Step into the universe of automotive administrations, and one name stands out Midas is a name that many car owners trust implicitly for their vehicle’s care. Yet, have you at any point pondered the story behind this globally perceived brand? How has the Midas Touch transformed into a flourishing franchise model and inviting sprouting business visionaries to join the ride? In this article, we dive into the intricate universe of this franchise. We’ll investigate its history, what makes it tick, and why it may very well be the once-in-a-lifetime chance you’ve been searching for in the franchise world. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or basically inquisitive about the mechanics of an effective franchise, this is for you. Lock in as we venture through the fast lane of this franchise.

How much does a Midas franchise cost?

The franchise fee for the Midas franchise is around $30,000, yet it can vary on the size along location, and the cost ranges from $200,000 to $300,000.

Midas Franchise Price and Costs

Midas Franchise Fee $10,000 – $35,000
Midas Franchise Cost $103,650 – $885,640
Royalty Fee 2-10%
Advertising Fee
Term of Agreement 20 years
Is the franchise term renewable? Yes
Renewable Franchise Fees

Midas franchise

How much do Midas franchise owners make?

The pay of a franchise proprietor can vary greatly and is impacted by several factors, for example, the location of the business, the proprietor’s ability to manage and operate the business, and local market conditions. As such, it’s hard to give an accurate estimate without explicit details.

It’s important to remember that possessing a franchise resembles claiming any other business; it requires hard work, dedication, and great business acumen to find success. Consider speaking with existing franchise owners or a franchise consultant to get a more accurate understanding of potential earnings.

Is the Midas franchise profit worth the cost?

Concluding whether the profit is worth the cost includes several factors. One important consideration is your potential earnings as a franchise proprietor. Unfortunately, the search results didn’t give explicit figures on the average earnings of these franchise owners. However, considering the reputation and longevity of the brand, it’s reasonable to assume that fruitful franchisees could see a lucrative profit from their investment.

Alternatives of Midas Franchising

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  2. Beethoven Franchise
  3. Crushr Franchise
  4. AT&T Franchise
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  6. Sign Gypsies Franchise
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Potential Risks to Consider Before Investing in a Midas 

Similarly, as with any company, franchising a Midas shop carries its share of risks.

  1. Economic conditions: The automotive industry can be affected by changes in the economy. In a down economy, customers may delay maintenance or repairs, impacting your potential income.
  2. Competition: The automotive help industry is exceptionally competitive. Your Midas shop will rival other national chains, autonomous shops, and dealership administration focuses.
  3. Changing innovation: Vehicles are turning out to be all the more technologically advanced, requiring continuous training and potentially costly gear upgrades.
  4. Regulation compliance: You’ll have to consent to various environmental and safety regulations, which can be costly.

How do I open a Midas franchise?

Opening this franchise includes several means

  1. Research: Completely research the franchise opportunity and speak with momentum franchisees.
  2. Initial Application: Submit an initial application to communicate your advantage.
  3. Review Disclosure Document: You’ll get a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that frames the requirements, costs, and details of the franchise.
  4. Interviews: There may be a progression of meetings or gatherings with Midas representatives.
  5. Location Choice: Whenever approved, you’ll work with Midas to choose a suitable location for your franchise.
  6. Training: You’ll go through a training program to learn about Midas operations and strategic policies.
  7. Opening: Whenever everything is set, you’ll be ready to open your franchise.

Midas franchise requirements

  1. Minimum Experience Required: While explicit experience in the automotive industry may not be required, having business management experience can be advantageous.
  2. Minimum Cash Requirements: The minimum cash prerequisite is the fluid capital an investor should have access to to qualify for the franchise. Explicit numbers can be found in the FDD.
  3. Net Worth Required: This is the total value of all the investor’s assets, less any liabilities. The particular net worth required can be found in the FDD.
  4. Franchise Fee: The franchise fee is a one-time forthright payment made to the franchisor, which is $35,000 for this franchise.
  5. Initial Investment: The estimated initial investment for this franchise ranges from $198,650 to $539,512. This incorporates the franchise fee along with other startup costs like inventory, hardware, and leasehold upgrades.

Midas franchising training for franchisees

After consenting to the franchise arrangement, new franchisees typically go through an exhaustive training program. This program is intended to equip you with the information and abilities necessary to run a Midas shop effectively. The training often covers areas like:

  1. Technical Training: Understanding the range of services offered, basic automotive information, and the utilization of necessary hardware and tools
  2. Business Operations: learning the day-to-day operations, including booking, inventory management, and customer administration best practices.
  3. Marketing and Sales: Training on how to attract and retain customers through compelling marketing and sales strategies

Midas Franchising Operations to Franchise

As a franchisee, you’ll be supposed to manage your Midas shop’s daily operations. This may include:

  • Customer Assistance: Offering extremely good help to customers, managing requests, and managing appointments.
  • Staff Management: Employing, training, and managing your group of technicians and different staff.
  • Inventory Management: Monitoring your inventory and asking for new stock as required.
  • Marketing: Carrying out local advertising initiatives in addition to benefiting from broader manufacturer advertising by means of Midas

How is Midas territory granted to franchises?

Midas commonly offers franchises in a particular geographical territory. The measurement and vicinity of the territory can range primarily based on elements like population density and market demand. As a franchisee, you may normally have the freedom to function inside your particular territory, which means Midas will no longer set up some other franchise inside your area.

What is the Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal?

The standard term of a franchise settlement is commonly around 20 years. However, this can differ contingent upon express circumstances, so it is essential to test your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for unique information.

After the initial term, assuming you are on favorable terms and have accompanied the terms of the initial agreement, you are generally given the chance to restore your franchise agreement. Renewal terms and conditions, such as manageable renewal fees, must additionally be framed in your FDD.

Keep in mind that this is a general overview, and the particulars can vary. Always consult your franchise disclosure document, and consider looking for advice from a franchise consultant or attorney for a detailed understanding.


Does Midas Franchise provide financial assistance to franchises?


Like other franchisors, Midas might have connections with entities considered pariahs who can provide financing for startup costs, franchise fees, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll. The specifics and accessibility of such help, however, can differ, therefore it’s crucial to confirm directly with Midas or consult their franchise disclosure statement.

Midas franchise

The Pros and Cons of a Midas Franchise 



  1. Strong Brand Recognition: Customers may be drawn to Midas since it is a well-known brand with a long history in the vehicle administration sector.
  2. Comprehensive Training and Support: To assist franchisees in maintaining their businesses, Midas offers comprehensive training and limited support.
  3. Elite Territories: Midas frequently grants franchisees exclusive privileges to carry out business inside their assigned zone.


  1. Initial expenditure: Like other franchises, opening this one demands a significant upfront expenditure, which may be difficult for some people to afford.
  2. Constant Fees: Royalties and advertising fees must be continuously paid by franchisees.
  3. Less firm freedom: If you operate a franchise, you must adhere to the Midas-established frameworks and cycles, which gives you less freedom than if you run a free firm.

What are  Midas franchise reviews?

According to the location, management, and other circumstances, franchise reviews might differ greatly. To gain a well-rounded opinion, it’s a good idea to seek evaluations from a variety of sites. However, keep in mind that every person’s experience will be unique, so just consider reviews as one part of your decision-making process.

The following positions are held by this franchise in 2023

  1. Midas’s consistently ranks highly on Business Visionary’s Franchise 500 list. This rating was developed after more than 150 data communities were assessed for cost and fees, size and advancement, support, brand strength, and financial health and stability.
  2. In the category of vehicle administration, Midas’s was able to take the top spot in the Money Manager’s Franchise 500 list for 2023.
  3. In addition, Business Visionary ranks Midas’s as the 31st-best franchise globally.

Franchise Deck Analysis and Overview

Midas is an internationally recognized franchises that specializes in automotive administration. The company was established during the 1950s and has since expanded to have north of 2,000 locations around the world, offering types of assistance, for example, oil changes, tire sales, brake repair, preventative maintenance, and more.

Indeed, Midas presents a franchising opportunity for individuals intrigued by the automotive industry. It offers the chance to operate a business under a deep-rooted brand area of strength. The franchise provides far-reaching training, continuous help, and marketing assets, making it a viable choice for both experienced business visionaries and rookies alike.

Facts That Nobody Told You About the Midas 

  1. Long History: Midas has been in the automotive help industry for nearly 60 years, which gives it a strong reputation and a wealth of experience to draw from.
  2. Diverse Administrations: While initially known for their suppressor and exhaust framework administrations, Midas has expanded its offerings to incorporate total car care administrations.
  3. Global Presence: Midas has major areas of strength for a presence with more than 2,000 locations in 13 nations around the world.
  4. Community Contribution: Midas is known for its ‘Drive Out Yearning’ campaign, a corporate social responsibility initiative aimed at combating hunger in local communities.
  5. Eco-Accommodating Initiatives: Midas is committed to dependable environmental practices. They have a recycling program in place for tires, oil, batteries, and more.


Midas Franchise Review and Information

Industry Type Automotive
Sub Category Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services
Year Established 1954
Company Name Midas International Corporation
Founder/Management Head Leonard Valentino, COO & General Manager
Franchising Started 1956 
Employees at Company H.O 500
Number of Units 1,941
Number of Franchise Units 973
Social Media Handles Facebook
Company Office location  4260 Design Center Dr.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Midas Franchise Success and Failure Rate


The below table will highlight the Midas’s franchise success and failure rate for the last 3 years. This will supplement your decision-making process.


Year Format Start End Change
2019 Franchise Owned 1000 986 -14
Company Owned 2020 2011 -9
2020 Franchise Owned 986 992 6
Company Owned 2011 2017 6
2021 Franchise Owned 992 977 -15
Company Owned 2017 2010 -7


Conclusion: Should you buy a Midas franchise for sale?

Choosing to purchase the Midas franchise is a significant decision that should be based on thorough research and personal consideration. Midas is a reputable company with lengthy records in the automotive industry, and it provides broad training and backing to its franchisees. However, as with any undertaking, it also comes with risks and challenges.

Consider the preliminary funding required, constant fees, and your potential to manipulate an automobile business. Also, take into consideration the market demand and opposition in your desired location. It would possibly additionally be really useful to search for recommendations from a franchise information or organization marketing consultant before making your decision. Recall that the best owners are those who recognize what they do and are passionate about the employer they address, so there is assurance that Midas aligns with your personal and commercial employer goals.



Competition Analysis of Midas


Brand Cost to Franchise Franchisee Fees Royalty + Ad fees Expected Profit Recoup of Capital FD Rating
Snap-on Tools $201,433 – $465,436 $12,000 – $16,000 $145/mo. 21.06% 4.5-7 years 4.7 / 5.0
Valvoline Instant Oil

Change Franchise

$204,750 – $3,270,550 $30,000 4%-6% + 3% 17%
3.9 / 5.0
Matco Tools Franchise


$77,236 – $313,646 $8,000
15% 4.5 years 4.4 / 5.0
Cornwell Quality

Tools Franchise


$54,525 – $298,825 $0
1.8 / 5.0
Mac Tools


$119,860 – $343,350 $8,000
2.3 / 5.0
Tommy’s Express Car

Wash Franchise 

$5,296,471 – $7,166,726 $50,000 4% + 1% 25%
3.2 / 5.0


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are the Midas franchises profitable?

The profitability of this franchise can range based on more than a few factors, which include location, management, and market demand. Like any business, this franchise has the potential to be profitable, but once again, it is reliant upon the proprietor’s potential to really control and market the business. It’s important to note that, as with any franchise, there are initial investment costs, advancing franchise fees, and operating costs that will affect profitability.

  • Can you make money owning a Midas franchises?

Indeed, you can make money owning this franchise, but all at once, it’s not guaranteed. The progress of your franchise will depend on a variety of factors, including your ability to manage the business, the location of your franchise, the demand for auto administrations in your area, and how well you’re able to market your administrations.

  • Is Midas a franchise?

Indeed, Midas is a franchise. They offer opportunities for individuals to claim and operate their own Midas automotive assistance place under the Midas brand.

  • How much is a Midas franchise?

The cost to open a franchise can vary; however, estimates suggest an initial investment can range from $200,000 to $300,000. This investment incorporates the franchise fee, hardware costs, inventory, working capital, and other startup costs. It’s prescribed to affirm these costs straightforwardly with Midas, as they can change after some time or vary by location.

  • How do Midas franchises make money?

This franchisee makes money by offering automotive-related assistance to customers. These administrations incorporate oil changes, tire sales, brake administration, exhaust and suspension repairs, and other preventative maintenance and repair administrations. The income is generated from the fees charged for these administrations. Additionally, a few locations may also sell automotive parts and accessories, providing another source of income.

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