Car washes, both manual and mechanized, are a multibillion-dollar industry. They offer a service that is always in high demand. In addition, labor costs and other charges are often known to be minimal. This indicates that now is an excellent time for businessmen to break into the commercial sphere. However, there are two basic ways to accomplish this. You can start a car wash from scratch, or you can consider franchises of car wash, purchasing materials, and other necessary services from an established company. Buying a car wash franchise permits you to use a tried-and-true business concept and a well-known brand name. All you need to do is identify the appropriate opportunity.

How much is the cost to start the best car wash franchise?

A car wash can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $3.5 million from manual to automatic centers. On the lowest end are mobile enterprises like automatic car wash franchises that only need trucks and no fixed location. Those with substantial real estate and equipment typically fall between $2 and $3 million.


Why Start a Carwash franchise business?

Local and automatic vehicle washes are part of a multibillion-dollar industry. They provide services that are always in high demand. In addition, labor and other expenses are low. 

This implies it’s an excellent time for businessmen to break into the corporate world. There are, however, two major ways to accomplish this. You can establish a car wash entirely on your own. You can also franchise a car wash, investing in raw materials and other essential services from an existing firm.

Buying a car wash franchise enables you to use a proven model and a well-known brand name.

Pros and Cons of Car Wash Franchises



Pros of Car Wash franchise opportunities

  • Indispensable in nature
  • Help earn good profits
  • Minimal startup costs
  • Be your own boss
  • Cheap marketing 

Cons of Car Wash franchise opportunities

  • Seasonal in nature
  • Entails more than mere car washing
  • Management issues
  • Machine down time
  • Increased competition 




Which is the best Car Wash franchise to own?

There are a number of franchise opportunities in the Car wash franchises sector. Some are better than others for various reasons. 

Here are 10 to 15 of the best and top Car wash franchises in the United States and Canada.

  1. Mr. Clean Car Wash 

Mr. Clean Car Wash is known to be one of the most well-known brand names in the category of car wash franchises. Potential franchisees also receive assistance ranging from training and site selection to supplies and advertising.  The company is also distinguished for its cutting-edge facilities and diversified profit centers. 

The initial franchise cost is $35,000. The total investment is anticipated to be between $2,417,500 – $3,271,000. 

  1. Ziebart 

Among the many services offered by Ziebart are detailing, paint correction, corrosion prevention, and undercoating. Usually, this entails adding personnel. However, it also offers a variety of profit prospects. The business has more than 1,200 locations worldwide and has been around for 60 years.

On its website, the business makes no mention of a franchise fee. However, it values the overall investment at about $416,820 – $566,100. 

  1. Tommy Express 

Tommy’s Express has been providing car washing services for almost 50 years. To ensure that every element is addressed throughout franchise creation, the business employs a more than 300-point methodology. 

The organization not only assists franchisees with marketing, innovation, and operations, but it also conducts continuing events and training. The franchise cost is $50,000 at the outset. In addition, a total net worth of $2 million is required, including at least $1 million as liquid money.

  1. Green Shine Waterless 

Green Shine Waterless offers an environmentally friendly franchise car washing service.  The business cleans cars without using water with cutting-edge technology. The business offers two business models, one mobile and the other situated in a certain area, such as a parking lot.  

As a result, costs are frequently quite inexpensive. $24,900 is the franchise cost. The total cost can be anything from $52,910 – $165,615. 

  1. Cactus Car Wash 

Several Cactus Car Wash franchises are now active in North Carolina and Georgia. After the firm is established and at every stage of the development process, the business is known to practice collaboration with franchisees. 

A $45,000 franchise fee is required. Additionally, startup costs are between $2,370,000 – $3,805,000. 

  1. Sonny’s 

Sonny’s sells equipment for car cleaning. But the business also offers assistance to people who want to start car wash businesses. This also comprises investment manuals, signs, and consulting. 

The initial costs for a car wash vary depending on the resources and equipment you use. However, there is no standard franchise cost.

  1. DetailXperts

DetailXperts offers eco-friendly automobile and truck detailing services. To thoroughly clean cars without using a tonne of chemicals, the business uses steam cleaning. Along with mobile units, they provide detail shops. Franchisees might therefore consider flexible business choices.

Franchisees might therefore consider flexible business choices. It costs $35,000 to become a franchise. A total of $103,500-$240,100 is the initial investment coupled with $300,000 as a minimum net worth required for franchisees.

  1. Prime Car Wash 

Prime Car Wash gives a more comprehensive experience when compared to many other franchisees. In addition to the self-service amenities found in other franchisees, it has an inside lounge with coffee and food. Customers can even expect personalized attention from team members. 

The initial franchise cost is $50,000. The entire investment is expected to be between $3.5 and $6 million, according to the business. Franchisees must also have at least a $1 million net worth and a liquid capital between $300,000 and $500,000. 

  1. Fleet Clean USA

Fleet Clean provides fleet vehicle washing and mobile truck services.   The target market for this franchise is other businesses, in contrast to many other car washing firms. However, that may increase the income’s stability and resilience to deflation. 

Additionally, it does not need a specific place. So there is not much of a barrier to entry. The franchise fee ranges between $30,000 and $75,000 and the total initial investment is between $158,375 and $321,375.

  1. Oasis Car Wash Systems

Equipment for car washing is sold by Oasis Car Wash Systems. There is no set entry cost because it is not a conventional franchise scheme. Additionally, owners of businesses do not get the comprehensive support and training they might with alternative options. 

However, the business does offer ROI evaluations and assistance to investors thinking about the car wash sector. Additionally, you can easily get up and running with the aid of their goods, which include everything from touchless to self-serve systems.

  1. D&S Car Wash Systems 

D&S Car Wash Systems is a provider of tools and supplies for car washes. As a result, there are no upfront franchise payments. To assist those who want to start car wash businesses, however, the organization offers a wide range of possibilities. For individuals who currently own a car wash, they also provide help with things like site selection, finance, graphics, and renovation.

  1. Superior Wash 

With more than about 80,000 automobiles washed each week across the nation, Superior Wash is a leader in the business. The business provides mobile truck washing, which is rather consistent and recession-proof.

It costs $15,500 to become a franchise. The business will also need between $10,000 and $20,000 as working capital to get started.

  1. Nanotek 

Nanotek, based in Australia, offers an international network of carwash franchise opportunities.  The company, formerly known as Ecowash Mobile, offers mobile service that is renowned for being environmentally friendly.

There are no fees or financial details about franchising on the website. But you can ask the business by getting in touch with them.

  1. Monkey Shine

The well-known oil and lube franchise Grease Monkey has Monkey Shine as a partner firm. Franchises of Grease Monkey can purchase it as an add-on. These shops make use of automatic wash stations so that companies can make money continuously while maintaining low labor costs.

There is no additional franchise charge for the addition. The only requirements are a net worth of $250,000 and liquid assets of $60,000 and $75,000.

  1. No H2O

According to No H2O, it is considered the Uber of car cleaning. The franchise automates the administration of car washing services by providing on-demand service using a smartphone app. Being movable, it also offers flexibility and affordable running costs. 

A $40k franchise fee is anticipated along with a total upfront investment ranging from $150,000 to $200,000.

Top and Best Car Wash Franchises in the USA in 2023



Best Upcoming Car wash franchise opportunities in 2023

  1. Grease Monkey.
  2. NOVUS Glass.
  3. Fibrenew.
  4. Big O Tires
  5. Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change.
  6. RNR Tire Express.
  7. Merlin Complete Auto Care.


Best Car wash franchise opportunities in terms of Net Worth 

  1. DetailXperts
  2. Tommy’s
  3. Fleet Clean
  4. Green Shine


Which is the Most Profitable Carwash franchise 

  1. Tommy’s Express
  2. Green Shine Waterless
  3. DetailXPerts
  4. Monkey Shine
  5. No H2O
  6. Spiffy
  7. Cactus Car Wash


Best Carwash franchise opportunities in terms of the Rankings

  1. DetailXPerts
  2. Tommy’s Express Car Wash
  3. Fleet Clean USA. Fleet Clean USA 
  4. Spiffy


Best Car wash franchise opportunities in terms of the Franchise Deck Ratings


  Car wash franchise  Franchise Deck Ratings
1. DetailXperts   4.1/5.0
2. Green Shine    4.0/5.0
3. Tommy’s    3.9/5.0
4. No H2O 3.9/5.0 
5. Fleet Clean    3.8/5.0

How to select the best Car wash franchises for sale in 2023

You must take the steps listed below if you want to learn how to launch a car wash business

  • Study the car wash industry.
  • Market study to determine the extent of the regional opportunity
  • Construct a business plan.
  • Determine what technology and equipment you will need for a car wash 
  • Find a place, then construct or renovate a building there.
  • Promote your company

These procedures are intricate and drawn out. That is why a lot of futuristic entrepreneurs choose a franchise. With the above-mentioned core components, a franchise may help you get a head start and support you as you move on to create an excellent car wash experience for clients.

Are Car wash franchises profitable?

Franchises for car wash provide a variety of services, such as full-service washes, self-washes, express washes, quick lubes, or even a mix of these. The kind of car wash franchise you select will rely on your management skills and the area in which it will be located.

New business opportunities have also emerged as a result of the auto industry’s explosive growth throughout time. One of the most profitable business options for young entrepreneurs is car wash and cleaning services. The carwash franchise industry is considered to offer good returns for little capital.

Conclusion: Should you buy a Car Wash Franchise for Sale?

The reality of dirty vehicles will always exist on American roads and highways as long as there are gasoline-powered engines or electric vehicles. Owing to their busy schedules, American drivers will want to make the most of carwashes and maintain an expensive investment in American life.  Although the carwash industry is a nasty one, it is a lucrative one. Recent revenue statistics show that car wash franchise revenues total over $33 billion. Additionally, this growth will continue, according to several reports. According to certain projections, the market for vehicle washes will rise by an average of more than 3.2%. Therefore investing in a carwash franchise can undoubtedly prove to be profitable in the long run, making them a good choice. 

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the Carwash franchise category can look at 

  1. Super Wash
  2. DetailXperts
  3. No H2O
  4. Fleet Clean
  5. Spiffy
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    Car wash franchise is a great business opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur.

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    It allows the franchisee to be their own boss, set their own hours, and have control over their business.

  3. Lan March 11, 2023 at 7:58 am - Reply

    The franchise offers a variety of catering services to meet the needs of any event or gathering.
    Zaxby’s offers many family-friendly activities, such as kids’ play areas and trivia nights. The franchise is dedicated to giving back to the community, through its involvement in local charities.
    Zaxby’s is a great option for those looking for a convenient and tasty meal.
    The franchise has an extensive online presence, with an active website and social media accounts.

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    Zaxby’s locations also offer rewards programs, allowing customers to accumulate points for free food. The franchise offers an affordable price point, allowing customers to get a delicious meal with out breaking the bank.
    Zaxby’s offers a unique atmosphere, with a fun and friendly atmosphere.
    The franchise has a variety of meal options for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies.
    Zaxby’s is a great choice for anyone who wants a delicious meal in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

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    Zaxby’s is a popular franchise known for its delicious chicken and signature sauces.
    The franchise has grown considerably since its founding in 1990 and now has over 700 locations. Zaxby’s offers a variety of menu items, including salads, sandwiches, and wings.
    The company is dedicated to using fresh ingredients, and they also offer healthy options.
    Zaxby’s also has a loyalty program that rewards customers with free food and other discounts. The franchise has a strong online presence and is active on social media.

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