Grand welcome franchise is a holiday rental management company that has worked hard to establish a solid reputation by combining convenience, quality and cleanliness. By its property management services, the brand offers its visitors the chance to discover each of their travel locations.

The company started its journey with a few condominiums in 2009 in California. Brandon Ezra is the founder of the business. In the year 2019, he started franchising the idea after creating user friendly and industry leading solutions. Since it’s starting to franchise, it has opened a number of locations. The company’s main motive is to transform the holiday rental sector.

For owners of rental properties, Grand Welcome provides services including marketing and property management. Airbnb, Orbitz, HomeAway, Travelocity,, and many other online travel agencies are linked to Grand Welcome’s real-time booking network. It isn’t necessary to open an office or rent space for it. With a computer, internet access, and printer, you can work from home.

As per the statistics available on its official website, the worth of the holiday rental sector is hard to comprehend. By the year 2023, revenue is projected to grow at a 2.5% annual pace and will have reached $18 million in the United States alone. These statistics conflict with what the sector is reporting. Yearly growth rate is 7.2%.

Grand Welcome Franchise

How much does a Grand Welcome franchise cost

According to the official data available on their website, Grand welcome franchise would cost you for:

  • Tier 2 Territory (revenue prospect of $20–$60 million) is  $78,600 – $107,750
  • Tier 3 Territory (revenue prospect of $60–$100 million)  is $108,600 – $137,750
  • Tier 4 Territory (revenue opportunity of $100–140 million) is  $138,600 – $167,750

Grand Welcome Franchise

How much does it cost to franchise a Grand Welcome in the United States?

To open a GRAND Welcome franchise in the United States,The initial investment ranges from 33,400 – $161,250. The investment includes comprehensive training and support, materials, working capital, and access to the booking software.

Grand Welcome Franchise Price and Costs
Grand Welcome Franchise Fee $19,000 – $109,000
Grand Welcome Franchise Cost $37,900 – $167,750
Royalty Fee 8% of gross sales
Advertising Fee 1% of gross sales
Term of Agreement 10 Years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes

How much do Grand Welcome franchise owners make?

Grand Welcome is a top premium franchise that specializes in holiday rental homes and gives its franchisees the chance to launch their own business while offering superior customer care to holiday rental visitors. The size of the territory and the number of homes covered are two factors that will affect earnings. Franchisees might anticipate making more money than others who are unable to do so if they are able to develop a huge customer base and uphold a high standard of service.

The average total revenue generated in 2021, based on data from 5 affiliate territories and 1 company-owned location, was $4.18Grand Welcome Operations to Franchises

 million, with a high of $10,825,646 and a low of $816,016.


Grand Welcome Franchise Requirements

They provide holiday rental management franchises to competent people who possess the managerial abilities and capital necessary to operate the company for the foreseeable future. The qualified individual(s) who would be evaluated should have the following financial information based on the total investment specified above:

  • Liquid Capital Required: $25,000 to $65,000 (non-borrowed funds)
  • Minimum net worth: $100,000 to $150,000 
  • FICO Credit Score: at least 680


What is Grand Welcome franchise reviews

Grand Welcome is a desirable choice for budding business owners because of its inexpensive initial investment and track record of success.It is a good option to enter the holiday rental and property management industry through the Grand Welcome franchise. 

Grand Welcome Franchise Rankings

According to the data available on its official website, The April/May issue of the business publication Entrepreneur, which is currently on newsstands, named Grand Welcome as one of the Top New and Rising Franchises in 2022. In their list, Grand Welcome was ranked 67 out of 150.


What is the Grand Welcome?

Grand Welcome is a holiday rental management company that has developed a reputation for offering excellent service to both tourists and property owners, and the results are evident in their unrivaled growth and high levels of client satisfaction! It’s time to join the winning squad in one of the $200 billion travel industry’s fastest-growing sectors. Grand Welcome offers business owners a tested franchise strategy that has consistently delivered significant returns on investment. 

Starting out requires no prior experience due to the thorough training and continuing support that are offered by them. With the help of a lifestyle-focused franchise.Grand Welcome has a distinctive position in the VRPM industry. The Grand Welcome team and system combine the effectiveness of centralized pricing, marketing, and scheduling with committed local owners/managers who deliver the customer service required to succeed in this sector.

The prospect of working with a group that prioritizes expansion and scalability excites franchise owners the most. The brand has created an  environment that values optimism and providing excellent customer service.

Is Grand Welcome a Franchise Opportunity?

Grand Welcome is definitely a franchise opportunity as it offers Large Protected Territories to its owners with a promise of expanding the industry rapidly keeping in mind its unlimited growth potential and limited overhead and streamlined operations. Having a decade of industry experience, Grand welcome offers ongoing training and support to its franchises. The franchisor also provides comprehensive market strategies along with robust cloud based technology systems.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Grand Welcome

  • They offer a wide range of vacation rentals, from cozy cabins to luxurious villas, and can accommodate groups of all sizes.
  • Grand Welcome Rentals provides professional cleaning services, 24/7 guest support, and a range of concierge services to make guests’ stays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
  • The company has been in business since 2013 and has a reputation for providing high-quality vacation rental experiences.
  • Grand Welcome Rentals has received positive reviews from many guests who have stayed in their properties, with particular praise given to the cleanliness of the homes and the professionalism of the staff.
  • The company is committed to sustainability and has implemented eco-friendly practices in its operations, such as using green cleaning products and reducing energy usage in its properties.
  • Grand Welcome Rentals offers flexible booking options, including short-term and long-term rentals, as well as discounted rates for extended stays.
  • The company has a user-friendly website where guests can easily search for and book vacation rentals, as well as access helpful information about the destinations they plan to visit.
Grand Welcome Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Property Management Franchise
Sub Category Vacation Rentals
Year Established 2009
Company Name Hawaiian Vacation Rentals, LLC
Founder/Management Head Brandon Ezra
Franchising Started 2019
Employees at Company H.O 98
Franchise Expansion Plan Franchise more across US
Number of Units 50-100
Number of Franchise Units 11+
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  2601 Airport Drive, Suite 270 Torrance, CA 90505

Grand Welcome Training to Franchises

For new owners and managers,the company will provide full first training that will last for two weeks. One week in the corporate office and one week on the job in a real-world setting after launching local support in-market for a few days.

The company provides absentee ownership for its operations along with the facility to run from home and mobile units with flexible part time opportunities. The minimum number of employees required are 0-6 for its smooth functioning and exclusive territories are made available to the franchise units.

How is Grand Welcome Territory Granted to Franchises

The size of your location, the number of holiday rentals available, the average daily rate of rentals, and the total potential revenue of holiday rental properties as reported by an independent third-party industry vendor are some of the factors taken into consideration when awarding franchise territories. This enables the company to offer franchisees at  the market-defined value regardless of where they are located. 

Every region of the nation is already pre-mapped to meet their  baseline requirements for opportunity and size. Depending on the size of the general market where you wish to create a vacation rental franchise, the company offers various levels of investment. As a result, you can begin small and gradually increase in size while maintaining a low initial cost.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The agreement is generally made for a time period of 10 years and is easily renewable after paying a minimal amount to the franchisor.

Does Grand Welcome provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Grand Welcome offers 3rd party financing offers to help make the initial investment more manageable.

Pros & Cons of owning a Grand Welcome Franchise

Pros of owning a Grand Welcome Franchising

  1. unlimited possibility for expansion.
  2. ongoing instruction and assistance.
  3. aggressive and successful marketing initiatives.
  4. opening for new franchises.
  5. industry that is growing quickly.
  6. powerful, bespoke cloud-based technology.
  7. streamlined management and upkeep tools.
  8. Management of holiday rentals for more than ten years.

Cons of Owning a Grand Welcome Franchising

  1. You’re your own boss, but with less individual control.
  2. Contracts aren’t permanent.
  3. Initial investments and start up costs can be expensive.
  4. Varied levels of support.
  5. Financial information is shared with the franchisor.
  6. Limited creative opportunities.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

If you’re thinking about franchising a vacation rental, Grand Welcome appears to be a profitable business to run. The company provides a wonderful opportunity to set up its franchise and be your own boss and decide your own convenience. The company generates huge revenue every year. If you’re planning to grow alongside, then Grand Welcome would prove to be a profitable opportunity for you.  

Potential Risks to consider before investing in a Grand Welcome franchise

Real estate investments like holiday rentals carry risk, as do other investments. When it comes to investing in real estate, there are no assurances or guaranteed deals.

The 1% rule is a frequent factor to take into account when dealing with rents. In general, you have a profitable rental property if your return on investment (the monthly rental revenue divided by the purchase price) is 1% or greater.

The answer to the question of whether investing in rental property is a good or terrible idea may be yes, but only if you conduct thorough market research and are well-prepared. It might also be a negative investment if you rush into the market or make hazardous choices.

Is the Grand Welcome Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

Grand welcome for over a decade has grown drastically. If you’re planning to open its franchise then be assured it’s worth it as the company poses an average total revenue of $4,180,546 with average gross profit of $902,368 .$456,180 as its average net franchise income alongside $68,193 annual revenue for rented properties.Hence, the company performs very well in terms of generating income.

Competition Analysis of Grand Welcome Franchises

Grand Welcome Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Grand Welcome Franchise  $37,900 – $167,750  $19,000 – $109,000 8%+1% $902,368         – 3.3/5
Real property management Franchise $99,392-$146,542 $59,900 7%+2% $901,800       – 3/5
Itrip vacationsFranchise $129,075 – $148,375 $30,000   5%           –         – 3.2/5
All county property management Franchise  $66,950 – $98,900 $39,500 7%+1%           –         – 3.3/5
Key renter property managementFranchise  $70,140 – $122,395 $35,000 7%+1%   $5.4 million       – 3.6/5
Nexus property managementFranchise  $50,350 – $106,250 $25,000 6%+1% $5.9 million     – 3.7/5

The Franchise Deck rating for the Grand Welcome franchise is 3.3/5.0.

Grand Welcome Franchise

Conclusion : Is the Grand Welcome franchise worth it?

A good option to enter the holiday rental and property management industry is through the Grand Welcome franchise. Grand Welcome is a desirable choice for budding business owners because of its inexpensive initial investment and track record of success.

However, you can consider other alternatives which will provide similar experiences like Showhomes, Itrip vacations and Nexus property management. All these firms would prove to be an outstanding choice if you’re looking for an opportunity to run and manage your own franchisee and can possibly offer you more advantages.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the category  franchise opportunities categories can look at 

  1. Real property management Franchise 
  2. Itrip vacations Franchise
  3. All county property management Franchise
  4. Key renter property management Franchise 
  5. Nexus property management franchise 
  6. Showhomes Franchise
  7. Motel 6 franchise
  8. Surestay franchises

  9. HomeVestors Franchise
  10. Ace Hardware franchise
  11. Flip Cheap Houses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Grand Welcome franchising profitable?

Grand welcome for over a decade has grown drastically. If you’re planning to open its franchise then be assured it’s worth it as the company poses an average total revenue of $4,180,546 with average gross profit of $902,368

  1. Can you make money owning a Grand Welcome?

Definitely we can make money owning a Grand welcome as the company poses a $456,180 as its average net franchise income alongside $68,193 annual revenue for rented properties

  1. Is a Grand Welcome a franchise?

Grandwelcome is a franchise that started franchising in the year 2009 in California.

  1. How much it cost to franchise  Grand Welcome?

The initial investment that is required to set up a Grand Welcome franchise is $37,900 – $167,750 with a franchise fee of $19,000 – $109,000 

  1. Grand Welcome franchises make money?

 Income is determined by the revenue generated by the holiday rental homes.More properties managed means more money made. Grand Welcome makes it simple by taking care of all revenue administration and collection so you can concentrate solely on finding new property owners and offering the best guest experience.

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