The fast food industry in the USA is developing. As per a market research report, the fast food industry is known to have more than 235K businesses and tends to employ more or about 4.5M employees annually. I will tell you the list of the best and top fast food franchises you should buy.

What is a Fast Food franchise business?

A lot of well-renowned companies have ended up as famous fast-food franchises that are expanding their business all over the world. KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Burger King, and other companies in the market translate their origination from the USA. Opportunities of providing fast food by a franchise are diverse in terms of menu, price, etc. 

There tend to exist cheaper concepts such as cafes, grill & bear, kiosks, and other expensive businesses such as casual dining, fast casual restaurants, and quick service. They serve anything ranging from burgers, donuts, sandwiches, and chicken to nachos and tacos. The segment is, additionally, known to offer walk-up windows, takeaway, drive-thru, delivery, and other such services to its customers. 

How much is the cost to start a fast-food franchise?

The cost of a fast-food franchise generally varies from approximately amount of $150k to $2 million. There is a big pool of options for businesses in the USA. 

Why Start a Fast Food franchise business?

An advantage of fast-food franchising is the sheer magnitude of the network. Due to the small amount of your order, you will pay more per item if you own a stand-alone restaurant and need to purchase items or supplies to create your products.

However, by making bulk purchases, a franchise network may receive significant product savings. The parent company may negotiate advantageous conditions for each franchisee by utilizing the network’s size. The entire operating costs of the franchise are decreased by lower product costs.

No matter if a restaurant owner opens an independent business or invests in a franchise, starting a restaurant is a risky business. However, compared to other company strategies, franchising is less risky.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the Fast Food franchise category can look at 

  1. Mr. Beast Burger Franchise
  2. KFC Franchise
  3. Pizza Hut Franchise
  4. Domino’s Franchise
  5. Burger King Franchise
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise
  7. Taco Bell franchise





Pros and Cons of Fast Food franchises

Pros of Fast Food franchise opportunities

  • Turnkey business
  • Marketing support
  • Easier financing
  • Brand recognition
  • Good Reputation 
  • Lower inventory costs


Cons of Fast Food franchise opportunities

  • Large investment 
  • Zoning issues
  • Labor struggles
  • Low margins
  • Quality of life
  • Payment of royalties
  • Inadequate support



Which is the best fast-food franchise to own?

To help a beginner find and evaluate the correct concept effectively, hereafter provided is a list of some of the best fast-food franchises to consider. 

  1. McDonald’s Franchise 

  • Founded in 1955 
  • Franchising since 1955 
  • Initial investment $1,366,000 to $2,450,000
  • An ongoing royalty fee of 4% 

McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world in terms of revenue. The chain is known to serve more or about 69 million customers in more than 100 countries daily. 

A new restaurant is known to open every 14.5 hours by the McDonald’s company. Additionally, it sells more or about 75 burgers approximately every second. About 7% of the potatoes turned into fries at McDonald’s are grown in the United States. 

The franchise offered by the company is recognized as one of the top-tier franchising companies. Investing in McDonald’s franchising is a perfect way of breaking into the fast-food industry in no time. 

  1. Domino’s Franchise

  • Founded in 1960
  • Franchising since 1967 
  • Initial investment $156,450 to $682,500
  • Ongoing royalty fee of 5.5% 

Domino’s Pizza is a franchising company that has international recognition among its customers and sells pizza with an effective delivery system. It is considered the second-best and biggest pizza chain all across the United States with a restaurant in every state. The franchisor of the Domino’s Pizza Store offers several concepts under which a franchisee can operate a franchising pizza store and other authorized products via carry-out or delivery services. The franchise has been known to be very beneficial to a large number of franchisees to date. 

  1. Wendy’s Franchise

  • Founded in 1960 
  • Franchising since 1972  
  • Initial investment $3,693,000 – $1,887,500
  • An ongoing royalty fee of 4% 
  • Franchise units of More than 6700 

The company was founded in Columbus, Ohio on November 15, 1969, by Dave Thomas. It is the third-largest hamburger fast-food chain and an internationally-known food restaurant, directly following Burger King and McDonald’s. 

The chain is well-renowned for its sea salt fries, frosty (a type of soft-serve ice cream that is mixed with starch), and square hamburgers. The company requires liquid assets worth $2 million coupled with a net worth of $5 million for a new franchise group of multi-unit franchisees. 

A franchisee can easily receive direct and ongoing assistance from skilled operators at the field level.

  1. Taco Bell Franchise

  • Founded in 1962 
  • Franchising since 1964  
  • Initial investment $1,298,600 to $590,100
  • An ongoing royalty fee of 5.5% 
  • Franchise units More than 6300 all across the world 

Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant spreading the roots of its origin to the USA. It serves a vast variety of Tex-Mex items that are known to include burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, specialty and novelty items, and several “value menu” items. If a person has a deep passion for team building, operations, and excellence and can commit to building a minimum of 3 restaurants for 3 years, Taco Bell will love to have him as a franchisee. 

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise

  • Founded in 1954
  • Franchising since 1955
  • Initial investment $121,400 – $1,787,700
  • Ongoing royalty fee of 5% or 9% 
  • Franchise units More than 9000 all across the world 

Currently known to have been rebranding their stores as Dunkin’, Dunkin’ Donuts is an American multinational quick service restaurant and coffee company. 

The company is known to offer some of the best field support experts in the industry to cover development, marketing, franchising, construction, and other operations. 

Dunkin’ Donuts possesses a deep and appreciable expertise when it comes to providing franchise opportunities by offering help that ranges from the selection of a site through the process of development to the provision of ongoing training for new products. 

  1. Burger King Franchise

  • Founded in 1954
  • Franchising since 1967
  • Initial investment $316,100-$2,660,60
  • Ongoing royalty fees of 4% and 5% 
  • Franchise units More than 16,000 across the world 

Burger King is a global chain of scrumptious hamburger fast food restaurants from America. Their menu consists of a basic offering of French fries, milkshakes, sodas, burgers, etc, and tend to move towards a more diversified and larger set of products. 

To begin with, a person is required to positively attend a Franchisee Orientation for two weeks and log up to about 440 hours of training in a restaurant. 

The company is known to offer evaluations, a toll-free number for a person to call and contact the owner of the franchise in case of any problems, meetings, a grand and successful opening event, etc. 

  1. Subway Franchise

  • Founded in 1965 
  • Franchising since 1974 
  • Initial investment $229,050 – $522,300
  • An ongoing royalty fee of 8% 
  • Franchise units More than 42,000 

Subway is a famous fast food restaurant franchising tracing its origin in America. While being held privately, the franchise is known to primarily sell salads and submarine sandwiches. Subway is one of the most well-renowned franchises in the world. surprisingly fast-growing to become one of the cheapest fast-food restaurants to majorly franchise its operations. In addition, subway offers regular free seminars regularly where people sharing a common interest and aim with the company to serve the customers can become franchisees upon meeting the representatives of the company. Along with this, such a person must attend all the franchising trade events and shows regularly. 

  1. KFC Franchise

  • Founded in 1930
  • Franchising since 1952
  • Initial investment $1,440,600-$3,163,550 
  • Ongoing royalty fee 5%
  • Franchise units More than 23,000

KFC is also called Kentucky Fried Chicken. It Is an American fast-food restaurant chain known to specialize in fried chicken. The original product of KFC is their chicken pieces which are pressure-fried and seasoned with 11 spices and herbs, following the recipe of Sander. The constituents of the recipe tend to represent a notable trade secret of the company. Additionally, KFC offers a strong brand and values that help to provide economic stability. 

  1. Checkers and Rally’s 

  • Founded in 1986
  • Franchising since 1989
  • Initial investment $790,797 – $2,368,316
  • Ongoing royalty fee 4% 
  • Franchise units 605 

Post the merger of distinct brands, namely Rally’s (which was founded in 1985) and Checkers (which was founded in 1986) in 1999, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. ended up becoming one of the biggest chains of a double drive-thru restaurant in the US. 

The company operates its restaurants successfully in about 28 states and the District of Columbia. It is known to particularly specialize in hamburgers, milkshakes, hot dogs, and French fries. 

The company has been looking for entrepreneurs, food operators, and multi-unit franchisees with prior experience working in or for businesses or restaurants who are seeking a financial investment. 

  1. Dairy Queen Franchise

  • Founded in 1940
  • Franchising since 1944  
  • Initial investment $1,511,200 – 2,533,400
  • Ongoing royalty fee 4% 
  • Franchise units More than 6800 all across the world 

DQ or Dairy Queen is a famous chain of fast-food restaurants and soft-serve ice cream. The menu provided by them to their customers includes cheeseburgers, ice creams, grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, and other tasty desserts. 

The company has been seeking recognition from qualified groups or individuals looking to help them continue their story and delight their delightful fans with happiness, tasty food, and a refreshing atmosphere. 

When a franchisee enters into a franchise agreement, they are granted special rights to efficiently operate a store at a location authorized and consented to by the franchisor in writing to him. 

Top and Best Fast Food franchises in the USA in 2023



Best Upcoming Fast Food Franchise Opportunities in 2023

  1. Five Guys Franchise
  2. Smashburger Franchise
  3. Mooyah Franchise
  4. Chicken Guy Franchise


Which is the Cheapest Fast Food franchise to own 

  1. Subway
  2. Baskin Robbins
  3. Domino’s Pizza
  4. Chester’s

Best Fast Food franchise opportunities under 10K

  1. Chick-Fil-A
  2. Steak n’ Shake
  3. Mr. Beast Burgers                              

Best Fast Food franchise opportunities in terms of Net Worth 

  1. Mcdonalds 
  2. Papa John’s
  3. KFC
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. Taco Bell 


Which is the Most Profitable Fast Food franchise to own 

  1. Domino’s 
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Chick-Fil-A
  4. Little Caesars
  5. Arby’s 


Best Fast Food franchise opportunities in terms of Rankings

  1. Burger King
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts
  3. KFC
  4. Subway
  5. Pizza Hut


Best Fast Food franchise opportunities in terms of the Franchise Deck Ratings

  Fast Food Franchises  Franchise Deck Ratings
1. Burger King   4.1/5.0
2. Subway    3.9/5.0
3. Dunkin’    3.9/5.0
4. KFC   3.9/5.0
5. Taco Bell   3.9/5.0

How to select the best Fast Food franchises for sale in 2023

Fast food franchises can be a great way to get your food and eat it quickly without having to spend a lot of time cooking. However, not all fast-food franchises are created equal. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best fast-food franchise for you

1. Consider your lifestyle.

Fast food franchises that are convenient for you may be different than franchises that are more in line with your dietary preferences. For example, fast-food franchises that specialize in vegetarian options may not be the best fit for someone who eats meat regularly.

2. Consider your budget.

Fast food franchises can be expensive, so review the franchise cost and minimum cash and net-worth requirements of your shortlisted franchises.

3. Fast Food Franchise Reviews Reviews and Reviews 

You Should ask customers, employees, and franchise owners for reviews related to that fast food business opportunity.

4. The journey to Sucess starts with your tongue

Taste the food, get your friends and family to taste the food, and then make your decision.



Are Fast Food franchises profitable?

First off, the question “Are food franchises profitable?” cannot be answered in a clear-cut, straightforward manner. Yes, they can, and many businesspeople have succeeded financially by running food franchises. When you invest in a franchise, especially one of the well-known ones, you gain access to a business with a clientele that already adores the product. That is a plus. 

Three factors, location, management problems, and cost, can play a crucial role in defining the difference between a restaurant showing a solid profit and one that loses its way and utterly fails. Location is essential in the restaurant industry. A restaurant requires being in a prominent location, ideally close to a clientele that enjoys good food when they are in the mood for it.

On the face, it appears to be all that is required to decide whether or not opening a franchise in the food industry is a smart move. The clients, the respect for the product, the operating methods, and the acknowledgment of the product are all present already. It’s a fully automated opportunity that ought to start making money right away.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Fast Food Franchise for Sale?

Whether a person is considering any one of the 10 fast food franchise opportunities highlighted in this blog or other such franchise opportunities you might have come across, you must understand how to evaluate a franchise that fits him perfectly. 

It must be noted that the investment requirements of the franchise must be checked up following with financial incentives offered by it and the qualifications to seek outside the franchising. 

It is further important to trust and like a potential franchisor and ask him questions, request him to provide relevant materials, and evaluate their support and training systems liberally. 

The franchise agreement must also be read carefully while considering the pros and cons associated with a company and its franchise to find a perfect fast-food franchise for 2023. 


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    Many customers are now demanding healthier options and better quality ingredients, leading many franchises to adapt and improve their offerings. Despite some challenges, the fast food franchise model continues to thrive, offering quick and tasty options for busy consumers.

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    Fast food franchises are a convenient option for busy individuals who don’t have time to cook.
    Fast food franchises offer a variety of menu items that can satisfy any craving.
    Fast food franchises are typically affordable and offer value meals for those who are on a budget.
    Fast food franchises often offer healthier options than their traditional counterparts.
    Fast food franchises offer a wide selection of items that can be customized to the individual’s preferences.

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    Fast food franchises provide a convenient way to grab a meal without having to wait in line.
    Fast food franchises are a great way to try new food items without having to make a commitment to a full meal. Fast food franchises often offer delivery services, making it easier to get food without having to leave the house. Fast food franchises have become a popular option for a quick, affordable mealFast food franchises have become an important part of the culture, providing a sense of comfort and nostalgia for many.

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