Juice It Up! is a well-known franchise chain of smoothie and juice bars that serves a selection of freshly squeezed juices, fruit smoothies, and other menu items. Juice It Up franchise has established itself as a top choice for health-conscious clients searching for an immediate and gratifying meal or snack because of its dedication to offering customers scrumptious, convenient, and healthy food options. 

The juice and smoothie bar industry in the United States generated approximately $2 billion in revenue in 2019 and has been growing ever since. This growth is driven by factors such as increasing disposable income, growing health awareness, and the popularity of plant-based diets.

How much does a Juice It Up franchise cost?

An average franchise can be opened for a total investment of between $236,350 and $514,300. 

Juice It Up Franchise Initial and On-going Franchise Cost
Juice It Up Franchise Fee $30,000
Juice It Up Franchise Cost $236,350-$514,300.
Royalty Fee 6%
Advertising Fee 2%
Term of Agreement Term and conditions
Is franchise term renewable? Yes,
Renewable Franchise Fees 50% of Initial Franchise fees

How much do Juice It Up franchise owners make?

According to Juice It Up!, franchise owners can anticipate making a profit margin of between 15% and 20%. This is only a rough estimate, and actual profit margins can differ significantly depending on the particulars of each franchise.

What is Juice It Up franchise profit?

Juice It Up! claims that after all costs have been deducted, franchise owners can anticipate making a profit margin of between 15% and 20%. 

Juice It Up Franchise Requirements

The following criteria must be met to open a Juice It Up! franchise

  1. Financial Requirements

Juice It Up!! requires a minimum net worth of $300,000 and $100,000 in liquid capital.

  1. Experience

Prior company ownership or management experience is preferred, but it is not a requirement for Juice It Up! franchisees. The organization is looking for people who are dedicated to building a great company, motivated, and determined.

  1. Training

Juice It Up! A thorough training course, which covers a wide range of topics like operations, marketing, management, and finances, is a requirement for franchisees.

  1. Location

Juice It Up! demands that franchisees choose a place for their enterprise that satisfies the company’s requirements for visibility, ease of access, and customer flow.


Juice It Up franchise

What are Juice It Up franchise reviews

Juice It Up! franchisees generally receive mixed reviews. Some franchisees have shared excellent experiences, citing the franchisor’s strong assistance and a fruitful business strategy. Others have, however, cited issues with the business strategy, including a small menu selection and hefty running expenses.

Juice It Up Franchise Rankings

Franchise Times Top 200+, Franchise 500, and Franchise Business Review’s Franchisee Satisfaction Awards are a few well-known franchise-ranking publications. Juice It Up! has previously been in a few of these rankings, however as the rankings are changed annually, it is unknown where it currently stands.


What is a Juice It Up?

Customers at Juice It Up! can choose from a variety of nutritious and delectable dishes created with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other premium ingredients. Numerous smoothies, juices, and other items like acai bowls, protein bites, and shots are available on the menu.  is a well-liked choice for health-conscious customers searching for a quick and practical lunch or snack because every item on the menu is created to be both nourishing and gratifying.

Is Juice It Up a Franchise Opportunity?

Yes, Juice It Up! offers franchise opportunities to people who want to open and run their own smoothie and juice café. Since its founding in 1995, the business has expanded to become a dominant chain in the smoothie and juice bar sector.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Juice It Up Franchise

Here are some rare facts about Juice It Up! that you may not have known

  • Juice It Up! offers a varied menu that includes freshly squeezed juices, real fruit smoothies, nutrient-rich bowls, and other health-conscious options, appealing to a range of dietary needs and tastes.
  • Juice It Up! emphasizes healthy living. has long emphasized encouraging healthy lifestyles by serving food created with premium, fresh ingredients that are nutrient-dense in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • From smartphone ordering and delivery to in-store kiosks and a loyalty program, Juice It Up! has embraced technology to improve the consumer experience.
  • Juice It Up! offers its franchisees ongoing assistance with their operations, including operational, marketing, and training support.
Fresh It Up Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Food Franchise Opportunities
Sub Category Smoothie & Juice Franchises
Year Established 1995
Company Name Juice It Up!
Founder/Management Head Susan Taylor
Franchising Started 1998
Employees at Company H.O 17
Franchise Expansion Plan Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah
Number of Units 86 (as of 2023)
Number of Franchise Units 82 
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Irvine, California

Juice It Up Training to Franchises

Juice It Up! provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees to ensure their success.

  1. Operations

Franchisees get practical instruction on running the company, including how to make smoothies, juices, and bowls, manage inventory, and deal with customers.

  1. Marketing

Franchisees receive training in marketing their businesses to draw in clients and raise their brand awareness.

  1. Management

Franchisees are given training on hiring, developing, and scheduling personnel.

  1. Financial

Franchisees are trained in keeping track of and managing their money, including setting budgets, keeping records, and reporting.

  1. Health and Safety

Franchisees are trained on how to keep a safe and healthy workplace, including best practices for food safety and cleanliness.

Juice It Up Operations to Franchises

Juice It Up! provides its franchisees with a well-established business model and operational procedures to help them run their franchise successfully.

  1. Staff management

Choosing, educating, and managing personnel to ensure your store runs smoothly.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management includes placing orders for, and keeping track of, supplies, equipment, and food and drink products.

  1. Customer service

Delivering first-rate customer service, which includes taking orders, making and serving drinks, and making sure that customers are satisfied.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance includes regular cleaning, equipment upkeep, and ensuring that all health and safety laws are followed to keep your store tidy and well-maintained.

  1. Marketing and Promotion

Participating in neighborhood marketing and advertising initiatives, such as in-store promotions, social media, and neighborhood activities.

How is Juice It Up Territory Granted to Franchises

Juice It Up! grants franchise territory rights to help protect their investment. This means that franchisees have exclusive rights to operate a Juice It Up! franchise in a specific geographical area. The territory granted to a franchisee will be determined by several factors, including the area’s population and demographics, the potential for customer traffic, and market competition.

What is the Juice It Up Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

Depending on the franchise agreement and the franchisee’s location, the period of a Juices It Up! franchise agreement and the procedure for renewal may differ. While the franchises is permitted to run their business during this time, Juice It Up! franchise agreements often include a defined length of several years.

 Does Juice It Up provide Financial Assistance to Franchises?

Typically, Juice It Up! does not offer its franchisees any direct financial support. The business does, however, provide assistance and resources to assist franchisees in obtaining funding for their business.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Juice It Up Franchise

Pros of Owning a Juice It Up Franchise

  1. Established brand recognition

Juice It Up! offers a well-known brand and reputation in the smoothie and juice bar business, which can aid franchisees in luring clients and boosting revenue.

  1. Proven business model

Franchisees are given access to an established business model, a tried-and-true menu, and a tried-and-true marketing plan, all of which can help lower the risk of failure.

  1. Support from the franchisor

Juice It Up! offers its franchisees ongoing assistance, including operational support, marketing support, and training that can help franchisees develop and expand their businesses.

  1. Significant profit margin potential

Juice It Up! franchises have the potential to produce high-profit margins, particularly for franchisees who are successful in expanding their clientele and business.

Cons of Owning a Juice It Up Franchise

  1. Initial outlay

Setting up a Juice It Up! franchise needs a large upfront outlay, which includes the cost of furnishings, supplies, and real estate.

  1. Ongoing fees

Franchisees must continue to pay continuing fees to Juice It Up! in addition to the original investment, such as royalties, advertising costs, and other costs.

  1. Limited control

As a franchisee, you are subject to Juice It Up!’s policies and procedures, which may restrict your power to decide how to run your company.

  1. Competition

The smoothie and juice bar industry is cutthroat, so franchisees must be ready to take on rival Juice It Up! locations as well as locally owned independent smoothie and juice bars.


Juice It Up franchise

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview of Juice It Up Franchise

Juice It Up! generally uses a franchise business model and provides franchise opportunities to those looking to start their own smoothie and juice bar. As a franchisee, you would be accountable for running your own business, obtaining supplies, and supervising staff while still adhering to the Juice It Up! model and rules.

Is the Juice It Up Franchise Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

The cost of a Juice It Up! franchise varies, but is typically composed of a franchise fee, initial coaching and support, monthly royalties, and ongoing advertising costs. The price of starting a new business will also need to be paid, and this can include rent, supplies, and inventory.

Juice It Up Franchise Success and Failure Rate

The below table will highlight the Juice It Up! franchise success and failure rate for the last 3 years. This will supplement your decision-making process.

Year Format Start End Change
2019 Franchise Owned     84           80       +4
Company Owned     0       0       0
2020 Franchise Owned       80           80       0
Company Owned       0       1         +1
2021 Franchise Owned       80           82       +2
Company Owned     1     1         0


Competition Analysis of Juice It Up Franchise
Brand Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Juice It Up franchise $236,350 to $514,300 $30,000 6% $500,000 10 years 3.8/5.0
Planet Smoothie Franchise $190,650-$446,500 $25,000 5%  $35,000 10.5 years 3.5/5.0
Smoothie King Franchise $723,501 – $1,184,865 $25,000-$30,000 6% $573,000  6-7 years 4.0/5.0
Clean JuiceFranchise  $279,500-$523,000 $45,000 6% $325,758 7-8 years 3.7/5.0
PressedFranchise  $35,000-44,000 $29,000 5% 50-70% of gross margin 5-7 years 3.5/5.0

The FD rating for the Juice It Up! franchising is 3.8/5.0.

Juice It Up franchise

Conclusion: Should you buy Juice It Up franchise

In conclusion, the Juice It Up! franchise is a reputable chain of smoothie and juice bars that provides franchise opportunities to people looking to start their own business in the health and wellness sector. The business is firmly committed to offering premium, nutritious drink options and top-notch customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Juice It Up franchise

  1. Is the Juice It Up franchise profitable?

A Juice It Up! franchise’s profitability will be determined by many factors, including location, competition, operating costs, and sales. Profitability is not guaranteed, as with any franchise or small business.

  1. Can you make money owning a Juice It Up franchise?

Yes, you can make money by owning a Juice It Up! franchise. However, there is no guarantee of profitability because the success of a franchise is dependent on many factors such as location, competition, operating costs, and sales.

  1. Is Juice It Up! a franchise?

Yes, Juice It Up!  is, in fact, a franchise. It is a juice and smoothie bar chain that offers franchise opportunities to individuals interested in starting their own juice and smoothie business. 

  1. How much is a Juice It Up! Franchise?

According to the website, the total investment required to open a franchise can range between $236,350 and $514,300.

  1. How do Juice It Up! franchises make money?

Juice It Up!  franchises make money by selling juice and smoothie products to customers at their locations, as well as complementary food items. 


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  1. Martion February 15, 2023 at 5:28 am - Reply

    Juice It Up! is an excellent franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish a foothold in the health food industry.

  2. mackenzie February 15, 2023 at 5:29 am - Reply

    The relatively low startup cost and competitive pricing make Juice It Up an attractive franchise choice for entrepreneurs of all experience levels.

  3. Leoni March 12, 2023 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    Juice It Up is a great franchise opportunity for those interested in providing healthy and delicious smoothies and juices to their community. The franchise offers a wide variety of flavors, from classic favorites to more exotic blends.
    The investment required to open a Juice It Up franchise is relatively low compared to other franchises.
    The company provides extensive training and support to its franchisees, making it an easy transition into business ownership. Juice It Up is dedicated to providing a positive customer experience, with friendly staff and quality ingredients.

  4. Cumberbatch March 12, 2023 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    The franchise has a well-established brand that customers trust and recognize.
    Juice It Up offers a variety of options for customers, including smoothies, juices, acai bowls and more. Franchisees can benefit from Juice It Up’s extensive marketing and advertising campaigns. The franchise has an extensive menu with many unique and flavorful options.
    10. Juice It Up offers a great business opportunity with a low start-up cost and high potential for growth.

  5. sallana March 12, 2023 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    Franchisees will have access to the company’s vast network of suppliers and distributors.
    The franchise has a strong commitment to sustainability and sources its ingredients from local growers.
    Franchisees can benefit from the company’s strong customer loyalty and repeat business.
    The franchise is constantly evolving and introducing new products and flavors to keep customers coming back.
    Juice It Up is an excellent franchise opportunity that can be a rewarding and profitable business venture.

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