212,000. This includes franchise fees of $49,500 and equipment and other startup costs that range from $19,875 to $143,125. The good news is that All Dry does offer financing options for qualified franchisees.

It’s also important to note that franchising All Dry does come with ongoing royalties and other fees. For example, there is an initial franchise royalty fee of 7% as well as an ongoing 1% royalty fee. Additionally, there’s a 1% advertising fund fee every month.

It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence and research the different franchising opportunities out there before making any decisions, but if you’re interested in joining the All Dry family, these cost figures should give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of getting started.

Brand Franchise Price and Costs
Brand Franchise Fee $49,500 
Brand Franchise Cost $86,949 – $212,000
Royalty Fee 7%
Advertising Fee 1%
Term of Agreement 5 years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes
Veteran Discount  10% of Initial Franchise fees

How much do All Dry franchise owners make?

So, what about the profits? How much do franchise owners of All Dry make? Well, All Dry is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a healthy profit. According to the Franchise Business Review, franchisees in the restoration and cleaning industry have an average annual income of $136,000. And based on conversations with several owners of All Dry franchises, they seem to be making well above this average.

What makes All Dry different? Well, aside from their proprietary technology and processes that maximize efficiency and reduce downtime and cost, they also seem to have done a phenomenal job building relationships with insurance companies in the various states they operate in.

This ultimately leads to steady work that gives you plenty of financial security and tremendous growth potential.

Also worth mentioning is that there are several success stories from franchise owners who have used the platform to supplement their existing businesses or create totally new ones. For example, one Maryland-based franchisee talked about how he was able to use his experience as a firefighter combined with the franchise ownership of All Dry to launch a successful cleaning business with unlimited potential for growth.

It’s no surprise then that recently, Franchise Business Review awarded All Dry an accolade for having one of America’s top-performing franchises according to their satisfaction surveys from 2020!

All Dry Training to Franchises

If you’re looking to become an All Dry franchise owner, you’ll need to invest in its franchise training program. It’s a three-week onsite intensive course at All Dry’s corporate headquarters in Illinois that covers everything from marketing to operations and beyond.

The cost of the training varies based on your location, but you can expect it to be around $20,000. This may seem like a lot of money, but it’s a small price to pay for the benefits that come with owning an All Dry franchise. Here are some of them:

  1. Access to all of Dry’s proprietary software and tools
  2. comprehensive brand and marketing support
  3. Step-by-step guidance for every phase of your business, from launch to growth
  4. Connections with experienced franchise owners who can provide advice and references
  5. Ongoing support from your local area business consultant

You’ll also receive an operations manual that has detailed information about the products, services, and processes so that you can gain the most control over your franchise operations while operating within the framework of established safety standards and guidelines set forth by All Dry. With this comprehensive training program, you’ll be equipped with all the skills you need to run a successful business when investing in an All Dry franchise!

All Dry Operations to Franchises

You may have heard of All Dry franchises, but what do they entail? All Dry is a leading provider of disaster restoration services and home improvements. They can help with water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and many other home improvement services.

By investing in an All Dry franchise, you could enjoy the following:

  • A comprehensive training program that helps you become an expert in their wide range of services
  • Technologically advanced equipment and management resources that can help streamline operations
  • An established brand with a good reputation in the construction industry
  • The opportunity to partner with insurance carriers and adjusters to maximize profits
  • a ready customer base that is already familiar with the All Dry brand.

All Dry franchises have been around for more than 25 years and have proven to be successful in many markets across the US. With their experience, expertise, and knowledge of the industry, they are well respected amongst franchise owners. Plus, their low franchise fee makes them a great investment for entrepreneurs looking for an affordable way to get into the construction industry.

How is All Dry territory granted to franchises?

You may not have known that All Dry’s territories are granted in a very certain manner. To ensure that all franchises are competitive and successful, franchisors must be conscious when allocating and granting exclusive territories.

  • Zoning Laws

To ensure franchises can compete fairly, all parties must consider local zoning laws and regulations when awarding exclusive territories. This helps make sure that territories are not too large for a single franchisee to service.

  • Population Density

When determining the size of a territory, population density plays an important role in measuring the potential profitability for the franchisee. All Dry takes this into account by tailoring regions according to the number of people living in them and the number of potential customers.

  • Reference System

All Dry also considers its reputation when deciding who should get franchised locations, as they want to make sure that the people running their franchises are representing the company well. Each individual applying for a franchise will have their references checked to make sure they have what it takes to represent All Dry professionally and accurately.

At the end of each application process, not only is the candidate’s background checked but their territory is too to make sure they have been granted one that fits into AllDry’s overall mission: “to provide top-of-the-line water damage restoration services in order to help our customers recover quickly after experiencing water damage.”

What is the term of the franchise agreement and renewal?

If you’re considering investing in an All Dry franchise, you’ll definitely want to know about the terms of the agreement and renewal for this franchise.

All Dry offers a 5-year term of agreement before franchises must be renewed. Currently, there are two 5-year options for extending the renewal term.

This means that after the first five years of franchising, businesses have the option to renew their franchise agreement for an additional five years at the same price as the initial agreement, with no additional royalties or advertising fees added on top of what was initially agreed upon.

It’s important to remember that businesses need to renegotiate their franchise agreements after 10 years, which could lead to different costs and terms of service should they decide to continue franchising after 10 years. Franchises are not guaranteed renewal.

To date, most All Dry franchises have chosen to renew their contracts for another 5 years; however, if you’re interested in learning more about how long franchises last and what it takes to renew, feel free to speak directly with a representative from All Dry’s corporate office or read through their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Does All Dry provide financial assistance to franchises?

When it comes to investing in a franchise, one question people often ask is whether they’re going to get financial assistance. So, does All Dry provide financial assistance to its franchises?

The answer is yes! All Dry offers financing options through third-party lenders, including the Small Business Administration (SBA). This could help you get the capital you need to open up a franchise—including start-up costs, equipment, inventory, and working capital. You can also apply to get an SBA loan guarantee if you qualify.

All Dry also has a referral program where existing franchisees can refer new franchisees—and then receive up to €3,000 upon the completion of their referral. Plus, All Dry provides marketing support for all its franchises to help them get more customers and stay on top of the competition.

All Dry is well-known for having award-winning customer support services and extensive training programs for their franchises, which make it easier for those interested in franchising with them to make an informed decision about investing their money wisely.

All Dry Franchise

Pros and Cons of Owning an All-Dry Franchise

When it comes to looking into owning an All Dry franchise, there are a few pros and cons you should be aware of. Let’s take a closer look.


One of the biggest benefits of owning an All Dry franchise is that the overhead costs are kept to a minimum. Start-up franchisees don’t need to worry about investing money in marketing, as the All Dry name itself serves as its own advertisement. Additionally, with helpful and accessible training programs coupled with available regional support, running an All Dry franchise can be seen as a relatively low-risk business endeavour.


On the other hand, however, owning an All Dry franchise means you are essentially starting your own business from scratch—without the benefits of existing customers or supplier relationships. Also, since you will be signing on with the company’s already developed logo and branding direction, you won’t have much control over how customers perceive your brand. Ultimately, it is up to you to create a unique identity for your location amongst competitors in your area.

Nevertheless, buying into an established brand such as All Dry certainly has its advantages, and this helps explain why this particular franchise has grown exponentially in recent years and has earned positive reviews from both current and former franchisees.

What are All Dry franchise reviews

You might be wondering what people are saying about the All Dry franchise. Well, the good news is that most reviews of the franchise are overwhelmingly positive. People praise it for its friendly and helpful support staff, great compensation, excellent training programs, and marketing materials. And industry pundits have noted that All Dry has been able to deliver consistent performance for its franchisees despite ongoing economic uncertainty.

Most customers of All Dry franchises also report being happy with the services they’ve received from their local franchisee. Many clients say they were surprised at how quickly their homes were dried out and restored after a water emergency. Plus, customers report that their technicians’ careful attention to detail when dealing with their unique home circumstances was much appreciated.

The success of franchising All Dry  has been documented by several reputable sources, including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Franchise Business Review. According to Forbes magazine, “All Dry offers one of the best ROIs in franchising as well as competitive start-up costs and strong growth potential.” Meanwhile, Entrepreneur Magazine calls All Dry a “solid investment opportunity,” while Franchise Business Review notes that “All Dry provides plenty of support for its franchisees so they can build successful businesses.”

All Dry Franchise Rankings

Are you looking to start an All Dry franchise? This is a great opportunity to join a well-established, successful franchise model with decades of success. With an All Dry franchise, you can leverage the network’s established brand and strategies to run a profitable business.

Let’s take a look at how All Dry ranks in terms of cost and profit reviews:

  1. Low start-up fees: As one of the most affordable franchise investments on the market, All Dry offers a low initial investment fee of $86,949 – $212,000 and no royalty fees for the first 3 years.
  2. High ROI: With an ROI of 57% over 3 years according to, this is one of the highest returns among many franchise models.
  3. Consistent national demand: Even throughout this pandemic economy, there is a consistent demand for cleaning services such as those offered by All Dry franchises due to their quality products and services that are highly regarded by their customers.
  4. Referrals from satisfied customers: Customers often leave glowing reviews about their experience with All Dry franchises and refer others to their services or products; this continues to drive business for the company in new markets all over the country.
  5. Strong leadership: The leadership team behind the scenes at All Dry encourages each franchise owner to succeed in whatever ways they can through support and guidance, as well as knowledge sharing with other owners on different marketing strategies and financial planning techniques that may be useful to them in running their business better every year.

In addition to this, an All Dry franchise ranked 333 in 2023 under Franchise 500 Ranking and 42 in 2022 under Top New Franchises.

With these high rankings in terms of its cost structure, potential profit margin, and customer satisfaction rate—not to mention solid leadership backing—an investment into franchising All Dry will prove to be profitable. 

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Doing your own research is always a good idea before investing in any franchise. You’re likely already looking into reviews and cost-profit analyses, and the All Dry franchise is no different. To get started, it’s worth taking a look at Franchise Deck for analysis and overviews to make sure this is the right franchise opportunity for you.

We covers details like:

  • Potential risks to consider before investing in the All Dry franchise
  • The All Dry Franchise Cost & Profit
  • The All Dry Franchise Agreement Terms and Conditions
  • Tips on how to choose a profitable area
  • Profit-generating tactics and best practices
  • Plus, regional references from other successful All Dry franchisees

By closely examining all these components, you can make an informed decision about whether or not an All Dry franchise is right for you—and if so, where to set up shop for maximum profitability. With everything in one spot, it’s never been easier to get the information you need at your fingertips.

Competition Analysis of All Dry Franchise

All Dry Franchise Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
All Dry Franchise $86,949 -$212,000 $49,500 7%+1% $136,000 4/5
1-800-GOT-JUNK Franchise $162,800-$245,250 $65,000-$97,500 8%+1% $2.5 million 3.7/5
Competitor2 Franchise $76,819 – $309,133 $8,000 4.5/5
Ubreakifix Franchise  $118,350-$369,555 $40,000 7%+5% 10 years 3.4/5
Decorating DenFranchise  $43,813 – $70,400 $29,900 – $39,900 7-9%+1-4% 40% 4.5/5

The Franchise Deck rating for the All Dry franchise is 4/5.0.

All Dry Franchise

Conclusion: Is the All Dry franchise a good choice?

There are a few things that make All Dry different from other franchises—namely, the relatively low expenses and high profits. Additionally, the profits can be higher than what you would see from most franchises since All Dry is largely a cash-only business.

However, All Dry does require a pretty substantial initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty payments. You should also factor in all of the start-up costs, including local permits and certifications, equipment purchases, and training. The overall cost can quickly add up!

All in all, the All Dry franchise could be a great fit for certain entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity with the potential for high returns with relatively few headaches. But before taking any steps forward, it’s important to do your research and crunch the numbers thoroughly so you know what to expect—including potential risks—before setting out on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When considering investing in an All Dry franchise, there are several questions to consider. So, let’s look at the 5 most common ones:

  • Is the All Dry franchise profitable?

Yes, the All Dry franchise can be very profitable. Franchisees benefit from an established brand, professional training, and ongoing support. All these factors give owners the best chance of success and profitability.

  • Can you make money owning an All Dry?

Yes!  With hard work, dedication, and following all the methods taught by All Dry, you can make a great living and generate a stable income.

  • Is All Dry a franchise?

Yes!  All Dry is part of the Franchise Channel business model of franchising. That means that you will have access to training and help with marketing and branding, plus all the benefits that come from being part of an established brand like All Dry.

  • How much is an All Dry franchise?

The cost of an All Dry franchise can vary depending on location and other factors, but is typically around $49,500 for a single location.

  • How do All Dry franchisees make money?

This is simple: by providing quality services to their clients with premium products like carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, furniture cleaning, water damage restoration, etc., franchises can generate a steady stream of income for their owners over time.

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