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Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Review: Cost, Fees, and Profit in 2023

black rifle coffee franchise
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Starting in 2014, the Black Rifle Coffee Company made a big splash in 2017 with its political and business views, challenging coffee giants like Starbucks and franchise cafes. The BRCC is a veteran-owned company that empowers and supports veterans, second amendment rights, and US troops. 

Evan Hofer, a former Green Beret and member of the United States armed forces, founded and owns the company. The company began with a small amount of freedom roast coffee in Hofer’s friend’s clothing store and gradually grew, eventually launching their website and brand to sell coffee as well as their other products. 

They have grown in strength and have begun to serve premium coffee as well as valuable content for active veterans, subsequent officers, and the general American community. Also started black riffle gear, coffee, and other products in gas stations and similar stores in Miami Beach and South Florida. They are also well-known for their extensive online presence.

black rifle coffee franchise

What is the Black Rifle Coffee?

In just two years since its inception in 2014, the black rifle coffee company has produced nearly 24,000 coffee orders on weekends. To meet the increased demand, founder Hafer begins to welcome new board members and expand his new business. They began franchising in 2017, and their reseller option is introduced by the dealer, who will be briefed ahead of time. 

Black rifle coffee is available in over 1700 retail shops, gas stations, and similar establishments. They are also expanding in the wholesale business, and with this increased demand, they are looking for potential franchisees who are passionate about coffee and such brands, as well as committed to protecting the company’s value and mission. 

About half of the employees and owners are veterans or military spouses. The company is more interested in veterans and active-duty military personnel for franchise opportunities. Because the company is privately owned and relatively new, there is less information about its franchise opportunity available. I’ll tell you a little bit about the Black Rifle Company and its franchise opportunity, requirements, and cost. 

This article will provide an idea of whether the company is worth purchasing or whether it is a large investment for the interested coffee franchise owner. However, it is recommended that interested parties contact the company directly and speak with some franchise owners to get an idea before proceeding with the franchise.

Is Black Rifle Coffee A Franchise?

Black Rifle Coffee is a coffee franchise with locations throughout the U.S. The company was founded in 2014 on a love for great coffee and firearms. Black Rifle Coffee is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee and firearms products and services to its customers.

The black riffle coffee gained attention in 2017 with only about 50 employees and a pledge to empower 10,000 veterans in the coming years. Apart from coffee, black rifle coffee has a variety of products that are available not only in physical stores but also online.

With a valuation of approximately 1.7 billion dollars, they are one of the fastest-growing coffee businesses in the United States. According to the company’s financial report, the parent company of black rifle coffee’s total revenue has increased in 2021 from $163 million to $230, 000 million, representing a 40% increase over previous revenue.

From the standpoint of a covid situation, the growth demonstrates the company’s future potential. Not only that, but the company expects its annual sales to reach $430 million by the end of 2023. 

Aside from that, the company has over 20,000 subscribers and a direct-to-consumer coffee subscription model. As a result, we can conclude that they are growing rapidly in only 8 years, despite the fact that they are a new player in the industry.

Black Rifle Coffee is also offering dealer opportunity you can apply at.

Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Review and Information
Industry TypeFood Franchise Opportunities
Sub CategoryCoffee Franchise Opportunities
Year Established2014
Company NameBlack Rifle Coffee Company
Founder/Management HeadEvan Hafer
Franchising Started2017
Franchise Expansion PlanUnited States & Canada
Number of Units1704
Number of Franchise Units1700 (as if 2021)
Social Media HandlesFacebook
Company Office locationSalt Lake City, Utah, United States

How to open a Black Rifle Coffee Franchise?

When it comes to starting a business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One of which is finding a niche that you have a lot of passion and knowledge for. When it comes to Black Rifle Coffee, the team is passionate about the coffee industry and wanted to bring the best possible coffee to consumers. We also knew that there was a lot of demand for Black Rifle Coffee franchises.

Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Requirements

A new company, black rifle coffee, has not disclosed any additional information about its franchise documents. However, according to sources, they are looking for

• interested franchise owners with 2 years or more experience in the restaurant business.

• candidates with a minimum liquid capital of $250,000.

• candidates with a net worth of $500,000 or more as an initial investment with potential candidates.

• The interested franchise owners with a passion for the brand, a strong intention to protect the brand value, and a mindset to bear and uphold the brand’s mission.

  • Although there is no franchise information on their website, they do provide a dealer page for those interested in reselling black riffle coffee. To become a company dealer, you must meet the requirements.

• Dealers are required to have a physical store in front location to resell company products. 

• No product can be resold on the dealer’s own website or any other e-commerce such as amazon, eBay, etc. 

• Dealer cannot brew the coffee and serve or resell the same product to customers.

• To qualify for the annual discount tier, dealers must purchase a minimum of $100,000 in black riffle products.

black rifle coffee franchise

How much does a Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Cost

With BRCC’s limited details, sources anticipated an initial franchise fee and total initial cost. According to sources, a franchisee’s initial financial investment should be at least $500,000.

 The franchise owner must also have $250,000 or more in liquid capital. The company has also charged a Black Rifle Coffee franchise fee of $30,000. However, the royalty and ad royalty fees have yet to be received.

black rifle coffee franchise

Why You Should Start Black Rifle Coffee Franchise

If you love the outdoors, then you’ll love starting your own black rifle coffee franchise! This business is booming and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting started.

Black rifle coffee and its franchise is becoming more and more popular, the reasons you should own a black rifle coffee franchise are listed below

• The brand is driven by its own mission and expanding its base of loyal customers 

• They have shown strong, rapid growth in their financial profile 

• Strong diverse strategy for growth 

• Additional capital has been proposed for promoting future growth 

• Shareholders are taking an interest in the company’s growth 

• The capital commitment is significant for the company 

• The mission statement is “corporation for public benefit” and they recognise this 

• Investors are interested in the company’s growth

black rifle coffee franchise

How much do black rifle coffee franchise owners make?

Black Rifle is a coffee franchise with locations across the United States. The company was founded by Matt Macey and Sean Crooks in 2014. Black Rifle Coffee is known for its high-quality coffee, and its franchisees are passionate about providing the best possible customer experience. 

The Black Rifle Coffee franchise opportunity is unique in that it offers both an ownership and management opportunity. Owners are responsible for developing and running their own business, while also having the opportunity to join a larger team and share in the profits. 

The franchise manager and owners are responsible for ensuring that the business is running smoothly and that customers are satisfied. 

What is the Black rifle coffee franchise profit?

Because the BRCC is a relatively new company that began its franchise in 2017, there isn’t much data available. Nonetheless, based on the company’s overall turnover, we can anticipate a profit. In 2021, the company’s total revenue increased by 40%, from $163 million to $230 million. 

The company’s gross profit margin increased from $69.4 million to $ 91.7 million in 2021, a 40% increase over the previous year. And revenue increases of 35.4 per cent and 38.2 per cent are expected in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

Black rifle coffee franchise reviews

If you’re looking for a delicious cup of black rifle coffee that you can take with you anywhere, you’ll love the franchise opportunities available. These businesses offer delicious coffee and pastries, as well as a comfortable environment in which to relax and work.

If you’re looking for a franchise that offers a unique coffee experience, you’ll love the Black Rifle Coffee franchise. The company was started by veterans and 50% of the staff are veterans or their family members.

black rifle coffee franchise

Black rifle coffee Franchise Rankings

When it comes to coffee, there’s nothing like a good black rifle coffee Franchise. These establishments are some of the most popular coffee shops in the country and for good reason. Not only are they well-known for their delicious coffee, but they also offer something unique and special that sets them apart from the rest.

If you’re interested in starting your own black rifle coffee Franchise, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

The black rifle is a fast-growing premium coffee company that not only sells coffee to the community but is also a lifestyle brand with the mission of improving the lives of veterans. 

The rifle coffee company is a one-of-a-kind business that promotes veterans and other similar professionals. In less than a decade, the company has experienced rapid revenue growth. It has been announced that additional investment has been made for the growth of the company and its stakeholders, and the company is attracting shareholders to invest in such a unique company. 

This demonstrates the company’s proven franchise business model, and the franchise financial plan for the next two years demonstrates its enormous growth and market potential. 

In a recent special acquisition, the company merged with a silver box merger company. This merger is being done to help the company grow and reach out to the public. That demonstrates their improved future intentions and progress. 

However, there are some disadvantages to the company. They have a political point of view and promote it, as well as misuse the clothing. Before proceeding with the company franchise, it is recommended that the franchise must match its political ideology and be prepared to face other political comments.


In conclusion, we can say that black riffle coffee is a rapidly growing and premium mission-driven franchise business with enormous potential for growth. With a $1.7 valuation after 8 years in the industry, the company has performed well. Because the company is new to the market, franchises have plenty of opportunities and freedom to grow their businesses in novel ways. 

Franchises with the Black Riffle Company have the opportunity to be a part of the coffee industry’s fastest-growing and unique trend.

If you love the outdoors, then you’ll love black rifle coffee! This coffee is perfect for those who love the great outdoors and spending time outdoors. Not only is black rifle coffee perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, but it’s also great for those who are looking for a healthy caffeine fix.

I would like to see existing franchises of Black rifle coffee share their franchise reviews in the comments section below. Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise can drop their feedback and questions related to franchise opportunities in the United States.

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6 thoughts on “Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Review: Cost, Fees, and Profit in 2023”

  1. Black Rifle Coffee Franchise’s Gross profit increased 3.0% to $24.7 million compared to $24.0 million in the fourth quarter of 2020. Gross margins decreased 570 basis points to 34.3% from 40.0% million for the fourth quarter of 2020.

  2. As of 11/25/22 Black Rifle Coffee Company is no longer accepting any applications for franchises. Not sure where then actually pulled the plug to new operators. I checked on Nov 25th and received an automated message.

    I hope they reconsider again soon.

    1. Hey Mike thanks for kind note which will help our readers on Black Rifle Coffee Franchise Availabilty,You can also consider Biggby Coffee option also.Let me know where do you wish to start,will put my team on research for suitable and best option for you.

    1. The Black Rifle Coffee Franchise is Worth It!

      If you’re looking for a new business opportunity, you may want to consider launching a Black Rifle Coffee franchise. These coffee shops offer a unique blend of coffee, baked goods, and firearms accessories.

      The coffee is delicious, and the firearms accessories are top-of-the-line. In addition, the coffee shops are popular with tourists and locals, making them a valuable addition to any business.

      If you’re interested in starting a Black Rifle Coffee franchise, be sure to do your research. There are a lot of important factors to consider, including the size of your coffee shop, the location, and the price.

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