Men in Kilts is a distinctive and quickly expanding franchise that specialises in providing residential and commercial window cleaning services while donning traditional Scottish kilts. Customers and investors alike have become used to this unique cleaning strategy. As a result, entrepreneurs seeking to launch their own firms now find the Men in Kilts franchise to be a compelling investment prospect. 

However, before choosing a franchise, it’s crucial to thoroughly weigh the expenses, earnings, and customer feedback related to the brand. I’ll examine the Men in Kilts franchises in this post and go through the numerous components of the company that prospective investors need to be aware of.

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Men in Kilts Franchise

How much does a Men in Kilts franchise cost

To become a franchisee with Men In Kilts, prospective investors must have access to at least $100,000 in liquid capital. Additionally, there is a franchise fee of $38,000 that must be paid to the company. The total investment required to establish a Men In Kilts franchise is expected to be between $157,290 and $191,950. Men In Kilts levies a franchise fee of $38,000, but they provide funding options and a discount of 20% for military veterans.

Men in Kits Franchise Price and Costs
 Franchise Fee $38,000
Men in Kits Franchise Cost $157,290 – $191,950
Royalty Fee 5-8%
Advertising Fee 2%
Term of Agreement 5 years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes
Renewable Franchise Fees N/A

How much do Men in Kilts franchise owners make?

Franchisees’ earnings may be influenced by a number of variables, including lo, costs of doing business, consumer demand, and managerial abilities. You may, however, get in touch with Men in Kilts directly to ask about potential revenues or to get information on their franchise disclosure document (FDD), which can offer additional specifics on the operational financials of their franchise system. Before making any investing selections, it’s crucial to carry out extensive research and consult experts.

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Men in Kilts Franchise Requirements

  • Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for Men in Kilts is $38,000.

  • Total Investment: The total investment required to start a Men in Kilts franchise ranges from $157,290 to $191,950. This includes the initial franchise fee, equipment and supplies, insurance, initial marketing expenses, and other start-up costs.

  • Liquid Assets: Franchisees must have at least $100,000 in liquid assets to invest in the business.

  • Passion for the brand: Men in Kilts franchisees should be passionate about the brand and its unique culture.

  • Commitment to growth: Successful franchisees should be committed to growing the business and following the Men in Kilts system.

Men in Kilts Franchise

What is Men in Kilts franchise reviews

Positive Reviews

“We are a very community-based organisation, and one you can trust in your home. I don’t see money as the end-all-be-all. I try to teach my employees that it’s the quality of service that you provide to someone that’s going to create value in your business.”

“I’d always been interested in business ownership and working for myself, and once I learned about the brand and understood the power of it, I was sold. I mean, the kilt is magic.”

“The corporate team is amazing. They’ve got support in every aspect of the business, whether it’s marketing, business coaching or choosing the right chemicals or products to use, we have support. You name it, we’ve got it. It’s a huge benefit.”

Negative Reviews

“As a prospective franchisee, it is important to consider that the success of the Men in Kilts franchise is heavily reliant on local market conditions, and it may be more challenging for franchisees in less populated areas to attract enough customers to maintain profitability.”

“In my opinion, the initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties seem to be relatively high, and this might pose a challenge to the profitability of some franchisees.”

“In my opinion, I find  the franchise agreement to be quite restrictive, leaving franchisees with limited room for manoeuvre when it comes to setting prices or devising marketing strategies.”


What is the Men in Kilts ?

Men in Kilts is an unique company that provides cleaning services for residential and commercial properties while sporting the traditional Scottish kilt. Nicholas Brand, who was motivated by the Scottish ancestry of his family, established the business in 2002 in Canada. Since then, Men in Kilts has grown to over 25 sites across North America, and future growth is planned.

The business provides a range of cleaning services, including home cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Men in Kilts has distinguished themselves in a congested industry because of its distinctive branding and top-notch customer service.

Is Men in Kilts a Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, Men in Kilts is a franchis opportunity. For business owners who wish to start and run their own Men in Kilts cleaning company, it provides a turnkey business model. The company, which now has over 25 sites across North America, is actively looking for new franchise partners to help it grow its brand. Visit their website to learn more and submit an application if you’re interested in starting a Men in Kilts franchises.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Men in Kilts

  • Nic Brand, who is the founder of Men In Kilts and also manages multiple units, received the Franchisee of the Year award during the 63rd IFA Annual Convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The Franchise Academy Podcast, a well-known platform that provides insights and education for entrepreneurs and franchise owners, recently featured Men In Kilts.
  • In just under four years, Men In Kilts made a big impression on the Alberta market by doubling their revenue from $3 million to almost $6 million.
Men in Kilts Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Maintenance
Sub Category Window Cleaning, Miscellaneous Services, Cleaning/Restoration
Year Established 2002
Company Name Men In Kilts
Founder/Management Head Nicholas Brand
Franchising Started 2010
Employees at Company H.O 15
Franchise Expansion Plan In USA and Canada
Number of Units
Number of Franchise Units 35 (as of 2022)
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location        77 N. Washington St.Boston, MA 02114

Men in Kilts Training to Franchises

Men in Kilts franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to help them succeed in their business. The training includes 45 hours of on-the-job training and 38.5 hours of classroom training. 

Men in Kilts also provides ongoing support in the form of purchasing co-ops, a newsletter, meetings and conventions, and a toll-free line. Franchisees receive assistance with site selection and security and safety procedures. Men in Kilts also provides proprietary software and a franchisee intranet platform to help franchisees manage their business. 

Marketing support includes ad templates, regional advertising, social media, SEO, website development, and email marketing to help franchisees build their brand and reach their target audience. Additionally, Men in Kilts provides support for the grand opening of new franchises to help ensure a successful launch.

Men in Kilts Operations to Franchises

Men in Kilts franchises requires hands-on ownership, and absentee ownership is not allowed. The franchise can be run from a home office or a mobile unit, making it a flexible option for entrepreneurs who prefer to work from home or on-the-go. However, running the franchise part-time is not an option as it requires a dedicated effort to maintain the brand standards and deliver exceptional customer service. 

A team of 2-6 employees is required to operate a Men in Kilts franchises, and franchisees are responsible for hiring and managing their staff. Men in Kilts offers exclusive territories to its franchisees to ensure that they have a defined market area to operate in and avoid competition from other franchisees.

How is Men in Kilts Territory Granted to Franchises?

Franchises are granted, Men in Kilts territories depending on a variety of variables, including market demand, local competitiveness, and population density. The business chooses the most promising regions for future franchise sites using advanced mapping and demographic analytic technologies. 

Men in Kilts works together to identify the ideal site that complements the goals and objectives of the franchisee while also taking into account the tastes and background of the franchisee. When a territory is awarded, the franchisee has the only right to conduct business there, protecting and enhancing the business potential.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The brand provides a franchise term of 5 years and it can be renewed subject to the terms and conditions of the company.

Does Men in Kilts Provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

The company does not provide any funding or financing from its end. Nonetheless, the business does provide assistance and tools to assist franchisees in obtaining funding from other lenders.

Men in Kilts Franchise

Pros & Cons of owning a Men in Kilts

Pros of owning a Brand Franchise 

  • Unforgettable, stand-out brand : The brand offers an unforgettable experience which makes it stand out in the industry.
  • National Brand on Local Level : Despite being a national brand, the company has a strong presence on the local level, building relationships and trust within each community they serve.
  • Employee Recruiting Specialists : As employee recruiting specialists, the company has a knack for finding the best talent and bringing them onboard to help drive success.
  • Top Vendor Partnerships : With top vendor partnerships, the company is able to offer the best products and services to their customers, providing added value and driving revenue.
  • National Sales Center : The national sales centre acts as the hub for the company’s sales operations, providing support and resources to sales teams across the country.
  • Personal Business & Marketing Coaches : Personal business and marketing coaches work closely with franchisees to help them succeed, providing guidance and support every step of the way.
  • Franchisee & Employee Training : Franchisee and employee training is a top priority for the company, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel and grow within the organisation.

Cons of Owning a Brand Franchise

  • High initial investment : Starting a Men in Kilt’s franchise requires a significant amount of money upfront, including the franchise fee, equipment costs, and marketing expenses.
  • Limited geographic locations : Men in Kilts franchises are currently only available in certain regions of the United States and Canada, which may limit the potential customer base.
  • Seasonal business : As a window cleaning and pressure washing service, Men in Kilts may experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year, with peak seasons during the warmer months.
  • Need for physical labour : Running a Men in Kilt”s franchise requires physical labor, including climbing ladders and performing other tasks that may be strenuous.
  • Need for effective management : As a franchise owner, it is important to effectively manage employees, maintain equipment, and ensure customer satisfaction, which can be a challenge for some individuals.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Like any franchise brand, Men in Kilt’s also have both positive and negative aspects to consider for potential franchises. 

Positive aspects highlight the brand’s unique and community oriented approach, the magic of kilted uniforms with eye-catching concept that stands out from other maintenance franchises, the discount options that they have for veterans and LGBTQ+ community members, a strong brand reputation and a growing customer base and extensive support and personal training provided to the franchises.

However, the negative aspects raise concerns on the franchise’s reliance on local market conditions, non availability of financial assistance from its end which can be challenging for some prospective franchises and potential risks placed on the franchises in terms of marketing and pricing strategies. 

Hence, before investing in the Men in Kilts franchise, it is essential to conduct extensive research and seek advice from experts to ensure a well-informed decision.

Potential Risks to consider before investing in a Men in Kil  franchise

When making an investment in a Men in Kilt franchise, potential risks to think about include the high initial investment needed, the franchise’s restricted geographic reach, and the business’ seasonal nature. It can be difficult for some people to manage the physical labour, competent management, and upkeep that the franchise necessitates. Profitability may also be impacted by rivalry from nearby window cleaning and pressure washing businesses. When deciding to purchase a Men in Kilts business, it is crucial to conduct extensive study and comprehend these potential risks.

Is the Men in Kilts Franchise Profit Worth the Cost?

A definitive answer on whether the Men in Kilt franchise is profitable enough to justify its franchise cost of $157,290 – $191,950 cannot be provided as the current information regarding profitability couldn’t be accessed. However, it is advisable to speak with current and past franchisees to gain insight into their experiences with the franchise.

Competition Analysis of Men in Kilts Franchises

Brand Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Men in Kilts Franchise $157,290 – $191,950 $38000 5-8% + 25   $ 174500 3.9/5
Jan Pro Franchise $4830-$58070 $2520-$44000 10% + 1% $ 76,625 2.8-4 years 3.7/5
1-800-GOT-JUNK Franchise $162,800-$245,250 $65,000-$97,500 8%+1% $2.5 million 3.7/5
Mr. Handyman Franchise  $117,500 – $154,100 $59,900 7% + 2% 5 years 4/5
Handyman Connection Franchise $98,922 – $149,874 $60,000 5% + 3% 12% 5 years 4.8/5
Decorating Den Franchise $43,813 – $70,400 $29,900 – $39,900 7-9% + 1-4% 40% 4.5/5

The Franchise Deck rating for the Men in Kilt franchise is 3.9/5.0.

Men in Kilts Franchise

Conclusion: Is the Men in Kilts franchise worth it?

In conclusion, Men in Kilts has attracted the interest of the cleaning services sector with its distinctive and effective business approach. Since its founding in 2002, it has expanded substantially because of its distinctive identity, dedication to providing excellent customer service, and variety of offerings.  Several benefits come with owning a Men in Kilts franchise, including a well-known brand, hiring experts, collaborations with premier vendors, and continuous training and support. But, there are also possible disadvantages to take into account, like the costly initial investment, the limited geographic scope, the seasonal nature of the company, and the physical work necessary. All things considered, Men in Kilt is a thrilling franchise opportunity for people who are enthusiastic about business and are prepared to work hard to make it successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are the Men in Kilts franchise profitable?

Franchise profitability will vary depending on a number of variables, including location, competition, and management. However, owning a Men in Kilt franchise can potentially be profitable if managed effectively.

  1. Can you make money owning a Men in Kilts?

There is no assurance of success when owning a Men in Kilts business, but it can be a way of earning revenue. Several variables, including location, competition, market demand, and managerial abilities, will affect a franchise’s potential for success.

  1. Is a Men in Kilts a franchise?

            Yes, Men in Kilt is a franchise.

  1. How much is a Men in Kilts franchise?

The total investment required to establish a Men In Kilt franchise is expected to be between $157,290 and $191,950.

  1. How do Men in Kilts franchise make money?

Men in Kilts franchise generate revenue by providing expert cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients.

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