D-Bat Franchise – Are you dreaming of owning and running your own business? Well, owning this franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you! With this franchise, you can benefit from being part of a successful business model while retaining the autonomy to build and manage your own network. As a franchisee, you will have access to their world-class programmes, from their renowned hitting programme to the robust training programme that helps develop the athletes’ skills. You will also gain access to comprehensive support in areas such as real estate and equipment selection, marketing, and more. There is even dedicated support staff available to help resolve any issues quickly.

Lastly, as a franchise owner, you can be assured that your business is backed by a proven track record. D-Bat has over 25 years in the business and is now one of the largest baseball and softball teaching academies in the US, with over 50 locations across eight states. D-BAT is one of the best baseball as well as softball training organisations. Their annual revenue is estimated to be around  $1.3 million. The revenue per employee ratio is around $43,333, and despites this all D-BAT Sports consists of about 30 employees. The company’s annual revenue had been estimated to be around $31.7 million. Along with that, the total median revenue for a D-BAT facility under 15,000 square feet is approx $389,000,  in comparison to $512,000 for a 15,000 to 19,500 square foot facility.


How much do these D-BAT franchise owners make?

You might be curious about the potential earnings if you’re considering opening a franchise. The reply is, “It depends!” In general, franchise owners can expect to make between $25,000 and $50,000 in their first year of operation.

Each succeeding year’s profit potential increases. Your chances of seeing earnings rise rise along with those revenues. For example, adding services like classes or team practises and purchasing more equipment might help you increase your revenue stream.

D-BAT franchising requirement

Becoming a franchise owner with D-BAT is an investment of both time and money, but with it comes the potential for very rewarding outcomes. In order to become a franchisee, you must meet certain qualifications and requirements.

  • Finances

Obviously, you’ll need to have enough capital to finance the franchise. That includes liquid funds for the initial investment plus working capital for expenses related to hiring employees, purchasing necessary supplies and tools, and so on. This franchise will provide you with an estimated total startup cost after evaluating your market.

  • Experience and qualifications

Of course, having some experience in business or sports management will be beneficial for owning a successful franchise. In some cases, D-BAT may require you to have specific business degrees or experience managing staff. They’ll also make sure that you have the operational ability to run the business efficiently and effectively.

  • Commitment

Finally, owning a successful franchise requires commitment—both in terms of time and effort. You’ll need to commit to attending meetings and seminars related to the business in order to stay up-to-date on vital topics affecting the success of your franchise. You also must invest yourself in creating a successful environment that appeals both to customers and staff members. If everyone is focused on giving each client (and potential client) the best experience possible, overall success will follow.


D-BAT Franchise Price and Costs
D-BAT Franchise Fee $54,000
D-BAT Franchise Cost $536,450 – $1,031,100
Royalty Fee 6% of gross sales
Advertising Fee 2% of gross sales
Term of Agreement 10 years
Is franchise term renewable? Yes
Renewable Franchise Fees There may be a renewal fee, but the specific amount is not publicly disclosed.

If you’re looking to own this franchise, you’ll need to know the cost of entry. The good news is that franchising is much more affordable than starting a business from scratch. Got it? A This franchise isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely doable if you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future success!



What are these D-BAT franchise reviews?

Current franchisees have stated the following:

  • The franchise model is well developed, and they gain from an established network of suppliers, partners, and vendors.
  • The franchisor provides excellent training and support.
  • The customer service they provide to their customers surpasses expectations, ensuring a good customer experience.
  • Franchisees feel supported in their investments by the franchisor, and there are many prospects for growth inside the franchise system, allowing them to expand as their businesses grow.

The positive reviews about this franchise speak for themselves and show that investing in it is a smart decision. From amazing customer service to ongoing support from the franchisor, it’s no wonder that franchisees around the world have nothing but glowing things to say about this incredible opportunity.

D-BAT franchise rankings

From the information that are readily available, I was unable to find any exact rankings for this franchise. But it’s most important to remember that D-BAT is a reputed brand in the field of sports and entertainment sector, especially for training baseball and softball players. There are more than 100 of them spread out throughout the country, which proves the franchise system’s level of development and success.


What is the D-BAT?

This franchise provides a unique business opportunity to entrepreneurs looking to establish a successful business. As a franchisee, you will get access to the D-BAT brand, which is known for specialising in wood bats and baseball training facilities. This means you’ll be able to offer products, services, and training programmes that promote safety, performance, and skill development for athletes of all ages.

Not only that, but as a franchise owner, you’ll have access to exclusive business resources such as marketing materials and operational assistance from D-BAT experts. This assistance includes guidance on operations and staff management—from hiring and managing personnel to budgeting for upkeep and maintenance—so you have the tools necessary to successfully maintain your business.

In addition to owning your own business, this franchise also gives you the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the country, offering personalised instruction for players of all levels. 

Is D-BAT a franchise opportunity?

Do you want to know if D-BAT offers franchise opportunities? Yes, without a doubt, is the answer. Since it began offering a franchise more than 20 years ago, D-BAT has developed into one of the leading baseball-training brands in the US.

When you purchase this franchise, you join the family. And the benefits are plentiful. Why owning this franchise can be the ideal business option for you is explained here:

  1. Specialised training and support: A unique, intense training programme is provided to all franchisees that covers everything from administrative duties to operational tasks specific to your area. Plus, ongoing support is available with monthly calls and an annual support retreat.
  2. Brand recognition: As one of the biggest names in baseball training, you get instant name recognition with your customers and communities that can’t be matched by any other similar business in the area.
  3. Low investment: Unlike other franchises that require hefty capital commitments, owning a D-BAT requires minimal start-up costs, allowing potential owners to get their business up and running quickly with a minimum investment.
  4. Unique experience: We offer our customers something truly special—an experience—that no other baseball training facility can match. Our “batter up” approach ensures every customer receives personalised attention designed to help them maximise their performance on the field or court.

If you’re looking for an opportunity that allows you to make an impact in your community while also enjoying an incredible return on your investment, consider franchising with D-BAT!

Facts That Nobody Told You About D-BAT

When it comes to owning this franchise, there are some things that you should know. Here are some facts that no one has ever told you:

  • Low initial outlay

The startup cost for this business is lower than those of other franchising opportunities. This implies that you can start making a profit sooner and that you don’t need to invest significant sums of money to get started.

  • High possibility for passive income

You can get passive income from your franchise after it is operational. This implies that you can continue to make money from your franchise even if you decide to take a break from overseeing its daily operations.

  • An abundance of prospective customers

D-BAT provides customers with cutting-edge goods and services that are appealing. There is something for every baseball enthusiast, from basic items like batting cages and gloves to cutting-edge inventions like simulators and interactive pitching machines. As a result, your franchise won’t need to engage in too aggressive advertising to reach a sizable consumer base.

  • The D-BAT Franchising Team provides local assistance

If you own this franchise, then you’ll have access to local support from the D-BAT Franchising Team. They offer assistance with operations management, local store marketing, store development assistance, and more, so that you can make sure your franchise is efficient and successful.


D-BAT Franchise Review and Information
Industry Type Sports and Recreation
Sub Category Baseball and Softball Training
Year Established 1998
Company Name D-BAT Sports
Founder/Management Head Cade Griffis
Franchising Started 2008
Employees at Company H.O Approximately 30
Franchise Expansion Plan They continue to expand with new locations across the United States and internationally.
Number of Units Over 100 locations
Number of Franchise Units The majority of the locations are franchise units.
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  D-BAT Sports, Inc., 2515 Tarpley Road, Suite 125, Carrollton, TX 75006, United States


D-BAT Training for Franchises

When you join this franchise, you get access to the tools and education needed to support the expansion of your company. This is because we provide comprehensive on-site training to every franchise along with continuous guidance and support from the D-BAT Franchise Operations team.

The impact on you is what?

What you get from D-BAT is:

  • An onboarding programme that allows you to transition seamlessly into the D-BAT network
  • Comprehensive training on best practises for running your franchise, product knowledge, and customer service
  • Follow-up mentoring from a dedicated Franchise Operations team to ensure your success and help you meet any challenges that come up along the way
  • Access to our digital platforms that provide all the information needed to grow and promote your business
  • Networking opportunities with other franchises in the system so you can learn from each other’s successes and challenges

At D-Bat, we believe in empowering our franchises with the tools they need to succeed. We offer extensive training resources so all our franchises have the best chance of success.

D-BAT Operations for Franchises

Considering the sport of baseball’s ever-increasing popularity, owning a franchise is an ideal business opportunity. The international franchisor has put proven processes in place that make it easier for franchise owners to open and operate their own facility. But don’t just take our word for it—here are some of the features that set D-BAT apart from other franchises.

  • Proven Processes

D-BAT offers a detailed path to success that guides new franchisees through the process of setting up shop. This comprehensive operational system ensures that after the initial launch, operations run efficiently and costs are kept to a minimum. D-BAT also provides guidance on marketing, staffing, and ordering for each business—all designed to help maximise profits and build a successful business.

  • Network Support

Owning a This franchise puts you in the centre of an ever-growing network of international baseball instructors and coaches, many of whom have years of experience playing or teaching the sport. You’ll also be connected with other franchisees and corporate staff who can answer questions and provide support when needed. This kind of community is invaluable when you’re running your own business!

  • Expert Guidance

You don’t need to be a baseball expert to succeed as a franchisee. The team provides extensive training and support before opening day, plus ongoing guidance throughout your term as owner. This depth of information ensures new owners understand all aspects of their business—from financials to operations—from day one.

How is D-BAT Franchise territory granted to franchises?

You will be able to access a designated territory if you decide to become a franchise owner. This implies that there won’t be any additional franchises in your area. In this manner, you can be certain that there will be little to no competition for you in your area.

In order to help each franchise better understand who their target market is, data on the age, sex, and geographic distribution of their customers is also provided.

Moreover, each new franchise will be given a territory with 50–75 potential customers who have expressed interest in D-BAT’s products and services. This gives each new business a leg up when it comes to marketing and sales.

What’s even better is that D-BAT offers exclusive territories for established franchises looking to expand—meaning that if you already own one and want to take your business further, you won’t have to worry about bumping heads with neighbouring franchises.

Overall, the exclusive territories offered by D-BAT were strategically designed for franchisors’ success, allowing them access to the right number of potential customers in order to achieve maximum profits from their franchise.

What is D-BAT franchise term of agreement and renewal?

Let’s discuss about how long the contract will be in effect if you buy this franchise. The initial period of the franchise is ten years, with a possible extension of up to five more years. This means that if you decide to renew your franchise, you might have this franchise for up to 15 years!

Some franchisors may also offer lifetime contracts, which you may have heard about. D-BAT is an exception to that rule, but it doesn’t make it a negative thing! On the contrary, it assures you that your franchisor will continue to play a role in ensuring that the brand upholds its high standards of quality and remaining abreast of market developments.

Every renewal period will be subject to the terms and circumstances set forth in the franchise agreement, including but not limited to the obligations for ongoing education and training, adherence to brand standards, and other matters.

Owning a This franchise is one of the most secure investments you can make in your future—and now you know just how secure it really is!

Does D-BAT franchise provide financial assistance to franchises?

Do you require financial assistance to purchase this franchise? You’ll be happy to learn that D-BAT does provide eligible candidates financial aid. In reality, they provide a variety of financing choices, such as:

  • SBA Loans: Since D-BAT is an authorised SBA lender, you could be able to obtain up to 90% financing for the acquisition of your franchise.
  • Equipment Financing: A smart franchisee understands that not all financial needs are the same. That’s why they offer customised equipment leasing and financing programmes that meet your unique business needs.
  • Vendor Financing: Some vendors are willing to finance part of the purchase price of this franchise, and D-BAT can help connect you with these vendors.

These financial assistance options make it easier for potential entrepreneurs who don’t have the full amount of capital necessary to open a business. So if you’re interested in owning your own franchise but don’t have enough finances, contact them now and find out what they can do for you!


Pros and cons of owning D-BAT franchise

You may be wondering if this franchise is the right fit for your business strategy. Well, let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

  • Pros

An attractive potential for business owners in the sports sector is to own a franchise. You can profit from the current level of interest in baseball training thanks to its well-known name. Additionally, the franchisor will provide you with comprehensive support, including training and marketing materials, to aid in the success of your franchise. Additionally, having a franchise gives you more purchasing power because of its position in the market, which means you might be able to negotiate better prices when buying the items and services your firm needs to function.

  • Cons

One of the potential disadvantage while having this business is the high initial costs, which contains franchise fees, training fees, along with equipment costs. Once your franchise will be running, you will also be expected to abide by some of the franchisor’s rules, which may involves timely payment of royalties fees and compliance with their operational procedures.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Before investing in this franchise, it is absolutely essential to do your research. Researching any potential hazards the business might have in the future is crucial.

When doing research on this franchise, the following points should be taken into account:

  1. The initial up-front cost and time commitment involved in setting up this franchise This includes, but is not limited to, finding a location, signing the franchise agreement, paying the initial franchise fee, and other costs such as registering with the local government or getting business insurance.
  2. Potential risks associated with owning this franchise, such as customer complaints or legal disputes that may arise, as well as any unforeseen expenses like repairs or maintenance costs.
  3. Whether the estimated profits of running this franchise are worth the start-up and running costs involved with setting up the business
  4. Any additional training or certifications that may be required if you take on a specific role within the business.

When researching the deck, your primary focus should be understanding and mitigating risk as much as possible so that you can make an informed decision about whether investing in this franchise is right for you.

Competition Analysis of D-BAT Franchise


D-BAT Cost to Franchise Franchise Fees Royalty +Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
D-BAT  $536,450 – $1,031,100 $54,000 6%+2% $389,000 3.5/5.0
Warstation arena Franchise $12,400 $19,630 6 months 3.2/5.0
American poolplayers 


$20,763 – $28,648 $10,000 $2.50+/team/wk. $270,000 3.1/5.0
i9 Sports 


$36,500 – $69,900 $24,900 7.5%+1% $17.5million 4.0/5.0
Anytime Fitness


$50,759 – $693,917 $2,500 – $42,500 $449 – $549/mo.+$300/mo. $69,516 3.3/5.0
Burn boot Camp



$142,330 – $349,150 $40,000 6%+2% $400,500 3.8/5.0

The Franchise Deck rating for the D-BAT franchise is 3.5/5.0.


Conclusion : Should You buy a D-BAT franchise for sale?


Is it truly worth it now that you are fully aware of the D Bat franchise? The answer to this excellent question mostly depends on your company’s objectives.

D-BAT might be the best option for you if you’re searching for a means to enter the baseball instruction industry with the backing of a reputable name and network. The franchising model allows for more flexibility and scalability than starting your own business from scratch and provides access to high-traffic locations, marketing resources, and ongoing training support.

On the other hand, if you want complete independence or want to focus primarily on investments rather than operations, then this franchise may not be right for you. 

Entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise in the Sports and Recreation category  franchise opportunities categories can look at 


  1. Warstation Arena Franchise 
  2. American Poolplayers Franchise
  3. i9 Sports Franchise
  4. Anytime Fitness Franchise 
  5. Burn boot camp franchise 
  6. ilovekickboxing Franchise
  7. Colizeum Franchise
  8. Pump it up Franchise
  9. Tonus Club Franchise
  10. American Pickleball Association Franchise
  11. Sandbox VR Franchise
  12. Bowling Alley Franchise
  13. Jazzercise Franchise
  14. Premier Martial Arts Franchise
  15. The Joint Chiropractic Franchise


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is this D-Bat franchise profitable?

The profitability of this franchise mainly depends on some of the factors like:-  location, management and local market demand. While there’s potential for profitability, it’s essential to research and evaluate the opportunity thoroughly before investing.

  • Can you make money owning a D-BAT franchise?

As with any business, there’s potential to make money owning this franchise. Your success will depend on factors like effective management, marketing, and meeting the needs of your local market. Engaging with current and former franchisees can provide valuable insights into their experiences and the potential for financial success.

  • Is a D-BAT a franchise?

Yes, D-BAT is a franchise. They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and manage their own baseball and softball training facility, benefiting from the established brand, training programmes, and support provided by the D-BAT corporate team.

  • How much is a D-BAT franchise cost?

The estimated total investment for this franchise ranges from $536,450 – $1,031,100, depending on the facility’s size and location. This basically includes the $45,000 as a franchise fee, along with other costs like that of equipment, build-out and initial operating expenses.

  • How do these D-BAT franchises make money?

This franchise mainly generates revenue by offering a variety of baseball and softball training services that includes private lessons, group training sessions, camps and clinics. They may also have batting cages and retail sales of sports equipment and merchandise, providing additional income streams. The franchise’s profitability depends on effectively marketing these services and meeting the needs of the local market.

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