Are you trying to find a franchise opportunity that can give you both a lucrative business plan and a fulfilling career? Look nowhere else! One of the most sought-after franchise possibilities in the car repair sector is Tidal Wave Auto Spa. Regardless of your level of business experience or where you are in your venture, Tidal Wave car wash has a franchise to offer.

This manual will give you a thorough tour of the Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise. I’ll cover all the important details so you may decide on your future, from pricing and investment levels to reviews and client comments. 

Tidal Wave Auto Spa has seen impressive growth in recent years. As of 2021, the company’s annual revenue was around $151 million. They have a strong and growing workforce, with 702 employees working for them. Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s success is evident in its ranking as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, landing in the top 33% at No. 1657. 

Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchise

How much does a Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise cost?

You might be interested in learning the pricing of a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise. In any case, the initial franchise cost begins at $40,000. Additionally, this cost covers access to the Tidal Wave Auto Spa system and franchise support.

The crucial component is that you’ll also require initial funds to launch your business. And that could range anywhere from $260,000 to $590,000, depending on what type of store you are opening and where it’s located. This covers things like building construction and improvements, equipment, signage, inventory supplies, and working capital.

And then there are ongoing royalty fees that franchisees will need to pay—this usually amounts to 6% of gross sales after discounts have been applied. These fees are used for marketing costs as well as research and development for new products and services.

How much do Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise owners make?

You probably have questions about the business’s potential for profit if you’re thinking about buying a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise. The Independent studies have shown that Tidal Wave Auto Spa owners can make up to a 40% net profit—impressive for any business.

It’s also worth mentioning that this industry is steadily growing, so now’s the perfect time to jump in on the ground floor and join the Tidal Wave Auto Spa family. Plus, their comprehensive on-site and online training programs will cover everything from marketing and operations to customer service and management—so that you’re well-versed in all aspects of running your business successfully.

Ultimately, when it comes to earning potential with a Tidal Wave Car wash franchise, the sky’s the limit. And with their support system and top-notch training tools at your disposal, you won’t lack resources as you work towards realising your dream of business ownership.

Alternate of Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchises


  1. Mr Clean Carwash Franchise 
  2. Fleet Clean USA Franchise
  3. Green Shine Waterless Franchise
  4. Car wash franchise 
  5. Detailxperts Franchise
  6. Mister car wash franchise 
  7. Tommy Express Car Wash Franchise

Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchise Requirements

If you’re interested in starting a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, you need to know what the requirements are. Here’s a look at what it takes to become an owner of one of these franchises:

  • Financial Requirements

A startup cost of $122,700 to $1,233,400 is required to open a Tidal Wave Auto Spa business. This includes the franchise fee, equipment, and other related expenses. You will also need access to additional capital as your business grows and evolves over time.

  • Experience Requirements

No previous experience is required to own a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise; however, having business experience or experience in the car wash and detail industry can be beneficial.

  • Other Requirements

The final step in becoming a franchisee is meeting with the Tidal Wave Auto Spa team if you satisfy the financial and experience requirements. Together, the team and you will create a plan for success and decide whether this opportunity is a good fit for you.

Helping franchise partners achieve their objectives is a priority at Tidal Wave Auto Spa Franchises. They have all the resources necessary for success, from advising you on how to market your company to putting in place effective operational procedures!


What are Tidal Wave Auto Spa Car Wash franchise reviews?

Have you been looking for Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchises and are curious about customer feedback? You’re in luck! Reviews for Tidal Wave Auto Spa are largely positive, with customers praising the convenience of the location, the friendliness of the staff, and the excellent quality service they receive.

  • Services that Impress

Tidal Wave Auto Spa offers a full range of services, from car washing to detailing. Customers can choose from packages such as The Works, which include an exterior wash, interior cleaning and vacuum, waxing window cleaning, and tyre dressing. Their experienced staff adds a personal touch to every service, which customers rave about.

  • Technology that Works

Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchises use state-of-the-art technology like undercarriage washes, foam systems, and heated drying systems to ensure a high-quality wash each time. Customers appreciate that their cars look and feel brand new after each visit.

  • Convenient Locations

Another factor that contributes to the excellent reviews is that Tidal Wave Auto Spa locations are convenient; they’re typically situated near shopping centers or close to highways in locations across the United States where people can easily access them. Customers find it easy to fit in a quick car wash during their lunch break or while running errands.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Franchise Rankings

Tidal Wave Auto Spa has achieved impressive rankings in the car wash industry. It was named to the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, ranking in the top 33% at No. 1657. Furthermore, the company improved its position in rankings for the car wash industry, moving up from position 10 in 2019 to position 6 in 2020. These successes highlight Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s present growth and success.

What is the Tidal Wave Auto Spa?

A full-service vehicle wash and detailing business, Tidal Wave Auto Spa and Car Wash has franchised facilities all across the country. Tidal Wave has grown to be one of the most prosperous car wash franchises in the market owing to its emphasis on speed, technology, and customer service.

At a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, you’ll be able to offer customers a wide range of services, from basic washes to more detailed detailing services. Depending on your location and the available resources, you could provide services such as express washes, paint correction, waxing and polishing, interior cleaning, and more. Plus, many of their franchises offer add-on services such as oil changes, car care products, and other amenities to keep customers coming back.

Whether you opt for an individual franchise or multiple locations, you’ll find that Tidal Wave’s comprehensive business model offers great potential for success. Their dedication to utilising the most recent technologies enables them to save time while consistently giving excellent client service. There are no restrictions on what you can do with your franchise because there is potential for expansion and extra revenue streams, like loyalty programs or value-added services, are already in place.

Is Tidal Wave Car Wash a franchise opportunity?

By this point, you’re probably considering a franchise with Tidal Wave Car Wash. Yes is the quick response.

Since its founding in 1988, Tidal Wave Auto Spa has built a solid reputation for itself. It has a distinguished history of achievement; over the years, it has expanded to more than 80 franchised locations across five states, with average yearly sales of more than $1 million per store.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is a fantastic option if you’re trying to enter the car care industry. Here are three causes for this:

  1. No prior knowledge of cars is necessary. Unlike other car industry franchises like auto repair shops, you don’t need a mechanical background or knowledge of cars to be successful here. All you need are people skills and business acumen to do well!
  2. Cost-effective startup costs: The cost of starting up a Tidal Wave Auto Spa and Car Wash franchise is relatively manageable compared to other business types. The initial investment ranges from $271,500 to $646,500.
  3. Bigger potential for profitability: While there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money as a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchisee, the company does have an established customer base and a successful history that could be the foundation for long-term profits.

Facts That Nobody Told You About Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Are you looking into becoming the owner of a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise? It’s a great business opportunity, but there are some things that nobody told you about it. Here’s the scoop on all the facts you need to know:

  • Franchise Cost

The cost to open one of Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s franchises is estimated at around $75,000, and the total investment costs range from $70,000 to $220,000. Of course, this depends entirely on what kind of location you are looking into and the size of it, so always factor in these costs before making a commitment.

  • Royalties and fees

Tidal Wave Auto Spa provides its franchisees with an initial royalty fee and ongoing royalty fees as part of their franchising agreement. They also require their franchisees to pay them an advertising fund contribution. The actual rates and amounts vary based on factors such as gross sales.

  • Profitability & Reviews

When assessing your options for franchises to invest in, it’s important to consider profitability and customer reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot about how customers feel about the service they received—and customers love Tidal Wave Auto Spa! Its customer reviews are largely positive, and its profit margins are excellent!

Overall, Tidal Wave Auto Spa is a great business opportunity with many benefits for potential owners—just make sure that you’re aware of all the facts before jumping in!


Tidal Wave  Car Wash Franchise Review and Information

Industry Type Automotive
Sub Category Car Wash franchises
Year Established 2004
Company Name Tidal Wave Auto Spa, LLC
Founder/Management Head Scott Blackstock
Franchising Started
Employees at Company H.O
Franchise Expansion Plan
Number of Units 57 as of 2021
Number of Franchise Units
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  Tidal Wave Autospa
1111 Parkwest Drive
Thomaston, GA 30286


Tidal Wave Car Wash Training for Franchises

As a franchisee, you’ll also benefit from a comprehensive, hands-on training program. Within the training program, Tidal Wave Auto Spa offers basic operations and financial management training. This is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to manage your franchise effectively.

Once the initial training is complete, ongoing support is provided in the form of field visits, webinars, regional meetings, and newsletters. Franchisees have access to an extensive library of information to refer to if they ever have any questions about their business. Plus, all franchisees are part of a community that welcomes new members and helps them succeed.

The Tidal Wave Auto Spa team offers courses on topics like marketing and customer service as well as more advanced topics such as business planning and budgeting. With a variety of online tools at their disposal and their own support staff, franchisees can stay up-to-date on business practices that are changing all the time due to technological advancements.

Once you’re a part of the Tidal Wave Auto Spa family, both franchisor and franchisee work hard together in order to create a successful future for everyone involved!

Tidal Wave Auto Spa & Car Wash Operations for Franchise

You might be aware that Tidal Wave Auto Spa has franchising opportunities. This can be a fantastic option for ambitious business owners who wish to capitalise on the advantages of a strong brand and system already in place within the car wash sector. Franchisees get to take advantage of the years of development and research that have gone into the brand rather than having to start from zero.

The price of a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, then. A full-service Tidal Wave Auto Spa normally requires an expenditure of $400K to $1M. These figures might differ greatly depending on numerous elements like location, store size, and facilities provided. Additionally, most franchises require some working capital.

For more details about the full cost breakdown for a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, see their website.

How is Tidal Wave Auto Spa territory granted to franchises?

When you decide to become a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchisee, you’ll receive exclusive rights to the territory of your choice. All of the company’s territories are in the United States and Canada, with many available in the Southeast and Midwest.

The territories granted to franchises vary in size, from as small as 100 square miles up to large metropolitan areas with populations of several million people. However, when you join the Tidal Wave Auto Spa family, you get more than just a territory; you also get dedicated support from experienced professionals who can help you maximise your franchise’s potential.

You’ll receive assistance from a skilled business consultant every step of the way, from developing your site plan and helping select real estate for your car wash to ensure that all local regulations are met. Your business consultant will also provide guidance on marketing and advertising initiatives so that you can maximise profits from your franchise.

In addition to having support from dedicated professionals, new franchises have access to an extensive lineup of Tidal Wave Auto Spa products, such as branded apparel and promotional materials.

These resources will help ensure that new franchisees have all they need to launch their business successfully—just another benefit of becoming part of Tidal Wave Auto Spa!

What is the franchise term of agreement and renewal?

When you open a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, you’ll be signing a Franchise Term of Agreement (FTA). This document will outline the length of the term, which is typically five to ten years, and the renewal process.

A typical FTA will also include the following:

    1. Initial Investment: An outline of your required initial investment and ongoing fees throughout your franchising agreement
    2. Renewal Fees: A description of the requirements associated with renewing your franchise term agreement at the end of the initial term
    3. Royalty and Advertising Fees: You’ll be required to pay a royalty fee and/or an advertising fee to your franchisor each month. These fees help cover costs such as market research, marketing campaigns, and operational support.
    4. Termination and Resale Rights: The FTA should outline conditions of termination as well as resale rights in case you decide to sell your franchise at any time during or after the term of the agreement has ended.
  • Indemnification  Clause: This describes the parties’ potential liability for losses or damages arising from actions or inactions connected with their franchise agreement-related contractual obligations.

Does Tidal Wave Auto Spa provide financial assistance to franchises?

You might be uninformed regarding the financial assistance that Tidal Wave Auto Spa provides to its franchisees. They provide both financial as well as operational assistance to help you get started. In addition to, they also have a team of qualified professionals who can direct and advise you on the topic of how to grow your business.
Understanding that you will need to invest some of your own money into Tidal Wave Auto Spa in order to succeed is essential because the franchisor does not offer a single all-inclusive package that includes all costs. To help you get started, there are a few financing alternatives available, depending on your circumstances:

  1. Financial aid from the Small Business Administration Franchises can help in loan financing from the Small Business Administration through the 7(a) scheme.
  2. Veteran’s Business Loans: For former military personnel interested in starting a franchise
  3. Equipment Financing: Many banks and other private lenders offer financing specifically for equipment used in franchising businesses.
  4. Commercial Real Estate Loans: If you need funds to purchase or develop a property, these types of loans can be useful.
  5. Cash Advances: Some franchisors may offer cash advances that are typically paid back through future profits.
  6. Business partners and equity investors: Launching a franchise with a business partner or equity investment on board might also be aided.

Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchise

Pros and Cons of Owning a Tidal Wave Auto Spa Franchise

Before making a choice, it is essential to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Tidal Wave car wash franchise. You should be aware of some drawbacks even if it could be a great option to establish your own business and make money.



  • Access to Resources: Joining a franchise network like Tidal Wave Auto Spa gives you access to their vast resources, from training and support materials to help with advertising and marketing. 
  • Strong Brand Perception: Tidal Wave car wash has a positive reputation in the franchising sector, which makes it simple to get customers.
  • Low Overhead Costs: With a franchise like Tidal Wave Auto Spa, you can keep your overhead costs low since they provide training and other resources that you otherwise would have to secure on your own.
  • Financing choices: Tidal Wave Auto Spa makes locating financing choices simple for prospective franchise owners.


  • Fees: Owning a Tidal Wave car wash franchise entails paying royalties and advertising fees, among other costs.
  • Competition: Because there is so much competition in the automobile sector, it could be challenging for you to stand apart.
  •  Location expenses: When starting a new firm, location expenses should be taken into account; choosing the ideal location can be time- and money-consuming.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Analysis and overview are very crucial to comprehend the financial aspects of franchise ownership, including your potential returns and potential hazards, in order to decide whether or not it’s the correct investment for you.

  • Costs 

You must make a rough estimate of the financial outlay required to begin your franchise. You should make sure that the costs of starting this kind of business don’t outweigh the potential returns, as you should with any investment opportunity. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that while franchised firms are less risky than independently owned ones, most start-ups carry some level of risk.

Potential Risks to consider before investing in a Tidal Wave Auto Spa Franchise

It’s always important to look out for potential risks when opening any business, and that includes a Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise. Some of the risks you might want to consider include:

  • Changes in legislation or currency fluctuations that could affect your profits
  • Challenges associated with staffing and employee retention
  • A shortage of local clients or elsewhere an overcrowded market.

Competition Analysis of Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchise

Tidle Wave Auto Spa  Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Tidle Wave Car Wash Auto Spa $884,995 to $1,542,195 $35,000 to $50,000 5%+2% $151.4 million 3.9/5.0
Mr Clean Car wash Franchise $2,417,500 – $3,271,000 $35,000 6%+5% $6.8 million 3.6/5.0
Fleet Clean USA 


$158,375 – $321,375 $30,000 – $75,000 8.5%+2.5% $19.9 million 3.8/5.0
Green Shine Waterless


$22,700 – $49,100 $19,900 5%+1% 3.4/5.0


$81,000 – $160,000 $35,000 6%+2% 3.3/5.0
Tommy Express Car Wash Franchise



$2,318,927 – $4,817,217 $40,000 4% $2,766,330 3.7/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the Tidal Wave car wash franchise is 3.9/5.0.

Tidal Wave Car Wash Franchise

Conclusion: Is the Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise worth it?

Is a Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise profitable to own? Depending on your unique situation, the answer will vary. If you want to invest in a franchise with a small upfront cost and significant potential for financial gain, Tidal Wave Auto Spa might be your best bet. The brand also permits you to run your franchise according to your own rules in terms of hours and location.

It’s crucial to keep in mind nevertheless that owning a franchise isn’t a quick-money plan. Along with time and money investment, it necessitates hard effort, dedication, and devotion. Do your homework and speak with other franchisees to get their frank thoughts before deciding to take the plunge.

You can review other alternatives of Tidal Wave Car wash franchise

  1. Mr Clean Carwash Franchise 
  2. Fleet Clean USA Franchise 
  3. Green Shine Waterless Franchise 
  4. Car wash franchise 
  5. Detailxperts Franchise 
  6. Mister car wash franchise 
  7. Tommy Express Car Wash Franchis
  8. Your CBD Store Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are lots of questions surrounding the Tidal Wave Auto Spa franchise, so let’s take a look at the top questions people normally have about it.

  • Is the Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise profitable?

Yes, owning a Tidal Wave car wash may bring in a lot of money. With over 10 million clients annually, their streamlined services make it simple to attract repeat customers from auto owners who want their vehicles to seem like they were just driven off the lot.

  • Can you make money owning a Tidal Wave car wash?

A Tidal Wave car wash can indeed provide income. Since it is an established method, it can be incredibly successful and quite profitable with solid management abilities and an attention to detail.

  • Is a Tidal Wave Auto Spa a franchise?

Yes, the franchise Tidal Wave car wash provides top-notch auto detailing services for cars and trucks. Over the course of its more than 25-year existence, the business has impressively built a reputation for offering top-notch customer care.

  • How much is a Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise?

It depends on the size of your facility and the number of services you intend to provide. Depending on your business concept, the initial investment can cost between $100K and $900K. Working capital, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment will require an extra expenditure of $50–$60K.

  • How do Tidal Wave Car Wash franchise make money?

Tidal Wave car wash often make money by charging clients with services including hand washes, waxing, interior detailing, ceramic coating, and more.

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