Despite the fact that the best restaurant franchises for small towns as well as other big cities are still struggling to recover from lockdowns, the industry continues to remain one of the most demanding and profitable of all.  Some of the best restaurant franchises are always trying to explore new methods to serve meals. As a result, they introduce new or expand existing services that can replace conventional dine-in dining. Drive-thru, take-out, catering, and other off-premise services are growing increasingly popular. 

Irrespective of the prevailing trends, the greatest restaurant franchises to own in the United States seem to be great businesses with a solid reputation and millions of loyal customers. Such businesses are not cheap to start, but they will start making money right away.

Food and beverage sales in the US food industry reached $789 billion in 2021, representing a 19.7% increase over the previous year as per National Restaurant Association. Additionally, in 2022, the food service business in the United States is expected to generate $898 billion in revenue as per National Restaurant Association

Importance of the Best Restaurant Franchises To Own

Best franchise restaurants to own continue to be one of the most popular and long-lasting business ideas. With the advent of the epidemic, several businesses were forced to adapt and devise solutions in order to keep their network intact and even continue to open units. Franchisees incorporated new technologies and innovative customer service methods. Delivery and online ordering have grown in popularity. 

Notwithstanding the economic turmoil of recent years, the food business has managed to survive and prosper despite the challenges. Investing in some of the best restaurant franchise opportunities 2022 proves to be a convenient and efficient business approach. It is a wonderful opportunity to enter the market swiftly and successfully without any additional hurdles.

So, which restaurant franchises are worth exploring? The top franchisors have solid management and support systems in addition to which they tend to help franchisees select locations and navigate business aspects easily and come up with the best franchise restaurants to open. 

Best Restaurant Franchises

What Is The Best Restaurant Franchise To Own?

Before moving on to some of the best restaurant franchises to invest in, you must know that investing in the best restaurant franchise can be considered as profitable and one of the most important decisions you will ever be required to make in the franchising process. To ensure efficiency, you must consider all of the crucial factors when deciding if a particular franchisor is right for you.

To make the process simpler for you, we researched the franchise industry and identified all of the primary factors to consider when choosing the best franchise restaurants to eat at.

  • The popularity of the brand
  • Performance of the other franchisees of the franchisor 
  • Restaurant franchise model
  • Duration of the franchisor in the market 
  • The extent of support the franchisor is willing to provide
  • Cognizance of terms and conditions 
  • Attachment to what you wish to sell
  • Thinking ahead
  • Setting goals 
  • Performance of a SWOT analysis
  • Backup plans in times of any adversities 

We hope that you consider the above-mentioned factors before investing in the best restaurants to franchise 2022. 

Best Restaurant Franchises to Own 2022

Franchises constantly endeavor to retain the consistency of their flagship restaurant’s beliefs and food, so you can anticipate integrity no matter where you are, in the United States or abroad.

There are numerous restaurant franchises, ranging from burger joints to family-style eateries, with locations and fan bases all around the world. Whether you want a healthy snack, a creamy ice cream cone, or a sizzling hot pizza, you are sure to discover the best restaurant to franchise that caters to your needs.

Investigate the best restaurant franchises 2022 and learn about what each business has to offer, including requirements, expenses, and taxes. Here are the best franchise restaurant opportunities in the United States:

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell was founded in 1962 and started franchising in 1964. With around 7,090 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $575,600-$3,370,100, a franchise fee of $25,000-$45,000, and a royalty fee of 5.5%.

It is one of the best franchise restaurants in USA founded in 1962 in Irvine, California by Glen Bell. Yum! Brands, Inc. operates Taco Bell as a chain of fast-food restaurants. Quesadillas, Nachos, Novelty,  Tacos, Burritos, and specialty items, as well as a selection of “value menu” products, are among the Mexican-inspired cuisine served at their locations. You can undoubtedly consider Taco Bell franchise as one of the best Mexican  restaurants to have existed. 

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s franchise was founded in 1940 and started franchising in 1955. With around 36,717 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $1,314,500-$2,313,2950, a franchise fee of $45,000, and a royalty fee of 4%.

McDonald’s is an American fast-food business founded in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It has been around for over seven decades, and many franchises have sprung up over that period. Existing franchises often come with trained staff and pre-existing customers, making them true turnkey players in the market.

  1. Del Taco

Del Taco was founded in 1964 and started franchising in 1967. With around 301 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $862,700-$2,136,500, a franchise fee of $35,000, and a royalty fee of 5%.

Del Taco has been offering freshly prepared, tasty food at an amazing value for more than 50 years. Del Taco’s proven business model, established brand legacy, creative marketing techniques, and stable company financials led by an experienced leadership team provide franchisees with the support systems and resources needed to launch, operate, and expand their business operations.

  1. KFC

KFC was founded in 1930 and started franchising in 1952. With around 25,390 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $1,442,600-$2,771,550, a franchise fee of $45,000, and a royalty fee of 4-5%.

KFC, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most successful chicken restaurant brand. It has been serving customers freshly prepared family meals since the concept was discovered in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders. It is world-renowned for its Original Recipe fried chicken, which is made with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices that Colonel Sanders achieved more than a half-century ago.

  1. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen was founded in 1972 and started franchising in 1976. With around 3,534 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $383,500-$3,545,800, a franchise fee of $50,000, and a royalty fee of 5%.

Popeyes franchise is one of the best franchise restaurants in America, headquartered in Miami, Florida. This best global fast-food chain was started in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen’s exceptional recipes, comprehensive menu offerings, service, and  support system are just a few of the reasons Popeyes remains one of the top restaurant franchise choices for both customers as well as franchisees.

  1. Denny’s

Denny’s was founded in 1953 and started franchising in 1963. With around 1,580 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $305,00-$2,326,540, a franchise fee of $10,000-$30,000, and a royalty fee of 4-7%.

Denny’s is an American table service restaurant chain and one of the best restaurant franchises to own with approximately 1,700 locations worldwide. Their  business has evolved since 1953, but they have managed to say true to what they know; providing a wonderful American dining experience. Denny’s has grown into the well-established restaurant franchise business model it is currently, providing franchisee partners with long-term stability and support.

  1. Melting Pot

Melting Pot was founded in 1975 and started franchising in 1984. With around 94 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $1,339,023-$1,587,201, a franchise fee of $45,000, and a royalty fee of 5%.

Melting Pot is about something more than cheese and chocolate. They are known to e provide a one-of-a-kind, simple-to-run restaurant franchise for entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing amazing guest experiences with every fondue pot. Melting Pot has almost 45 years of experience and accomplishment, including a 20% increase in sales in 2021.

  1. Huddle House

Huddle House was founded in 1964 and started franchising in 1966. With around 256 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $560,435-$1,379,575, a franchise fee of $35,000, and a royalty fee of 4-7.5%.

Consider launching a Huddle House franchise if you are searching for a business opportunity that offers a hometown family favorite to your area. They are a 55-year-old family restaurant business known for serving breakfast all day, Southern hospitality, as well as being the best location in town for friends to meet.

  1. Golden Krust Carribean Restaurant 

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant was founded in 1989 and started franchising in 1996. With around 125 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $225,900-$687,000, a franchise fee of $40,000, and a royalty fee of 5%.

Golden Krust manufactures over 40 million Jamaican patties each year, has over $100 million in systemwide sales and employs over 1,800 teammates. They aim to deliver a fresh, innovative dining experience for todays modern ever-demanding customer, as well as a smart business opportunity for any intelligent entrepreneur.

  1. Zoup! Eatery

Zoup! Eatery was founded in 1998 and started franchising in 2003. With around 66 franchise units, you can start a franchise with an initial investment of $357,900-$675,000, a franchise fee of $39,900, and a royalty fee of 6%.

While they began with a single location of one of the best American franchise restaurants with 12 rotating daily soups, today’s Zoup Eateries have an exciting and inventive menu, all thanks to their rich soup and broth tradition. They have developed their menu from salads and sandwiches to pasta, broth bowls, grain bowls, specialty beverages, and more. 


Best restaurant franchises demonstrate that quality and quantity do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can always anticipate the same wonderful menu, created with the same care and dedication as the flagship restaurant, no matter how many locations tend to exist.

Each of the best restaurant franchises to start listed above is a good investment. Yet, there are some factors to consider before deciding on the ideal one for you. Consider the brand’s reputation, the training and assistance provided, along with the success of previous franchisees. Perhaps the most important thing is to match your budget to the brand’s investment requirements.

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  1. Sam March 21, 2023 at 6:04 am - Reply

    Best Restaurant Franchises offer an amazing culinary experience with their signature dishes.
    They provide a consistent quality of food across different locations.
    Their menus are diverse and appeal to a wide variety of clientele.
    Best Restaurant Franchises often have great customer service and a friendly atmosphere.
    They are usually equipped with modern kitchen equipment making food preparation and service efficient.

  2. Lothridge March 21, 2023 at 6:05 am - Reply

    They are often cost-effective and provide great value for money. Best Restaurant Franchises use fresh ingredients and provide a wide variety of food items.
    They have a great reputation for quality control, making sure the food is always safe to eat.
    Many of them have loyalty programs which reward frequent customers. They have a strong presence in their local communities and often support local charities and events.

  3. Alejandra March 21, 2023 at 6:07 am - Reply

    Best Restaurant Franchises have a good understanding of their local market and can provide a unique flavor to suit their customers’ needs. They often have special offers and promotions to attract new customers. Their staff are well trained to provide an enjoyable dining experience. Best Restaurant Franchises often use innovative marketing techniques to spread the word about their business. They have a great selection of both traditional and modern dishes to satisfy all kinds of diners.

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