Halal Guys is a quick-service restaurant franchise and the leader in American halal food, serving meats, sauces, and gyros. The Halal Guys are one of New York City’s most well-known open-air dining establishments and one of the top ten most talked-about businesses in the United States. 

Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed founded the company in 1990 with a small food cart, and it is now franchising internationally as a QSR/casual restaurant format. Serving as a high-quality food with proprietary ingredients, it became America’s first halal food chain. Due to high market demand, the Halal guys launched their franchises in America in 2014.

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What is The Halal Guys?

The local community is represented by the halal guy brand. Its mission is to ensure that people leave their store with a smile on their faces and the satisfaction that keeps them coming back, which demonstrates its marketing strategy for gaining customer loyalty.

 With 34+ locations in the US, the halal guy has developed 200+ units across the US and the world. They are looking for franchisees who are interested in innovative operations, customer satisfaction, and business expansion.

Franchisees must demonstrate prior exceptional business skills as well as a genuine belief in the Halal Guys brand and the American halal food concept.


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Is Halal guys a franchise opportunity?

Yes, The Halal Guys is franchising.Among all international halal franchises, New York’s famous halal guys are one of America’s fastest-growing halal franchises. 

With the international expansion plan, the halal guys have ruled in various locations such as North America, Europe, and Asia. Serving different meat platters to halal devotees. 

With the announcement of 225+ new units in their first year, they created a lot of buzz in the city. The company began with halal fare and has quickly risen to dominate the US halal market. 

The halal guys are expanding internationally due to a large fan base and growing demand. As they represent the brand in the local community and begin collaborating with iconic brands such as the Yankees, they have caught the attention of many other renowned company franchise owners.

Who owns the Halal Guys?

The Halal Guys Franchise Inc. owns the Halal Guys Franchise brand.

The Halal Guys Franchise Information

Halal Guys have locations across the United States, and they continue to grow rapidly. The Halal Guys is a great choice for anyone looking for delicious, halal food. 

Halal Guys Franchise Review

Industry Type Food Franchise Opportunities
Sub Category Fast Casual Food
Year Established 1990
Company Name The Halal Guys Franchise Inc.
Founder/Management Head Mohamed Abouelenein
  Ahmed Elsaka
  Abdelbaset Elsayed
Franchising Started 2014
Employees at Company H.O 7 + employees at H.0
Franchise Expansion Plan North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location 26-44 Borough Pl.Woodside, NY 11377


Halal Guys Franchise Requirements

The halal guys are not looking for a candidate with specific technical knowledge, and franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds. Rather, they are looking for people who are eager to build innovative customer service and operations and look forward to expanding the business with multi-unit franchises.

The Franchise Requirements are as below

• Candidates for franchises must have prior business experience, preferably in the restaurant industry, and be committed to the halal brand and the halal food concept

• Have a $1.5 million financial arrangement 

• Franchisees must be available with $1 million in liquid capital 

• Have a mindset of developing the restaurant within 3 to 6 months 

• Have a mindset of developing at least 10-unit territories in major areas of the UK

• Those requirements can be met by investment partners.

• Halal guys are looking for multi-unit franchisees and area developers as well.


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How much does a Halal Guys franchise cost

Domestic franchises, or people interested in obtaining a The Halal Guys franchise in the United States, require an initial cost of $370,150 to $1,317,550 for a multi-unit expansion plan. 

The first unit of Halal Guy will cost $60,000 in fees. There is also a multi-development option. For multiple units, franchisees must pay the full franchise fee for the first unit and 50% of the franchise deposit for each additional unit.

The franchise must pay their franchisor a royalty of 6% of gross sales, a worldwide creative fund of 2% of gross sales, and local store marketing of 1% of gross sales. For the Halal guy’s franchise, the overall cash requirement will be $1MM, with a net cash requirement of $2MM.

How much is the Cost to franchise Halal Guys franchise worldwide?

For The Halal Guys international franchise, franchisees must make an initial cost of $315,150 – $962,500 for a multi-unit expansion plan (USD and also can vary by international territory). The franchise fee for the first unit will be $65,000. There is also a multi-development option. 

A $650,000 upfront international fee will be paid for multiple units, whereas franchisees must pay $65,000 for each unit and the minimum required to open 10 units. 

The franchisee must pay their franchisor a royalty of 6% of gross sales, a worldwide creative fund of 2% of gross sales, and local store marketing of 1% of gross sales.

The Halal Guys Franchise Price 

The Halal Guys Franchise Fee $ 60,000
The Halal Guys Franchise Cost $370,150 – $1,317,550
Royalty Fee 6%
Advertising Fee 2%
Term of Agreement  
Is the franchise term renewable? No 

How much do Halal Guys franchise owners make?

Halal Guys is a fast-casual restaurant with locations worldwide. The Halal Guys franchise owners can make an average revenue of $300,000 to $400,000 per year.

What is Halal Guys franchise profit?

Because the halal guys do not disclose financial information about franchisees in their FDD, it is difficult to speculate on franchisee profit, I estimate it to be 20% to 25% of the revenue of $300K to $400k, which is $60k to $80K

International Halal Guys Requirements

Required to commit to a brand with 10 unit expansion and $650,000 upfront fee and a $65,000 franchise fee.

Halal Guys Training & Support Offered

They offer training not only to franchisees but also to managers and employees. They also provide training program advisors to help develop and execute the brand’s long-term vision and strategic plans, as well as assist in talent development. 

The franchise will receive 9 days of classroom training in their main office, followed by 8 days of on-the-job training. Franchisees will also receive pre-opening and grand-opening assistance, as well as real estate and site selection assistance. They also offer employee care and assistance with employee branding. Ongoing and marketing assistance will be provided as well.


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Halal Guys’ Operations support

Franchises of Halal Guys will begin operations after receiving all initial assistance and comprehensive training. This assistance from the halal guys will not end there; they will continue to provide day-to-day assistance such as purchasing co-ops, field operations, newsletters, and so on. 

Franchisees will also have access to proprietary recipes and menu development, store design and construction, operational and project management support, and assistance in vendor and equipment selection. They will also provide marketing assistance such as co-op advertising, regional advertising, and exposure in national media.

How is Franchise Territory Granted

Yes, Exclusive territory is available for halal guy’s franchise

What is Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

No, the franchise is not renewable; all that is required is the ability to open multiple franchises in the United States and a minimum of ten unit commitment for international franchises.

Does Franchise Provide Financial Funding?

Yes, the Halal Guy offers financial assistance to qualified franchise owners via third-party sources.

These financial assistance or franchise loans cover the franchise fee, equipment costs, inventory, start-up costs, accounts receivable, and payroll, among other things.

Reasons to Buy Halal Guys Franchise For Sale

Halal Guys is a popular fast-food franchises with locations all over the United States. What is unique about Halal Guys is that they only serve halal food, which is a type of food that meets Islamic dietary requirements. In addition to serving halal food, Halal Guys is known for its deliciousness and its customer service.

The reasons for the Halal Guy Franchise’s success are listed below.

  • A well-known brand and a global enterprise with nearly 100 locations
  • The leader in the Halal segment in America has excellent unit economics.
  • Customer loyalty is defined as consistency.
  • Have received numerous awards and media attention High demand in the mainstream
  • The management team is well-established and experienced.
  • Fran Smart is backed by a five-man franchise development company.
  • When I asked Siri on my iPhone, the halal guy was listed as the number one squeal and top restaurant in New York City.
  • The growing popularity of Halalguy’s has piqued the interest of franchisees of Five Guys Franchise, Elevation Burger, Subway Franchise, Denny’s, and Dunkin Donuts Franchise, among others.
halal guys franchise

Halal Guys franchise reviews

Halal Guys is known for its Halal-certified meat, which is prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. The Halal Guys also offers a variety of Halal-certified menu items, including chicken, lamb, beef

Halal Guys is known for its affordable prices and its extensive menu. The chain offers a variety of Halal-certified chicken and gyros options, as well as salads, fries, and beverages. Halal Guys is also known for its friendly staff and quick service.

Halal Guys has received accolades from various media outlets for its delicious Halal meals. If you have read this article, you know about the franchise cost, profit, agreement, territory, and franchise loans. You must know all these from the franchises by getting franchise reviews.


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Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Halal Guys is a widespread franchises with locations throughout the United States and Canada. Halal Guys is known for its Halal-certified meat, which is prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. 

When it comes to Halal Guys franchising, they have demonstrated a strong business model and consistency with customer satisfaction. 

One of America’s leading halal restaurants demonstrates its excellent unit economics. The Halal Guys opened more than 200 units in the market in their first year of franchising, demonstrating their market demand and value. And they intend to expand their business internationally, demonstrating the brand’s future potential.

They collaborated with the franchise building Fransmart to create the well-known brand the five guys. The halal guys provide comprehensive training and high operational support to their franchising expansion plan. 

You can see how sensitive they are to their business successes as experienced business owners purchase the franchise of the business. Not only that, but they are currently collaborating with a big brand like the Yankees, demonstrating their bright future in business and the market.


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Conclusion: Should You Buy the Halal Guys franchise for Sale? 

As a result, we can conclude that the halal guys business has a proven franchise system as well as a strong future market potential. The financial growth and expansion track record demonstrate their high-quality franchise business growth. Other big brand franchise owners are keeping an eye on the business as well.

 If you are looking for a restaurant business and are specifically interested in the halal sector, have significant business experience, and want to serve the community and make them happy, you should consider the halal guys.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Halal Guys franchises profitable?

According to some franchisors, this franchise is a profitable company with a positive net income of approximately $1898,177, they made nearly $8 million in initial revenue while operating expenses were nearly $6 million, according to 2019 FDD. 

The halal guys also kept all of their earnings in cash, totaling $1314,392 at the end of the year 2019. Although there is no mention of franchisee profit, the net cash flow expense due to their operating costs is approximately $300,000, indicating the success of their company as well as the franchise.

  1. Can you make money owning a Halal Guys?

Yes, a potential franchisee can make money owning a halal guy franchises.

  1. How much is the Halal Guys franchise?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The fee is $60,000 and the initial investment is $370,000-$1.35 million.

  1. How do Halal Guys franchises make money?

The Halal Guys Franchises makes money by selling chicken dishes at its stores.


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