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Secrets On Chicken Guy Franchise That Never Revealed

Chicken guy franchise
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Secrets About Chicken Guy Franchise That Has Never Been Revealed by Anyone

The Chicken Guy is one of the upcoming franchise opportunities in the United States. Who doesn’t like food franchise opportunities? Read my case study on the Chicken Guy franchise opportunity. Catch it young and Grow with it.

Chicken Guy is a fast-casual restaurant that has expertise in fried chicken. Chicken Guy is an excellent option for anyone looking for a tasty and inexpensive chicken meal.

Food Franchises are 7 out of 10 best franchise opportunities in the United States. What are you waiting for? Start your food franchise business. The Chicken Guy can be one of top food business opportunities.

In the United States, the food franchise industry is worth an estimated more than $24 billion. This sector has seen explosive growth in recent years. Consumers have become more comfortable with franchising the idea of food—this growth and returns on the dollar fueled by the increasing popularity of fast-food restaurants.

Chicken guy franchise

What is the Chicken Guy franchise?

In the year 2018, Guy Gieri and Robert Earl started Chicken Guy! Restaurant chain.

Guy Fieri ranks as an exceptionally recognizable celeb chef. He is well known for his looks and appearance. Chef Guy has positioned his name in the food industry.

Robert Earl is the founder of Planet Hollywood and has robust franchising expertise with the Earl of Sandwich franchise chain.

Chicken Guy! is a fast-casual chain devoted to serving mouthwatering, juicy chicken tenders combined with a wide variety of delicious specialty sauces to delight all palates. 

The menu at Chicken Guy! has one-of-a-kind all-natural fresh chicken tenders, hand-pounded to increase crunchiness and paired with a comprehensive preference of mouth watering Chicken Guy specialty sauces. 

Chicken Guy and franchise Information

The Chicken Guy has divided the Chicken Guy restaurants into two types based on size, appearance, and site improvement cost.

Chicken guy franchise

1. Traditional Restaurants. 

These Traditional Chicken Guys! Restaurants developed as in-line, end cap, or freestanding locations. 

2. Non-traditional Restaurants. 

The Nontraditional Chicken Guy! Restaurants have higher Chicken Guy initial start-up costs, as they are larger in size,premium locations, and more seatings.

Industry TypeFood & Beverage
Sub CategoryFast Food
Year Established2018
Founder/Management Head      Guy Fieri, Founder
Robert Earl, Co-Founder
John Dikos, Chief Licensing Officer
Franchising Started2020
Franchise Expansion PlanUnited States & Canada
Number of Company Units5 + 
Number of Franchise Units3+  (as if 2022)
Social Media HandlesFacebook
4700 Millenia Boulevard, Suite #400

Orlando, Florida 32839

Chicken Guy Requirements

Chicken Guy has specific franchise requirements for traditional and nontraditional Chicken Guy restaurant franchises. The cost to franchise depends on these restaurants’ requirements.

  • Area required 

For Traditional Restaurant 

70 – 110 sq.m or 800 – 1200 sq.ft

For Nontraditional Restaurant 

180 – 220 sq.m or 2,000 – 2,500 sq.ft

  • Site Improvement Chicken Guy Cost per sq. ft based on estimates from affiliated builders.

For Traditional Restaurant  

$ 400 to $ 450 per sq.ft

For Non Traditional Restaurant 

$ 300 to $ 1200 per sq.ft

How much does a Chicken Guy cost to franchise ?

The Chicken Guy cost to start a chicken guy will be $622,500 to $1,093,500.The cost of the Chicken Guy at a non-traditional location will be higher in the range of $717,000 to $1,288,000.

The Chicken Guy cost break-up as below

Chicken Guy franchise facts 

Franchise Facts
Chicken Guy Initial Franchise Fee$ 20,000
Chicken Guy Other Fees$ 30,000
Royalty Fee6 %
Advertising & Marketing Fee4 %
Term of Agreement10 years
Is franchise term renewable?Yes
Renewable Franchise Fees50% of Initial Franchise fees

All the above numbers in this article based on the updated Chicken Guy and it’s franchise disclosure document.

Chicken Guy Initial franchise fees

The Chicken Guy demands a total development fee of $ 50,000, including Chicken Guy initial franchise fees of $ 20,000 and Application fees, Site Selection, and Training fees of $ 30,000.

Suppose you decide to take three or more Chicken Guy units. In that case, the development fees were reduced to $ 40,000, including $ 15,000 for Chicken Guy initial fees and $ 25,000 for Application fees, training, and site selection expenses.

Chicken Guy will charge a transfer fee of $ 10,000 on the transfer of the business.

There is a veteran discount of $ 5,000 on development fees on the successful signing of a franchise agreement.

Chicken guy franchise

Chicken Guy Training & Support Offered.

If you’re looking for a franchise that offers training and support, consider the Chicken Guy . This business offers a lot of support, including online training, support from the franchisor, and a 24/7 customer service line. 

In addition, the franchise offers several training programs designed as per their franchise training manual to help new franchisees learn the ropes quickly. These training programs can charge in the future.

Chicken Guy Operations & franchise support

The Chicken Guy franchise offers a full franchise operations manual and operating procedures. They have an excellent franchise management and support team, including franchise manager, support staff, and development teams.

Chicken Guy has streamlined its franchise operations from supply to kitchen, and everything fine-tuned.

Chicken guy franchise

How is Franchise Territory Granted

A franchise’s offer can only made by delivering a franchise disclosure document. Individual states in the United States mandate us to record the franchise disclosure document in those states.

Chicken Guy will allot a franchise territory to the franchisee, and they will operate their business of food sales and food delivery within that franchise territory.

Does Chicken Guy provide Financial Assistance?

Chicken Guy doesn’t provide any franchise financial assistance or franchise loans. They will support if required to get financial assistance to franchises.

You can read and learn more about franchise funding options. I have written an article on franchise loans.

How to get Franchise Insurance?

Ideally, the Chicken Guy should offer their franchises to take up franchise insurance for their franchise business.

You can read about franchise insurance options.

Reasons Why Everyone Love Chicken Guy

The benefits of owning a food franchise are clear. With a well-established brand and a team of experienced managers, a franchisee can maximise profits and grow their business quickly. 

In addition, franchisees enjoy a degree of autonomy and control over their businesses, giving them a sense of ownership and pride.

1. The Chicken Guy is a great way to earn extra money and establish yourself with the fast growing food franchise business..

2. The food served by Chicken Guy is excellent. The food comes from tremendous years of the culinary expertise of Guy Fieri.

3. The franchise is family-friendly and easy to operate and make money.

4. The franchise provides excellent growth opportunities.

5. The Chicken Guy will grow faster and sooner.They have annouced special discounts to those who buy 3 or more Chicken Guy franchises with them.

What is franchise profit?

According to my expertise, the Chicken Guy profit will be at least 20% of the total revenues of the Chicken Guy business.

Franchise Deck Overview

All business comes with a risk. There is risk associated with any business you will start or explore. In franchising, the risk is lesser as compared to self-started food businesses.

As per the franchise disclosure document of Chicken Guy, these are risks associated with Chicken Guy business opportunities.

Risk Associated with Franchise of Chicken Guy

1. Out-of-State Dispute Resolution. 

Chicken Guy based out of Orlando, Florida.

In case of franchise disputes, you have to resolve the disputes in federal or state court having jurisdiction over Chicken Guy’s principal offices. The litigation cost in Florida will be higher than your state cost.

Franchises may have the option to settle the disputes out of court, which will not be favorable for franchises.

 2. The Early State of Development. 

The chicken Guy is at an early development phase and has a little operating history. This franchise is likely a riskier asset than a franchise business with a more comprehensive operating history. 

3. Chicken Guy Financial Condition. 

Chicken Guy’s monetary condition, as meditated in their financial statements, questions their financial ability to deliver services and support to you. 

I recommend you should explore the food franchise opportunities in the United States like

  1. Chick fil a Franchise 
  2. Mcdonalds
  3. Jamba Juice Franchise
  4. Halal Guys Franchise
  5. Auntie Anne’s Franchise
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  8. Crumbl Cookies Franchise
  9. Black Rifle Coffee Franchise
  10. Smoothie King Franchise
  11. Whataburger Franchise
  12. Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise


The Chicken Guy Franchise is a fast-paced, casual dining chicken restaurant franchise that offers a variety of chicken-based meals, including chicken tenders, chicken salads, chicken fingers, and chicken sandwiches. 

The Chicken Guy offers an easy-to-follow system for starting and running a successful chicken restaurant. The franchisor offers a comprehensive support system to help franchisees achieve success.

With limited financial performance information on the Chicken Guy business, the success or performance of the new Chicken Guy is not guaranteed. I can vouch for the potential for Chicken Guy in the future. It’s one of the bright stars of franchising in the United States and globally.

To summarise, Chicken Guy Restaurants backed by the strong founding team of Guy Fieri, a culinary expert and robust marketing power from his tv shows, has already created a buzz in the food franchising universe in the United States. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who won the chicken guy franchise?

Guy Fieri also advertised the Chicken Guy opportunity by hosting Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime, a reality TV Show where the winner won their own franchise of Chicken Guy.

Steel Cooper, a U.S. Army Veteran, won the first franchise of Chicken Guy and is opening his location in Philadelphia.

2. How much is a chicken guy franchise?

The Chicken guy cost is $622,500 to $1,093,500 for traditional restaurants and $717,000 to $1,288,000 for non-traditional restaurants.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle.

      If you believe, you can hedge these risks associated with the chicken guy franchise, then you should go ahead with it.
      There is very little financial and profitability information associated with the guy chicken franchise.
      Still, I believe this brand will be among the top food franchise opportunities of the next decade in the United States.

      Wish you luck, you can explore other case studies of franchise opportunities from the United States.

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